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#Gaza flooded the Israeli interception systems with dozens of rockets and missiles. This has never happened before: a huge challenge to #Israel. There are direct hits registered of missiles which managed to break the Iron Dome system. Image
Tel Aviv will no longer be safe if #Gaza is bombed. No redlines stand anymore. #Israel is facing #Gaza that it’s resistance is well armed now and has the will to fireback and defend not only itself but also all the Palestinians.
Most Palestinians will stand by #Gaza from today onwards thanks to the Israeli arrogance to evict Palestinians from their homes in Hay sheikh Jarrah and its aggressive unlawful behaviour in al-Aqsa.
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Good Question; The IDF conduct a technique called "rook knocking" prior to any targeting like this, it allows a period of time for people to get out of the building. They drop a small explosive on the building as a warning.
I have deleted the video; I managed to find it, it's old.…

But the principles still stand in regards to roof knocking.
Video of one of the recent rocket barrages towards Ashkelon earlier today.
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Rocket fire has been almost constant in Ashkelon -third time diving for cover in 10 mins. But at least there is a warning siren and cover here. In Gaza families don’t have warnings or anywhere to hide and the death toll shows that. Civilians on both sides are terrified.
Meanwhile footage coming out of Gaza is horrific. Screaming children with missing limbs, crying for their parents. The video is too graphic to share.
#Gaza health ministry officials just told me latest death toll in #Gaza is still 26 dead and 122 injured. Among the dead are 9 children.
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#BREAKING: #IDF just confirmed that they have successfully killed Sameh Fahim Al-Mamlouk, a Senior Military Commander of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (#PIJ) terror group in an airstrike of #Israel Air Force which also killed other commanders of #PIJ & #Hamas in #Gaza today.Footage👇
Here is the image of Sameh Fahim al-Mamlouk, the senior commander of #PIJ terrorist group who was killed by #Israel Air Force this morning. Image
Unlike the Palestinian terrorists, #Israel Air Force does its best to minimize collateral damage during its airstrikes to prevent unwanted loss of civilian lives. Check how they have targeted the safehouse where the #PIJ & #Hamas senior commanders had meeting this morning 👇 ImageImage
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I may not be able to substantiate my claim as I've lost track of my readings of Criminology but it is said that the most influential police force (as in, the dept which has inspired other police forces in the world) is Israel 🇮🇱 & not the USA 🇺🇲 as we usually think ImageImage
Israel's police has managed to influence a major section of police dept around the globe mainly because of their tactics & that's the biggest problem.
Bcz A country where police & the army are deeply intertwined has managed to create an environment of influence. Image
Just to be clear, I am a big fan of Israel & Mossad. But their police training modules are not the best
1000s of police officers from round the globe including the US, the UK & India (mainly IPS probies) fly to Israel to receive training, and that's where it gets wrong. Image
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Hey friends, in today’s thread, let’s talk about the insane developement of the #Israel’is #IronDome system and why a toy from @ToysRUs plays an important role in the hardware. (@21aar_show will love this thread) Image
First of all, The Iron Dome is a mobile all-weather air defense system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The system is designed to intercept (destroy) short-range rockets and shells fired from distances of 4 kilometres to 70 kilometres away.
The development of it was caused by the Hezbollah firing short range missiles from Lebanon into Israel since the 1990s.
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#Palestinians are standing together: #Hamas and #PLO. Listen to the PLO Ambassador @hzomlot. All united against #Israel aggression, continuous murder of the Palestinian people and ejecting civilians from their homes.

#AlAqsaUnderAttack #Palestine

The days when #Israel can isolate and mistreat Palestinians anywhere in #Palestine are gone. #Gaza imposed a new Rule of Engagement and new solidarity of the #palestinian population behind the resistance.

#Israel decided to extend the aggression on #Gaza for another 24 hours. It has bombed 130 objectives within 365 sqkm and just destroyed a civilian house with 3 people in it of which a woman, all killed.The new count of #Palestinain victims are 25 of which 9 children and one woman
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5 hours ago, #Hamas terrorist group launched Operation "Sword of Quds". They have launched tens of rockets at #Ashkelon & #Sderot. The #IronDome SAM systems of #Israel Air Defense Command managed to shoot-down over 80% of the rockets including these launched at #Ashkelon👇
Unfortunately, one of the unguided rockets launched by the #Hamas terrorist group created a small wildfire near #Sderot.
Qassam Brigades of #Hamas terrorist group released this footage showing their multiple rocket launchers which they used to launch rockets at the south of #Israel tonight. Most of these launchers are now destroyed by the #Israel Air Force.
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1/. MAITLS: Surely you should step up & recognise that when you’re firing, children get killed

HOTOVELY: We were not firing [at] children we were firing at targets of a cruel terrorist organisation, radical Islamics who are trying to kill our children.
@maitlus & @TzipiHotovely
2/. #TzipiHotovely: You can see those youngsters piling those rocks & throwing them at the people praying at the Western Wall”

@maitlis: You really think the #AlAqsaMosque is a terrorist stronghold?

#Isreal’s hardline ambassador to the UK, on #Newsnight.
#Jerusalem #Palestine
3/. “The EU has said the potential evictions are illegal under international humanitarian law. The UN had said they could constitute a war crime under the Geneva Convention” @maitlis

“It’s a legal decision” @TzipiHotovely
#Newsnight #Israel #Palestine #AlAqsaMosque #Palestinian
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Regardless of the outcome and the victims, #Palestine has won: #Gaza is defending #Jerusalem, uniting all Palestinian fronts that will be protected by its rockets and missiles against #Israel criminal act and violations of the international laws.
#Gaza: As long as aggression in #Jerusalem continues, there is no need for a ceasefire. If Israel does not lift the siege on al-Aqsa worshipers, expect our response within two hours."
#Hezbollah is on full alert and will be part of the battle only if #Gaza asks. So far, the battle is under Gaza's control.
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Why Raita Wing, Pappu and Pappu Mutra Pipasu Dalaals are protesting #CentralVistaProject

Currently Ministries are running in rented buildings all over Delhi which offcourse affects productivity. Rented building whose annual rent run in 100s of Cr.
Do you know who own these building directly or indirectly? It is 10 Janpath

Silent features of #CentralVistaProject

1. India will have 1000 MPs in place of 543 as bigger parliament will allow for pending reforms.
2. Single 🚉 connecting all Ministries will stop data theft as files keep moving around delhi for approval from various ministries

3. Nuke bunker also part of the plan

4. All offices being in same location connected by a circular 🚉 will avoid huge transport cost of GOI
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THREAD: 6 Things to Know about Jerusalem violence

Amidst all the headlines and breaking news, it can be confusing to make sense of what’s happening in #Palestine/#Israel right now. Here are 6 things you need to know to understand what’s going on:
1) Israel has been escalating tensions in #Jerusalem for weeks, including placing new restrictions on Palestinians marking Ramadan, the violent suppression of Palestinians protesting evictions of families in #SheikhJarrah by settlers,
and soldiers assaulting worshippers in Al Aqsa Mosque.
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#BREAKING #HAMAS opened war vs #Israel w 7 rockets fired toward #Jerusalem & dozens against civilian communities & cities.

Message to Washington. Your even-handed messages to all sides are NOT welcomed in #Israel and will be received by many as malevolent.
All in or nothing.
2/ #BREAKING #HAMAS may have believed #Israel is is weak because of government disfunction, or #Israel can no longer depend on US b/c of the new Administration.

They are deadly mistaken. Israel's resolution - and anger - have never been higher.
And US even-handedness be damned
3/ BREAKING #HAMAS may discover tonight that its leaders Deif, Sinwar, and others are buried under family homes.

Hamas has been stockpiling & improving weapons, storing them in residential areas.
Maybe the IDF must change terminology: Hamas hides civilians amid military targets
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At least 10 rockets were launched from #Gaza, 7 were reportedly intercepted, one impact in Kiryat Anavim, no injuries reported. #Israel
Red Alert #Gaza #Israel
Nir Am, Kfar Azza, Mefalsim, Nir Am Shooting Range
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Red Alert, #Gaza #Israel
At Least 4 explosions being reported over #Jerusalem.
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Unconfirmed reports of a ATGM/Kornet Missile fired from Beit Hanoun towards #IDF personnel on the border. #Gaza #Israel
Smoke seen riding from the area in question photo via בט"ש וחירום בלבד
Kornet missile targeted a civilian car, no injuries, the driver was out of the car at the time.
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Initial unconfirmed Palestinian reports of an RPG fire on the #Gaza border , details being checked
Reports in #Gaza : fire broke out after reported ATGM fire on the #Gaza border near Beit Hanoun
Unconfirmed reports of number of ATGMs that were fired on the #Gaza border
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Al-Qassam warned #Israel with an ultimatum until 18:00 today to withdraw from al-Aqsa and release all prisoners. This indicates once more that Palestine is united and that #Gaza is using its military capability to support the Palestinians everywhere on the territory.
Standing with #Palestine at this moment is a responsibility of all women and men. We are in the 21st century, and this 👇is unacceptable. The world should stand against it.

The Arab leaders who enjoy official diplomatic-commercial relationship and normalised with #Israel are also included I presume #UAE #Bahrein #Qatar #Morocco #Oman #Jordan #Sudan #Egypt

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Current restrictions;
- Road closures.
- Trains between Ashkelon and Beer Sheva/Sderot
- Zikim Beach Closed.
- Sha'ar Hanegev Council closing all children activities
- Farmers told to stay away from border.
- IDF have postponed their month long war drill.

#Gaza #Israel
Ashkelon is in the process of opening all public bomb shelters.
Ofakim, Netivot, Sderot, and Kiryat Malachi have now opened all their public bomb shelters.
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[THREAD] Islamist group Palestine #IslamicJihad movement's armed wing Saraya Al Quds has issued a statement on the ongoing unrest in J'lem today.
#فلسطين #القدس_تنتفض #Israel #Jerusalem #Palestine #News #MiddleEast #عاجل #Security #SecurityNews Image
[1/3] "The movement called for the escalation of the uprising and the expansion of popular anger in all parts of the Palestinian territories," Saraya Al Quds stated.
#فلسطين #القدس_تنتفض #Israel #Jerusalem #Palestine #News #MiddleEast #عاجل #Security #SecurityNews Image
[2/3] "We urge all our people in all parts of occupied Palestine and in the diaspora, to support their brothers in Jerusalem, and to clash with the enemy in all points of contact and confrontation," stated Saraya Al Quds.
#فلسطين #القدس_تنتفض #Israel #Jerusalem #Palestine Image
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🇮🇱🇵🇸⚡ An israeli just ran over Palestinians.
🇮🇱 Israeli police arrived at the scene.
🇮🇱🇵🇸The Palestinians started throwing stones at the Israeli's car.
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Today’s (Jerusalem Day) thread for assessments, statements , threats, announcements and so on
#Israel #Gaza #Jerusalem #WestBank
Erez crossing point closed untill further notice
#Israel #Gaza
Initial unconfirmed reports : Israeli police will not allow Jews to enter the Temple Mount due to possible clashes
#Israel #Jerusalem
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