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Zur #Kontextualisierung der eigenen Sachlage:

1. Als ich 1970 geboren wurde, hatte ich die ersten 10 Jahre meines Lebens kein eigenes Zimmer.

Das war damals noch kein Standard für #Kinder & dennoch habe ich dies nie als #Armut erlebt!

#Was war der Unterschied zur #Gegenwart ?
Der Unterschied bestand darin, dass es immer saubere Kleidung gab, es musste niemals gehungert werden, nicht einmal temporär, wenn es natürlich auch nicht alles zu essen gab, was theoretisch möglich gewesen wäre.


#Hungern für den #Regelsatz im Zeichen des #Klassismus
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„Mój ostatni obowiązek względem Polski i Was - to umrzeć dzielnie”

12 V 1920 urodziła się Krystyna Wituska ps. "Kasia", żołnierz wywiadu AK, 26 VI 1944 ścięta przez Niemców na gilotynie w więzieniu w Halle. Jej listy więzienne są wstrząsającym świadectwem polskiej niezłomności⬇️ ImageImage
Krystyna urodziła się i wychowała w Jeżewie, niedaleko Łodzi. Z historii Jeżewa warto odnotować potyczkę powstańców styczniowych z Moskalami, która miała miejsce 4 XII 1863 w lasach jeżewskich (między Jeżewem i Kłoniszewem). Powstańcami dowodził kpt. Jan Birtus, ranny w czasie Image
bitwy,dostał się do niewoli i został rozstrzelany w Łodzi. Rodzice Krysi,Feliks i Maria z Orzechowskich, należeli do zamożnego ziemiaństwa,a sama rodzina Wituskich mieszkała w tej okolicy od ponad dwóch wieki. Wituscy byli właścicielami majątków ziemskich w Jeżewie i Kłoniszewie, ImageImage
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Kremlin #propaganda continues its all-encompassing #disinformation campaign against Poland embedded in the context of the Russian #WARINUKRAINE. Recently, the #RU regime has exploited the issues it believes to have the biggest potential to pit the Poles against Ukrainians.
Examples of the anti-Polish narratives pushed by Russia:

- #refugees from Ukraine are freeloaders
- the Poles use Ukrainians as cheap workforce
- the Poles steal the money allocated for the refugees
- Poland wants to seize the western part of Ukraine
- #Warsaw uses #Kyiv as a tool of its own political agenda
- the Poles have forgotten about the horrors of the Volhynia Massacre
- Ukrainian intelligence services recruit their agents among the Poles
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@valtioneuvosto @TyttiTup #EUarchives The Legal Entity of ‘Greater #Germany’ - The first president of the #Brussels #EU
- Walter #Hallstein, #nazi-German lawyer, chief architect and first president of the Brussels EU from 1958 to 1967, gave this speech in January 1939.…
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#Putin est l'ennemie de l'Europe.

L'insurrection de Varsovie : Staline et Machiavel
Le 1er août 1944, alors que l'Armée rouge est entrée en Pologne depuis le début de l'année,

#russia #urss #wwii #Poland #katyn #Stalin #massacre #war #invasion #treaty #Nazi
l'Armia Krajowa, l'Armée polonaise de l'intérieur, se soulève dans le but de libérer Varsovie.
Plusieurs raisons à cela.
D'une part, le contexte est plus favorable qu'il ne l'a jamais été depuis le début de la guerre : l'Allemagne est acculée sur tous les fronts.
En effet, à l'Est, depuis les victoires de Stalingrad et de Koursk, l'Armée rouge a ravi l'initiative à la Wehrmacht qu'elle refoule vers l'Ouest à grands coups boutoirs.
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Today we are burying my grandpa. He was 96, active and cheerful until his death.

He went through dreadful experiences of unemployment and poverty that resulted in fascism and WWII. It convinced him that fighting unemployment needs to be the top priority. This is his story.👇🧵1/
1) Johann (Hans) Riegler was born in 1926 in a small town in Burgenland – just 5 years after the state changed from Hungary to Austria as a consequence of the WWI peace treaty of Saint-Germain. They lived in poor conditions.
On a summer day in 1931, his first memory started. 5-year-old Hans was rushing to the coal mine outside of town. A terrible accident had happened: his father, who worked there as an electrician, had gotten electrocuted. His first retained memory was the dead corpse of his father.
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The Kremlin launched the next wave of repressions against the Russian military brass for failing "the special operation" in #Ukraine, especially after sinking the cruiser Moskva - said the representative of the Intel. Dept. of Ukr. MoD Vadym Skibitskiy on Ukr. TV. [Thread⬇️]
[2] First, the Kremlin dismissed the Black Sea fleet commander, General Osipov. He's under arrest.
[3] Second, Russian MoD dismissed the Lt. Gen. Vladislav Ershov from the post of a commander of the 6th Army. He's arrested for more than 2,000 killed Russian troops, incl. 180 conscripts who should not be sent to war in #Ukraine according to Russian law.
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It always "amuses" me when #Russia/Russians try to capitalize on the death toll of the Soviet #Army in #WWII. While it's true that they paid a heavy price, not every loss should be credited to them 🧵
First, the Soviet Union didn't fight for truth, justice and the Bolshevik way. They started the war by dividing Poland between them and Nazi Germany: the infamous Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact that is conveniently forgotten nowadays…
The composition of the Soviet Army is also something to take into account: while most of the loss were ethnic Russians, ethnic Ukrainian were close second, which follows the population distribution at that time…("The_Great_Patriotic_War")
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Una de las primeras acciones y más relevantes del #NOM | #NWO fue el asesinato de John Fitzgerald Kennedy el 22 de noviembre de 1963.

Quería volver al patrón oro después de que John Connally (demócrata) secretario del Tesoro en el mandado de Nixon lo abandonase.
Curiosamente, John Connally fue herido en el asesinato de Kennedy.

La Reserva Federal #FED ha sido la herramienta más poderosa del #NOM | #NWO para poder dominar el mundo en las sombras.

Con #Biden de presidente han impreso el 80% de todos los dólares del mundo en circulación.
El #COVID19, la guerra entre 🇷🇺 #Rusia y 🇺🇦 #Ucrania etc..

Todos los eventos que suceden en el mundo están perfectamente estudiados/ideados/planificados por el #NOM | #NWO

El #COVID y la #WAR sirven para tapar el verdadero motivo de la inflación a nivel mundial.
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⚡️Highlights from Biden's #Warsaw speech

📌 The West needs to prepare for the long struggle ahead between democracy and autocracy.

📌 The #Russians are cut off from the modern world. You were a country of the 21st century. Now you are a country of the 19th century.
📌 The #Russian oligarchs are the architects of this war. We took everything from them.

📌 The Russians are not our enemies. Putin should not stay in power.

📌 #Europe must free itself from Russian energy carriers, the United States is ready to help in this.
📌#Ukrainians have been fighting for their freedom for many centuries.

📌Putin has set himself a goal that he will not achieve.

📌 #US troops are in #Europe not to engage in hostilities with the armed forces of the Russian Federation.
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#ICJ Prelim Measures hearing #Ukraine v #Russia #Genocide Convention begins. Camera lingers on the Russia table, which is notably empty... #intlaw
#ICJ Pres makes clear RF was immediately notifed of the filings, & RF ambassador to NL has indicated RF will not participate in the proceedings.
#Ukraine has chosen ad hoc judge Prof Yves Daudet.
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No estamos en el escenario que nos acostumbró la guerra fría, no es blanco y negro, sin embargo; hay una bifurcación en curso, el #DragonBear vs OTAN. A partir de allí habrá no alineados pero de una forma diferente y más compleja, que en la 1ra #ColdWar, de intereses sobrepuestos
La realidad multipolar y de relaciones, dónde hay un evidente choque de civilizaciones y la irrupción de una nueva geometría ideológica (globalismo) impulsada desde occidente, y enfrentada a otros regímenes autoritarios, y también totalitarios; nos obliga a cambiar los paradigmas
No se puede analizar la situación actual en base a los mismos paradigmas geopoliticos del siglo xx. Eso no significa dejar atrás la lectura analítica de aquellos días sino, tomarla como base para repensar y tratar de proyectar, es decir; saber hacia dónde vamos y que enfrentar.
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@MargaretAtwood Ms. Atwood, having met you years ago in Toronto with my uncle at my grandfather's funeral, I'm saddened to see you used by this massive global war propaganda effort. They're all "peace" rallies, ostensibly, but the peace they call for is as bellicose as the notorious Kony2012...
@MargaretAtwood campaign. A "peace" of rabid cries for the salvation of Western military intervention.
I am a #Jew and a great student of #WWII and #Nazism (academically and personally). Being a fan of Orwell, I too am not a pacifist at any cost. For example, I could not deny the right to...
@MargaretAtwood the last resort of limited conventional military action to a nuclear superpower that has been lied to and surrounded over decades by the most powerful, well-armed military alliance in history. A country that saved the world from the Nazis and yet finds itself with a nation...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/25/2022…
Vaccine safety in an era of novel vaccines: a proposed research agenda | Nature Reviews Immunology…
#VaccineSafety, #NovelVaccines, #ResearchAgenda
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Am letzten Tag unserer Serie zum #FallofSingapore widmen wir uns der #Erinnerungskultur. Exemplarisch stellen wir hier die Ansätze Singapurs und Großbritanniens im Umgang mit den die Ereignisse im Februar 1942 vor. (ES) 1/5
In Singapur sind Eroberung und Besatzung der Stadt wichtiges Element der nationalen Identität. Die britische Niederlage wird als Impuls für die Unabhängigkeitsbewegung betrachtet. Die Jahrestage werden – nicht ohne Kontroversen - museal begleitet. 2…
Denkmäler zum #WWII sind im Stadtbild Singapurs sehr präsent. Die Erinnerung an 1942-1945 wird von der Regierung Singapurs aktiv gestaltet und ist politischen Konjunkturen unterworfen. Dies zeigt sich auch in der Präsentation der Erinnerungsorte. 3/5…
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Now is the time to be bullish on #gold #silver and #preciousmetals Many experts like @antonioatanasv @SilverChartist @RealRickRule or @TaviCosta has been bullish on #preciousmetals but I truly believe that NOW is the time!👇🧵 1/15
We are in at the begging of an inflationary decade. January #CPI rising at 7,5%, we need to look at previous inflationary periods like the 40s and the 70s. 2/15
Those periods were very different, at the 40s the governmental debt was high due to #WWII but in the 70s the corporate and private #debt was much important and this effect to the monetary decisions of the #FRED 3/15
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Attention, #ElizebethSmithFriedman fans!
New @USPS stamp honors women cryptologists of #WWII.
The press release:
This stamp honors all the women cryptologists of World War II. One of the conflict’s best-kept secrets, their service played an inestimable role in the Allied victory.
The stamp art features an image from a World War II-era recruitment poster for the U.S. Navy’s Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service, whose members were known as WAVES.
The image has an overlay of characters from the “Purple” encrypted code, which was used by Japan. In the pane selvage, seemingly random letters can be deciphered to reveal some key words.
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#OTD 1972 - Happy 50th Anniversary of the 1st Flight of the @BoeingDefense EC-137D, prototype for the E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning & Control System (AWACS). A thread. 1/6 @AFLCMCofficial @Team_Tinker @Hanscom_AFB @NATOAWACS
2/6 Airborne Early Warning Radar used since #WWII, needed to detect aircraft flying below ground radars. But trouble tracking multiple targets in 3D, esp over land. Radar reflections off surface aka "ground clutter" biggest issue. 1960s state of art was Lockheed EC-121D (pic)
3/6 Advances in pulse Doppler radar & compact computing made "look-down" radar feasible. Tac Air Cmd & Air Def Cmd issued joint Specific Op Req 206 in 1963 for Airborne Warning & Control Sys. Aero Sys Div @WrightPattAFB began Overland Radar Tech Program, incl. @AFResearchLab
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on the eve of the world losing its mind again

#WWII Image
D-Day in Times Square

#WWII Image
Iowa City
February 1940 Image
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Feb. 2
Charity Adams Earley (left), from SC, interrupted her studies for a master degree in psychology to join the WAAC, and was the first African-American woman to be commissioned. She attended the first WAAC officers training at Ft. DesMoines, IA, in July 1942.
Maj. Adams led the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion as they worked in England and France during #WWII.
Her path was not easy; there were many in the military who questioned the actuality of a black female officer.
She encouraged her troops to look past racism and concentrate on doing their best sorting mail and packages in freezing, poorly lit, and rodent-infested buildings. The unit always rose to the challenge.
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The Jewish cemetery of #Salonica was once the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe, with over 350,000 graves. Its destruction began with the Hellenising policies of interwar Greece and concluded in 1942 during the Nazi occupation of the city. #Thread
Whereas the Jewish cemetery was destroyed and incorporated as part of the Aristotle University, #Salonica’s Dönme cemetery became a football field, and the city’s main Muslim cemetery became the International Fair Ground.
Though the vast majority of tombs in the Jewish cemetery belonged to #Sephardim, there were also many Ashkenazi tombs, as well as some headstones dating back to the Roman era.
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Este dato pone FELICES a #ClanPierluisi y sus achichincles: es lo que pasó en #Hawaii en 60 años entre la invasión de #EEUU en 1893 y 1959, cuando se convirtió en estado.

El éxodo -o exilio- es por las condiciones impuestas por el imperio contra la colonia. 1/
La historia está ahí. Vamos a refrescarla:
En 1893 #EEUU invadió #Hawaii, país libre de Polinesia, y removió a la reina #Liliuokalani. Colaboraron hacendados de EEUU y Europa. Recordemos que en América solo quedaban #Cuba y #PuertoRico, así que había que apretar el paso.

Mientras, por acá #Espana soltó a #Cuba y #PuertoRico con la #CartaAutonomica, una suerte de divorcio. Eran tiempos distintos: las repúblicas americanas encabezadas por #Haiti habían alcanzado su independencia, y reclamaban que soltaran a las 2 que quedaron.

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