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Good morning, friends! Today is #VisibleWomen day. This will be a thread that goes over the history & basics then we'll get started. (Instructions also posted here:… )
What is the #VisibleWomen project? It's a effort to raise the profiles of women (and not-men) in the comic book industry **in order to get them work**. (More on that last part in a bit.)
For the next roughly 8 hours, we will signal boost portfolio & CV links from women in the comic book and publishing industries. We will then put those names and links on a spreadsheet that is made available FOR FREE to any hiring professionals in the industry. #VisibleWomen
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Presenting "Voices of Shin Buddhist Women Poets," a compilation of poems by Jodo Shinshu practitioners (Note: this is a collection thread of previously solo tweets sent daily for #womenshistorymonth 2021)
Be enriched by the simplest things.
The smell of fresh laundry.
The lick of a cat.
The lazy freedom of a cotton sweater.
The sound of rain.
The old movie you saw last night when we could not sleep.
Life is made of experience.
Weave yourself a lifetime of Namu Amida Butsu.
-Agnes Myoshu Jedcrzjewska, from "Buddhist Voices from Metta," edited by Connie Fukumoto et. al.
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When I first came to Washington in the early 1990s, 31 million women had joined the labor force since the time I left college in 1968. A higher percentage of US women worked than our counterparts in almost any other developed nation. Progress was on the move.

Until it wasn’t.
At the time, we ranked 6th in labor force participation out of the 22 wealthiest countries.

And then something started to change — smaller cohorts of women started joining the labor force & more left altogether.

By 2010, American women no longer ranked 6th of 22.
We were 17th.
Things were far from perfect in the earlier days.
Women were paid less for the same work. (They still are.)
And underneath the numbers was a widespread & intolerable culture of workplace discrimination, particularly for women of color.

Still, economic opportunity was growing.
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To round out the end of Women's History Month...of course we have to mention the Cosmosphere's founder, Patty Carey (1921-2003)!

Have you ever wondered why Hutchinson, Kansas, is the home of the Cosmosphere? It's because of our wonderful founder, Patty Carey. 1/7
Her desire to share the wonders of astronomy became the foundation for the Cosmosphere's internationally recognized space artifact collection. 2/7
Fueled by her life-long interest in science, Patty established the first planetarium in the state of Kansas in 1962, called "Hutchinson's Theatre of the Skies" and later changed to "The Hutchinson Planetarium," ... 3/7
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At age 9, Neha Gupta sold her toys to buy books for orphans in India, an endeavor that evolved into a nonprofit -- Empower Orphans. The organization has since helped thousands worldwide. In 2014, Gupta became the first American to win the International Children's Peace Prize. Neha Gupta, a woman wearing a yellow sweater and jeans sitti
In her first year of medical school at the Penn State College of Medicine, Gupta created State of Youth, a nonprofit with the mission of motivating young people to engage in global change initiatives. Neha Gupta wearing a shirt that says 'The Future is Female'.
Now in her second year, in the wake of COVID-19, she is researching new technologies that can help bridge gaps in public and community health. #WomensHistoryMonth… Neha Gupta receiving the International Children's Peach Priz
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This is a tweet thread long overdue, but stick with me because things are about to get juicy... (1/14)
Most of you know that on Dec 21st 2020 my @instagram account with over 5.2 Million followers was disabled, three weeks later my business account SHAGMAG with 700K was disabled as well... only pictures I could find of the accounts are below (2/14)
I reached out to multiple @instagram sources and I was told my accounts were disabled due to impersonation (???) And nudity but found it confusing that big named celebrities and companies like @playboy continue to get away with posting content that is much more nude (see below)
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Eileen Collins was born in Elmira, New York in 1956. When she was young, she found her inspiration in the Mercury astronauts – but noticed during that time, there wasn't any women astronauts to look up to. 1/10
She received an associate’s in math/science from Corning CC and went on to achieve a bachelor’s in math and economics from Syracuse University. After that she got her master’s in operations research at Stanford AND a master’s in space systems management from Webster Uni. 2/10
She attended Vance Air Force Base where she was one of four women chosen for the Undergraduate Pilot Training. There she earned her pilot wings and became a T-38 Talon instructor pilot and eventually a C-141 Starlifter pilot. 3/10
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In 1880 a mysterious figure was found face down 400ft from the shores of Loch Leven at Ballachulish.

Nearly 5ft tall and made of a single piece of alder with pebbles for eyes, it was radiocarbon-dated to ~600 BC. But who, or what, does it depict?
#WomensHistoryMonth THREAD 1/7 The wooden figure staring straight ahead with a surprised ex
Theories abound. The figure appears to depict a woman or girl, and a fertility goddess is one possibility.

When the figure was found it looked much different and was more intact, as seen in this entry in the Proceedings of @socantscot from 1881 2/7 Page from an antiquarian journal with an illustration of the
When discovered in 1880 there were not yet techniques for preserving waterlogged wood. Unfortunately, it was dried out and transported, badly damaging it before it arrived with us. You can see the transformation below.

If only we could go back in time with current methods! 3/7 Side by side comparison of the figure before and after trans
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Doctors, especially female doctors, are rushing to defend Dr. Birx

“male-centered” world is problem = latest knee jerk “feminist” defense

Men cause female doctors to not speak on scientific facts in public?

Why isn’t female doctors saving lives of WOC part of “feminism”?
The same doctors who will jump on the “racism!” bandwagon vs @JAMA_current if vs a *man*

will rush to cover up for a woman/peer who *operationalizes* structural racism

The face of structural & medical racism is female

And women will defend women rather than be held accountable
@DrJRMarcelin published this in @JAMA_current. Women of color, specifically black women, need to be leading the conversation on #COVID19 in America because when #publichealth systems fail on top of medical racism, you get exactly the results we got.…
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@meganranney do you stand by “Birx became inextricably tied to the harmful decisions of her negligent, disastrously ignorant boss” in your @CNN defense of Dr. Birx?

Is this ageism & ableism cuz of “male-centered”
or is Birx’s female doctor brain capable of independent thought?
At what point will #WomenInMedicine and #womeninstem believe that women are full adults

who are responsible accountable for our own words?

I know it is soooooo scary to be around men 😱

and I guess some of us are so petrified we can’t figure out #SciComm scientists?
The child-woman or wilting woman of smelling salts is a Western construct

Keep me out of your opinion, @meganranney - this minority & WOC holds Birx accountable as a scientist, physician, public servant, & woman who lost a >50 y/o mother to #COVID19

My mother is dead
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@poppy_northcutt graduated from University of Texas at Austin with a degree in mathematics and started as a contractor for TRW Systems (now a part of Northrup Grumman) working for NASA in 1965 as a human “computress.” 1/8 Image
“What a weird title this is,” she recalled thinking then, in an interview with TIME magazine in 2019 “Not only do they think I’m a computer, but they think I’m a gendered computer.” She was promoted a year later to Return-to-Earth Specialist, calculating mission trajectories.2/8
Making her the first women in a technical position at Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX.

Poppy was the only woman working in NASA's Mission Control during the Apollo 8 mission. (Her work involved Trans-Earth Injection.) 3/8
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Free speech has endured prolonged attacks around the world, and no one knows that more than @mariaressa courageous journalist speaking truth to power at her own peril, and one of our #WomensHistoryMonth honorees: 1/ Image
Ressa, who spent nearly two decades working as a reporter for CNN and now is the CEO of the news site Rappler, has spent her career fighting against disinformation and attacks on free speech. 2/
Her work has earned her mentions in Time's Person of the Year, 100 Most Influential People in the World, and won her many other awards.

It has also gotten her sentenced to up to 6 years in jail. 3/
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1/. This week we bid goodbye to two human rights heroes

Ystdy, we learned of the sudden death of Prof Christof Heyns (62), a giant of intnl human rights law

Last weekend, Nawal El Saadawi (89), Egyptian feminist, writer & campaigner who fought against patriarchy & poverty, died
2/. “He was a deeply moral man. His life was one of consequence & meaning, in which he used his energy to turn human wrongs into human rights,” @UPTuks

His father, theologian Johan Heyns, who once described apartheid as a sin, was assassinated in 1994.…
3/. "Feminism isn’t a Western invention. Feminism wasn’t invented by American women. It’s embedded in the culture & in the struggle of all women all over the world" #NawalElSaadawi to @krishgm in 2018 #MeToo #TimesUp #IstanbulConvention #WomensHistoryMonth
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Just stop these tiny violins. As a woman of color who lost my mother to the pandemic, as a licensed physician, and as a public servant, I can say it is EXACTLY women like Dr. Birx who drive out women like me from “her” turf & prematurely end the lives of women like my mother.
You don’t have to buy an assault rifle and show up to shoot someone’s mother to have blood on your hands.
Bureaucrats like Dr. Birx has blood on their hands no different from as if she did this. You can kill, passively, while wrapped in an Hermès scarf.…
@JeromeAdamsMD this is an example of bureaucrats & policies causing death

Perhaps before implying seeking accountability for the policy-driven deaths of so many mothers & loved ones

is “anti-feminist”
learn history
bureaucrats kill women & men of color…
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Last night, a woman opened up a space - I am so humbled & honored to have been there. Instead of the curated communication, women from around the world were real with each other on struggles, hopes, successes #WomensHistoryMonth #womenintech #WomenInSTEM #WomenInLeadership
I am fired up today but in a very hopeful way. Things are changing. We spoke of how to activate allies and how to choose when to speak and when to navigate. To be honest, this space was in a broader space I had started to get so frustrated with I was settling into cynicism.
That female energy was particularly meaningful as I'm still raw and processing the loss of my mother. Mommy was like my own personal Ruth Bader Ginsberg speaking the Queen's English as taught to her by German nuns in Karachi (yeah that's a brain pretzel) and using due process.
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Writer/Producer/Director Ava DuVernay can add advocate to her long list of credits. @ava says everyone deserves a place on set. And that is why the Emmy Award winner, Golden Globe, and Oscar-nominee is a #WomensHistoryMonth honorees 1/ Image
She’s helping make Hollywood more inclusive.
DuVernay says when she’d ask why most film and TV sets looked the same, she’d get the same answer. “The industry often tells us they’ve looked for Black folks, people of color, and women crew members, but simply can’t find us.” 2/
So this year, in direct response to that excuse, DuVernay launched @ARRAYNow, a database full of diverse creative talent. It's an equal opportunity hiring platform, with a mission to support professionals in the film & television industry from underrepresented populations. 3/
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The next #VisibleWomen is Monday, March 29. This is gonna be a thread about that.
I should probably start at the start -- the first #VisibleWomen day was in 2016. It started out of frustration at the perception that it was hard to find women who were qualified or wanted to draw mainstream comics. The first VW was for artists only. It went well.
So we did it again 6 months later. The goal was never just visibility; the goal was to get women work, to get them PAID. So we started producing a spreadsheet from the hashtag and offering it free of charge to any hiring professional in the publishing industry.
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In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, WCK worked with Archewell, the non-profit created by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, to provide meals & share a message of appreciation & support in Chicago. Dessert was a lemon olive oil cake baked by The Duchess—with lemons 🍋 from her garden!
Since WCK’s Covid response began in Chicago, we’ve served nearly 500,000 meals. Today, Dorri of the YWCA Metropolitan Chicago—which has distributed 60,000 meals with WCK—and Sarah, co-owner of Fat Shallot restaurant, shared a safely distanced lunch with women picking up meals.
Women are on the frontlines of our work: making & serving meals, volunteering, and leading businesses & organizations that serve their communities each day.

Support the women-owned businesses partnering with WCK and the families we serve at
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People choose to overlook the learning happening in schools during this pandemic, but for many of us doing the teaching, we've been VERY BUSY finding new opportunities to make learning more inclusive and empowering for all of our students. 1/
When our entire school was fully remote, we realized that we could finally organize school-wide events. Pre-pandemic, we had +1600, making events such as our Juneteenth, BLM at School, & Lunar New Year events near impossible. Now? We have zoom + almost all Ss w/devices! 2/
The @BrooklynMs88 equity team will be hosting its 4th school-wide event 2mrw: A combined #BlackHistoryMonth + #WomensHistoryMonth celebration!

A zoom celebration means that all students & their FAMILIES are welcome! Yay! This has been the BEST part.

*flyer by @maimizunooo* 3/ Image
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Here it is! My 🧵 on the 110th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, one of the largest and most significant industrial disasters in American history. #TriangleShirtwaistFactory #WomensHistoryMonth #laborhistory
This disaster is a fascinating intersection of women’s history and labor history, and imho does not get enough credit for being as influential as it was.
So let’s dig in, shall we?
First off, what exactly is a shirtwaist??
Great question. It looks like this:
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For three months, thousands of farmers have camped on the outskirts of New Delhi to protest new laws that would exploit the most vulnerable among them.

But the backbone of the protests have been thousands of women in bright yellow scarves.
#WomensHistoryMonth 1/
The government says these laws would modernize the sector, but deregulating is likely to increase the gender gap in India. Currently, 75% of all farm work is conducted by women, but they own less than 13% of the land. 2/
And it isn't just female farmers who are affected—women who stayed behind to look after families and farms are contributing to the protests too, all in an effort to stand in solidarity and be heard. 3/
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Basketball champion Jack Animam is now 96-0 in her collegiate career after going undefeated during her one season in Taiwan’s University Basketball Association.

That's a feat like no other, not just for female athletes, but in Philippine sports as well. #WomensHistoryMonth
Basketball player Jack Danielle Animam on her undefeated collegiate run: It is amazing na lagi kaming nananalo
Gilas Pilipinas Women stalwart Jack Danielle Animam says she had to undergo physical preparations during her stint with Shih Hsin University at the University Baskebtall Association
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#WomensHistoryMonth Mildred Fish-Harnack was a spy for the Allied forces during World War II and was the only American woman to die by Hitler's direct order for her involvement in the resistance movement.
Born in Milwaukee, Fish-Harnack studied and taught English at @UWMadison, where she met her husband from Germany. Later, they moved to Germany and she continued to teach while working on her doctorate.
Fish-Harnack and her husband joined a small resistance group during the rise of the Nazi regime. Their group helped Jews escape from Germany and smuggled important information to the U.S. government about the Nazis.
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For #WomensHistoryMonth we are highlighting three women scientists from across our three research units by sharing their stories in their own words. Next up is Katherine Romanak, an environmental geochemist at the @GulfCoastCarbon at the @Bureau3E . 🧵 1/20
My name is Katherine Romanak and I am a research scientist at the @UTAustin Bureau of Economic Geology. I am an environmental geochemist and work in carbon capture and storage (CCS), a technology for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. 2/20
In CCS, carbon dioxide (CO2) is captured at the smokestack of large industrial facilities before being emitted into the atmosphere. It is then compressed into a liquid and injected deep into the Earth for permanent disposal in deep geologic formations. 3/20
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