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Here to take the Nigel out of Brexit. Roll on #MuellerTime.
19 May 19
BXP has no manifesto, no detailed policies & no plan for #Brexit (no, "just walk away" isn't a serious plan outside of a pub!)

Why are people willing to vote for a shady outfit that isn't a party, has dodgy finances & will likely adopt #UKIP's *no work* habit?
What's more, BXP now say they want to run in the next GE, even though the leader admits #Brexit isn't the answer to any of our domestic problems — you know, all those problems Leave voters thought Brexit was going to fix.

Somehow it feels like this is all about the salary and perks for some of the BXP's candidates, and that they're not taking the business of representing our country in an international forum seriously - as indeed those who were previously part of UKIP never have.

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1 May 19
Yesterday my TL was full of people cutting up .@UKLabour membership cards or falling out with each other over whether Labour is/isn't a #Brexit party.

So let's focus on the common enemy: #HypocriticalBrexiters

N°1. #NHS foe Nigel Farage
#ThisTimeImVoting pro-EU
N°2 on the #HypocriticalBrexiters count-down is the man Fartage secretly wants to be: Jacob Rees-Mogg

#ThisTimeImVoting pro-EU
In at N°3 on the #HypocriticalBrexiters list, Jacob Rees-Mogg's former mentor & sometime investment partner: Crispin Odey

Pushing your country down a path, knowing it will cause economic damage, then betting against it STINKS.

#ThisTimeImVoting pro-EU
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1 Mar 19
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Jeremy Hosking, Vote Leave's #3 Donor in 2016 (£1,691,296) is funding a series of posters through his vehicle "Brexit Express" (hence Brexit Expires...)
Here are some of Jezza-H's posters. Bright red posters on fancy-pants electronic billboards that you can see in the dark (but probably wish you couldn't if you're driving...)
Of course, Jezza-H has form when it comes to flash red billboards broadcasting his hate of the EU. This was him back in 2016.
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