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@naralokesh @ncbn @JaiTDP @PattabhiRamK1
So one of your party worker started @ChangeOrg_India
petition for political reasons to side track the issue you are facing from #Dalit and #Christian community opposition. Image
More details can be found :
@naralokesh @ncbn @JaiTDP @PattabhiRamK1 Please go through GUNTUR URBAN POLICE reply to one of your tweet for more information. Do not politicize everything in the name of #Caste #Religion and #Dalit Image
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Less than 50 per cent of the targeted beneficiaries turned up for COVID-19 vaccinations in Andhra Pradesh on the second day of the nationwide drive on January 17.
Although, the numbers were less than half of the turnout expected, the state still had the highest number of health workers vaccinated on the second day of the vaccination drive.
According to the Health department, only 13,036 healthcare workers got the COVID-19 vaccine administered across the state against the targeted 27,233 for the day. Across the country, only over 17,000 people got vaccinated in six states on Sunday.
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मकर संक्रांति का वैदिक महत्व

इस दिन का महाभारत के हिंदू महाकाव्य में भी उल्लेख है, जिसके अनुसार भीष्म ने आज अपना शरीर छोड़ने की घोषणा की थी। वह इस दिन तक तीरों के बिस्तर पर लेते रहे और फिर मकर संक्रांति पर अपना शरीर छोड़ दिया।
पवित्र शास्त्रों में यह माना जाता है कि सूर्य भगवान इस दिन अपने पुत्र शनि के घर जाते हैं। एक-दूसरे के बीच कुछ मतभेदों के बावजूद, स्वामी सूर्या अपने बेटे से संक्रांति पर मिलने के लिए एक बिंदु बनाती है। इस प्रकार, एक पिता और उसके बेटे के बीच एक विशेष बंधन का प्रतीक है।
संक्रांति भारत और नेपाल के लगभग सभी हिस्सों में विभिन्न संस्कृतियों में मनाया जाने वाला एक हिंदू त्योहार है।
इस हार्वेस्ट फेस्टिवल के अलग-अलग राज्यों में अलग-अलग नाम हैं लेकिन इस फेस्टिवल का सार देश भर में समान है। # किसान का सम्मान करें,
फार्म पशु और खेत की फसल।
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Vedic significance of Makara Sankranti

This day also has a reference in the Hindu epic of Mahabharata, according to which Bhishma had declared his intention to leave his body today. He kept lying on a bed of arrows till this day and then left his body on Makar Sankranti. Image
In the Holy Scriptures it is believed that Surya Bhagwan visits the house of his son Shani on this day. Despite some differences between each other, lord Surya makes it a point to meet his son on sankaranti. Thus, symbolising a special bond between a father and his son. Image
Sankranti is a Hindu festival celebrated in various cultures in almost all parts India & Nepal.
This Harvest festival has different names in different states but the essence of this festival is same accross the country. Respect the #Farmer,
Farm Animals & the Farm Harvest. ImageImageImageImage
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Supreme Court vacation bench led by Justice Indira Banerjee to shortly hear a plea seeking to quash the pre-requisite condition of three years of practice as an Advocate to be eligible for the Civil Judge Exam in Andhra Pradesh.

@ysjagan #SupremeCourt #Judiciary #AndhraPradesh
Justice Banerjee: You have similar criteria in other states of this country

Adv Chirag Sharma: plea see the law laid down by this very court
Senior Advocate NK Mody reads the impugned rules in question
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Can a state govt deny admission to merit-based students only because they couldn't fill online application forms during the #COVID19 pandemic?

#SupremeCourt vacation bench to hear plea by a bunch of students against Dr NTR University of Health Sciences, #AndhraPradesh
The AP based medical college according to the petitioners denied the opportunity to merit qualified students to participate in counselling rounds since they couldn't avail internet facilities to fill online application forms of the institute #SupremeCourt
Advocate Aditya Soni: I appear on behalf of meritorious students and don't seek grace marks. The father of the petitioner suffered a brain stroke and other suffered COVID19.

Justice Indira Banerjee: These are administrative issues
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CJI SA Bobde led bench to hear an appeal by YS Jaganmohan Reddy government against a Andhra Pradesh High Court order where the state was called to assist in finding out whether there was "constitutional breakdown" in #AndhraPradesh
Under Article 356 its the President who can declare Presidents rule.
AP Government argues that "this is a power exclusively vested in the Executive and cannot be exercised by the Judiciary."
The petition states that under the Constitutional framework, it is not for the Courts to decide as to whether there is a Constitutional break down in a State.
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#India #AndhraPradesh

In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, the health authorities are holding a new disease in suspense. Typical symptoms are nausea or exhaustion; one patient has died so far.
There is apparently no connection with the high corona numbers in the region.
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Happy to show my latest work with @_SudhaNarayanan & @shreesaha00 on #NREGA in @Ideas4India & @firstpost
hopefully of interest to @rozi_roti @aashishg_ @Ugentilini @AninditaAdhik13 @StrandedWorkers
Our findings related 2 #poverty and #migration are below…
In the wake of the #COVID19 lockdown and the large-scale return of #Migrant workers to rural areas, #NREGA played a crucial role. After lockdown restrictions in April 2020, #NREGA person-days expanded substantially before they reduced back to pre-lockdown levels
Are these additional person-days distributed across districts in ways that are commensurate with their population shares of #outmigration and #poverty ?
This is important in a context where historically poorer states have utilised less funds than richer states. 5 major findings:
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(Remove Andhra Pradesh CM Jaganmohan Reddy from post)

Supreme Court bench led by Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul to shortly hear a plea seeking removal of @ysjagan from CM post as he made scandalising" remarks against sitting judge.

The petitioners aver that alleging corruption and bias against judges is prohibited under the mandate of the Constitution of India as provided under Article(s) 121 and 211.
@ysjagan @AndhraPradeshCM #YSRCP
Adv GS Mani: There are serious issues involved

Justice Kaul: What is your prayer. What are you asking.

Mani: A CM has made allegations against the judge of this court
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24 November 2020: #Weather Warning

Source: @Indiametdept

Heavy to very #rainfall with extremely heavy falls very likely at isolated places over #Tamilnadu, #Puducherry & #Karaikal and heavy rainfall at isolated places over Coastal #AndhraPradesh & #Yanam and #Rayalaseema.
24 November 2020: #Weather Warning

Source: @Indiametdept

Dense #fog very likely at isolated places over #Nagaland, #Manipur, #Mizoram & #Tripura and Moderate fog at isolated places over #Odisha, #ArunachalPradesh and #Assam & #Meghalaya.
24 November 2020: #Weather Warning


(1) Squally weather (wind speed reaching 65-75 kmph gusting to 85 kmph) likely to prevail over Southwest & adjoining Westcentral #BayofBengal
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#FCRAViolation Society Of St. Anne got Rs 2.83 Cr from #FCRA, openly declared that, "Evangelization was the primary mission!" Also it has provided figures of #Catholic conversions in #AndhraPradesh on website! Appealed @HMOIndia to cancel its registration #ConversionMafia ++
On its website it is shown that Sister Anthonamma is the Superior General who heads this NGO, under her guidance, evangelization activities r carried out as is shown in photo! Its Initiatives, Core Values n Guiding Principles all include #RiceBag distribution EVANGELISATION’ ++
One of its donors namely PIME, Italy, in its website under the head India states, “Hinduism, n more recent Extremist Hinduism, has led to problems in the rural areas of the country with religious minorities being beaten and sometimes killed.”, all comments w/o evidences ++
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(Plea against @ysjagan )

Supreme Court bench headed by Justice UU Lalit to hear a batch of petitions seeking action against Andhra CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy after he addressed a letter to CJI SA Bobde leveling corruption allegations against Justice NV Ramana

#SupremeCourt Image
Letter by @ysjagan
alleges that since the new govt undertook an inquiry into the actions of Naidu during his 2014-2019 regime, it is now clear, that a sitting Supreme Court judge "started influencing the course of administration of justice in the State, through the Chief Justice.
Petitions pray for a show cause notice to be issued to CM Reddy as to why action should not be taken against him.

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Ravish Kumar who makes EVM hacking an issue in India when BJP wins is laughing over Trump alleging fraud in US Presidential elections.

This explains how neutral & how much of a Journalist this #MagSaySay awardee is
Indian Media has started reporting on #USElectionFraud

Republicans unearth massive election fraud in US Prez polls, file class action suits demand annulment of polls - The News 21

@realDonaldTrump via @LawrenceSellin
They claimed to have gathered to #SaveDemocracy #SaveConstitution earlier

They've now ganged up against #CBI probing Corruption, Criminal & Anti-National conspiracies!

After #AndhraPradesh #WestBengal #Maharashtra & #Kerala Now #Jharkhand blocks #CBI to save skin, dynasties! ImageImageImageImage
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#SupremeCourt takes up appeal by #AndhraPradesh Govt against the high court order of staying the SIT probe into alleged irregularities into projects started by previous TDP govt, including land acquisition in Amaravati.
Sr adv Dushyant Dave appears for @ysjagan's Govt, says the HC order is extraordinary as it stops the entire investigation into allegations of fraudulent practices and abuse of power. He cites the report by the sub-committee, on the basis of which a SIT was constituted.
It is impossible for a high court to interfere at a pre-investigatiom stage & stays all proceedings, contends Dave. He adds a busybody like a member of TDP moves the high court talking about image of his party & the petition is admitted.
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#India मध्ये कोरोनातून बरे झालेल्यांची संख्या 76 लाखांपुढे गेली असून, ही जगातील सर्वात मोठी संख्या आहे.

2000 पेक्षा अधिक प्रयोगशाळांमध्ये 11 कोटींपेक्षा अधिक तपासण्या करण्यात आल्या आहेत

कोरोनामुक्तीचा दर साधारणपणे 92% च्या जवळपास आहे

-सचिव, @MoHFW_INDIA
जगात दर दशलक्ष लोकसंख्येमागे सर्वात कमी कोरोनारुग्ण असणाऱ्या देशांमध्ये आजही भारताची गणना

दर दशलक्ष लोकसंख्येमागे होणाऱ्या कोरोनामृत्यूंची संख्या भारतात 89

दररोजच्या सरासरी कोरोनाबळींच्या संख्येत गेल्या 7 आठवड्यांपासून सातत्याने घट

नवीन रुग्णांच्या दैनंदिन सरासरी संख्येत गेले 7 आठवडे सातत्यपूर्ण घट झाल्याचे दिसत आहे

आजमितीला 5,41,405 रुग्णांवर उपचार सुरू असून, हे प्रमाण आजपर्यंतच्या एकूण संसर्गाच्या 6.8% इतके आहे

- सचिव, @MoHFW_INDIA
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Press briefing on the actions taken, preparedness and updates on #COVID19 to start soon

📍National Media Centre, New Delhi

🕓4.00 PM


@MoHFW_INDIA @ddsahyadrinews @airnews_mumbai @airnews_nagpur @airnews_arngbad @airnews_pune
Recovered cases in #India cross 76 lakhs - Highest in the world

More than 11 crore tests conducted in more than 2000 labs around the country

Recovery rate approximately around 92%

- Secretary, @MoHFW_INDIA Image
India is still counted amongst the countries having Lowest Cases per million population in the World, at 5991

Deaths per Million Population is also amongst the Lowest in the World, at 89

Continuous decline in average daily new deaths for last 7 weeks

- Secretary, @MoHFW_INDIA Image
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On the occasion of #AndhraPradeshFormationDay sharing some facts on my home state, related to it's history, culture and travel. Image
World's richest temple at Tirumala, dedicated to Shri Venkateswara, also happens to be my birth place. #AndhraPradesh Image
3 of the 18 Maha Shakti Peethas are here at
Srisailam- Brahmaramba.
Pithapuram- Puruhitika Devi
Srisailam in fact is both a Jyotirlinga Kshetram and a Maha Shakti Peetham. ImageImageImage
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[1/n]. More than half of #Bihar's (52.5%) population was #MultidimensionallyPoor in 2015-16. #MultidimensionalHeadcountRatio of the state was 77.4% in 2005-06.

URLs: , , ,
[2/n]. Among the states/UTs, #Bihar has the higher #MultidimensionalPovertyIndex (i.e. 0.248). It was 0.449 in 2005-06, highest among the states/UTs.

URLs: , , , @the_hindu
[3/n]. The total number of #MultidimensionalPoor in Bihar was 61.8 million in 2015-16. It was 71.3 million in 2005-06.

URLs: , , ,
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{🕉नमः शिवाय🌸}
The town of Srisailam is reputed for the Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga on the flat top of Nallamala Hills🏔This Jyotirlinga is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga of Lord SHIVA,is in Srisailam {karnool} 🏵 #AndhraPradesh
2}{It's also known as "KAILASH 🗻 of the South" OR The Srisailam temple OR The Srisailam MALLIKARJUNA Swamy temple}
3}Within the temple campus, another main deity is the Goddess {Bhramaramba Devi} who is one of the 18 Mahashaktis.
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దేశంలో 24 న‌కిలీ యూనివ‌ర్శిటీలు: #UGC
▶️ఇందులో అత్యధిక ఫేక్ యూనివర్శిటీలు ఎక్కువగా #ఉత్తరప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్రంలో ఉండగా తర్వాతి స్థానంలో #ఢిల్లీలో ఉన్నాయంది.
UGC వీటిని నకిలీ యూనివర్శిటీలుగా ప్రకటించింది. వీటికి ఎలాంటి డిగ్రీలూ ఇచ్చే అధికారం లేదు అంటూ UGC సెక్రటరీ రజనీశ్ జైన్ తెలిపార
ఇందులో ఎనిమిది ఉత్తర ప్రదేశ్ లో ఉండగా.. ఢిల్లీ లో ఏడు, ఒడిశా, పశ్చిమ బెంగాల్ లో రెండేసి చొప్పున ఉన్నాయి. కర్నాటక, కేరళ, మహారాష్ట్ర, పుదుచ్చేరి, మహారాష్ట్ర , ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్రాల్లో ఒక్కొక్కటి చొప్పున ఫేక్ వర్శిటీలు ఉన్నట్టు UGC తెలిపింది.
విద్యార్థులు, వారి తల్లిదండ్రులు అప్రమత్తంగా ఉండాలని కోరింది. పిల్లల భవిష్యత్ దృష్ట్యా నకిలీ యూనివర్శిటీల లిస్టును ప్రకటిస్తున్నామని చెప్పింది . #గుంటూరు కేంద్రంగా న‌డుస్తున్న క్రిస్ట్ న్యూ టెస్ట్ మెంట్ డీమ్డ్ యూనివ‌ర్శిటీల న‌కిలీ వ‌ర్శిటీగా @ugc_india ప్ర‌క‌టించింది.
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Supreme Court is hearing a matter concerning Andhra Pradesh government order on compulsory English as medium of instruction in government schools.

SC at the outset says that the Court may not hear the case today since this is the matter which has come before the CJI-led Bench from another Bench.

#SupremeCourt #AndhraPradesh
Senior Counsel KV Vishwanathan for the State of AP: The govt took a step which is progressive.

CJI Bobde: There are divergent points of view in the issue. All of us here on the Bench have studied in English throughout our life. But we don't want to impose our view on others.
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India's total #COVID19 recoveries has crossed 54 lakhs today.
It accounts for 21% of global recovered cases, while its share in total cases stands at 18.6%.… Image
India has amongst the lowest global fatality rates.
While the global CFR stands at 2.97%, the comparative figure for India is 1.56%.

The global average is 130 deaths /million population. India is reporting 73 deaths /million population, one of the lowest in the world. Image
For the 12th successive day, India has sustained its steady trend of maintaining the #COVID19 active cases below the 10-lakh mark. The number of active cases today is 9,44,996. Image
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అరేయ్ జఫ్ఫాస్...
ఏదో మొహమాటానికి చంద్రబాబు ని తిట్టాలి కాబట్టి
తిడుతున్నారు కానీ..,
మీ అవ్వాతాత ₹2000 పెంక్షన్ తీసుకున్నప్పుడు,
మీ అక్క చెల్లి తమ్ముడికి లేదా మీకు నిరుద్యోగ బృతి వచ్చినప్పుడు,
ముంపు ప్రాంతాలైతే మీ కోంపలు మునగకుండా ఉన్నప్పుడు,
కియా లాంటి కంపెనీలో మీకు మంచి ఉధ్యోగం వచ్చినప్పుడు,
మీ అక్క పెండ్లికి చంద్రన్న ఇచ్చిన లక్ష రూపాయలు పోందినప్పుడు,
మీ ఇంట్లో ఏవడికైనా ఆపదోచ్చి హాస్పిటల్ లో చేరి ముఖ్యమంత్రి సహాయ నిధి నుంచి సాయం పోందినప్పుడు,
డ్వాక్రా సంఘాల లో మీ అమ్మ కి రుణాలు వచ్చినప్పుడు,
మి నాన్న రైతు అయితే రుణం మాఫీ అయినప్పుడు,
మీ తల్లిదండ్రులు ఉద్యోగులు అయితే సం 3 ,4 TA లు DA లు వచ్చినప్పుడు,
ఆఖరికి మీ భవిష్యత్ పై మీకు అలోచన కలిగినప్పుడు....

మీకు మొదట గుర్తు వచ్చే పేరు....

శ్రీ నారా చంద్రబాబు నాయుడు..

ఆయన స్థాయి, విలువ మాకంటే ఎక్కువ మీకే తెలుసు.
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