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Your Congresswoman. Proudly representing the MA 7th. Here to break concrete ceilings & shake the table. Personal account. She/hers. #ChangeCantWait
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27 May
Just for a moment, I am going to drown out the images of profiled, surveilled, policed, lynched, choked, brutalized & murdered black boys & men w/images of their joy. It won't erase the ache, agony & fear, but joy is an act of resistance too. Add your #blackboyjoy #blackmanjoy
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17 Apr
BREAKING @CDCgov just announced they’re adopting key tenants of our racial data bill. Daily #COVID19 data will save lives. Now let’s make sure every level of gov is acting on these reports in real time to support our communities of color & the disability community
*tenets. But while we’re at it, tenants too because it’s time to #CancelRent & mortgages. Check out @IlhanMN bill that dropped today, proud to co-sponsor
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8 Apr
Do you know why African-Americans align with so many COVID-19 co-morbidities? Structural racism. Food deserts=unequal access to healthy & fresh foods= diabetes, heart disease. Enviro injustices mean dirty air, water. Greed & neglect, subpar housing=asthma
Do you know that grocery stores use #census tracts to determine where they should open? Black, Latinx, AAPI, Native & Indigenous communities rank as the most undercounted & in turn are under resourced by the federal govt=cycle of intergenerational poverty & poor health outcomes.
RIP my mentions w/all of the victim blaming re: disproportionate COVID-19 deaths in the Black community. No one is playing victim (we are resilient) or the "race card". Your willful ignorance is exhausting. Systemic oppression thru structural racism is real.
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4 Apr
Donald J. Trump's misinformation campaign contd in today's presser, jeopardizing lives in the process. I wish I had counted how many times he recklessly played Dr. today, prescribing Rx cocktails for people against COVID-19, asking "What do you have to lose?" Really? Their lives!
Further, many of those living with #Lupus are already struggling to access the meds they need to remain healthy & alive due to reckless guidance he previously offered. Can someone please mute his mic or just limit the Q&A to Fauci? This is criminal, all of it!
Those with rheumatoid #arthritis too. The last time Trump asked the American people, Black folx in particular, "What do you have to lose?" We know how that went. We are living the dire & draconian answer by the hour.
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27 Mar
THREAD. So about this bill. Our nation is in a crisis right now. From the start I've said we must put people before corporations.
Here in Massachusetts, we're struggling. Drs, nurses, mayors are pleading - we need help fast. That’s why my team and I have stayed at the table fighting to make this bill stronger and have been working w every level of gov to support our community in this time of crisis.
The bill that just passed the House will provide some desperately needed aid to our community health centers and hospitals, and our workers and families during this public health emergency.
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5 Mar
Righteous words from a righteous woman. My friend. My partner in good. You have fought every single day for our families. This is a movement built to last. The Work continues. In this fight with you always @ewarren
To all of the organizers and supporters. I see you, I love you, you are powerful.

“The work of the world is common as mud/Botched it smears the hands, crumbles to dust/But the thing worth doing well done has a shape that satisfies, clean and evident” To Be of Use, Marge Piercy
it was the honor of a lifetime to share this journey with my sisters in service @katieporteroc & @Deb4CongressNM as national co chairs for @ewarren Our fight for justice continues side by side in Congress
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24 Jan
Dear Betsy,

As a Black woman & the Chair of the abortion access task force, I invite you to come by the Hill and say this to my face.

Would welcome the opportunity to educate you.

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley
the rhetoric & policies of anti choice zealots like DeVos put the lives & bodily autonomy of far too many people at risk. That’s why we need to pass EACH & #repealhyde TAKE ACTION > p2a.co/yL1Xq3s
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22 Oct 19
Haven’t even had coffee yet & the occupant of the WH, the bigoted man who called for the execution of the exonerated 5, is tossing the word ‘lynching’ around. Lord give me the strength to not take the bait but hold this man accountable for every single thing he says and does.
Don’t take your eye off the ball family. A major witness is testifying today and he’s using a predictable play to try to distract & divide. We see right through him. nbcnews.com/politics/trump…
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24 Jul 19
I appreciate the question. My official statement's online but twitter gives me a chance to break down where I landed.
I grew up on my mother's hip at organizing meetings. I would not be here today without the concerted protests and sacrifice of generations who fought for civil rights and liberation. I'm a proud co-sponsor of Rep Omar & Rep Lewis's HRes 496 because of that fundamental belief.
There are a lot of anti-BDS bills out there that infringe on 1st amendment rights at the state and federal level. In my view, HRes 246 wasn't one of them.
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4 Jul 19
"Our founding fathers were not living gods...they were fallible human beings." The Declaration of Independence "did not condemn slavery, protect the rights of women or include Native Americans." salon.com/2019/07/04/fou…
The impact of the prejudices, biases & contradictions codified by our founding fathers is still felt today. We continue to struggle as a nation to embrace our full history, one that includes family separation of black families at the auction block & today of migrants at camps.
A country that has yet to realize it's full promise for every person that calls it home & indeed makes it great, & yet it is a free country, one where I can resist, offer dissenting & critical opinion & challenge with bold activist leadership.
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25 Apr 19
As someone who is acutely aware of the trauma caused by having a loved one in and out of prison, I am dedicated to fighting to change a criminal legal system that is fundamentally unjust:
Pundits, if you want to talk about re-enfranchising folks let’s talk. Did you know in my state there wasn’t a law on the books that explicitly banned those incarcerated from voting until 2001? That law was a fearful response to those on the inside at MCI Norfolk ORGANIZING.
They were calling for a more just system and humane treatment of those incarcerated. They were reaching for the ballot to fight modern day slavery. As a nation we are facing a mass incarceration crisis that destroys families and communities.
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30 Mar 19

My thoughts on the @dccc's decision that threatens to slam the door on those who work w/ challengers in Democratic primaries: (1/X)
This afternoon, I spoke at the Democratic Campaign Institute, sponsored by @massdems, which brought together current and future candidates, staffers, & activists from across MA. I was inspired to be w/ such a diverse group looking to engage further in our democracy. (2/x)
But, under the DCCC's new rule, too many of those in attendance would continue to be excluded from Democratic Party institutions. I am particularly concerned about the potential impact of this rule on diverse vendors (3/x)
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19 Jan 19
The "resistance"of which I speak is a multi-generational, multi-racial/cultural, multi-abled, cis, trans, queer intersectional coalition of community/movement builders, grassroots orgs & ldrs who collectively seek to advance a policy agenda to realize equity, justice & equality.
These unprecedented & uncertain times demand unprecedented organizing & mobilizing, just as we did to preserve the #ACA, to affirm #BLM, the rights of our #transgender community, the urgency of #guncontrol & so many other issues of consequence to our country & to #MA7
This weekend we celebrate the example of Martin Luther King Jr., a man & a movement which provides us a blueprint. Organize. Mobilize. Legislate. The "resistance" of today is the evolution of King's movement building work.
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14 Jan 19
Last week, in support of a fellow Congresswoman, I chose a quote from Alice Walker. Like many, the Color Purple has carried deep meaning for me and I have evoked Walker’s words about "furious dancing" in the past. Unfortunately, I was unaware of the author’s past statements. 1/2
I fully condemn and denounce anti-Semitism, prejudice and bigotry in all their forms - and the hateful actions they embolden. I appreciate my friends, including my brothers and sisters in the Jewish community, who brought these statements to my attention. 2/2
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6 Oct 18
I went to bed feeling betrayed--perhaps even enraged. I woke up, still feeling betrayed--but resolved. I still believe #AnitaHill. I still believe #ChristineBlaseyFord I still believe #survivors #women They have knocked us down, but not out. I still believe in the power of us.
Our perpetrators tried to stifle our voices too--and, WE ARE NOT GOING BACK. We will not be silenced or moved. Today, survivors will keep organizing, sharing our painful and hard truths until the very last hour, and then we'll take our fight to the ballot box.
Survivors matter and we do vote--and run for office too! We have been ignored, but not silenced #midterms A vote to support #Kavanaugh confirms more than one man, to the highest court in the land, you are also confirming #privilege #entitlement #injustice
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21 Sep 18
1/4 One year ago, #HurricaneMaria devastated #PuertoRico. Despite the devastation, the spirit of Puerto Rico is stronger than ever and serves as a reminder to be resilient in our fight for a #JustRecovery.
2/4 MA is home to thousands of Puerto Ricans & loved ones displaced and affected by the disaster and I am committed to supporting those living in the MA-7 CD and advocating for a #JustRecovery process for the island. From Villa Victoria to Washington DC, I stand with #PuertoRico.
3/4 I recently had the honor of meeting with nurses from @nahnnursing. They are making a 2nd trip to bring necessary medical care, food, supplies, & hope to the island. They need volunteers, sponsors, and donations to expand their impact. Get involved: gofundme.com/NAHN-Chapter-M…
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23 Aug 18
#PrisonReform is not an abstract issue for me -- it's personal. I believe in justice and dignity for all. I believe that the solutions live in the lives of those most impacted.

That is why, I stand in solidarity with all of the inmates taking part in the national #PrisonStrike.
The disparities in the system are not new. They are not secret.

- 2.3 million people sit in US prisons and jails.
- 60% of people behind bars have never been convicted of any crime.
- Women are its fastest growing population.

This amounts to $182B in spending each year.
In MA, Black & Latino residents make up 17% of the population but account for a majority of inmates. In the #MA7, black residents are incarcerated at 6 times the rate of white residents. And low-income/minority communities account for a disproportionate # of inmates.
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11 Aug 18
Today we honor the women and girls who lost their lives to violence. Each name represents a life that was robbed from us. #JUMPIN2PEACE #Violence #Trauma #Joy
And now the Rope Burners helping to inform joy today #doubledutch #JUMPIN2PEACE
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6 Aug 18
Congratulations Commissioner Gross, who was sworn in today as the first African-American commissioner of the Boston Police Department. This marks an important moment in our city’s history and presents an opportunity for us to make strides in community policing...
...under the proven leadership of a dedicated community partner. The urgent issues facing our communities won’t fix themselves, and Chief Gross has shown a steadfast commitment to building trust and productive relations with the people of Boston...
...I look forward to working in partnership with him to build healthier and safer communities.
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26 Jul 18
While this callous Administration missed today's court mandated deadline to reunite the families separated at the border, Jeff Sessions was at the Moakley Courthouse grandstanding in an attempt to score political points...
...by demonstrating his contempt for our immigrant communities -- his presence in Boston reaffirms the need for us to stand up for immigrants and resist the hateful and bigoted policies coming from Washington...
...These policies do not make our country safer, nor do they make America “great”. We must defund and abolish ICE, pass the Safe Communities Act, stand with our DREAMers, and protect TPS recipients. These times demand nothing less. #ChangeCantWait #ma7
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25 Jul 18
In @HealthyBoston briefing with @wutrain @CampbellforD4 @EdforBoston @LydiaMEdwards where updates are being provided about efforts to improve #trauma response and recovery models by the City working with CBOs, #healthcenters and #hospitals.
In my 8yrs on the Council, I have convened 7 hearings on #trauma, each with a different focus. Although more work remains, I am encouraged to hear that many of the recs offered up by impacted persons & communities at our hrgs & listening sessions were integrated into new system
Data collection of phase 1 implementation indicates that 75% of clients for #trauma response and recovery efforts were #Black #AfricanAmerican #Hispanic #Latino, AND 74% of clients reported chronic exposure to a single (11%) or multiple forms of #violence (63%)
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