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🧵1/ There is an emergence of a variety of lending products around bitcoin. #Bitcoin as a bearer free instrument serves as prime collateral.

Referring to an article I recently published: "Why bitcoin is prestige #collateral for lending".…
2/Borrowing against your bitcoin makes economic sense for two reasons. First, there is a capital gains tax if you sell, and second, we are encouraged to spend fiat, not bitcoin, as long as the value of bitcoin is increasing faster than fiat interest rates.
3/ bitcoin should only be used to borrow against it, not to earn yield. Earning yield while being able to lose it all is not worth it. For lending purposes, you can use non-custodial solutions like @hodlhodl that are available.…
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This week's @Algorand related #TwitterSpaces.

A thread. 🧵
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Let's chat about life, DeFi, NFTs and $ALGO.

Cross chain NFT discussions with @might_be_genius. #ALGO #TEZOS #ETH. 🌈 🤝…
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#China's August urban surveyed unemployment rate 5.3%[Est. 5.4%;Prev. 5.4%]
Jan-Aug urban fixed investment +5.8% y/y [Est.+5.5%;Prev.+5.7%]
Aug industrial value-added +4.2% y/y [Est.+3.8%;Prev.+3.8%]
Aug retail sales +5.4% y/y [Est.+3.5%;Prev.+2.7%]
1/n #GDP #EconTwitter 🇨🇳
China produced 5.74 million tons of non-ferrous metal in August, which rose by 6.7%, the most since January 2021.
Jan-Aug non-ferrous metal productions +1.9% to 44 million tons.
2/ #China #copper #aluminum
In Aug, #China's total retail sales were recorded at 3.6258 trillion yuan, up 5.4% y/y but dropped 0.05% m/m.
Among them, retail sales of goods were 3.25 trillion yuan, which rose by 5.1% y/y; The total revenue for the catering industry was 374.8 billion yuan, surged 8.4% y/y.
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How do we solve the liquidity problem in the #securitytoken (STO) industry?

Let's do a short ramble thread on this🧵

Before #Uniswap, alot of #crypto projects were suffering from the same liquidity problem.

#btc #eth #blockchain #realestate #web3 #investing #sto #trading Image

So what did Uniswap do to help alleviate this issue?🤔

They used an Automated Market Maker (developed by #bancor) where any crypto project could create their own liquidity pools. Allowing those that couldnt afford to list on a big #exchange to make their #tokens tradable.

Pools attract liquidity by incentivizing people to provide liquidity.

In its basic form, liquidity providers add an equal value of the 2 #tokens in a pair, and then get a proportional passive % of all swap fees in that pair.

Incentives on top of that are also possible.
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Sam Zell is a billionaire businessman and #RealEstate investor known as the “grave dancer”.
He is less well known for what billionaire #investor guru @MohnishPabrai describes him as: “being one of the very best people on the US Tax code”.

#RuleHurdling 🧵 no.2 Image
In 1981 Congress passed the Economic Recovery Tax Act.
Among other things, it extended the life of net operating loss (NOL) carry-forwards from 7 to 15 years. NOLs allow companies to offset their current year's taxable income with past losses to reduce tax liabilities.
Zell examined all public companies with large NOLs finding they had little change in share price resulting from the Act.
The market overlooked the value added, presenting him with an opportunity to acquire the NOLs creating holding companies to shield business profits.
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China's Real Estate sector has taken a turn for the worst. But what went wrong? Let's understand! A 🧵👇


#China #RealEstate

Let us understand how property developers work in China. The primary source of funds for the Chinese property developers are:
1) Deposits and Presales: The largest source of income indicates that the developers are highly reliant on the “speculative” activity for funding. <2>
Any halt in speculative activity can have disastrous consequences for developers and result in acute liquidity shortages. Developers raised over RMB 6.6 trillion (US$1 trillion) from these two sources in 2020.

2) Self-Raised Funds and Private Mortgages:
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The Game of Investing 🧵

[an introductory thread for normies -like me]
Markets are hard to quantify & #investing isn't exactly a science because there are no exact formulas to tell you what's the right thing to do

That's why #investors need to build a framework that speaks to them and a personalized investing style to apply in the process... 1/12
The eternal struggle: #Markets are constantly changing and are filled with contradictory information/indicators.

Also, markets don't care about you!

Understand that what matters today will change at some point without any notice & it'll undoubtedly affect your portfolio... 2/12
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Thinking about taking a loan for buying a house?
Worried what if the project fails and your money is stuck?

There have been multiple instances of real estate scams but now you help avoid getting into one yourself.

c.c - @dmuthuk @KirtanShahCFP @iam_balaji @abhymurarka
Here's the solution- "APF Code" which is the “Approved Project Financial” Code.

A. A developer is required to have a valid APF code or number for every project.
B. You should always ask your developer about the APF code or number of your project as it is an easy way to check whether the property/project is registered, and approved by Housing Finance company or bank.
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#RealEstate sales are cyclical - millions of transactions worth trillions of USD processed per annum globally

Settlement times can be lengthy/laborious

#Blockchain & #NFTs solve this through immutability and fractional ownership

This @OriginsNFT article takes a closer look👇🧵
According to @Savills last valuation, the global real estate property valuation was around $326.5T in 2020

The real estate market can be broken up into three segments:
Focusing on the largest segment (residential) - according to @CoreLogicInc there were 7 million residential units sold in 2021, totalling $2.8T of transaction volume
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China Q2 GDP data:
Q2 GDP YoY +0.4%[Est.+1.0%;Prev.+4.8%]
Q2 GDP QoQ -2.6%[Est.-1.5%;Prev.+1.3%]
#China #GDP #EconTwitter 🇨🇳
More data will be updated in this thread.
China' June urban surveyed unemployment rate 5.5%[Est. 5.7%; Prev. 5.9%]
Jan-June urban fixed investment +6.1% y/y [Est.+6.0%;Prev.+6.2%]
June industrial value-added +3.9% y/y [Est.+4.1%;Prev.+0.7%]
June retail sales +3.1% y/y [Est.0%;Prev.-6.7%]
#China #GDP #EconTwitter 🇨🇳
In June, #China's total retail sales were recorded at 3.87 trillion yuan, up 3.1% y/y or up 0.53% m/m.
Among them, retail sales of goods were 3.50 trillion yuan, which rose by 3.9% y/y; The total revenue for the catering industry was 376.6 billion yuan, down 4.0%.
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⚡China's property market has shown signs of recovery and agency data show that sales of new houses in major cities increase significantly in first half of June: Yicai
#China #property #realestate
⚡Zhongda Securities: From June 1 to 17, transaction area of new houses in 42 major Chinese cities increased by 49% month-on-month. Transaction area of first-, second-, and third-tier cities increased by 122%, 44%, and 31% month-on-month respectively.
#China #property #realestate
A number of interviewed real estate company insiders and market participants also mentioned that there have been 'obvious recovery' in recent sales. Data from Beike Research Institute shows that second-hand housing market has also improved significantly: Yicai
#China #property
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"Lending someone money to get double the money after 3 years.
Sounds interesting.

I posted this on my Whatsapp status and some people actually said that doubling your money in 3 years isn't a good Idea?

Someone even said anything that doesn't double his money in 1 year - ❌
I laughed...😅😂😂

Before I start explaining, I want to make some points.

1. If you networth is less than $1m, you are prolly a gambler. Yh, we are basically looking for things to multiply small money fast. That's gambling, and not what Real Investors do with all their money
2. There's a difference between making money (via a job or some'n) and investing money to make money.

3. There are many things that can double your money overnight, even scams. We know! the question is the sustainability.

You can find a Crypto, Stock, Startup that can 10x but..
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1/ In this thread I will briefly explain how banksters SCAM you through money printing and organising #PumpAndDump schemes using #stocks, #Crypto and #RealEstate assets as a bridge to transfer digitally printed money from central banks to private hands.
2/ Many renowned economists say that central banks are incompetent in producing adequate monetary policies. They are only half right - the monetary policies are indeed inadequate for the economy but not because central banks are incompetent…it is because they want to SCAM YOU!
3/ Reserve banks’ actions seem to not make sense because people are naive to banksters’ motives. Banksters, politicians and financial regulators don’t want healthy economy, they want to steal as much liquidity as they can pumping and dumping entire economies.
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🧵on all IBC connected chains in Cosmos and how we came from no #IBC to around 48 active IBC chains and 70%+ in developer growth in 2021. We explore all #Cosmos IBC chains in an easy to digest thread. Or through Medium… #IBCGang #ATOM @cosmos
2) #Cosmos has been having rapid growth over the last couple of years. To give a little context Inter‐Blockchain Communication protocol (#IBC) was only approved on March 29th, 2021 from governance proposal #41.
3) According to a report by Electric Capital Cosmos had a 70% growth in developers in the #Cosmos ecosystem in 2021. This will only continue to grow as Cosmos technology improves and more tools come such as EVM-based chains.
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(1/15) Here's a #mentalhealth thread from a #Realtor: sometimes it doesn't matter how strongly you start your day, the smallest things can make your chest constrict and your heart race. There is no rhyme or reason to panic attacks or anxiety attacks. Sometimes, they just happen.
(2/15) What's hard is being in an industry that requires timeliness, 100% engagement, and the appearance of perpetual availability. This doesn't jive well with anxiety and can often lead to catastrophizing and spiraling at the smallest provocation.
(3/15) My industry rewards success with more work. In & of itself, this isn't bad. It's great. But the expectation of availability gets worse - not better - with more business. In the last four years, I haven't had a single vacation where I wasn't stressed or anxious about work.
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Long thread on what's going on in the chinese real estate market
Sales of developers have plummeted. Of 31 listed Chinese developers 26 cited falls of at least 50% in April (YoY).
#stocks #realestate #China #Lockdown #Crash $SPY $SPX $NDX
Link:… ImageImage
"Real estate accounts for about 25% of China’s GDP and has been a key driver of growth. Beijing needs to strike the right balance in supporting Evergrande while at the same time not enabling a moral hazard"… Image
China state-backed builder Greenland asked for a delay in repayment by a year, "a rare sign of stress at a state-linked firm".… Image
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Now you can buy property at just Rs. 10,000🤯

Don't believe it? Find out how in this thread😎⤵️
#StockMarket #realestate
You don't need lakhs, you can start with as low as Rs. 10,000!

Introducing: RIET(Real Estate Investment Trust)

Let's understand what actually REIT is
REITs, just like Mutual funds, pool investors' wealth & invest it in real estate properties.

It is a hybrid product serving dual purposes:

1. Capital Appreciation(rise in value of property)
2. Income Generation(rent from property lent-out)

#investing #mutualfunds
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Retail sales -11.1% y/y [Est.-6.1%, Prev.-3.5%]
Industrial value-added -2.9% y/y [Est.+0.4%, Prev.+5.0%]
Jan-Apr Urban fixed investment +6.8% y/y [Est.+7.0% Prev.+9.3%]
Urban surveyed unemployment rate +6.1%[Est.+5.8% Prev.+6.0%]
#China #EconTwitter 🇨🇳 1/n
In April, #China's total retail sales were recorded at 2.95 trillion yuan, down 11.1%y/y or down 0.69% m/m.
Among them, retail sales of goods were 2.69 trillion yuan, which declined by 9.7% y/y; The total revenue for the catering industry was 260.9 billion yuan, down 22.7%.
2/n ImageImage
#China's January-April #realestate development investment fell by 2.7% y/y to 3.9154 trillion yuan.
Residential housing sales areas dropped by 20.9% y/y to 397 million square meters, and the total sales dropped 29.5% y/y to 3.7789 trillion yuan. 3/n ImageImage
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#MCOpinion: Fighting human emotions like greed, lust, and envy are very tough in a #StartUp ecosystem bonded with loose social contracts.

Read on 👇…

#Unicorns #Investors
#MCOpinion: This ongoing #RussiaUkraineConflict is expected to accelerate the need & acceptance for #VDAs globally among ordinary citizens as a hedge when economic uncertainties rise.


#Cryptocurrency #RussiaUkraine
#MCOpinion: States earn significant revenues from taxing #petroleum products. This is particularly true for the richer or the so-called industrialised states such as Tamil Nadu & Maharashtra.

Read more👇…

✍️@gauravchoudhury | #FiscalDeficit #ValueAddedTax
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15 takeaways from .@APompliano’s discussion with .@RaoulGMI that will make an immediate impact

= THREAD 🧵 =
Pre-2017 was #Bitcoin’s first season. It went from completely unknown to the first steps of mainstream adoption.

2017 was the beginning of season 2, which was a continuation of season 1, just on steroids.

2020 was the beginning of season 3, which is where we’re still at…
Season 3 brought in new players. Guys like Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, and Stanley Druckenmiller say they have #BTC in their portfolio

BTC’s holder base is changing. Historically they weren’t macro traders and just focused on DCA.

Now, #Bitcoin is very correlated to #NASDAQ
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Are you planning to buy real estate (RE)?

Is it smart to allocate that much capital to a single asset?

What if you could buy a fraction and still earn rent?

Projects like $ORT work on the NFT-based tokenization of RE.

We did a deep dive for you👇

#tokenization #realestate
Entering a new market early is one of the most difficult tasks, even though people will later say it was luck.

It takes a lot of vision, patience and mental strength to survive.

Tokenization is still in its infancy, but $ORT has a great chance of initiating a paradigm shift
One of the most important foundations for the success of a new market or technology is the improvement of an old system to overcome current imbalances in fairness.

If a new technology is able to do this, it will always prevail sooner or later.

#crypto #newparadigm
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Here are my thread of threads on #Investing

Please go thru at your leisure & Pls go thru again n again if you find it useful. Reading few things often helps controlling the urge to react in panic or euphoria.

Utilize the weekend to read it complete.

RETWEET for wider reach
Important Thread on my Investing Experiences, Mistakes, Lessons....

#InvestingLessons #LifeLessons #Learning #experience

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Just 9 families own 20% of Mumbai.

A thread 🧵- 1/15

#realestate #mumbairealestate #mumbai #bombay #twitterthread
Mumbai is the costliest real estate market in India. Land property prices in Mumbai are not just one of the highest in India but in the world. The reason behind the very high real estate prices is the city's location.

Mumbai is bordered by the sea on 3 sides. The city has only one side to further expand.

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