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1/6 This scene from #LadyandtheTramp inspired 2 stanzas from my #poem "#Sightseeing" (excerpted here), which I discussed w @SsesangaDennis during the lastest #PoetsandMuses episode (…).
While researching 4 the @Disney image, I learned abt #WillieIto,
2/6 a survivor of the #internmentofJapaneseAmericans during #WWII, who drew this #iconicspaghettikissingscene (…).
While the film contains its own issues in its #negativeportrayalsofimmigrants "Willie said he always felt safe here with his fellow artists -
3/6 never hiding who he was or where he came from." & that he felt free & comforted 2 talk abt his #internmentcampexperience w his @Disney colleagues.
While both #LadyandtheTramp & my #poem "#Sightseeing" draw attention 2 #economicandsocialinequities (…) in
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The Road to Martial Law (A Blog Series/THREAD)

A series about the yrs & months leading to the declaration of Martial Law on 23 September 1972—a blow-by-blow account of what happened based on primary sources laid out in an easily readable singular narrative. #NeverAgain
Part 1: It Takes a Village to Raise a Dictator: The Philippines before Martial Law

#Rizal said, "He who submits to tyranny, loves it."…
Part 2: Marcos Beginnings

On the night of 20 Sept. 1935, after his victory party, Julio Nalundasan was mysteriously shot dead in the head at his home by an unknown sharpshooter. The immediate suspect were Ferdinand Marcos.…
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THREAD: As #TheShadowKingNovel gets ready to launch, follow me through moments in history & meet a few of the #women who helped to shape it.

#WWII #WomensArmyCorps #AfricanAmerican
THREAD: As #TheShadowKingNovel gets ready to launch, follow me through moments in history & meet a few of the #women who helped to shape it.

Working on a dive bomber, 1943. Photo by Alfred T. Palmer

#WWII #WomenInWar #AfricanAmerican
THREAD: As #TheShadowKingNovel gets ready to launch, follow me through moments in history & meet a few of the #women who helped to shape it.

#Army #nurses, Greenock, Scotland

#WWII #WomenInWar #AfricanAmerican
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1|Good evening! My name is Barbara and I am a PhD student in Austria. In the following tweets I will tell you more about the British memory discourse on #WWI in current television period dramas. First, I start with some information about the previous discourse. #LegaciesFWW2019
2|Before, it has to be noted that in modern, complex societies the collective memory is influenced and changed through media. Media representations never (!) show reality, just media constructions of reality that are influenced by many factors. #LegaciesFWW2019
3|Previous media products (e.g. novels, memoirs, movies) are especially important, because narratives are always part of a bigger network of already existing stories. The Battle of the Somme (1916) was the first popular propaganda film about #WWI in GB. (pic. PD) #LegaciesFWW2019 The picture shows a still from the black-and-white film The Battle of the Somme, first aired in 1916. It is set in France in 1916. An exhausted British soldier is looking directly into the camera and is carrying a seriously wounded comrade on his back. The cameraman is looking from above at the soldier, who is walking in a trench. Other comrades are walking behind him in the extremely narrow trench.
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I scorn the goose-step of their massed attack
And fight with my guitar slung on my back,
Against a regiment I oppose a brain
And a dark horse against an armoured train.

For #ThowbackThursday, we remember Lieutenant Alex Colville who recorded what he saw with @3CdnDiv during #WWII.
@3CdnDiv Colville was with @3CdnDiv when they relieved @82ndABNDiv during #OperationMarketGarden at Nijmegen.
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Aug23 1939: #GermanReich & #USSR entered into a non-aggression pact, signed by J. #Ribbentrop & V. #Molotov
The treaty had a secret protocol on the division of sovereign states of 🇪🇪 🇫🇮 🇱🇹 🇱🇻 🇵🇱 and 🇷🇴
In Sept1939 both states attacked 🇵🇱,starting #WWII.

#80WW2 #BlackRibbonDay
1939: On 1 Sept, Germany attacked Poland. The German battleship Schleswig-Holstein shelling a 🇵🇱 base on the Westerplatte peninsula fired the opening shots of WWII.

On 17 Sept, Red Army invaded 🇵🇱, as set out in the secret protocol of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

Sept1-Oct6 1939: During the Poland campaign, battles were fought against the aggressors, #GermanReich & #USSR.

The campaign's largest clash was Battle of the #Bzura, an offensive maneuver at the rear of the #German troops heading toward #Warsaw without almost any cover.

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Oh look. #Russia is rewriting history w/ #propaganda and calling it #TrueHistory🙄

ACTUAL #FACTUALHISTORY: The #MolotovRibbentrop pact triggered the Nazi invasion of Poland & WWII. Stalin made a cold-blooded calculation to align w/ Hitler & enslave Europe together. #FactsMatter
Russia/USSR supplied Nazi Germany w/ grain & oil as Hitler invaded Denmark, Norway, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg. Soviet supplies made it impossible for Royal Navy to effectively blockade Germany during the Battle of Britain. #FactualHistory #MolotovRibbentropPact
As they jointly occupied Poland in 1939-41, Russia/Soviets & Nazis each sought to destroy national elites & used strikingly similar policies of deportations & executions. Together, they executed 10s of 1000s of Polish civilians. #FactualHistory #MolotovRibbentropPact #FactsMatter
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Mousa: We are not here today to send messages to the international community or to denounce the crimes that are being committed in full view. The intl community has proven not only that it does not want to hear or see what is happening in #Syria but that it is completely paralyze
Despite that, many Syrians are still carrying, in their minds and hearts, this great revolution and the cause of a people who wanted to get rid of tyranny and faced the whole world to get freedom and decent life
One of our top priorities remains the issue of #detainees. We shall not forget their families and their loved ones who are waiting to meet them or at least know their fate
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After 25 years of a hard sickness a very sad life came to rest...

My father was most likely the son of a Russian soldier who raped my grandmother during #WWII. This burden had a severe impact on his entire life. #stopwar

No video this and probably next week for obvious reasons
My grandmother 1 week before my father was born writing a letter to the parents of her husband in September 1945. She describes how "she suffered under the Russian" in January 1945

She describes how they became refugees after they have been forced to leave their homes

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Let me ask @realDonaldTrump, should these women have gone home for asking for Freedom?

They were complaining about their status in America?

@realDonaldTrump Should Mohammed Ali been asked to go home for speaking out?

@realDonaldTrump Should the #Irish have been asked to go home?

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#OnThisDay 75 years ago, Operation Bagration begun. Following the most successful deception operation in #WWII which utterly deceived the Germans as to the size and location of the Soviet summer offensive, the Red Army destroyed Army Group Centre.
The giant offensive saw 1.2 million Soviet troops, supported by 4 thousand tanks, 24 thousand artillery pieces, and 5.4 thousand aircraft attack 4 German armies.
Army Group Centre had been stripped of its mobile reserves, as German High Command believed that the Soviet attack would fall in the south. Half a million combatants and 300 thousand non-coms became trapped by the Soviet advance. Largest defeat in the history of the German army.
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During the recent visit to the U.K., the Queen gave President Trump the special edition of Winston Churchill’s memoirs “The Second World War”. The secret that Churchill was forced to keep by intelligence authorities is that throughout the War he had access to ULTRA.
ULTRA intelligence was obtained by the British codebreakers during WWII. By cracking ENIGMA codes, they received access to high-level German communications.
Churchill became PM on 10 May 1940. 12 days later, codebreakers at Bletchley Park, England, broke the Enigma key used by the German Air Force. This was the first major success for British intelligence in #WWII.
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#GenDunford on #DDay75: "On the 75th anniversary of the #Normandy Landings, we express our utmost gratitude to our Nation’s World War II veterans. Their unwavering dedication and devotion to our country and our way of life cannot be overstated. (1/4)
As we remember their sacrifices on the beaches of Northern France, we are reminded of a simple adage: ‘Weapons of war come and go, but the great constant is the people.’ (2/4) #DDay75thAnniversary
They answered the world’s call for help without hesitation or indecision in the midst of great peril to themselves and their fellow service members. Without their immeasurable sacrifices, this experiment we call democracy would no longer exist. (3/4) #HonorThem
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1. #News ~ 'We were sitting ducks': Last D-Day veterans recall horror and heroism 75 years on…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Normandy #DDay75
2. #News ~ President Trump Reads FDR Prayer During D-Day Ceremony in Britain (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #DDay75
3. #News ~ UK’s Nile Gardiner: Trump’s UK State Visit a “Great Success… the Meetings with Queen and Royal Family were Absolutely Tremendous” (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #USStateVisit
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and off we go #EnergyTwitter! May the thread start! 💡

Did You Know: To provide vital #oil across the English Channel after the #DDay landings, within months secret #pipelines were unwound from massive spools to reach French ports.
Following the #DDay invasion– June 6, 1944 – Allied forces would need vast quantities of #petroleum to continue the advance into #Europe. Allied leaders also knew that petroleum tankers trying to reach French ports would be vulnerable to #Luftwaffe attacks...
A top-secret “Operation #PLUTO” – Pipe Line Under The Ocean – became the Allied strategy. It would fuel victory with #oil production from the #USA petroleum industry. The secret pipeline mission used a popular #WaltDisney character for its logo. #OOTT
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#CadetBoneSpurs: no one cares whether you were a “fan” of the Vietnam War. No one believes you were medically unfit to serve. You used your wealth & privilege to avoid serving your country five times, forcing another American to serve in your place each time. 1/
Now, you're stealing billions from @DeptofDefense's budget to fund a wall you promised Mexico would pay for. You're failing to support military families by taking away caregiver funding. You're kicking out Americans who *are* willing to serve only because they're transgender. 2/
Sane people aren't "fans" of war—only #StableGeniuses would even think that. I’ve met many #WWII #DDay Vets. None ever said they were fans of war. They simply answered their nation’s call, regardless of what they thought. Especially during the draft—it wasn’t optional for them 3/
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King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, parents of the current Queen, in rubble after Buckingham Palace was bombed in 1940. #WWII
The King and Queen, who were in residence, were about to go down to the palace's shelter when they were shook by bombs. Fortunately, they were unhurt. Spot Winston Churchill inspecting the rubble!
The King and Queen refused to leave London despite the bomb raids. After Buckingham Palace was bombed, the Queen was to comment: "I'm glad we have been bombed. Now I can look the East End in the face." East End of London (the Docklands) suffered extensive damage in #WWII
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#TalDíaComoHoy 1922 nace Christopher Lee, actor, músico y militar inglés. Su vida es una de las más completas y vamos a intentar resumirla en este hilo.
Christopher era hijo del teniente coronel Geoffrey Trollope Lee, condecorado en la Guerra de los Bóeres y en la #WWI y de la condesa Estelle Mari Carandini di Sarzano, perteneciente a una de las familias más antiguas de Europa y se cree que relacionada con Carlomagno
Tras la separación de sus padres, su madre se casó con el banquero Harcourt Rose, tío de Ian Fleming, creador de James Bond.
Con 17 años viajó por Europa, y fue testigo de la ejecución de Eugen Weidmann, último ejecutado con público en Francia.
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As the 75th anniversary of the opening of the Second Front in Europe in #WWII approaches, let me tell you a good spy story. Of course, it involves Cambridge University, British and American secret services, and the Russians.
You might have heard of the Cambridge Five spies: Philby, Maclean, Burgess, Blunt, Cairncross. For background: "Cambridge University’s Christopher Andrew and historian Svetlana Lokhova discuss the “distrust” the KGB felt towards the Cambridge Five."…
I researched the "Cambridge Five" for many years, here is a video of me discussing some of the archival material with the reporters:éo/c…
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#DDay75 “By June 1944, the tide of #WWII in Europe was turning against Hitler. The Russians were making headway in the east. In the south, British and American forces had landed in Italy, moving north. But the most direct route to Germany, through occupied France, lay untouched.”
“Invading France was no simple task. The Germans were expecting an attack. The north French coast was heavily fortified. Transporting thousands of troops across the English Channel and landing them on beaches in full view of enemy fire risked high casualties.”
“To succeed would require intricate planning, ingenious invention and the mounting of the largest sea and airborne invasion the world had ever seen.”
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As #espionage & #Eurovision coincide, here's #Albania the 1st finalist in this #history thread.
(Also for my #Australia readers seeking relief from #ausvotes as you start your Saturday, it's impressive you convinced them your continent counts 😎)
Next: #Азербайджан #Евровизија
For #Eurovision #Азербайджан and #Spying studies, here's an article from @warisboring about Azeri #aviation being well-placed to use my #Soviet favourite (Foxbat) to work #intelligence against my #USAF (Blackbird).
Zoom zoom 😎💕…
Next up for #Eurovision finalists with an #espionage twist is #Denmark, whose #Spying #Police (PET) scored a serious scoop in turning Colonel Oleg Gordievsky, the #Russian rezident (lead KGB controller), which later inspired actual #JamesBond plot points:…
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My grandfather was a soldier in World War II. My family has a history of military service.

The normalization of racial supremacy, the encouragement of it by some political leaders as a path to power, isn’t just abhorrent, it is a threat to our peace & to our communities.

As we mark the 25th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide let me say:

- how easy it is to stoke economic fear and pair it with racial fear. We have history to prove it. We know that road.

- Canada is not immune. We must always be on guard for the small wedge that opens the door.
Atrocity may explode like a powder keg, but it’s never the big event that is the cause, that’s just the effect.

Like the frog in the pot of increasingly heating water, it’s the prejudices, hate & fear that are allowed to spread & given platforms that lead to the boiling point.
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Betty Ann Lussier was a fiercely independent, hardworking woman w/a craving for excitement & a compassion for humanitarian issues.

She was one of a few female pilots in #WWII.

She was also an #OSS counterintel officer.

Betty’s father, Emile John Lussier, was a decorated #WWI fighter pilot w/British @RoyalAirForce.

She inherited his love of flying & joined Civilian Pilot Training Program @UofMaryland & worked nights building B-26 bombers.

At 20 years old, Betty was determined to fight in #WWII
1942: Betty joined British Air Transport Auxiliary, 1st female pilots to officially ferry planes in wartime

Betty wanted to see combat. Her godfather Sir William Stephenson [] was friends w/Gen Donovan & helped her get a new gig w/#OSS

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