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"Ulasan Pembunuhan Ahli Kanan Hamas Di Malaysia"
Ditulis oleh: Ayman Rashdan Wong
(Ini adalah untaian)
#Isusemasa #Mossad #Malaysia #Palestine #Hamas #MarcapadaDunia #DrFadiAlbatsh #Islam #Israel #Gombak

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Isu yang paling hangat ketika ini ialah kes pembunuhan Dr. Fadi M. Al-Batsh, pensyarah UniKL dan juga ahli kanan kumpulan Hamas ketika beliau ingin mengimamkan solat subuh.

Tenggelam berita-berita tentang PRU.
Sisi-sisi positifnya: kita masih berprihatin dengan isu yang lebih besar yang menimpa umat seakidah. Kita masih mempunyai perasaan "outrage" terhadap pembunuhan pejuang pembebasan tanah suci Islam.
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2/5 A lot of traveling just a couple of weeks before huge election.
3/5 What is up with all this traveling?
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Today's piece is quite complex! It tackles several misconceptions and makes important clarifications. Well worth the read if you want to understand the truth ~ which will ultimately set us free.

By Marilyn R. Allen [commentary within by Eli James]…
"This essay, unlike the others in this category, is written from the point of view that FALSELY equates the #Jews of #Christ’s time as the #Judahites of the #OldTestament.
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This is an *URGENT* message; the depth of #AntiSemitism within the British #Labour Party led by #Corbyn. It is IMPERATIVE - if you are Jewish, have Jewish friends and family or are interested otherwise - that you read this thread to understand the issue.
This is Michael Lee.
Michael Lee lives in Oxford, in the UK - and evidently votes for the #Labour Party (inspired by #Corbyn's opposition to #Israel), and has implied he remains a member. He is followed by a HUGE number of "#JC4PM" activists - including Cllrs - and follows them back. A sample. 👇
But that isn't the problem. The problem is that he incites VIOLENCE against innocent Jews with comments including "kick the Jewish" and insists that Zionist Jews are a "parasite", and claims that anti-Semitism is a "weapon" in itself, used to "kill mosquitos".
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(1)A summarize about the #US led strikes against #Syria

At ~ 9:00 PM Syrian time (yesterday)
#Russia warned the #SAA that a hostile attack is imminent.

At 2:00 AM Syrian time a high air activity over #Jordan was noted
The hostile jets took off from #Qatar #UAE #Cyprus #Jordan and #US vessels in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean were noted preparing to strike.
At 3:55 the first wave of the hostile missiles began flying over the #Syria/n airspace from the south towards #Damascus

The second wave approached from the south and other missiles flew from Al Swidaa desert near Al Tnaf towards #Homs.
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Not a surprise @realDonaldTrump is backtracking on his bombastic statements.

Any US strike will be coordinated with Israel, Turkey and Russia.

The balance of power in Syria will not be disturbed.

Ignore the hype about cold war and Russia-US confrontation.

A thread.
#Israel targets T4 military base following the Douma alleged chemical attack.

The two incidents are unrelated.

Israel had been bombing Hizbullah and #Iran positions in #Syria for years, and both are afraid to respond to Israel.…
#Israel and Russia have close relationship and have been coordinating for years on Israel's attack in #Syria.

For the Russians, #Israel is a closer ally than both Iran and Syria.

Israel's attack on T4 was coordinated with Russia.…
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#Syria UPDATE: 1. So, it appears #Russia, #US working on de-escalation options now via a number of "middle men". RUS military stated earlier it's been in touch w/ American Joint Chief of Staff over the issue & there're Rus-#NATO communication/talks via #Turkey military.
2.#Putin spoke on the phone w/ #Netanyahu earlier today. #Russia Prez said #Syria sovereignty should be respected, urged to refrain from actions that "could further destabilize the situayion in the country." #Israel's PM stood the ground on #Iran's prwsence in SYR as unacceptable
3. In #Moscow rumors have it #Netanyahu playing important intermediary role b/n #Putin & #Trump now, (an option #Russia has long been favoring) but no details on how big his role is. Anyways, some kind of deal to deconflict is being attempted
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I'm about to tweet a sermon which explains exactly what happened to our churches, to all major denominations. How, why, and when did #Communism begin to be preached in the name of #Christianity? You are about to find out!

"For it is the time for the judgment to have begun from the house of #God; and if from us first, what will be the outcome of those disobeying the #gospel of #God?" #Mark 4:17
Radio Announcer: " is important to properly identify the house of God. Those of you who have been following YOUR HERITAGE know that from the 12th chapter of Genesis to the last chapter of Revelation the #Bible was written about #Abraham #Isaac & #Jacob & their #descendants.
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BREAKING: The White House has said that US President #Trump is canceling his upcoming South America trip to remain in the US "to oversee the American response to Syria." - @NBCNews
This sounds like the US is planning to strike #Syria and Trump will remain in the US to closely monitor responses by #Russia. This is terrible.
BREAKING - British forces are now mobilizing at their bases in #Cyprus for strikes against #Syria. It appears very likely that the US, France and U.K. will strike Syria in the next 24 hours. This is dreadful.
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The representative for the #Netherlands is trying to shame #Russia into not using its veto to defend Bashar al-Asad's "mass atrocities". Best of luck ....
Amb. @nikkihaley asked about gas attacks and then attacks on the first-responders: "Who does this? Only a monster does this."

#Russia's hands are "covered in the blood of Syrian children", the Ambassador says, and "cannot be ashamed ... we have tried that before."
Amb. @nikkihaley attacks #Russia for its backing of #Asad, something "no civilized government" would do; its help in directing the siege-and-starve campaigns in #Syria; and its assistance to the broader war crimes.

The U.S. "will not be held hostage" to Moscow's veto.
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#Russia's UN envoy Nebenzya starts speaking at UNSC meeting on #Syria, alleged #ChemicalAttacks in #Douma, promises "he'd have to say a lot and the delegates'd have to listen"
1."#UK, #France follow #US in destructive policies in SYR, use blackmail, threaten RUS,
2.Even during #ColdWar Western diplomats didn't afford such tone vis-a-vis #Russia, "You understand what you did [in #MIddleEast]?No, you don't!Will you ever stop your geopolitical experiments?Do you understand what dangerous line you are driving the world to?
3.What's next for us?The most dangerous line of the confrontation is in #Syria.
In #EasternGhouta radicals have been terorrizing population for many years. Now people are being freed..But external sponsors prevent this progress.Terrorists wanted to continue blackmailing civilians
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1/ #QAnon


1. #Trump says he wants out of #Syria.
2. #Assad has essentially won. Why create an event to draw a response?
3. Immediately after Trump tweets about leaving Syria, there is a #ChemicalAttack.
4. #Israel attacks Syria last night.

Ask WHY??
2/ Anyone who has been following things can see that the #DeepState wants #War.


Military-industrial complex.
and worse (depopulation).

Too hard to believe? Look at the patterns (now and in the past) they fit?
3/ #Trump works out a deal w/#NK (back in November)...after our October bombing took out their major nuclear facility and 200 scientists.

As background, the #DeepState was using #NK as a puppet regime to hold us hostage...they wanted #WAR.…
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There are no #Hezbollah at the #T4Airbase, only #Iranian. The military air base if also a base for Iranian guided drones that #Israel consider it is responsible for the trap, attracting its jets and causing the destruction of two of its F-16 +…
#Israel jets flew over Ghazeer (#Lebanon) at a very low altitude to avoid #Russia/n radars in an area where topography allows jets to hide. Inhabitants were terrified by the sound. Jets took altitude in the Bekaa for 3-4 minutes and launched its missiles+
#Russia imposed on #Israel to notify its Air movement over #Syria and the course of its jets if ever willing to enter the Syrian airspace. Israel believed Russia is informing Damascus to be prepared when knowledgeable about an Israeli violation.+
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Thread about the recent strikes on T4 AB #Syria
1-It was #Israel
And i want to apologize for reporting that the #US was behind the attack, but considering the latest threats from #Trump, everyone in #Syria thought so including me.
2-Most likely #Israel used the Dolphin Class submarine in this strike, to get safe/ensured results especially after the Syrian air defense managed to down an Israeli F-16 during it last engagement with #Syria.
3-the Dolphin class is capable of launching cruise missile form its torpedo tubes including the tomahawk missile and the Israeli made cruise missiles.
And judging by the numbers of missiles that Syria managed to shot down and the missile that hit its targets
They used 2 subs
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Update from T4 airbase just attacked by missiles/strikes in East #Homs
1. Over 20 missiles landed in and around the Airbase
2. 8 were reportedly intercepted by Syrian air defenses
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US warships in the Mediterranean sea are launching missiles against the Syrian Army at the T4 Airbase, not far from #ISIS-held areas of #Homs desert.
Syrian air defense have intercepted some missiles
UPDATE: Pentagon and White House both claim the US is NOT attacking #Syria. If true, this would mean #Israel conducted the attacks.
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BREAKING: multiple sources from #Lebanon are reporting loud sounds of fighter jets flying low over the country in the middle of the night. Possibly going to #Syria for a military strike
Reports of unidentified fighters flying low over #Lebanon being reported all over.

Something is definitely happening (in #Syria?) tonight
Snapchat story from Jounieh, just north of #Beirut. Fighter jets are clearly flying over #Lebanon. #Syria
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Bang in the middle of the Hillary:Trump Presidential diatribe, the US Congress passed this Bill... 415:0. That’s how you prioritize an issue across the aisle. #BloodBuddhas 11/n…
Even countries like Pakistan and China have new laws and enforcement wings to fight #BloodBuddhas. #BloodBuddhas 12/n…
Jordan's GDP is <2% of India's. Yet they have an enforcement agency for heritage. #BloodBuddhas 13/n…
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Exposé: How ISIS steals our Heritage & sells it through the Dark Web for terror-funding.
Read the full thread on #BloodBuddhas 1/n
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Anyone seeing a pattern? 🧐


#QAnon #TheStormIsHere #DrainTheSwamp @POTUS #WWGOWGA

1) Former South Korean President Park Geun-hye sentenced to 24 years for Corruption…
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Donald J. Trump was elected to be @POTUS
He promised to put #AmericaFirst!
14mos later we have....
•100 percent vote by UN Security Council to sanction North Korea.
•41 percent decline in illegal southern border crossings
2) #AmericaFirst
•97,482 illegal immigrant arrests, 70 percent convicted of additional crimes, 52,169 expelled

•Adopted a resolute policy on Afghanistan

•Advocated for practical tertiary education

•Appointed an Education Secretary who is correcting abuses of Title IX
3) #AmericaFirst
•Appointed an Interior Secretary to improve forest management and expand users of public lands

•Approved the Keystone pipeline

•Called for international support of Iranian protesters
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By Eli James

[...]The #AngloSaxon Caucasians are the "Lost Ten Tribes" of #Israel. Consider them to have been found. This is bad news for the #Zionists.
'For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to #Israel, until the fullness of the #Gentiles be come in.' – #Romans, 10:25.
"Our blindness to our identity is beginning to lift. The times of the #nations ("#Gentiles") are nearly over.
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The first busses carrying hundreds of "Jaish al-Islam" and members of their families are leaving NOW #Duma. The beginning of clearing #Damascus. #Syria.
626 "Jaish al-Islam" militants/families have left #Ghouta towards #Aleppo - #Jarablus . The evacuation is slow because the Syrian Army wants to make sure the 100s of millions (JAL requested to take away $900 m but the request was rejected) r not taken away
Jaish al-Islam is expected to join the fight against #AQ & other Jihadists under #Turkey flag in the city and rural #Idlib where #Ankara is planning to eliminate those who don't obey its agenda. #Russia threatened #Idlib if #AQ remain in it, strong.
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Thread: Observations on the MarchForReturn protest in #Gaza on Friday.
#Israel was aware that thousands were likely to attend the protest. The #IDF warned people to not breach the fence, and brought many soldiers to cover the border in case hundreds of people broke through.
The event cannot be simply characterised as either a "riot" or "peaceful protest". Apparently instigated by civilians, it was manipulated by #Hamas to enter the no-go zone adjacent to the border with Israel. Attending were peaceful civilians, violent rioters, and armed terrorists
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