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Apr 17, 2023 5 tweets 6 min read
The #Pancharama kshetras are 5 #Shiva Temples in #AndhraPradesh that are believed to be made of a single #Atmalinga
During Mahayudh between prabhu #Kartikeya & #Tarkasur, each time the demon was killed, his body would join again. Shri #MahaVishnu told #Kartikeya ji that body
1/5 Image Tarkasur has an #Atmalinga that needs to be broken into 5 pieces & fixed where they fall by Pooja & building a Temple.
So each piece was worshipped by a Devta & has a unique feature! All shivlinga have scales due to being hit by His Aagneyaastra used to break the Shiva Lingam
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Apr 8, 2023 13 tweets 18 min read
A mega #Thread compiling some lesser known facts that will make us rethink the #HumanCivilization & the extent of #Bharat
Plz read & share 🙏

1/12 let's start with #Ramayan!
In Rishi #Valmiki narrates the description of #Lanka given by Shri #Hanuman as a beautiful country with ImageImage 2/12
chariots & vimanas. He also describes #FourTuskedElephant guarding #Ravan 's gates.
Now known as #Gomphothere , that roamed #Earth 19 million yrs ago! 🤯🚩

NO OTHER text in the world describes it!

In #Ramayan , #Sugriva sends #Vanar in 4 directions to look for Maa #Sita ImageImage
Apr 6, 2023 9 tweets 8 min read
The 9 forms of Prabhu #Hanuman
1.Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy/Prasanna Hanuman:
1st incarnation of Hanuman, worshipped by Vijaya, a Kshatriya king, to attain Moksha. This form has a peaceful face & gives us peace of mind
1/9 2. Veeranjaneya Swamy/#VeeraHanuman
2nd incarnation. He holds a gadha with a battle-ready expression. Since the form expresses strength and valor, he is called Veera Hanuman. This powerful form expresses ‘rajo gunam’ that annihilates enemies
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Mar 18, 2023 7 tweets 6 min read
Nataraj Temple #Chidambaram is also referred as Thillai Nataraj Temple
Cholas considered #Nataraja as their family diety
Chidambaram means "Clothed in wisdom"
Its one of the oldest & amazing Temples of South dedicated to #Space
An architectural & spiritual marvel
Plz read *The big toe of #Nataraj here is the "Center Point of World's #magneticEquator
Ancient Tamil Scholar #Thirumoolar proved this 5000 yrs ago

*Its based in Humans having 9 enterances to the body

*Roof made of 21600 gold sheets denoting 21600 breaths taken by a human everyday