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Remembering Robert Capa on his birthday ūüéā
ūüď∑ Alfred Eisenstaedt, New York, 1942
"If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough."
One of the greatest of movie set photographs, by Robert Capa: Ingrid Bergman & Alfred Hitchcock on the set of Notorious, 1946. It's been suggested that Capa's love affair with Bergman was the genesis of a Hitchcock film made 8 years later: Rear Window.
Ingrid Bergman was in the middle of a torrid love affair with the great photographer Robert Capa when he took these photographs on the Notorious set, 1946. What a look she gives him!
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The declaration of #DDay and defensive war means a series of implications:
1) TMD's scrutiny of underground youth resistance groups is expected to increase. Already, we are seeing TMD taking bases in supermarkets etc.

It's worrying that we might see indiscriminate roundups of youths in urban areas.
2) Looking at TMD's movement in navy and fighter jets etc, it seems that TMD is alrdy preparing for an intense crackdown. On the other hand, we aren't sure of how prepared the @NUGMyanmar is.
3) The military might and could take many preemptive actions: village raids, airstrikes, internet shutdown etc. I hope that the declaration took into account these considerations and has contingency plans on how to mitigate them.
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The Neglected Story of African Americans on #DDay

"Official histories of #DDay have long excluded the contributions made by African Americans. Literature professor Alice Mills waded into the past to uncover these forgotten World War II heroes.'"

“Some marines had already landed before us and the beach was just about covered with dead bodies."

--- William Garfield Dabney
"A resident of Roanoke, Virginia, who served in World War II. He was awarded the Legion of Honor for his actions during the invasion of Normandy."


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#DDay. The day the allies, including many brave Canadian soldiers, stormed the beaches of Normandy in defence of freedom & the values we all claim to cherish. Many brave souls gave the ultimate sacrifice. Since then, our establishment politicians have desecrated that sacrifice
in the name of power, control, and the ceding of our sovereignty to foreign entities. One of those politicians, the father of our present PM, defiled that sacrifice by creating the charter that allows the powers that ought not be to abuse Canadians and the freedoms we hold dear.
The plandemic, more than anything else, has exposed how Trudeau Sr. set us all up. Our current politicians in Ottawa & the provinces have used law-fare to strip our freedoms. Law-fare only able to be used because of wording in our charter. Wording that forces us to defend our
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More than 3,000 US Paratroopers jumped into Normandy on #DDay. Among them: Father Francis Sampson, chaplain for the @101stAASLTDIV's 501st PIR.

Francis, an Iowa native and Notre Dame grad, landed in the Douve River and had to cut off all his gear to avoid drowning.

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Hours later, Francis along with 27 US Soldiers (from various units) were captured by German forces in Saint-Come-du-Mont.

Francis refused efforts by his captors (some of whom were Catholic) to move him to safety.
[3 of 6]

Francis remained at an exposed medic station at Saint-Come-du-Mont and helped treat both German and American Soldiers in the face of an artillery bombardment.

He also gave his own blood in a transfusion to a wounded American Soldier.
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@USAESHQ and 37th’s #DDay history as told through PVT Dove:
‚ÄúWe thought we were training on June 6, when we crossed the English Channel, heading for Normandy. ¬†We were in small craft, with two Jeeps ahead of our dozer ¬†and several infantry squads and engineers from the 37th.‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúThe boat driver told us ‚ÄėI will be the last one off this boat, and anyone left on board when I leave will be dead. And if you refuse to go, I will kill you.‚Äô Shoemaker and I had orders to stay on the beach until we were told to leave."
"We landed on Omaha Beach, ' Bloody Omaha,' they later called it, around 6:45 or 7:00 AM. The boat stopped before it got very close to shore. One of the Army officers yelled to the Navy driver, 'get closer to shore!'
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"A Mighty Endeavor"

77 years ago today, FDR, our 32nd President, gave one of the most memorable and consequential speeches in American history.

Portions of that speech are worth reviewing today.


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"Our sons, pride of our Nation, this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity.
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"They will be sore tried, by night and by day, without rest - until the victory is won. The darkness will be rent by noise and flame. Men's souls will be shaken with the violences of war.
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Today's episode of #DavesCarIDService is dedicated to the men and machines of the D-Day Invasion. All gave some, some gave all.
*The fallen machine is of course an iconic WW2 Jeep, either a Willys MB or identical twin Ford GPW. Almost 650,000 of these were produced 1942-45. The earlier Ford GP model is where the "Jeep" got its affectionate nickname which later became its brand.
In addition to our regular fare, today's thread will feature some IDs relevant to the liberation of Europe. If you've got family pics of WW2 GIs & their cars, they will get prompt attention.

Quick review of the guidelines:
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In the early hours of June 6th 1944 an armada of planes, ships and landing crafts set off to the coast of France, carrying thousands of young men to help free Europe from tyranny, despotism and evil. Today 77 years ago, thousands have paid the ultimate sacrifice...
/2 make this world a better place. To give the following generations, us, the chance to live in peace, freedom and democracy. Many that have survived have always told us to make sure not to let this happen again. Never let evil rise up again and never let them...
...take away our freedom, liberties and democracy. Never forget what they have sacrificed for us and honor their legacy. I am named after a WW2 veteran of the #TheBlackWatchOfCanada and I'm proud of carrying Andy's name and with that a part of his legacy....
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#HoyEnLaHistoria 6 de junio 1944 El desembarco en #Normandie, llamada operaci√≥n Neptuno. Tras 4 a√Īos de invasi√≥n, las tropas aliadas llegan a las costas francesas para combatir a los Nazis. Inicia la liberaci√≥n de Francia. Abro hilo ‚§ĶÔłŹ sobre sus antecedentes #DDay #Historia #WWI
Mientras se pensaba que los Nazis llegarían por el este, ellos invadieron Holanda, Bélgica y de ahí pasaron a Francia por una zona desprotegida. Lille cae el 25/05/1940. Semanas después, el norte del país es invadido, el gobierno huye a Burdeos y Hitler se apodera de París. #DDay
La 3ra Rep√ļblica francesa cae, Burdeos es invadida y P√©tain toma el poder el ‚ÄúEstado Franc√©s‚ÄĚ. √Čl firma el armisticio, se rinde y comienza un periodo de colaboraci√≥n. Francia se divide en zona norte en poder nazi, y sur bajo control del Estado franc√©s, con Vichy como capital.
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Today is #DDay #Debarquement #Normandy 77 years after that June 6th 1944, the first step in the Liberation of France and then the push from the west front... 7 years ago we visited the region around #OmahaBeach , some impressions from that trip in my album
Every year is an important memory for all that died in #DDay and in the rest of the battle for Normandy, military and civilians. Years ending in 0's or 5's bring more attention. #OmahaBeach 2014
It was like travelling back in time...
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OTD in 1944, Operation OVERLORD commences with a massive naval and air bombardment of German positions, concurrent with Allied paratrooper and glider landings in occupied France, as well as Allied landings on the beaches and cliffs of Normandy. #DDay Image
Captain "Mad Jack" Churchill wades ashore on #DDay with his 'Claymore' sword in hand, ready to face the Hun! Image
It is always good to have a piper on hand on #DDay to get the lads' minds focused on the job at hand Image
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Tomorrow, the 77th anniversary of #DDay, the stories of Utah Beach, Pointe de Hoc, and Carentan will be retold. These are all important stories that MUST be remembered.

But perhaps we should also reflect on Waverly Woodson and the Soldiers he represents.

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Waverly, a medic assigned to the 320th BBB (Barrage Balloon Battalion), was among the more than 2,000 US black Soldiers who landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944.
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The 320th [621 troops] was the lone African-American combat unit to fight on D Day.

Mission: raise hydrogen-filled barrage balloons to protect assaulting infantry, armor from being strafed by enemy aircraft [the balloons provided air defense by strafing Axis planes].
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0/1 Da nun auch in #Echterdingen auf den #Fildern zunehmend geschwurbelt wird, werden wir in diesem Thread immer wieder von dort berichten Aktuell trifft man sich montags & donnerstags, meist in sehr kleiner Zahl. Daran hat auch ein Auftritt von Wolfgang #Greulich nix geändert. ImageImage
0/2 Auch auf den #Querdenken-Demos in #Echterdingen sind vorwiegend die gleichen Gesichter zu sehen wie in #Filderstadt #Bonlanden. Auch dieselben Redner geben sich hier wie dort das angerotzte Mikro in die Hand. Das Mobilisierungspotenzial scheint trotz Promi-Support mickrig. ImageImageImageImage
I/1 18.3.21
Wie gewohnt war auch die #Querdenken-Demo in #Echterdingen komplett von #fakenews & #Verschwörungsideologien geprägt. Den Anfang machte Frank, der sowohl mehrfach in #Filderstadt #Bonlanden, als auch bereits in #Echterdingen sprach & hier wohl die Demos mitorganisiert Image
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Sir, with ref to your very much needed sensitive response, in ordinariness of #ordinarypeople & with commonsense of
#commonman, may we submit as follows:
1.Instead of experimenting with #3FarmActs for 1-2 yrs, why not keep those in abeyance for 2yrs?
2. Ask #40AssnsofFarmers>>
>> to submit their #ProposedDraft keeping following in view:
a. #Reforms inter-alia shifting from existing agriculture pattern in #Punjab #Haryana etc to...
b."Cost + theory" & feasibility of #MSP for all crops
c. Is uniform #FarmActs possible for all #States
3.Likewise #GOI >>
>>needs to appreciate that instead of "experimenting" for
1-2 yrs which if results in #irreversible & #irrevocable DAMAGES will be creating more
#TrustDeficit, it will be better to keeping #3FarmActs in #Abeyance to hv #LevelPlayingField to make needful decisions cordially!>>
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Le jour du débarquement allié, sur la plage d'Utah, les allemands firent face à des vagues de soldats US.

Parmis eux, des amérindiens...

Voici leur histoire ‚§ĶÔłŹ
"Leur histoire est méconnue, mais leur action contribua à la réussite du débarquement des forces américaines sur la plage d’Utah.

En effet, ce 6 juin 1944, 13 indiens Comanches incorpor√©s au sein de la Fourth Signal Company jou√®rent un r√īle crucial en transmettant des (...) Image
(...) messages codés qu’ils sont les seuls à pouvoir comprendre et traduire à leurs supérieurs.

Surnommés les Codes Talkers , les Numurekwa’etuu, nom donné à ceux qui parlent comanche, ont été formés pendant plus de trois ans pour crypter plus de 200 termes militaires. Image
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Trump traveled to Wilmington, NC today to commemorate the end of World War II in the Pacific, here are a few facts to remind him of what #TrumpsAmerica looks like:
.@realdonaldtrump, 1,732 Americans died in the naval battles off #Guadalcanal. #Covid19 kills as many Americans every two days. #TrumpsAmerica

.@realdonaldtrump, 1,759 Americans were killed at #Tarawa. Every two days, #Covid19 kills as many Americans. #TrumpsAmerica
.@realdonaldtrump, 2,403 Americans died at Pearl Harbor. #Covid19 takes that many American lives every three days. #TrumpsAmerica

.@realdonaldtrump, 2,500 Americans died on #DDay. #Covid19 kills that many Americans every three days. #TrumpsAmerica
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Today we celebrate the Airborne #Soldiers that love their knees in the breeze on #NationalAirborneDay.

What better way to celebrate than a history thread on U.S. #Paratroopers.

Let's Begin.
In 1940, a test platoon from @FortBenning's @29thID Regiment executes the #USArmy's first airborne training jump less than 45 days after airborne was formed.

The U.S. joined several world powers who had also developed the capability after World War I.

#NationalAirborneDay Image
In November 1942, the U.S. carried out its first major #airborne assault of World War II during the largely-amphibious invasion of North Africa, Operation Torch‚Äč.

#NationalAirborneDay ImageImage
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Let's not forget another war.

Today is the anniversary of #DDay.

"We were all very close,‚ÄĚ he said of his unit. ‚ÄúYou knew about their wives and children ‚ÄĒ everything you could know about your buddy, because there was nothing else to talk about."…
I didn't get around to a story this year, but I'm grateful @kgdispatch did.
And yes, I share this every year. But I pick up new followers. And this story was so powerful to me. Mr. Conte's map still hangs in my home office.

Next he pencils in a thin line ...and at its end, he puts a big, bold X. "That's us."…
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Aux premières heures du #DebarquementEnNormandie et alors que le ciel normand gronde d’avions qui larguent peu à peu les parachutistes de la 6 e division aéroportée britannique à l’est de l’Orne et les 82e et 101e divisions aéroportées américaines près des (...)
(...) c√ītes est du Cotentin, les Alli√©s s√©lectionnent trois zones de largage pour lancer des leurres.

Cela leur permet d’induire en erreur les forces militaires allemandes, mais surtout de les éloigner des véritables zones de parachutages des troupes. Image
C‚Äôest ainsi que dans la nuit du 5 au 6 juin 1944, des poup√©es de toile de jute sont largu√©es depuis les bombardiers Short Stirling au sud de Caen, √† Saint-L√ī et √† Yvetot.

Ces mannequins équipés de parachute mesurent cinquante centimètres de long et pour (...)
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76 years ago today, the US and its Allies invaded Europe at great risk to fight for freedom and justice against tyranny and oppression.
In light of the continuing battles against oppression, here is some of what President Roosevelt said to the American people that night:
#DDay Image
"Our sons, pride of our Nation, this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity."
#DDay Image
"Their road will be long and hard. For the enemy is strong. He may hurl back our forces. Success may not come with rushing speed, but we shall return again and again... by the righteousness of our cause, our sons will triumph."
#DDay Image
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On this #DDay, remember that Black troops played a crucial role in the invasion of Normandy and fueled the Allies’ advances in Europe all the way through VE Day. Since the end of WWII they have been written out of this history. Here’s a short thread of Black troops and #DDay 1/
About 1700 Black troops landed at Normandy on #DDAY June 6, 1944. Port Battalions, Quartermaster Companies & Engineer Dump Truck Companies prepared the landing zone and brought troops and supplies ashore, while facing heavy Nazi machine-gun fire 2/
Anti-aircraft Balloon Battalions raised low-altitude hydrogen-filled barrage balloons to defend Allied forces from Nazi planes. See @lindahervieux‚Äôs book ‚ÄúForgotten‚ÄĚ for more on the Black barrage balloon troops #DDAY 3/
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Britain First (which frankly shows again+again they're part of the country's festering evil) are using the image of a murdered child in a racist message. Morality has become an ideological enemy to them, though evidence may say that was one to begin with.
A CHILD was murdered. The murderer has been charged and is currently in court (hence why little info, but what conspiracy theorist/tragedy manipulator cares about that?).
My rage at the blatantly xenophobic exploitation by BF is only matched by sorrow for Emily Jones' (Rest her soul) family, who have to see these bigots use her image, likely without permission. I can't speak definitely for them but I'd think they wouldn't want this.
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DICIANNOVESIMO THREAD sul #dday Il simbolico canto del cigno della Luftwaffe avvenne sulla spiaggia britannica di Sword. Due Focke Wulf Fw 190 compirono una incursione indisturbati contro lo sbarco eludendo la caccia nemica. Li comandava l'asso Josef Priller con 101 vittorie 1/ ImageImage
L'episodio √® divenuto famoso nel film 'il giorno pi√Ļ lungo'. In realt√† ci furono altri episodi di attacco a navi e aerei nemici ma si tratt√≤ di casi isolati. La Luftwaffe era stata sloggiata dagli aeroporti dopo un'intensa e sistematica campagna aerea 2/‚Ķ Image
La Luftwaffe era stata l'arma decisiva per la resa di Praga, per la sconfitta della Polonia nel 1939 e poi nel 1940 di Francia, Olanda e Belgio quando gli Stukas terrorizzavano ma aveva fallito nella battaglia di Inghilterra. Ora nel 1944 era l'ombra rispetto ad allora 3/ Image
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