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Hello friends! Before leaving this account, I'd like to share valuable insights & experiences I gained as PhD #student, #postdoc, and #newPI. These are on various aspects of science.

My insights are obviously not universal. Please take them with a 'big grain of salt'.
Open 🧵
#1. NEVER EVER write an email when overwhelmed by emotion. This is especially relevant when the emotion is anger, regardless of whether it is justified or not. When receiving bad / unpleasant news, it's best to let it rest AT LEAST 1-2 days before responding.
#2. In myself and in my scientific team members, I welcome every feeling/state (expressed with respect) EXCEPT BOREDOM.

A person that is bored has lost curiousity, and awareness of how little she/he knows of this AMAZING universe. There is always something great to learn!
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My experience with Children who had #Dyslexia.

When I was in Mombasa, I was running a Madrasa with over 600 children for 3 years.
Some parents would remove their children from schools completely and make their children join the Madrasa fulltime so that they memorised the
#HolyQuran while getting tuition teachers to teach them in the evenings so that they don't miss out in their Secular Education.
3-4 years down the line when they are done memorizing the #HolyQuran, the go back to school and continue with their Secular Education.
I really admired
the dedication & the devotion these parents had towards the Book of ALLAH where they wanted their children to memorise the #HolyQuran. A Book that has over 600 pages and the child memorises it from cover to cover before the age of 12 years. This was a Noble Deed and the reward
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A small thread picked up from my daily journal-

Last few days, I have been in a deeper mental state. A zone wherein it's just you and markets. Markets have been a big perspective changer for me, who is just a 19 yr old student with over 50 grand in loan.
I am trying to detach myself from conventional money.

I am more towards seeing what money can do and is required for. For me doing meaningful work is turning out to be a bigger side I would pick over money.
Trading and markets can actually make you look deeper into yourself and how fucked I was. My concept of money was so lame and dumb. I am not there yet, but I am definitely getting there. I am digging into myself and the way I think, act, and react.
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We wish to announce to the general public, that the following services are now available with us, with 💯 percent admission guarantee to our amiable students/parents & Wards. @UnilagNigeria @UnibenDARE @survivor17 Image
Fulfill your dream of studying abroad. Get your questions regarding studying abroad answered by our oriented support service consultants.

Students/parents who wishes to travel abroad can now process a varsity of Visa, with our expertise.
Thus, we at OJCA citadel now Affilliate with due assured institutions, for JUPEB AND IJMB Programmes aiming to get our registered candidates into 200level admission to their universities of choice.
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At 6pm tonight, @ShriyaSrinivas3 (@MIT neural engineer) @Mike_Federle (@Forbes CEO) talk about Invention & Reinvention🔬 with @johnkwerner @alison_sander cc @thevonwong @lizheller @KunalSood. Turning the “what if” into “what next.” @imaginationxyz
Musical artist Hayley Reardon kicking things off with some tunes
After @ColbyCollege , @Mike_Federle got his start doing reviews at Kayaking Magazine, then Ziff Davis. The transition from the editorial side to the business side happened quickly. The beginning of reinventing a media brand @Forbes today.
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MPSC ची परीक्षा अधिवेशन संपल्यावरच रद्द का केली?
आधीच करायला पाहिजे होती ना, आमच्या हातात हॉल तिकीट देऊन ठेवायची गरज काय होती?

विरोधी पक्षाला उत्तर देऊ शकत नव्हते का तुम्ही या मुद्द्यावर..

केंद्राने बँकिंगची परीक्षा घेतली...
केंद्राने रेल्वेची परीक्षा घेतली...
नोव्हेंबर मध्ये UPSC घेतली...
केंद्राने JNU घेतली...
केंद्राने JEE घेतली...
केंद्राने नेट/सेट घेतली...
केंद्राने IB च्या परीक्षेसाठी जाहिरात काढली...

गावागावात ग्राम पंचायत निवडणुका झाल्या,
गुलाल उधळला पण कोरोना नाही आला...

बाळासाहेबांच्या स्मारकाच उद्घाटन झाल,
वाढदिवस झाला पण कोरोना नाही आला...

तुम्ही तुमच्या वडिलांना मुख्यमंत्री बनण्याचं वचन दिल होत,
मग आम्ही आमच्या घरच्यांना MPSC मार्फत अधिकारी बनण्याचं मृगजळ दाखवलं होतं का?

-MPSC विद्यार्थी #MPSC #student
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Thread: grant submission experiences as a #PI vs. trainee…with sides of serious and comical.

#AcademicTwitter @AcademicChatter
This week I worked alongside some of my #EPCHL team members (#postdocs, #PhD students) and colleagues to submit 2 applications (was involved in a 3rd). Same competition, same deadline.
Other #EPCHL staff continued to keep our 7+ other clinical trials running smoothly; they have this, they have superpowers that we don’t praise enough.

This brought up memories of a grant submission during graduate school where the PIs and PhD students.
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1/365 - Starting this thread with one of the first Motorcycles to be built in India. The @royalenfield #Bullet350. A Motorcycle which was initially built for the Indian Army but with time found patronage amongst varying genre of people achieving a cult status over the decades. ImageImageImageImage
2/365 - After selling imported Vespas for a while, Bajaj Auto started manufacturing the #Bajaj150 under license in 1959. This was one of the first Scooters in India and certainly changed the 2-Wheeler scene as it was initially available at a significant premium in the market. ImageImageImageImage
3/365 Automobile Products of India (API) was the 1st Scooter maker in India and manufactured the #Lambretta Li 150 Series 2 under license from Innocenti at Bombay in the 1960's. This scooter was very popular and made appearances in a few famous Bollywood movies too. #BikerLife ImageImageImageImage
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Hello there! I'm Zara and I'm 18 (almost 19). Im a care leaver from Devon, I have been in care since I was 13. I have a stay put arrangement which means I get to continue living with my foster family even though I'm 18. Im lucky because I have only had one foster family... 1/5
Throughout my time in care. They truly are amazing! I have just finished my a-levels at @NAbbotCollege and I achieved an A in health and social care and performing arts, and a B in photography, I couldn't be happier. My next step is university I will be going to... 2/5
@cardiffmet to study social work. I have decided I want to do social work based on my own life experience and I want to give back and help other young people just like I was who may not have had the best start in life. I've been inspired by the social workers Ive had... 3/5
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Are we #FREE online in #Thailand ?
Student-led protests R calling 2 #SaveThaiDemocracy, respect #FreeSpeech & end #harassment of #ProDemocracy #youth 👉🏼Check our campaign 2 #StopDigitalDictatorship so we all enjoy #onlineFreedom 👉🏼
#savepanusaya #saveparit ImageImage
Are we #FREE in #Thailand? Want 2 know what laws military-backed govt is using to charge & arrest critics & activits? Check 👉🏼 as we break it down for U!
#savepanusaya #saveparit #MilkTeaAlliance #หยุดคุกคามประชาชน #อานนท์หายไปไหน ImageImageImageImage
Are we #FREE in #Thailand ? Check #campaign 2 #StopDigitalDictatorship as we call on Govt. to
1. Respect #onlinefreedom in line w/ intl #HumanRights law
2. Stop threats & arrests of #student activists
3. Stop criminalization of critics
4. Save #Democracy
#SaveParit #youth ImageImageImageImage
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A-level and BTEC students Results Day

what you need for uni
stylish backpack 🎒 :
pack of pens 🖊️:
pukka pads📓 :

#AlevelResults #ResultsDay #resultsday2020 #Results2020 #alevels2020 #alevels #BTEC
Alevels & BTEC students Results Day

ball point ✍️
Stationery ✏️
organiser 👝
post it notes:

#students #BTECResultsDay #btecresults #Results2020
Home movers:

🍽️ 35+ Piece Kitchen Starter Kit:

🧰 Tool Set:

🧺 Foldable Laundry basket:


🏋️ Gym bag:

#uni #university #unilife #studentlife
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/08/2020…
Why Decentralization Matters. We’ve forgotten there’s a better way to… | by Chris Dixon | OneZero…

The debate over masks today is a lot like the decades-long fight to mandate seat belts - CNN…

#belts #debate #seat #masks
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Selamat datang ke UIAM, Taman Ilmu dan Budi.

Fun fact mengenai UIAM

1. Pelajar disana dipanggil bro dan sis
2. Pelajar UIA tidak memanggil kampus mereka sebagai UIA tetapi IIUM
3. Boleh duduk dalam mahallah selama mana anda sedang study.
Tempat-tempat yg kami pergi
1. ICC
2. Roundabout depan maingate
3. Richiamo (dekat tu ada Muamalat bank)
4. Berdekatan dgn jambatan depan Richiamo
5. Masjid SHAS
6. Library
7. Tugu keris dekat dgn bangunan Architecture
8. Tangga besar bangunan Rektor
9. SHAS (bahagian bawah)
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Do you have low CRS scores, yes, we understand that you may not rank high on the express entry CRS score ranking. But it doesn't mean you should abandon your Canada immigration plans. ....

There are certain provinces that need your proficiency. And you will never know until you
apply for a provincial nominee program. You may have low scores on the federal express entry and rank quite high on the PNP. The parameters used to rank the PNP is quite different from what is used to rank the federal express entry. Book a consultation with us today.
Chat with us on WhatsApp via +2348034781605 and let us assess your circumstance for eligibility for the Canadian Provincial Nominee Program. You may well be on your way to Canada as a permanent resident. Book a consultation now.

#homework #teacher #book #students #fff #student
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@LorenaSGonzalez @LorenaAD80 #UPDATE: #Free #Food Opportunities #SanDiego County:

#School #Summer #Meal Services by School District
#Pandemic-#EBT (#PEBT) - Deadline to APPLY, July 15
Food Resources During Coronavirus Crisis
School Summer Meal Services Listed by School District:
#ChulaVista #Elementary #School District -

#Meal #distribution will continue through #summer. #Drivethru meal distribution of #breakfast and #lunch takes place daily at the sites below, beginning at 10 a.m. and ending when all #bags are distributed.
#Bags will be placed into #automobile trunks; they will NOT be handed through #vehicle #windows unless absolutely necessary. #Meals are intended for our neediest #children between the ages of 1 to 18 years, & #students should be present when receiving meals.
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Perpustakaan dan Romantisme Muda-mudi
#library #kdrama #romance #student #study

Sebuah Utas
Utas kali ini akan menyinggung mengenai representasi perpustakaan di dalam Korean Drama, lagi. Haha. Sesuai judul, setidaknya utas ini akan dibagi pada dua bagian.
Perpustakaan yang diulas kali ini ada pada web series A-TEEN Season 1 (2018). Perpustakaan ini pertama ditunjukkan pada episode 4 saat Doha berencana belajar bersama dengan Hamin, yang ternyata juga bersama Kim-Ha.
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#OTD vor 79 Jahren, am 20. Mai 1941, begann Unternehmen Merkur: Die deutsche Landung auf #Kreta. Hier ein Foto meines Großvaters im Transportflieger. Sein bester Freund und Mann seiner späteren Frau wird an diesem Tag fallen. Image
Zur Einleitung ein kurzer Blick zurück in das Jahr 1938. Mein Großvater Wilhelm tritt dem #Gebirgsjäger-Regiment 100 in Berchtesgaden bei, wird später Unteroffizier. Die „schönste Kaserne des Reiches“ beherbergt heute das Gebirgsjägerbataillon 232. ImageImageImage
Dort lernt er seinen zukünftigen besten Freud Franz kennen. Dieser ist verheiratet mit Karoline, hier beide auf dem 🛷 vorne (Die Dame neben Opa kenne ich nicht 😗). Nun, das wird später relevant. ImageImage
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(THREAD) @ImpactAlpha challenges #impact investors to scale up their efforts 10X. To which I say: Yes! #Investors can do more, but there’s also #policy and #civics to consider. I want to share some ways at @_BlueHaven we’re addressing the #pandemic.
1/ On the #investment side, we’re checking in with #entrepreneurs and orgs we support, helping them keep their teams intact, thinking through costs, etc. (Check out @LaurenSCochran’s conversation with @annefieldonline:
2/ Bridge loans to #impact companies can also help. We’re excited about our investment in the Open Road Alliance Fund (@openroadtweets), which offers these to orgs affected by #COVID19 all over the world.
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1/4 Are you a #bored #student or #teacher? Do you like #maps #geography #GIS? Consider taking a look at #GISsurfer which is a general purpose web map I developed. This project is a public service and part of my way to “pay it forward”.

Homepage: Image
2/4 Government agencies host all kinds of GIS data. Anyone can use GISsurfer to look at that data almost as easy as you surf the internet. No GIS savvy required! You can add GIS data to the map and then save a link that will display your map. Image
3/4 Tip: The detailed documentation is in several PDF files that are linked near the top of the ‘Help’ page. To see some maps I made, click Menu ==> GISsurfer special maps ==> scroll down. Note the “Map tips” link in upper left corner. Image
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Today our focus for #GoGreenWeek is #wellbeing and #education. 💚

Visit our website to see the range of activities and opportunities taking place today, including a community #garden session and #tree planting 🌳 Image
Did you know our #environment and #ClimateEmergency plan recommends developing an ‘Exeter Student Sustainability Portfolio’ for every #student and #sustainability training for all staff.

Read more 👉
Why not spend some time in #nature today? 🌱🌺

Research by @ExeterMed suggests spending at least two hours a week in nature may be a crucial threshold for promoting #health and #wellbeing. 💚 Image
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Dear #Kuwaiti #Students,

I hope this #Tweet finds you in great health.

This Tweet will be a, #thread that revolves around many aspects of concerns in all levels.

As a #student at High-school or pursuing you #Doctorate please comprehend the following.

We here in the State of #Kuwait await your graduation. We await it so that we could welcome you abroad our community as a #productive individual that will make a difference. We rejoice the fact that you are full of energy and can't wait to see what difference you will bring.

You might of heard that our #economy is precarious or that there might be no jobs available. However, don't worry as we are all working on it from all fields & levels within the state. The #government is trying and we are #optimistic that they will figure it out soon.
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#PATTERN #student @basiclearner

Food for thought....

1. Insider trading data.
2. Average Target.
2. Chart. Daily & Hourly
3. Nov 19 Option Chain.
4. Dec 19 Option Chain.
5. Delivery % data.
6. Short covering in Futures... basis +ve
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I saw a couple carrying these contraptions on way to class at a #designinstitute. My driver drove close to the bikers and they slowed down for me to take photos, giggled &waved😎thanks to Pooja I now know that these are #handmade #mousetraps used in #agricultural #domestic spaces ImageImageImageImage
She studied them for her environmental perception course and even bought one. Pooja said, there’s a specific indigenous people who make this out of palm leaf and wood - all locally available material. They sell these for Rs 120 - 150 ImageImage
They are also hired to install and empty them when the #rats are caught. The makers of this #traditional #local #designsolution make about Rs 10, 000/- per month. Thank you Pooja 😊with every #student I learn so much
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Let’s talk about #lectures in HigherEducation
.@LangOnCourse alerts us to: When should we lecture in class? Excellent examples and analysis of the (positive) role of the lecture from @dgooblar #learning #lecture
.@mariosbham comments on "#Lectures: a much-maligned format which can be truly inspirational" #HigherEducation…
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