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How to do Sri #LakshmiDevi anusandhana at #Tirumala temple ?🙏🙏🙏 Image
This is in the context of dosha chintana people generally make in understanding #BhruguMaharshi episode (of Sri #VenkatachalaMahatmya - #PadmavathiSrinivasaKalyana) and subsequent developments leading to Sri #LaxmiDevi parting with Paramatma after having a wrangle with Him. ++
As a result people also misunderstand that Sri #SrinivasaParamatma is stationed alone in #Anandanilaya at #Tirumala kshethra. ++ Image
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A mega #Thread compiling some lesser known facts that will make us rethink the #HumanCivilization & the extent of #Bharat
Plz read & share 🙏

1/12 let's start with #Ramayan!
In Rishi #Valmiki narrates the description of #Lanka given by Shri #Hanuman as a beautiful country with ImageImage
chariots & vimanas. He also describes #FourTuskedElephant guarding #Ravan 's gates.
Now known as #Gomphothere , that roamed #Earth 19 million yrs ago! 🤯🚩

NO OTHER text in the world describes it!

In #Ramayan , #Sugriva sends #Vanar in 4 directions to look for Maa #Sita ImageImage
While sending, he describes #Geography as follows
World #Geography >170,000 years was different than present
many parts of Himalaya & big mountain in Kentucky ,USA were submerged in water

So here is the story in more scientific way 💁‍♀️

Team travelling to #east, will have to Image
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#India has many temples of #LordRam, but Raveri village in #Maharashtra's #Yavatmal district has a temple dedicated to Goddess #Sita. Read the thread on how the local lore about this shrine was harnessed in a unique initiative to #women their rights
#WomensDay #WomensDay2023
This is a temple to Goddess #Sita and not #LordRam, unlike the other shrines where Ram, Sita, Laxman and even Lord Hanuman are worshipped together. Here, the presiding deity is Sita Mata.

#SharadJoshi #ShetkariSanghatana
It is said that when a pregnant Mata #Sita was asked to leave #Ayodhya by #LordRam, she came to Raveri, which is located in in Ralegaon taluka. She was hungry and asked villagers for some grain. But they refused and she cursed them that no wheat would grow there #SharadJoshi
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Spending 14 years in forest, sleeping on floors and eating raw fruits - this was the beautiful prince of Ayodhya, Sri Rama who left everything to fulfil the words of His father.

Sri Rama is one of the most loved deities and His mantra is also one of the most universal of all mantras in Sanatana Dharma.

The Rama mantra symbolises an unceasing, perpetual joy. While pleasure and happiness has its ups and downs, joy stays with you, even increasing with the passage of time.
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I marvel at the dishonesty of those who say Lord Ram is a north Indian god alien to #Bengal culture. I will place some facts. You judge.
* Bengal’s biggest spiritual guru Gadadhar Chattopadhyay takes the name Ramkrishna Paramhansa.
* Iconic reformer: Ram Mohan Roy.
* Bengal’s most famous sculptor: Ramkinkar Baij.
* Ramrajatala is in Howrah. Has a 300-year-old Ram temple built by zamindar Ayodhya Ram Choudhury where local worship the deity for 3 months every year.
* Serampore or Srirampur is one of the oldest cities. #Ram #Bengal
* Sita Kund near Ayodhya hill is in Purulia district in #Bengal. It’s believed #Ram and #Sita came there during exile. Sita felt thirsty. Ram pierced earth with an arrow. A spring gushed out. Tribals named it Sita Kund.
* Bengal’s Patachitra paintings have Ramayan scenes.
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Powers of #Hanuman ji are
#Anima = Ability to decrease his size till infinity .
#Mahima = Ability to increase his size till infinity .
#Garima = Ability to increase his weight till infinity
#Laghima = Ability to decrease his weight till infinity .
#Prapti = Capability to be omnipresent .
#Prakamya = Ability to precieve other desires
Vastva = Having control over natural forces .
#Istiva = Have absolute lordship over creation .
Beside these siddhis he have power of #Rudransh and
in some text it is written that he is #Shiva directly .
He have following boons given by Gods
Indra Dev gave him the boon of death by wish .
#Ramji and Mata #Sita had gave him boon of immortality .
#BrahmaDev had given him the boon to be not affected by any missile .
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It may or may not have been right or appropriate for @pbhushan1 to say what he did about #SupremeCourtOfIndia #Judges.
But it can never be right for the Court, never mind the same Justices, to sit in judgement on his statements.

The Justices are not demi-gods, beyond criticism.
In the #Ramayana story when an ordinary #dhobi questioned the propriety of #Ram unquestionably taking back #Sita, he did not have the dhobi hauled up for contempt. Not that what Ram did do was at all defensible!
Typo : Meant to write 'unquestioningly'
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Maricha : Golden Deer Story in Valmiki #Ramayana
Ravan desired to kidnap #Sita, the wife of Rama and asked Maricha to help him in his task. However, he suggested #Ravana to stay away from any conflict with Rama and Lakshmana
@theramayana @idreamofghouls
Then Ravan blamed Mareecha for ill-will toward himself, and threatened him with death. He out of fear consented, though he looked for no less than death from Ram.

Maricha and Ravana flew to Panchavati. Mareecha transformed himself into a golden deer, captivated Sita’s attention
. He had the motto to distract Rama and Lakshmana away from the hut so that Ravan could kidnap Sita.

The golden deer lured Sita. She pleaded with Rama to capture it. Ram aware that this was the play of the demons, was unable to dissuade Sita from her desire....

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Historical Buddhist statue at the Mes Aynak site in #Kabul, #Afghanistan, #Buddhism
Centuries old "Ekamukhalinga " ( Lord Shiva) in #Afghanistan , now in #Kabul Museum !
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