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People keep asking me why is #Israel negotiating with #Hamas. While Israel refuses to confirm its negotiating with the terrorist organization the reality on the ground suggests otherwise. Here are my thoughts on the subject.
1. The @netanyahu government doesn’t want another war with Gaza, Unless it will fundamentally change something on the ground. It appears that the leaders don’t believe that change will come from war.
2. All previous attempts to try and not impede on talks between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have left Israel at the mercy of those talks and have usually ended up in rocket fire at Israel.
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Twelveth anniversary of the divine victory. #Lebanon #Hezbollah #Israel
Here he is. #Nasrallah
The crowd is chanting 'Abu Hadi'.
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Meet #Israel's #Hasbara, which means #Propaganda, MSM Censorship Application👇🤨
This app came out about last year, and it is still on the iTunes store.
The app posts daily missions & TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO SAY
#Trolls #Palestine #Gaza #BDS #JeremyCorbyn #JC4PM
6yrs ago #Jerusalem, #IDF Rep:
"we are now located in the SAME building where the Foreign Journalists are,we have close working relationships w/ hundreds of journalists. In addition we launched media project working in many platforms,twitter in Arabic, Russian, French & English."
How #Israel-i Propaganda (#Hasbara) Works: #TheLuntzDocument
If you want to understand how the #propaganda works you need to read the Luntz document -- "The Key," Luntz says, "is the Claim that the Fight is Over Ideology, Not Land. About Terror, & Not Territory."
#Palestine #BDS
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This is what a #Hamas ceasefire looks like 👇🏼
#BREAKING: In response to over 36 rockets launched from #Hamas-controlled #Gaza, #Israel responded with air strikes. This press release describes what happened. 👇🏼
#BREAKING: At this point some 70 projectiles have been fired from #Hamas-controlled #Gaza today.
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Interestingly, #Hamas is right about #Fatah’s intentions.…
#Hamas is not authorized to sign any agreement with #Israel because it has no representative status,” a senior Fatah official in Ramallah told The Jerusalem Post. “The Palestinian Authority is the only legitimate party representing the Palestinians.”
What if we just got #Fatah and #Hamas their own Attaché badges like Edward Tavner on the show, Patriot? We could engrave, “Legitimate Palestinian Representative,” on it instead. 💡
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I've absolutely had it with this 24/7 #antisemitism news cycle, which is being weaponised by elements of the Labour party and the mainstream press to undermine the Labour party and its leadership... #TomWatson
If you haven't heard @MikeSegalov on anti-semitism yet, his interviews for the #BBC and Momentum are well worth a listen
As Segalov makes clear, its right to say there are legitimate concerns regarding anti-semitism both across society & within Labour. A fringe element within Labour & most political parties = anti semitic. Also fair to say #antisemitism is being weaponised
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"A proposal for the establishment of death camps for the #Palestinians"

"Creation of death camps for the #Palestinians would be the duty of all devout #Jews"

Proposal by several #Israeli rabbis, including rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu made in
a #Hebrew magazine:…
Call for sending millions of #Palestinians to death camps by leading #Israeli rabbis means that a sizeable segment of #Israeli #Jewish society is capable of embarking on the unthinkable & that a real #Jewish #holocaust against #Palestinians isn't outside the realm of imagination
#Israeli Yedeot Ahronot newspaper quoted the rabbis stating that Torah requires #Jews to wipe out any trace of the so-called Amalek in #Palestine. Many religious #Jews refer to their enemies as Amalek "#Palestinians", which raised A Storm In #Israel
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KushCo is on the verge of closing a sweetheart deal for 666 Fifth Ave with Brookfield Asset Mgmt👉🏼2nd largest shareholder is #Qatar Investment Authority (#QIA), who was part of the #Rosneft🇷🇺spinout reported in the #SteeleDossier‼️ 1/…
This is the **same** #QIA whose U.S. head (Ahmed al-Rumaihi), along w/#Qatar’s foreign minister, met w/Michael Cohen (Trump Org) & Misha🇷🇺Flynn (Trump campaign) on 12/12/16, as revealed by @MichaelAvenatti‼️🙄 2/


Kushner allegedly used US foreign policy (e.g., the Saudi/UAE blockade of #Qatar) as leverage to "encourage" #Qatar to bail KushCo out of 666 Fifth Ave.🤬

Kushner's father previously denied meeting w/the Qataris, who now are bailing him out‼️🙄 3/

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#Gaza Freedom flotilla Al Awda pirated in international waters by #Israeli navy who slammed Captain Herman’s head against the wall again & again while threatening to take him to the ship belly & finish him off-a fist in the face of Arne, the old mechanic…
-#Israeli commando slammed Captain Herman’s head against a wall again & again & threatened to finish him off
-A fist in the face of old mechanic Arne
-Electrocuted 1st officer Charlie's head
-Electrocuted cook Juergen & 60 year old chair #NewZealand trade union/HR activist Mike
"Let’s keep in mind-Had we been #Gazan fishermen or children approaching the #Gaza fence, they could have simply put a bullet in the head of each of us & that’s it"

Yonatan Shapira aboard the #Gaza Freedom flotilla in in international waters when it was pirated by #Israeli navy
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A column from me in The @NYPost: in Britain we saw the consequences of Labour's "pas d’ennemis à gauche" (no enemies on the Left) stance; if the Democrats don't start isolating their radicals there's no reason it can't go the same way.
Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader "despite a massive smear campaign by Britain’s Zio-establishment", said David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. "It’s a really good ... when people are beginning to recognise Zionist power".…
Not convinced this from Corbyn in The @Guardian will assuage the doubts. He doubles down on the changes Labour made to the IHRA definition of antisemitism; all about ensuring free speech (to criticise #Israel), you see.…
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"#FarRight" is flourishing again.

Every generation witnesses the rise of a new "#FarRight"

Isn't #Netanyahu & his Far Right #Israel a "#FarRight" in the rise now a days?
Whenever "dirt" is revealed, #Israel's & #Zionists' hands deep-in

-#Jews set up #EDL
-#BNP was offered & refused a lot of money by #US (Neocons-presumably #Jews) on condition to:
1-Criticized #Islam only
2-Didn't criticize #Jewish bank
#TommyRobinson-his many names-crimes: cocaine dealer-sunbed entrepreneur
His 1st conviction was 4 kicking a policeman in the head when intervened to stop him beating up his girlfriend in the street after night out-Then mortgage fraud

Notice the #Israeli flag
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For 1st time since 2014, UN peacekeepers are back on Golan heights - #Syria frontier. As the situation stabilizes further, these posts will be handed over to Syrian government forces. Overnight, Israel was on high alert as #ISIS fighters tried to cross into its territories ==>
2-This is a significant realization by #Israel & others that the earlier foolish policy of arming and supporting militants on its border had to be reversed. It is now clear that without the Syrian State, the void will be filled by uncontrollable cocktail mix of armed groups
3- Significant myth that was promoted by observers was that presence of Syrian State is likely to bring more chaos & instability than other way around. To help this argument, such groups promoted Shia/Sunni discord & argued only way to calm majority Sunni fears was to defeat SAA
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WOW: Exactly how the #US supports #Israel:
Killing the Homeowner (#Palestinians) Who are defending their Family from the Intruder (#Israel)

After Armed Homeowner Defends Family from Home Invader, #US Cops Show Up & Kill Him…
When an armed intruder broke into a family’s home, began harming a juvenile inside, homeowner did what he was supposed to do-called 911 & successfully defended his home
However, after he’d successfully fended off the home invader—#US police showed up-killed the innocent homeowner
After Armed Homeowner Defends Family from Home Invader, Aurora, CO Cops Show Up & Kill Him
An armed homeowner successfully defended himself & family against an armed intruder who was harming a child got killed by police when they arrived
via @YouTube
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2 #Dutch researchers were detained, subjected to humiliation & abuse, then deported by #Israel earlier this month

Their experience is part of #Israel’s policy to isolate #Palestinians from the outside world & obstruct the work of human rights defenders…
#Israeli forces detained @LydiadeLeeuw for questioning immediately after arrival at #BenGurion airport on 20 July
Over four hours, de Leeuw was strip searched, deprived of her phone & other property & denied access to the #Dutch embassy or legal assistance before her deportation
@LydiaDeLeeuw's #Dutch colleague Pauline Overeem experienced much severe treatment.
#Israeli forces detained her for 24 hours during which she was “handcuffed & subjected to verbal abuse, including threats that the #Israeli authorities would use force against her”
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“No matter what the left call us, I am the world’s proudest #Jewish #Nazi

Words of an #Australian #Jewish man, who is a former #Israeli soldier, draped in the #Australian flag addressing protestors on a #London street & campaigning for Tommy Robinson…
The #Australian #Jewish man, a former #Israeli soldier campaigning for Tommy Robinson:
“I am the world’s proudest #Jewish #Nazi

A female protestor took the microphone to rally the crowd yelling:
“Tommy understands the threat & the threat is #Islam
The pro-#Israeli far-right campaigner (proud #Jewish #Nazi) has many sympathisers including members of #US President @realDonaldTrump’s administration. Breitbart, a white-supremacist news platform, lobbied the #WhiteHouse in support of Tommy Robinson
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1.@SenTomCotton and 46 other traitors penned an unhanded letter to #IRAN that sparked #47traitiors

They went behind the back of @BarackObama by signing an informative letter to #IRAN that nuclear deal won't stand and will be reversed

@SenTomCotton @GOP #Iran #47Traitors
2.This is the letter sent by @SenTomCotton and 46 of his Fellow Traitors from March 9th 2015 letter attached

#47Traitors @SenTomCotton @GOP #Iran… … … …
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This, ladies & gentlemen, is what happens when one writes about something one knows literally nothing about.

Complete nonsense, interspersed with lies & conspiracy theories made popular by far-left #Assad supporters & #Russia.

How utterly shameful.
#Syria Civil Defense = volunteer rescue service, whose members also provide medical care, de-mining, infrastructure repair & children’s safety education.

They've operated anywhere they can in opposition areas - to save lives & keep people safe.

= 114,000+ people saved till now.
.@ClarkeMicah says @SyriaCivilDefe are “closely associated with… al-Qaeda or… even worse” - based on what exactly?

An organization that works w. the U.S., UK et al., who espouse pro-democratic views & get evacuated by #Israel (etc. etc.) are somehow global jihadists?

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Here’s how Abbas will get Palestinians killed: He is again claiming something HE KNOWS is utter bull$h*t, this time about Islam’s holiest site in #Jerusalem. His brainwashed population will riot. #Israel will defend itself. Abbas, like #Hamas, has to go.…
Even more cynical is that while Abbas will foment riots in #Jerusalem based on his own lies, he will take US funding to rebuild #Gaza - because from America’s point of view, it’s better to have a corrupt thug ruling Palestinians than it is #Hamas.…
Even better, Abbas’ PLO discusses severing ties with #Israel as it mulls accepting a US financial handout to strengthen it in #Gaza, while lying to the Palestinian people in the West Bank to spark a riot in #Jerusalem. I think we’ve had enough.…
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‼️STOP THE LIES - "Palestinians must come to the table for talks"
Reminder👇😡👉 Mar 16, 2015
#Netanyahu Says NO Palestinian State While He's In Charge!
He also plans to continue building #WestBank settlements in #Palestine.
#BoycottIsrael #BDS #Occupation #ICC4Israel #Gaza
#Israel-i voters endorse #Netanyahu's policies
March, 2015 Bibi said he wouldn't allow the creation of a Palestinian state.
He explicitly stated that the reason creation of settlements is to block #Palestinians access to #Jerusalem & the establishment of a continuous state
What #Palestinians Think Of #Netanyahu's 'No #Palestine' Statement👇
Benjamin Netanyahu made a promise to never allow a Palestinian state if he was elected. That played well with a significant portion of #Israel-is – but what do Palestinians think about his bold statement?
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#ISIS bloodiest attack since 2014: 156 killed and 170 wounded on #Suweida southern province. #Syria
#ISIS plan was not to occupy any territory but a hit-and-run attack to :

1. Say we are still operational

2. Support their Huran welaya (Quneitra) under attack.

Both objectives will serve little to eliminate ISIS in the south. Only problem is #US base in Tanf preventing pursue.
#USA occupation forces in #Tanf established a 50 miles (80km) safe perimeter where neither the Syrian army nor Iraqi can approach the area and attack #ISIS.

Yesterday #Israel shot down a Syrian jet attacking ISIS, today US indirectly protect ISIS retreat.
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If I were in the advice-giving business to Syrian pilots, I’d say “you might want to avoid flying into #Israel’s airspace.” But I’m not in that business so let’s instead play a game of “See what happens when...”
These Red Alert 🚨 sirens in communities on #Israel’s side of the #Golan are likely the result of this nearby fighting in SW #Syria among the gangs who can’t shoot straight.
I appear to be correct in my above tweet as the @IDFSpokesperson response is, "Following reports regarding sirens in the #Golan regional council, a launch was identified from #Syria at Israeli territory. It appears to have been errant fire from the internal fighting in Syria."
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Siren sound in #Israel Golan for incoming rockets.
"A projectile launch was identified from Syria at Israeli territory," according to @IDFSpokesperson. "It appears to have been errant fire from the internal fighting in Syria."
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It’s a confirmation #Israel downed a #SyAAF Su-22M4 while it was bombing #ISIS

This is the second Su-22 loss for Syria by a foreign force
First time while bombing ISIS in east Syria by the US
And now while bombing ISIS in south Syria by Israel.

Pilot fate unknown
#Israel targeted the jet over the #Syria/n airspace and it crashed on #ISIS controlled areas near the borders of Israel

The pilot mostly captured by ISIS.
The pilot is a colonel in the #SyAAF
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#Israel air defense sirens sounding in Golan, near #Syria border.
#Israel launches two interceptor missiles in response to aerial threat from #Syria, according to Israeli broadcast reports.
Update: #Israel claims it "intercepted" a jet fighter from #Syria.
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