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All about basic CANDLESTICK patterns a chart analyst should know! - Part 2

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In Part - 1 of this series, we have seen
1. Doji
2. Harami
3. Hammer
In this thread, lets checkout few more basic candlesticks with examples.
4. Engulfing candlestick
5. Piercing candlestick
6. Marubozu candlestick
4. Engulfing candlestick.
As name says its a sweep over (something) so as to surround or cover it completely.
The candlestick is termed as engulfing candle if the second candle completely covers the first candle body.
The candle pair should be of opposite colours.
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All about basic CANDLESTICK patterns a chart analyst should know! 👇👇

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The candle stick in trading community refers to two different subjects.
1. This is a way of putting in data of a stock in graphical representation.
2. By vitue of #1, we intern can use them for analysis by combining various time frames known as chart analysis.
3. When we say chart analysis, it is nothing but study of price behaviour at various levels. Price behaves in certain manner due to larger participation of people at various key levels, by increase/decrese of demand and supplies.
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19-Sep-21 Update, here's a weekly post answering where, what how much & why of the action in Indian Stock Markets

#stockmarket #tradingnews #marketnews #newsupdate #investing #financenews #Nifty50 #businessnews #marketweekly #sharemarketupdates Research and development driven specialty chemicals manufactSuryoday Small Finance Bank (SSFB) shares soared 30 per centRakesh Jhunjhunwala-owned stock Nazara Technologies hits all
Top Weekly Gainers List :
1. Ami Organics
2. Suryoday Small Finance Bank
3. Nazara Technologies
4. Meghmani Finechem
5. Cosmo Films

Don't forget to Follow Us &
Visit Us at
to learn more. After demerger from its parent organisation, Meghmani FinechCosmo Films gains after board OKs Rs 350-cr capex plan, firs
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Journey of most typical trader.

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🎯 Swiping TV channels and anchor shouting that investors gained lakhs of crores in a day.
🎯 A friend flaunting that he has earned 5-10K today.
This 5-10K is the monthly salary of many.
🎯Inspiration from Profit screen shot of twitter traders.
After encountering with one among above case, you opened demat account and put 10K as initial capital.
First day of trade, you took very less quantity, say 10 quantity of a share. It came down but you held. at end of the day it went up above the buy price and you booked profit.
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Freak trade - A daylight robbery?

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It was a calm trading day on last trading day of the week and from nowhere price shooted up in some of the contracts disrupting everybody's self esteem!
If we go through past two month's history, this was the fifth/sixth price surge. Past surge were on
🩸On 5th July, Nifty Futures surged 805 points.
🩸On 28th July, Nifty futures made downmove of 530 points.
🩸Bank Nifty 37000 strike price surged 2000 points.🩸Nifty 16450 for August expiry rose by 700 points.
🩸Bank Nifty 37100 PE surged to 1921.
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Sharing a few #BankNifty & #Nifty strategies, that we deployed last week. Purpose is to assist retail traders to shift to lower risk trading. These and more similar ones were shared with followers of channel and my premium group, i2gainPremium.
any queries with respect to these are welcome on Twitter and our telegram discussion group
This #BankNifty period spread gave cool 9% in one day - Wed - Thursday, though we could grab some 5.6% only, closed the position around 2:30 P.M.
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#Nifty OI shed 9% on a day the saw Nifty future lost 0.83%. Clear signs of long unwinding at higher levels. Future segment participants are not as bullish as they were . . . .
#Nifty50 #BankNifty #Niftybank
#Nifty IV gained over 18%, as the index moved in opposite direction. Further expansion of IV is possible.
#Nifty50 PCR dipped further to 1.23, well in the lower zone of the range, oversold markets. (ignore 22 Aug data in the chart).
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#BankNifty OI and index future declined today. Looking at small change in OI on a day when Index has closed weak (lowest level of 12 sessions), can we read it as undecided participants ?
#NiftyBank #Nifty #Nifty50
#BankNifty PCR at 0.69 is lowest since July 28th, such low levels of PCR are seldom seen, indicating oversold markets.
#BankNifty IV raised to 17.5 from 15.82 on Friday, this is on expected lines for a day like today. One can keep an eye on IVs tomorrow, decline only will ensure sustainable rise and vice versa.
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List of stocks where you can find good short-term and medium-term trading opportunities 📊

Please Retweet if you find this helpful, so that more people can benefit from this.

Disclaimer: Stocks shared here are not buy or sell recommendation.

#StocksInFocus #watchlist #nifty50
(1) Shriram City Union Finance Limited
(2) Max Ventures and Industries Limited
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🩸FIBONACCI retracement and GOLDEN RATIO - PART 2

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We have described how interesting Fibonacci numbers and ratios are and how it's been formed in PART 1 of this series. In PART 2, Lets see how we take trade based on fibo.
🎯How to draw Fibonacci levels?
Drawing Fibonacci retracemnts are fairly simple. The main point we look into is, If the direction of retracment is up or down side.
✅ If the trend is up, choose lower point and a higher point. Connect lower point with higher point using Fibo tool.
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🎯Journey of fibonacci traces back to ancient Indian mathematics. However, Leonardo Pisano Bogollo, an Italian mathematician is considered as father of fibonacci numbers.
🎯Fibonacci numbers are sequences of numbers starting from zero arranged so that the value of next number is the sum of the previous two numbers. Sequence starts with 0,1 always.

Sample of Fibonacci sequence is as below:
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233......
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A short and brief thread on life insurance and it's market leader in india, #hdfclife
#investors .

Was getting a lot of request to cover this sector.(1/n)
Life insurance is a legally binding contract.
For the contract to be enforceable, the life insurance application must accurately disclose the insured’s past and current health conditions and high-risk activities.
#hdfclife (2/n)
For a life insurance policy to remain in force, the policyholder must pay a single premium up front or pay regular premiums over time.
When the insured dies, the policy’s named beneficiaries will receive the policy’s face value, or death benefit.
#hdfclife (3/n)
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#BankNifty has been moving within the broad range for some time, but it is perhaps at weakest level since it entered this range on May 23rd.
#niftybank #nifty #nifty50
Join for detailed BankNifty analysis and charts.
For past nine sessions, it has been trading below a long term support line that was supporting it since Sept. 2020.
#BankNifty #niftybank
Join for detailed BankNifty analysis and charts.
Prolonged underperformance with broader Nifty 50, is a sign of weakness only.
#BankNifty #niftybank
Join for detailed BankNifty analysis and charts.
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#BSE #Sensex 280 month (23+ yr) update!

Sensex trailing PE was 31.6x for July vs 32.2x for June
vs low of 15.67x on 23 Mar 2020
9th consecutive 30+PE month
after 0 instances of 30+ PE till FY20!

Highest earlier PE for July has been 28.5x in Fy01
#NSE #DII #FII #Nifty #nifty50
#BSE #Sensex 280 month (23+ yr) update!
Sensex trailing PB was 3.4x for July vs 3.3x for June
P/B is in line with 23 year avg of 3.3x.

Lowest ever is 1.7x in Oct 1998
#NSE #DII #FII #Nifty #nifty50
#BSE #Sensex 280 month (23+ yr) update!

Sensex trailing Dividend Yield was 1.03% in July vs. 0.97% in June
vs 23 year avg for 1.4%

Lower div yld means high valuation.
Finally crossed 1% after 8 consecutive months div yld less than 1%

#NSE #DII #FII #Nifty #nifty50
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Trading strategy 1/n
1. Shortlist stocks above 100 DMA
2. Spot the ones that take support at 10 DMA
#nifty50 #NIFTYFUTURE #Nifty #daytrading #Sensex #NSE #tradingtips #banknifty #StockMarket #StocksToWatch #investing #NSE #stocks #StocksToBuy #forextrading #forex #ICICI #buyback
Trading strategy 2/n:
3. Limit Buy 2% below the 10 DMA support
4. SL at 1.5 ATR or exit after 5 trading days or when 3 day RSI above 50 #nifty50 #NIFTYFUTURE #Nifty #daytrading #Sensex #NSE #tradingtips #banknifty #StockMarket #StocksToWatch #investing #NSE #stocks #StocksToBuy
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Thread on inward reflection in trading:

One of the most important yet underrated and unknown aspects of improving your trading performance is "Inward reflection"

90% of the trading happens inside your head, only 10% on the terminal.

As a trader looking to improve or maintain performance, it is essential to constantly introspect on how you feel before, during and after market hours on days of various performances.

Asking a generic question like "How to improve my trading psychology" is like walking into a garment store and asking " I want a shirt."

There is no one size that fits all.

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Look at change in OI, including highest change in OI both sides to see where new support/ resistance levels are being formed #nifty50 #NIFTYFUTURE #Nifty #daytrading #Sensex #NSE #tradingtips #banknifty #StockMarket #StocksToWatch #investing #NSE #stocks #StocksToBuy #forex
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CMP 338

Target: 375/425/450
SL: 284/250 as per risk appetite
Timeframe: 12/18 months
Allocation: 2-3%

Buy 25% CMP & Rest on dips

Analysis in comments

Please do your due diligence

#StockMarket #Copper #Aluminium #NSE #BSE @Hindalco_World #nifty50 #sensex

⚙️Record Q3FY21 Revenue & Profit based on good market, synergies from integration & better operational excellence
⚙️Good Mgmt
⚙️Global leader in Aluminum
⚙️Global operations across 10 countries
⚙️Bet on Kumar M Birla

⚙️Increased demand in Beverage Can, Automotive, Logistics & Specialty (housing, electronics, packaging, construction)
⚙️Aerospace isn’t performing but post COVID, demand is expected to increase
⚙️Mgmt said no plans for another acquisition even if good
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India’s largest stock exchange halts trading after data glitches stop #Nifty50 and #BankNifty from updating

#nseindia #Nifty #NSE…

By @navdeepyadav321 Image
@navdeepyadav321 The National Stock Exchange (#NSE) of India halted trading during the early hours on Wednesday after a technical glitch in the index price feed.

#nseindia #Nifty #BankNifty
@navdeepyadav321 This came after several traders and investors took to social media platforms to report glitches and problems that restricted them from trading on the index. The live price quotes of all the 11 sub indexes compiled by the #NSE are also not updating.

#nseindia #Nifty #BankNifty
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Thread 🧵#StockMarket #Tips For Beginners 🇮🇳

In this thread find some stock market tips for beginners, especially those who have joined market recently during #COVID19 #lockdown and have only seen one-sided rally.

(If you like then please re-tweet to maximize reach)

1⃣ Save Regularly & Initially Invest Small Amounts 👇

#Investing in #StockMarket is comparatively risky as compared to investing in other avenues. Hence start with small amount and it should ideally be the amount which you can afford to loose.

2⃣ Initially invest via #MutualFunds 👇

It is the best thing to do initially, if you lack knowledge about #StockMarket #investing, start investing via mutual funds and only after learning the basics slowly jump to direct equity investing.

#MutualFundsSahiHai #MF
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A fruit seller sells fruits for his living, a garment seller sells only garments, tailor stitches cloths, cobbler repairs shoes, a singer sings...and this list goes on where these people hardly switch to another area for their living, no matter what the (1/n)
circumstances are, because they know their skills and area of expertise. Only stock market is a place where retail trader does every single possible trade as long as capital is there in his account. Be it option buying, option selling, future trading, equity, currency, (2/n)
commodity, dabba trading, satta and what not!!!.
Dear retail folks , my humble request, first write down on a paper precisely what you want to get expertise in. Dont put your feets on more than one boat. and believe me it works. Write down to the pin point precision what (3/n)
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2020 has been an eventful year. Ending with 148%.
#thor performed extremely well when markets tanked and volatility spiked.
A minor allocation of portfolio to such strategies will help in hedging during such volatility.

#Nifty #NiftyBank #NIFTYFUTURE #banknifty Image
Monthly % returns and actual pnl Image
Tested 30% drawdown twice, when consecutive SL hit exceeded backtest figures and slippages. Emotionally not responding to the DD helped in sailing through. #bankniftyfuture Image
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On this 21st of December, when the Nifty shed 400+ points in a single day, there was a lot of panic on the news etc.

I heard an analyst say that this could be because of the "December Effect" !

What is this December Effect and why you should know about it ?

The December Effect, more commonly known as the "January Effect" is a seasonal decrease in share prices in the month of December and an increase in prices in the month of January !

This is a very popular hypothesis but what's the logic behind it ?

#january #december
The logic behind this is that in Dec, investors sell there loss making shares to set off taxes against capital gains, causing the market to fall.

Then, in the next year buy those shares back, thus causing a rise in prices in January !

Sounds legit ! 🤔

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As Nifty crashed today VIX shot up by almost 25% intraday I would like to share some of my views.

1) In the year 2020 Vix shot up 20+ a few times which resulted in a downward fall for the coming few days and weeks.

#nifty50 #Nifty #NIFTYFUTURE #OptionsTrading

(1/6) Image
2) First time it happened was on 24th Feb.

3) As you can see just after few days VIX again shot up on 28th Feb and again on the following days which resulted in the March Crash.

4) Here is the Nifty Chart to see what happened on 24th Feb.

#nifty50 #Nifty #NIFTYFUTURE
(2/6) Image
5) As a non-directional trader trading only on Iron Condors my crash started from 24th February itself. Hence I would book whatever positions I have even if in loss and wait for a few weeks for VIX to cool down.

6) Sudden upmove in VIX again happened on 4th May.


(3/6) Image
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