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Aug 4 28 tweets 16 min read
Care to comment on the UCP's moratorium on $25 billion in energy investment, @jkenney? @sunlornegunter? #ableg #ucphypocrisy Image Care to comment on the UCP's moratorium on $25 billion in energy investment, @BrianJeanAB? #ableg #ucphypocrisy Image
May 29 11 tweets 4 min read
I predicted an NDP win two weeks ago, and I'm standing by that prediction. These are my five reasons why NDP will form government tomorrow, and why the pollsters STILL have it wrong. #ableg #abpoli #abelxn23 1. Moderate conservatives in Calgary will choose Notley over Smith. These voters want low taxes, well-run services, and they don't tolerate nonsense. Rachel offers this, Smith doesn't. This thread explains why they will deliver Calgary for the NDP:
May 28 6 tweets 2 min read
I doubt this claim. Overall advance vote was 8.1% higher than 2019, a year that saw high conservative engagement. All indications are that UCP engagement has fallen, while NDP is up. This short thread on party data explains why this claim is unsupported at best. #AbElection2023 Most people don't know this, but the parties know if you've voted. All parties have access to the voter roll, including whether or not you've cast your ballot. This helps campaigns in getting out their voters and spares voters from being contacted after they've voted.
May 27 6 tweets 4 min read
Thanks to everyone sharing my threads about the outrageously inaccurate #abelxn23 polling. I hope post-election there will be a serious discussion about polling practices, influence, and ethics. This thread discusses the legal requirements for polls. #ableg #abpoli Image The Alberta Elections Act sets out a general requirement for election surveys in section 135. Pollsters must register with the Chief Electoral Officer, but there's no certification. Anyone can call themselves a pollster regardless of their affiliation or qualifications. ImageImage
May 27 5 tweets 3 min read
This is very encouraging. Notley is going to Calgary South-East and Calgary-Lougheed, districts UCP won by 61/19 and 66/25 in 2019. Leaders don't spend the final days of races in districts they don't think they can win. If South Calgary is in play, UCP is toast. #ableg #abelxn23 This thread explains why the pollsters have completely underestimated the magnitude of the shift that has occurred in #yyc. #ableg #abpoli #abelxn23
Aug 31, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
I spoke to a young doctor today who is waiting on the outcome of the next election to decide whether to open his practice in Alberta or in another province. The next election is a referendum on the future of public health care in Alberta (short thread). #ableg Last month I spoke to a couple that had just completed their degrees, one in nursing and the other in medicine. They were packing up their apartment to move to BC. Our investment of hundreds of thousands of dollars lost thanks to our government's hostility towards health workers.