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Take a good look. Remember this little, wrong-headed worm.
THIS is who I want you to see when your healthcare choices are questioned: these little worms who think their magic sperm is seed to be sown where and as they please, like a cat spraying his territory.
This is the man who calls his wife "mother." The poolboy-fiddling purveyor of hate and suppression by "education." The father of an animal torturer and a sick, downtrodden sycophant who serves at the pleasure of the rapist in chief.
Will you let this man stand in between your doctor and you? Slow-kill your children & you through healthcare, food, and shelter denial?

Do you think a worm who rapes kids will step aside if you ask politely? Have they EVER?

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When I was first elected, there were only 23 women in the House. This year, as we commemorate 100 years since women won the right to vote, we celebrate the over 100 women who now serve in the Congress — the highest number in our history. #WomensHistoryMonth
We celebrate our victories and the contributions women have made in all sectors of American life.

We know that when women succeed, this country succeeds.
That’s why Democrats are fighting to:

✅ Secure equal pay for equal work.

✅ Protect every woman’s right to quality, affordable health care.

✅ Ensure paid sick leave and affordable child care.

✅ End the scourge of domestic violence or sexual assault.
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Betty Ann Lussier was a fiercely independent, hardworking woman w/a craving for excitement & a compassion for humanitarian issues.

She was one of a few female pilots in #WWII.

She was also an #OSS counterintel officer.

Betty’s father, Emile John Lussier, was a decorated #WWI fighter pilot w/British @RoyalAirForce.

She inherited his love of flying & joined Civilian Pilot Training Program @UofMaryland & worked nights building B-26 bombers.

At 20 years old, Betty was determined to fight in #WWII
1942: Betty joined British Air Transport Auxiliary, 1st female pilots to officially ferry planes in wartime

Betty wanted to see combat. Her godfather Sir William Stephenson [] was friends w/Gen Donovan & helped her get a new gig w/#OSS

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#WomensHistoryMonth LONG THREAD: we've had some badass women leaders in politics/journalism/academia/activism, gracing our pod w/ their story & wisdom. Here's a *long thread* to share them all, starting with our dear guest co-host @reappropriate…
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25. Dr Ruth (1928-)

After escaping Nazi Germany and losing her parents in the Holocaust she went on to become an Israeli soldier, an academic and one of the most famous sex therapists in history. She’s also authored more than 40 books.

26. Jenji Kohan

She's been a disruptive force in the TV biz for decades. As one of Hollywood's few female showrunners, she's created hits like "Orange is the New Black" and "Weeds," earning 11 Emmy nominations and 1 win.

27. Linda Lingle (1953-)

In 2002 she became both Hawaii’s first female governor and its first Jewish governor. She served until 2010.

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A random historical footnote: People you may not know about, but probably should. By Robert Peeples

When Frances Perkins was a little girl she asked her parents why nice people could be poor.
Her father told her not to worry about those things, and that poor people were poor because they were lazy and drank. Eventually she went to Mount Holyoke College and majored in physics. In her final semester she took a class in American economic history.
She toured the mills along the Connecticut River to see working conditions. She was horrified.
Eventually, instead of teaching until she married, she earned a masters in social work from Columbia University. In 1910 Perkins became Executive Secretary of the NYC Consumers League.
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For #PiDay + #WomensHistoryMonth, I honor an eminent, glass-ceiling-breaking mathematician, Dr. Loretta Marion Murray Braxton. In the 1950’s, her 1st math prof in college in VA told her that she was in the wrong classes, b/c "only boys took higher-level math classes."1/14
Undeterred, Loretta Braxton won an NSF to do an MS in math in a top program at the University of Illinois, obtained a doctorate, and taught the 1st African American who formed a billion-dollar company, Reginald Lewis. #PiDay #Fearless 2/N
As a math teacher, professor, and 15 years as chair of the math department at @VSUTrojans, Loretta Braxton mentored several generations of math students, many of whom became teachers + college or university professors themselves. #BlackAndSTEM 3/14
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There are relatively few American’s who died after turning 100 buried @ArlingtonNatl, even fewer who are female, & only a mere fraction of those who served as intel officers

Captain Stephanie Czech Rader was a woman ahead of her time

“[The #OSS] gave me a gun, but I never carried a gun. I thought, ‘What the heck was I gonna do with a dumb gun?'” Stephanie’s most valuable weapon: her wits.

It wasn’t until decades later that the details of her amazing story were declassified.

Stephanie, the daughter of Polish immigrants, grew up immersed in Polish language & culture in an immigrant neighborhood in Poughkeepsie.

She was the 1st person in her family to graduate college, & she eventually earned a master’s degree – in chemistry.

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Told “minorities could not learn how to use the cameras” (@nytimes, "When Women in Film and TV Were Looking for That Union Label"), Jessie Maple Patton took the union to court and became the first African-American woman to become a member of @IATSE Local 644 in 1975. (1/4)
In the union, Maple worked as an assistant and operator for several TV stations in New York including WABC, WCBS and WNBC. In 1974, Maple and her husband Leroy Patton started their own production company and began to produce short docs. (2/4) #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2019
In 1981, Maple produced “Will,” the first feature-length independent film produced by an African-American woman. She went on to direct the feature “Twice as Nice” and has been featured in such documentaries as “Sisters in Cinema” (2003) and “Women Behind the Camera” (2007). (3/4)
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Given it's #WomensHistoryMonth we shall be replugging old interviews MEWC conducted with some remarkable women leaders/activists across Africa. #IWD2019

1. Virginia Muwanigwa is a passionate women's rights advocate.…
2. Leah Chatta Chipepa, ex-ED of Akina Mama Wa Afrika. 'Challenge is to build on successes that AMwA has achieved by hard work and vision of those before me so that AMwA remains relevant to the needs and aspirations of African women here and abroad.'…
3. Our very own @rainasow. 'Mobilise resources, re-invigorate commitment, create awareness, focus on young women at the grassroots level, to give women and girls a real voice in decision-making positions.'…
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I'm so excited to finally see Marvel's first woman superhero movie. I'm less excited about the fact that many of the biggest publications are having men write their #CaptainMarvel reviews. Want proof? Here's a thread of Captain Marvel reviews written by men.

First up, we have The New York Times:…
Next, this one's from Vanity Fair:…
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Just before the start of #WomensHistoryMonth, the Trump administration issued its latest hit against women's health care by attacking Title X. Title X funding allows low-income women and families to access affordable reproductive health care services.
There are over 4 million Americans who rely on Title X to get the health care they need.
We must take a stand against the Trump administration and their war on women's health care.

Add your name to #ProtectTitleX: #NoGagRule
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I'm continuing my #BlackHistoryMonth focus of #FundBlackWomen into March. March is #WomensHistoryMonth& I'm going to keep the focus on Black Women. I had a plan for this week & scrapped it when I saw @blackgirlinmain and @DebbyIrving in Portsmouth on Sunday (it'll be next week.)
This past Sunday @BlackHeritageNH had one of their Tea Talks. It was the first one I was able to attend, and I was so glad I did! Over 200 people were at Temple Israel in Portsmouth.
Moments after arriving, a work friend found me, which was great, (not just because I got to see her, but because she's attended all of them so far, so she gave me a little breakdown of what they were like before they started.
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The 2020 Democratic Presidential primary is underway with a large field including five women! Many have discussed conversations with the 2016 Democratic Primary winner @HillaryClinton but Bernie Sanders went on @TheView this morning to emphasize his political differences /1
In particular Bernie emphasized that he got more youth votes in the primary than Trump and Hillary combined saying "We brought a lot of young people into the process." While its true that Bernie got a high youth vote in the primaries does that really mean he brought ppl in? /2
Bernie won 71% of the youth vote in the 2016 Democratic primary compared to Obama winning 60% in 2008 but turnout was lower in the 2016 Democratic primary (though still high compared to others). Therefore its unlikely Bernie actually brought too many young voters into the process
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“That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. That man's first step was possible thanks to the work of several women. One of them is Margaret Hamilton, responsible for the Apollo software that took us to the moon. 👱‍♀️💻🚀🌕
Thread about her. #WomensHistoryMonth
Margaret Hamilton was born in Indiana in 1936. She loved maths since she was a kid. She liked being able to derive the answers, because she didn't want to memorize. She said she was too lazy. At 22 she got her maths undergrad degree and planned to do a PhD in abstract maths.
When she got married she decided to postpone graduate school to work while his husband attended Law School.
She found a job as a programmer at MIT even though she didn't know how to code. These were pioneering times: she learned on her own. Computing wasn’t taught back then.
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Below Are The Many Ways To Help The #ERAyesAZ Efforts

We have until April to #RatifyTheERA in Az, good news is we have the votes, all we need is YOU!

This thread will go over how anybody can help this effort, from anywhere in the nation

#WomensHistoryMonth #38Miles #ERANow

There is a huge 3 day hike in Phx spanning #38Miles, in honor of Alice Paul & her band of suffragists who hiked for equality back in 1913

Women from all over the country will be attending

March 11-13, you can attend 1 day or all 3

Register below 👇🏼…

If you cannot attend the #38Miles march, you can sponsor someone!

With your donation of $1 per mile ($38), you will recieve a sash handmade by the volunteers at @erataskforceaz

Please remember to include your name & address in the PayPal notes at
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This #WomensHistoryMonth, I'm going to try and highlight cases of women's active involvement in post-Cold War conflicts. The cases I'm discussing are among those featured in my newly released book Insurgent Women, and my prior book Why Women Rebel (now in paperback).
1a. Starting with the civil conflict in Colombia, which is featured in Insurgent Women. Many people are aware of the extensive participation of women in the FARC, where they were about 1/3 of the demobilizing rebels as of 2017.…
1b. However, women's engagement in the war is much more complicated. The ELN, with ~2500 rebels per some estimates, has about 25% women in its ranks. Its highest-ranking ♀︎ leader, Comandante Paula, died in 2018 in Havana...
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I am going to celebrate one historic heroine of mine a day, for the duration of #WomensHistoryMonth
March 1st. Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204CE). Duchess of Aquitaine. Queen of France. Queen of England. Warrior. Lawmaker. Giver of international conventions. Patron of arts. Cultural innovator. Regent of England. Mother of 3 Kings. A thread.
Eleanor dad was the Duke of Aquitaine, a land in modern France. It was somewhere between a quarter and a third of French territory, and the Dukes of Aquitaine were so rich and powerful that they treated the kings of France, technically their feudal lords, as equals. Lannisters.
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For #WomensHistoryMonth show your wife how much you love her.

Set the stuff out that goes on your sandwich to make it easier for her to make it.
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Happy #WomensHistoryMonth. Who are your five favorite women to follow on here? The funniest, the most informative, the ones who challenge you the most? I'll try and amplify as many as possible. Thx.
I don't even know why I said 5 when there are so many out there. List as many as you want. lol. Also. if you know of any charities that do good work centered around women, send me a link. I'd like to share those. Thx. #WomensHistoryMonth
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Today, I'll receive my first passport with the correct gender marker. Seems quite appropriate. I'm proud to be a woman and grateful to the women who have come before us.

And I'm using it to go with friends to Italy next month! So excited! ❤️
May go to a bar with friends tonight and flash my new passport like a goddamn dweeb. Pray for me.

And thank you all for the kind words! Seriously wonderful. It's been a good day for this girl. 🥰
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On this first day of #WomensHistoryMonth I highlight Soror Barbara Jordan. She was the first African American to deliver the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. She also introduced the Presidential Records Act that eventually became a law in 1978.
On this second day of #WomensHistoryMonth I highlight Soror Wilma Rudolph. Despite being told as a child she would never walk again, she became the first American woman to win three gold medals in track and field during the 1960 Summer Olympics.
On this third day of #WomensHistoryMonth I highlight Soror Dr. Jocelyn Elders. She was the first African American Surgeon General. While in that position she advocated for sexual health and reproductive rights — something which is still taboo to this day.
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Her story changed history. Our Smithsonian American Women’s History Initiative will tell a more complete American story and empower future generations.

This #WomensHistoryMonth, we'll share stories of the women who changed ours: #BecauseOfHerStory. Graphic on teal background with white text: “because of her story.” About 10 black and white photos of women’s faces. One wears a top hat. Another works in a chemistry lab.
Caroline Jones started as a copywriter in the early 1960s and later founded multiple ad firms. She fought against the assumption that her ads should only address African American consumers. More about her career from @amhistorymuseum: #BecauseOfHerStory In a pale red and white graphic, there is a black and white photo of a woman. Text reads:
@amhistorymuseum Ruth Asawa wove wire to create airy and evocative sculptures, and her later work included large-scale public art commissions. The Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts is named after her. Interview in our @ArchivesAmerArt: #BecauseOfHerStory In a teal and white graphic, a close photo of a woman's face. Text reads: Ruth Asawa studied art in a Japanese American incarceration camp and became an advocate for arts education.  Ruth Asawa studied art in a Japanese American incarceration camp and became an advocate for arts education. #BecauseOfHerStory
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Every day for #WomensHistoryMonth I will post about a woman in history who fought for the lives of others without regard for what might happen to them. These women may not be familiar names. I hope this simple gesture will bring attention to their lives and stories. 1/9
Today, I am highlighting Sophie Scholl.
Scholl was a German college student in the early 1940's who studied biology and philosophy in Munich. A devout Lutheran, many of her letters were found to have extensive reference to her faith. In her time at the University of Munich 2/9
Sophie discovered a pamphlet called "White Rose". In the pamphlet, the authors (one of whom was her brother) described horrors of German soldiers executing POWs in mass graves and mass killings of Jews- a very different reality than the one being painted by the German press 3/9
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