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I have done little else over the past 2+years but try to talk to Brexiters and make them realise the damage they are doing to us all.
Some of them listen, but many don't believe me.
It took me a while to understand why, because
a) I have facts
b) No seriously, I have facts #MyUK
I've watched the unfolding horror of BrexitReality in #MyUK & shared by #BrexitConcerns, but they can't see it.
Look, I say, Brexit was supposed to help our NHS, & make things better but all the NHS unions say it will make things worse #NHSvBrexit
"Unions are paid by the EU" 🤦‍♀️
"Look, here's Channel 4 exposing how our data was manipulated to target people with misleading propaganda to make them vote against their best interests. Here's proof the people who want to leave are cheats & liars."
"Channel 4 are paid by the EU" they say, brandishing "proof"
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Your values
Your voice
Your vote

2⃣9⃣ reasons to vote this week ↓
1⃣ Freedom of movement

Your freedom of movement is more than a fundamental right.
It’s also a reality enjoyed by millions of Europeans.

We protect your right to live, work and retire anywhere in Europe.
2⃣ Civil protection

Forest fires, flood or earthquakes.
You never know when a disaster may strike.
But you can now count on us to call on your neighbour for help.

We set up a European emergency system to strengthen your protection.
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1/ Bad start to the journey to #Prague... I seem to be breaking #Germany 🤣💔🇩🇪 DB train delayed (again!!) by 45 mins & the escalator broke when I was on it... Let's hope I make it to the @PulseofEurope event eventually!! 😬🇨🇿🇪🇺 #EUsupergirlTour #TheFutureisEurope
2/ Yesss! #EUsupergirl finally makes it to #Prague! And I was met with a splendid pro EU event in the centre of the old Town! Music and speeches - everything we could want to promote Europe before #EuropeanElections2019 🇪🇺 #ThisTimeImVoting #EUsupergirlTour #TheFutureisEurope
3/ I met a lady who has been part of a pro Ukraine demonstration today, she told me the threat the country is under from Russia & how they aspire to become an EU member state 🇪🇺 Europe is an ASPIRATIONAL vision! #TheFutureisEurope #EUsupergirlTour @PulseofEuropeCZ
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Yesterday my TL was full of people cutting up .@UKLabour membership cards or falling out with each other over whether Labour is/isn't a #Brexit party.

So let's focus on the common enemy: #HypocriticalBrexiters

N°1. #NHS foe Nigel Farage
#ThisTimeImVoting pro-EU
N°2 on the #HypocriticalBrexiters count-down is the man Fartage secretly wants to be: Jacob Rees-Mogg

#ThisTimeImVoting pro-EU
In at N°3 on the #HypocriticalBrexiters list, Jacob Rees-Mogg's former mentor & sometime investment partner: Crispin Odey

Pushing your country down a path, knowing it will cause economic damage, then betting against it STINKS.

#ThisTimeImVoting pro-EU
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Attention #Chester. The forerunner of the EU (the European Coal and Steel Community) was created on 9 May 1950, and the day is celebrated througout the continent with a series of events and activities. So we are holding an event to mark the day.
We are holding a Walk around the Walls of Chester, please come along with us for this fun and sociable events. As the walls have stood since Roman times, the event is about celebrating our historic attachment to the rest of Europe and our desire to maintain united within the EU.
Also with Brexit still looming and politicians making us look unwelcoming as a nation, we want to present a positive image of our city to our visitors and EU27 citizens who are part of the fabric of our community whether permanently or for a short while & who we value greatly.
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The 2019 European Parliament elections in the UK will take place on 23 May.

UK and other EU nationals aged 18+ and resident in the UK can vote.

To be able to vote, you must register by 7 May:… #thistimeimvoting #EUElections2019
EU27 citizens living in the UK have a choice: you can vote in the #EUElections2019 in the UK or in your country of origin.

But you cannot vote in European Parliament elections in more than one country.

Find out more:… #thistimeimvoting
EU27 citizens: if you want to vote in the UK:

1. Register to vote by 7 May:…

2. Fill in the European Parliament voter registration form (no need if 🇨🇾 🇮🇪 🇲🇹):…

3. Send the form to your local Electoral Registration Office by 7 May
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Европейски парламентарни избори
Българските граждани в Обединеното кралство могат да гласуват на изборите за европейски парламент през май.
По-надолу обясняваме какво трябва да направите СЕГА, за да можете да гласувате в Обединеното кралство.
Стъпка 1: Регистрирайте се за гласуване до 7 май.…

Стъпка 2: Свалете от интернет и попълнете регистрационния формуляр за гласуване на европейския парламент(pdf):…

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Europese Parlementsverkiezingen

EU-burgers kunnen stemmen in de Europese Parlementsverkiezingen in mei.

Hier in deze thread leggen we uit wat je NU moet doen om in het VK te kunnen stemmen.

Als je in het VK wilt stemmen dan moet je:

Stap 1: je vóór 7 mei registeren om te stemmen

Stap 2: het stem registratieformulier downloaden en invullen

Stap 3: het formulier vóór 7 mei naar je lokale Electoral Registration Office sturen…

Stap 1: registreer je vóór 7 mei om te stemmen…

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Tutti i cittadini dell’Unione Europea residenti nel Regno Unito, quindi tutti i cittadini Italiani, possono votare nelle Elezioni Europee del 23-26 Maggio dal Regno Unito. Qui spieghiamo quello che devi fare per votare nel Regno Unito.

Registrarsi per le elezioni del Parlamento Europeo é diverso dal registrarsi per le elezioni locali. Anche se sei giá iscritto nel Registro Elettorale, dovrai comunque seguire step 2 e step 3 per essere ammesso al voto nelle elezioni del Parlamento Europeo

Step 1: Iscriviti nel registro elettorale entro il 7 Maggio, seguendo il link:…

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Wybory do Parlamentu Europejskiego
Polscy obywatele w UK mogą głosować w wyborach do Europarlamentu w maju. Wyjaśniamy, co trzeba zrobić TERAZ, by głosować w UK.
By głosować w UK, do 7 maja musisz wykonać te trzy kroki:

Krok 1: Zarejestrować się na liście wyborców

Krok 2: Ściągnąć i wypełnić formularz rejestracji w eurowyborach

Krok 3. Wysłać wypełniony formularz do lokalnego rejestru wyborców…

Nawet jeśli jesteś już na liście wyborców (electoral register), nadal musisz wykonać kroki 2 i 3 przed 7 maja, by móc głosować w UK.

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Important: Alegeri Europarlamentare #the3millionVote #DeDataAstaVotez

Români în Marea Britanie: aveți dreptul de a vota în alegerile Europarlamentare în Marea Britanie! Ce va trebui să faceți pentru a putea vota:

Dacă doriți să votați în Marea Britanie:

1. Înregistrați-vă la vot înainte de 7 mai.

2. Descărcați și completați formularul de înregistrare pentru alegerile Europarlamentare.

3. Trimiteți formularul biroului local pentru înregistrarea electorală înainte de 7 mai.

Etapa 1 - Înregistrați-vă la vot înainte de 7 mai…

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The @Telegraph is wrong to say MEPs represent a zombie Parliament.

They are chosen by you, the electorate, and work (yes, work) for a fully active and responsive legislature. #EPfactsUK Thread.
The European Parliament is jointly responsible for passing nearly 90% of new EU law.

See p.33 here ➡️… #EUlaw 2/
The current Parliament has passed 1128 legislative files since it first sat in July 2014.

See statistics here ➡️… 3/
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European Parliament Elections #the3millionVote

EU/EEA citizens in the UK can vote at the European Parliament elections in May.

Here, in this thread, we explain what you do need to do NOW to vote in the UK. #ThisTimeImVoting

If you want to vote in the UK you must:

Step 1: Register to vote by 7 May.

Step 2: Download and fill in the European Parliament voter registration form.

Step 3: Send the form to your local Electoral Registration Office by 7 May.…
Step 1: Register to vote by May 7th:…

#the3millionVote #ThisTimeImVoting
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