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Why Wasn’t #Netanyahu Ever Indicted in the US?
Milchan-Netanyahu nuclear trigger smuggling caper impunity
In 2002 Richard Kelly was sentenced to a very mild prison sentence for selling Nuclear Triggers to Israel in the eighties.
BenjaminNetanyahu worked at Heli Trading and was active in this nuclear smuggle ring.

A former Pentagon analyst was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in prison on Friday for passing U.S. defense information to two pro-Israel lobbyists and for sharing classified information with an Israeli diplomat.…
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"The president has delivered multiple statement on this," replies @PressSec when asked why no address to the nation on the unrest. "What stops anarchy is action and that's what the president is working on now."
Asked what the president is doing about the death of George Floyd, @PressSec replies there's a federal civil rights investigation" but can't allow antifa to carry out violence in its wake.
"There will be additional federal assets deployed across the nation" in response to the violence, says @PressSec.
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Nous vivons tous avec, autour de nous, des #héros discrets du quotidien.

Je vais vous parler de David #Applebaum

Déroulez ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Né en 1952 aux USA, David Applebaum mène à la fois des études religieuses et des études médicales, car il estime que la meilleure manière d'accomplir son devoir en tant que rabbin, c'est de #sauver des vies humaines. En 1976, il est ordonné Rabbin, et en 1978, docteur en Médecine
Alors que la fin des années 1970 voit exploser le nombre d'attentats #islamistes en #Israël, David Applebaum décide de quitter le confort des hôpitaux américains pour venir aider les urgentistes en Israël : il fait son #Alya en 1981 et rejoint l'hôpital Shaare Zedek de #Jerusalem
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#Thread Israeli forces chased down and shot to kill Iyad Hallaq, a 32-year old autistic man, the only son to his parents, a resident of Wadi il Joz, on his way to a special needs school.… #Israel #StateViolence #iyadhalak #Freedom
This is illustrative of Israel's use of lethal force against all Palestinians from Gaza to Haifa and Jerusalem. Here is an excerpt from something I wrote and a link to a UN report condemning a culture of impunity for Israeli state violence. #Israel #StateCrimes #iyadhalak
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1/ 1. Israeli sovereignty and International Law:

Contrary to off stated erroneous assertion, Israel has every right to extend its democratic sovereignty to land set aside for the Jewish Homeland per San Remo ( 1920), which issued a Mandate to Britain, whereby
2/ ‘close settlement’ of Jews throughout the area subsequently referred to as ‘#Palestine’ was mandated. 
In those days ‘#Palestine’ was 3-4 times the size of modern day Israel, and had  been a backwater of the massive Ottoman Empire, a mere satrapy,
desolate #JudeaisIsrael
3/ and unloved. The Ottomans called it Southern Syria. It was the Brits who renamed it #Palestine.
 In 1923 the British overlords stole 77% of the land promised to the Jews per the ‘Mandate’ and handed it to the
Hashemite King Abdullah from Arabia. 
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.@jack @FaceBook @PolitiFact censor and target conservatives - not a single one has #FactCheck, removed all the false #RussiaHoax stories written about @realDonaldTrump However these platforms go out of their way to protect Biden/Dems. Falsely charging #fakenews to justify
Censorship. But these platforms have allowed #Iran to threaten #Israel, #China to lie to the world, the #WHO to lie, @kathygriffin to share tweets threatening @realDonaldTrump for more than 17 hours before removing it. Their actions & their politics r obvious. The
Potential to interfere in the #2020election is dangerous - #Twitter, #Facebook #FactCheck operate like bias publishers - It must stop. there is more interference from these platforms in Democracy and they must not have the power to control info flow during this election, or ever.
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THREAD—#Israel & UAE thaw

🇦🇪’s Itehad Airways’ first flight 2 🇮🇱 created a stir in ME & even finding traction in Turkey & 🇵🇰 w/ trolls running #boycottUAE trends.

But many fails 2 understand geo-political motives of warming ties of #GCC w/ 🇮🇱.

Here is how it prompted ?
(a) Antipathy towards Iran is “cliched” convergence but 🇦🇪 & 🇸🇦 feel shaky when

(b) Iran's #IRGC is upping the ante:

(i) 🇮🇷 pushes 2 populate UAE islands occupied by Tehran;
(ii) succeeds 2 make look US forces vulnerable by “harassment”;
(iii) assertively claiming....2/
....."ownership" of the Gulf.
(iv) making new claims, re Bahrain & Kuwait;
(v) US retrenched it’s leadership when 🇮🇷 sponsored an attack on KSA’s installation.

2 big obstacles 4 GCC 2 normalise ties w/ #Israel were:
(A) ground swell public opinion &
(B) Palestinian cause

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Es reicht. Schluss mit der verlogenen Antisemitismus leugnenden Diskussion um den jüdischen Israeli #YossiBartal, ein Protagonist der vom Kapital finanzierten antisemitischen #BDS Bewegung. Darf jüdischer Mensch kritisiert werden? Ja- auch von nicht jüdischen Menschen. 1/
Warum überhaupt Kritik leisten? Kritik ist nicht immer angenehm aber eines steht fest: Sie ist wichtig. Durch Kritik von links + dem damit verbunden Widerstand, hat z.B der Bau von unzähligen Atomkraftwerken in Deutschland verhindert werden können . Die unerlässliche Kritik am /2
am #Rassismus hat dafür gesorgt, dass er überhaupt in der hiesigen Gesellschaft wahrgenommen wird. Leider nicht genug, denn die tiefgreifende Auseinandersetzung mit dem Alltagsrassismus, dem institutionellen Rassismus und jedem anderen #Rassismus ist erst am Anfang. /3
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-Long thread-

#Palestine #Austria #Israel #Ramallah

Austria has not recognized "Palestine" as a state. How can there be a “Representation of the State of Palestine” in Vienna?
The Palestinian Authority is mad at Austria.
The reason for this is a statement made by the legal department of the Austrian Foreign Ministry at the International Criminal Court in The Hague in mid-March. Roughly speaking, the republic questioned the ICC's jurisdiction over "Palestine" because it was not recognized
as a sovereign state. Although some other states, including Germany, have found much clearer words to the Court on this issue, the PA regards the Austrian statement as an unfriendly act and therefore quotes the Austrian representative in Ramallah to diplomatically wash her head.
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This thread is about the #Israel that you rarely hear about.

Her innovation & inventions that have changed the world
Her support for other nations and their people
Her contribution to the planet
Her natural beauty

Please share and to tell everyone about #IncredibleIsrael 🇮🇱
For a tiny country with only a few million people, #Israel leads the world when it comes to influential inventions

The next few tweets will list some of the country’s greatest inventions in the fields of Science, Medicine, Computing, Agriculture, Energy

#IncredibleIsrael 🇮🇱
The use of solar energy began in #Israel in the 1950s with the development of a solar water heater to address the energy shortages that plagued the new country. By 1967 around 5% of water of households was solar heated & 50,000 solar heaters had been sold.

#IncredibleIsrael 🇮🇱
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May 19, 1950: Operation Ezra and Nehemia, a plan to bring Iraqi Jews to Israel, is launched with the first airlift of 175 Jews.

1/ Antisemitism in the Arab world was rife during and immediately after World War Two. Egyptian society became enamoured with the Nazi war against the Jews, and this spread to Iraq - which had a significant Jewish population.
2/ In particular in June 1941, a violent pogrom, now called the Farhud, swept through Baghdad's significant Jewish population and killed 180 Jews, with over 1,000 injured. Looting of Jewish property took place and 900 Jewish homes were destroyed. The Jews were now on notice.
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Join me tonight at 7pm est. for #DiggingDeeper on @PatriotsSoapbox with @PinataDrunk and @BWDeadcat

Tonight's Show Prep:

"Who was Du Wei? Ukraine, China, Biden & Burisma"

#Biden #Burisma #DuWei #China #Israel #Ukraine #Kyiv #BeltandRoad


Du Wei, Chinese Envoy to Israel, previously envoy to Ukraine...

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Jerusalem/Yerushalayim has been the Jewish Nation's Capital for over 3000 years.

Jews have prayed TOWARDS and prayed TO BE IN #Jerusalem for millennia. No other peoples pray towards Jerusalem.

Please RT and share thankyou

Shalom. Salam. Peace.
  #JerusalemDay #aCityUnitingAll
Ever since King David established #Jerusalem as the United Capital of the Tribes of #Israel in 1003BC, & Solomon made The Temple home to the Ark of the Covenant, #Jerusalem has been the focal point of love & yearning in Jewish spiritual life.

#JerusalemDay #aCityUnitingAll
Sadly catastrophe struck the Jews in 721BCE when the Assyrian Sennacherib destroyed the Northern Region of the Kingdom. 10 of 12 Tribes of #Israel were scattered.These Lost Tribes form the basis of todays Jewish diaspora

 But he never took Judea! #JerusalemDay #aCityUnitingAll
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1. News: Senators Want Details On President Trump's SECRET POWERS. The day he declared the COVID-19 pandemic a national emergency, he made a cryptic remark,

“I have the right to do a lot of things that people don’t even know about”… #Trump #News #PANIC
2. News: WHOA! Gavin Newsom looks to CLOSE PRISONS amid budget woes… #Trump #News #CoronaVirus
3. News: Michael Flynn adversary’s law firm backs Democrats, having contributed $240,000 in the 2019-20 election cycle, almost all to Democrats or left-leaning causes, the filings show.… #Trump #News #ObamaGate #FreeFlynn
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@Israel_Studies @AndrewPessin @NGOmonitor @palwatch My pleasure, I’m glad to help @shaynamalka! But I just checked & I’m surprised to see that Al-Shabaka hasn’t been removed yet. It’s still listed in the Guide (uncritically) & first up alongside reputable think tanks, centers & institutes. ☹️ 1/
@Israel_Studies @AndrewPessin @NGOmonitor @palwatch @shaynamalka The Guide has a disclaimer but the HomePage enthusiastically recommends the entries as resources that offer “tips for effective research” & help students, scholars “explore the rich world of modern #Israel 🇮🇱 Studies”. Based on these criteria, including Al-Shabaka is #shameful 2/
@Israel_Studies @AndrewPessin @NGOmonitor @palwatch @shaynamalka I’m not sure who vetted the Guide or which “expert” recommended it’s inclusion, but someone steered you very wrong. Let me explain, in brief. First, Al-Shabaka’s key sponsors are affiliated w/Badil. It’s a virulent anti Israel org that wins prizes for #antisemitic cartoons 😡 3/
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.@POTUS Watchdog's dismissal puts #SecPompeo on the hot seat

Accusations of a coverup threaten to place the secretary in the middle of a political maelstrom. #OIG #thedeepstatedept #IGAtkinson… Image
#BobMenendez a democrat in the House and Senate Foreign Affairs committees launched an investigation into President Trump's Friday night firing of State Department Inspector General (IG) Steve Linick. Image
.@RepEliotEngel, the chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and Sen. Bob Menendez, wrote letters to the #WhiteHouse#StateDept and the Office of the Inspector General(#OIG) to preserve all records related Linick's dismissal and to turn the information over by May 22. Image
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This thread proves that #Jerusalem is, always has been, and always will be The Capital of #Israel.

Please help share the truth by retweeting these facts.

#JerusalemIsTheCaptialofIsrael 🇮🇱

1️⃣Jews’ Spiritual centre for over 3,000 years
2️⃣Jews ever present since 1,000BC
3️⃣Jews have been the majority since 1850
4️⃣Never been the capital city of any other people, apart from the Jews
5️⃣De facto capital city of modern Israel

#JerusalemIsTheCapitalofIsrael 🇮🇱
💙Jerusalem is praised in Jewish daily prayers

💙Jerusalem is mentioned in the Jewish Bible, 669 times

💙Jerusalem is commemorated at every Jewish wedding, by the breaking of a glass

💙Jews have always faced Jerusalem when they pray.

#JerusalemIsTheCapitalofIsrael 🇮🇱
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Today , 46 years ago on may 15th 1974 the Ma’alot massacre occurred during which 3 #Palestine’ian terrorists ( which are hailed as heroes by the Palestinians) murdered 27 Israelis including Arabs , Jews , children and elerdely
This is what happened : (long thread)
On the night between the 12th and 13th of May , 3 Palestinian terrorists ,armed with AK 47 and grenades, belonging to the DFLP managed to infiltrate #Israel from southern #Lebanon , they were noticed by some IDF patrols but managed to get away and hide in the Galilee mountains
On the morning of May 14th 1974 , the terrorists started moving towards Ma’alot, on their way they encountered a vehicle driven by a #Druze-Israeli from Hurfiesh that was bringing Christian Israeli-Arab women from the village of Fassuta home from work in Kiryat Ata ...
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How can Palestinians blocked by Israel and lacking medicines survive⁉️❓❓


No new coronavirus cases were reported in Palestine today as five cases have recovered in occupied East Jerusalem…
May 15 2020
You cannot continue to victimize someone else
just because you yourself were a victim once
— there has to be a limit
Edward W. Said

❝Palestinian Man Shot Dead By Israeli Troops Near Hebron…
May 15 2020
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NOTHING TO SEE HERE! Just a #5G installer finding 👉🏻 #COV19 👈🏻written on the inside of 5G circuitry via @YouTube #COVID19 #QAnon @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
Glad I screenshot that! Video has been marked private already #5G #COVID19 #QAnon
Part was pulled from the Tower is a Wire cover named COV19... Nothing seems Fake about this situation, definitely an odd coincidence in light of the 2012 Olympic Performance & the Pics found on the British Pound Note. Sauce:… #QAnon @realDonaldTrump
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Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, a prominent rabbi was asked if Baruch Goldstein, a murderous terrorist who opened fire in the Cave of the Patriarchs, killed 29 & wounded 125 people, is a detestable murderer?
His response: Goldstein was wrong but he's a saint.
Full Context & Translation👇
Baruch Goldstein was a member of the Jewish Defense League founded by his acquittance Meir #Kahana which was classified by the FBI in 2001 as a right wing terrorist group.
He immigrated to #Israel in `83 and was third on the now outlawed Kach party in `84.…
He studied medicine in the US & served as a physician in the #IDF. Later, he worked near Hebron (Al-Khalil) as an emergency doctor.
He refused to treat Arabs, even those serving in the IDF because he believed it was against Jewish Halacha laws to treat non-Jews even for payment.
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#Nakba72 is #ThePalestinianLie whereby Palestinian Arabs were commanded to leave #Israel by the Arab League, who promised to annihilate the Jews. In 1948 they hijacked the Shoah to pretend they were victims. They've been claiming victimhood ever since.
Pls retweet this thread
#Nakba72 is another #ThePalestinianLie whereby Israel's enemies hijacked Jewish suffering & symbols as their own.

#Nakba72 is the remarketing of their attempt to wipe out Jews & Jewish history from the land of #Israel. The Jewish Homeland
#Nakba72 and #ThePalestinianLie. No independent country of #Palestine has ever existed. The only land these Arabs have EVER owned is land sliced off of the Jewish Homeland and given to them in 1993-1995 per the Oslo Agreements
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Rashid Khalidi on why a century of settler colonialism with American support has failed to defeat Palestinians #Palestine #Israel Image
Rashid Khalidi’s latest book caps a long career of chronicling Palestinian political life in the era of Zionism...
The book is compelling for its understanding that Zionism and its friends have waged a century of aggression to secure an anachronistic settler-colonial project without being able to do so.
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