My take on this Anti-"Assault Rifle" Movement BS

The AR-15 is NOT an "AUTOMATIC" RIFLE. Most think the "AR" stands for "Automatic or Assault Rifle", well, I hate to break it to you, it stands for "Armalite Rifle." The AR-15 is NOT a WEAPON of WAR & those who claim this
are being Intellectually Dishonest or it's Political Hyperbole.

The military "DOES NOT" use AR-15's. We us M4's, M203's, SAW's, M60, M40, B-M2, B-M82, MK19 & many others. The weapons are totally different in functionality.
It's a SEMI AUTOMATIC weapon. You only call it an "Assault Rifle" because it "LOOKS" dangerous, threatening, intimidating & like a M16-A2/M4. You watch to much TV, RAMBO or play to much BLACK OPS on your PS4/Xbox
I know you say you support the 2nd amendment & you're not trying to take our guns away, but take a look at history, it all starts with slowly chipping away at the right to bear arms. This Dem just announced he wants to take away the ones we already own. washex.am/2rl390S
Once they're gone, a tyrannical Gov. doesn't have checks​ & balance from its citizens (only through voting, but we know how that's worked out 😕).

That is a dangerous place to be, if someone in the future wants to seize on that for their own agenda. Beginning of the end.. 😱
BTW, there's laws already on the books for DV, Felons & ajudicated mentally ill people not to be able to buy a gun. The President already banned "bump stocks", tightened back ground checks in the NICS system, so.... What's the goal?

100% CONTROL!!! 🤔
If you ban "Assault Rifles", what do you suggest we do about the millions of them still currently owed by law biding citizens?

Are you suggesting the Gov. go collect them? That will never happen. That would literally cause a civil war between law biding citizens & the Gov.
The lefts new tactic is to use these kids as a human shield/buffer to push THEIR OWN agenda. Knowing if ANYONE challenges them, the Fake News Media will pounce all over them, therefore, silencing all opposing views. Its straight up disgusting...😟
If the Dems were Intellectually honest about this issue, they would have passed a bill the first 2 yrs of Obama when they didn't need 1 GOP vote, but NO, they NEED this as an issue because they have nothing else to run on besides divisive issues
If Gun Control worked, then Chicago, NY & NJ would be the safest places in the US because they have the toughest ANTI-GUN LAWS on the books...🤔

The bad guys don't walk into Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart or other shops to purchase guns 😱
Its ironic how the Dems are Anti-Gun, but they sure do travel with an army of ARMED GUARDS

If its good enough for them, why isn't it for LAW BIDING CITIZENS? 😒 washex.am/2KJJIrG & De Blasio's assistant was arrested for having a gun in her car. Do as I say, not as I do
This is why we feel this "MOVEMENT" is POLITICAL

⚪2 FBI Hotline calls
⚪38 home visits
⚪18 (911) calls
⚪Obama erra school discipline enabled Cruz (Non Arrests)
⚪Over 26 disciplinary incidents
⚪ Assigned to Controversial School Disciplinary Promise Program

⚪2 legal attempts to commit (Mental Health)
⚪Open school allowing Cruz to walk in unchallenged
⚪4 Sheriff's failure to enter
⚪1 school safety officer failed to enter

& Somehow this is the NRA's fault?🤔


⚫2-3 entry/exits to funnel students for security checks
⚫Metal detectors at those choke points
⚫Trained dog handlers w/dogs ability to smell GUNPOWDER/EXPLOSIVES, who are also attack dog's -THEY WORK WELL
⚫Harden schools (doors/windows/walls)
I'm sick of this FAKE SELECTIVE MORAL OUTRAGE from the Dems, always looking for sympathy.

If you're​ looking for sympathy, the only place your going to find it, is in the dictionary. Somewhere between 💩 & syphilis.

Wake up useful IDIOTS, don't let them use you...🇺🇸
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