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The Recruit(s): Learning the Basics
None of the six K9s in CIA’s fall class – Suni, Heide, Freya, Lulu, Nicole, & Indigo – have previous explosive detection training.
Our #CIAK9 instructors’ days start at sun rise as they prep our training center. They do 3 lessons a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.
Our #K9 training program lasts a total of 16 weeks. The first 6 weeks pups are focused on imprint training at our training center.
Directly following those 6 weeks, the dogs will be paired w handlers & the new teams will undergo another 10 weeks of advanced training.
The first few days are spent teaching pups the concept of sniffing on command.
A small round tin with holes in top is filled with a scent.
Trainer presents tin to pup who sniffs it
Trainer then erupts into squeals of delight, jumps around & tells them they are a h*ckin' good dog
Pup gets some kibbles of dog food & lots of pats, rubs, & maybe even a game of tug-of-war… whatever she loves & gets excited about.
Process is repeated 35-45 times in row
If pup gets distracted or disinterested, trainer must find a way to get dog excited to keep sniffing
Pups figure out within minutes that if they show interest in the little metal can trainer is holding, they’ll receive a kibble of food.
In less than 6 weeks, the pups will be able to successfully detect more than 20,000 different explosive mixtures.
At the end of every training day, the pups get a special treat: A huge dog cookie! Nicole excitedly bounds after hers.
If you have missed any “tails” in our #CIAK9 series, you can catch up here:
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