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Believe in Continue and Un-ending Improvement. Views expressed here are for learning and education purposes ONLY. Not a trading or investment advice.
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Sep 17, 2020 7 tweets 3 min read

*** Stock has fallen 30% in last three months. Presently, at old b/o level consolidating.

*** This also seen as support on rising trend line.

*** Stock is making ascending triangle as well. Image *** Delivery % data is showing slight pic up in delivery% with respect to its averages…
Sep 5, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read
In search of Greenery...

Beyond FNO


*** Price above 50& 200 DEMA
*** Closed in green with increase in Price, Volume, Traded Value, Delivery% when entire market RED.
*** RSI above 50.
*** MACD above zero.


CMP 56.35 Image
Aug 30, 2020 6 tweets 3 min read
When Data & Aata is coming together....its necessary to see the building up picture.


*** B/O of down sloping channel with significant volume..
*** Crossover of 50 & 200 DEMA.

Find your stocks in the sector. ImageImage Non FNO, where i am looking for.

A deep consolidation, Away from limelight, A penny stock where we see unprecedented volume in recent past. ImageImage
Jul 26, 2020 10 tweets 4 min read
#Option Chain
#Option trading

# ATM CE position built up... Strong resistance
# ATM PE position built up... Strong support.
# Far OTM position built up on call side...Strong bullish
# Far OTM CE position built up... Strong bearish....

I couldn't find it so simple. Mostly, what I learned is this presumption is a very easy way to misguide the masses by using the option chain.

On many occasions I have taken absolutely opposite stand and got good hit ratio.
Apr 30, 2020 17 tweets 4 min read
24 March 2020..... India equity markets made low of 7511 and next 35 days 2348 points recovery.

So let's see which all sectors participated and which lagging behind.

Violet line indicates ... Nifty 50 Index
Green line indicates respective Index.
Yellow line indicates... RSI(14) My chart reading says..

Participating sectors... NIFTY financial services, Pvt bank, Metal, Energy, Auto, Infra & IT

Laggards..... Nifty consumption, FMCG, Pharma, Media, Realty, PSU Bank

So one can decide where to long and short in May series.
Apr 24, 2020 10 tweets 4 min read
Why did I say so?

Let's have a look, how smart men set the move and we dragged along.

A learning thread of price action and its option chain set up. Stage 1.

Stock come into radar on 17 Apr 20. with its increase in traded value, traded volume and above average delivery % in last one week. Also, noticed the ratio of number of trade and total traded quantity is high..... Seems big players are interested in this.
Apr 20, 2020 6 tweets 4 min read

It's wonderful Bullish set up.😀

*** Volume, Traded Value & Delivery%...... Up.
*** Consolidation for more than month in a Narrow range. *** Unwinding in shorts from 30 March to 10 Apr.... Indicated with Orange color.

*** Fresh position added in Futures from 10 Apr on words.... Indicated with Green arrow.
Apr 18, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
1. Chart Pattern: Consolidation after four continued weekly bearish candles.
2. Price facing resistance at 20 DEMA.
3. COI rising.
4. Increasing delivery on weekly basis.
5. Addition in far OTM PE in Apr & May series.
6. Addition in ITM, ATM & all OTM CE.
7. PCR 0.58 We have very limited stocks in FNO in this sector.

Its IT sector.... Lets do some study.

*** Note.

Don't speculate. Don't mention name here. Allow everyone to put efforts. If you find the stock, study the effects. Focus on learning.
Apr 16, 2020 8 tweets 4 min read
#IBULHSGFIN........ A case study.

21. 71% ++...... Surprise..... Isnt it???

Yes....For every one who sees it today. This is a short story...

*** Stock made its low on 19 march. COI made a low on 30 Mar 2020. Thereafter, mild increase in the COI.....
Apr 13, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
Today's FAQ:

How and why did I say this about NCC?


1. Study was same as mentioned in the pinned tweet. Data collection. Only difference is now I have started little more addition and subtraction resulting work has increased bit. But you have seen the outcome. 2. Stock has increased in the average traded value from past few days. Also increase in the delivery volume and delivery %. This was undergoing from past few weeks. ( Curious members can study the data further from this link)…
Apr 7, 2020 9 tweets 4 min read

A case study for finding the reversal with the help of Price, Volume, Futures open interest( COI), Option Chain.

*** Weekly chart with prices going down as equally to the year 2005 prices. However, the catch is volume kept decreasing ....... Alarm.
Mar 29, 2020 14 tweets 4 min read
Let's do some self study....


Few drawings first....

Rejection from Middle band of BB... also known as 20DMA with inverted Hammer.... Bearish Image RSI struggling to cross above 50 line..... Image
Feb 24, 2020 6 tweets 2 min read
Team for tomorrow
#BAJAJAUTO Now received some link.….

Data knows everything.
Dec 15, 2019 5 tweets 2 min read
In last 30 days NIFTY 50 Index has gained 1.61%.
Find the FII fund flow, Gainer and looser Sectors :…

Links to check sect-oral stocks:……

If you like it, Share/ RT for Learning purposes. Actual changes in the sectors on Monthly basis.
Nov 16, 2019 9 tweets 5 min read
#PATTERN #student @basiclearner

Food for thought....

1. Insider trading data.
2. Average Target.
2. Chart. Daily & Hourly
3. Nov 19 Option Chain.
4. Dec 19 Option Chain.
5. Delivery % data.
6. Short covering in Futures... basis +ve
Nov 1, 2019 24 tweets 7 min read
First of all Hearty Congratulations to those who have shown keen interest in learning and sharing the knowledge.

Stock Selection process....

Is it a Holy Grail?..... NO

Will it work all the time? …..NO

Can you do it tomorrow… NO… For this, One need to build up your own data for analysis and the reward of it you knows. This Stock selection process is totally based on the simple yet very important logic,

“Market is Supreme, Market knows everything”.
Oct 31, 2019 4 tweets 2 min read
Today's FAQ?

How and why the stock was chosen?

For the stock selection the no of methods I used this is One of them:

Day to day

1. Price down.
2. Traded Volume down.
3. Traded Value down.
4. No of trades in cash market down.
5. Delivery Volume down.
6. Delivery % down. 7. Futures price down.
8. No. Traded contract in derivative market down .
9. Traded value in Futures down.
10. Open interest in futures Up.
11. Basis -Ve.
12. Strong Put writing in ATM PE and unwinding in ATM CE... Strong Ultra Bullish indication.
Oct 26, 2019 18 tweets 6 min read

A case study. ...... for learning purposes. Please record your observations

An Option Chain Theory and practical. Stock is in downward sloping channel, trading below all the possible MA
Oct 19, 2019 8 tweets 3 min read

1. Use this site. Here, One will get sectors wherein the
FII (Foreign Institutional Investors) has added/ withdrawal the money.… 2. The data compilation. Last three fortnight data collated for learning and identification of probable bullish and bearish sectors.…
Oct 6, 2019 7 tweets 6 min read

15 Points Study:

1. EOD Chart. Candle Volume Chart.
2. RSI & ADX on daily.
3. Change in futures Open Interest.…
4. INDEX Option Chain.…… 5. Primium Decay…

6. FII/ DII net traded value in Cash market.…

7. FII/DII net traded value in derivative.…