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May 4 20 tweets 19 min read
The next session I’m covering @LearnTechUK was made for me. Not only is it about #learning but it’s about #Agile as well. Whoop whoop! We’ve got Jodie Pritchard from @CitizensAdvice and Richard Kerridge from @HPE. I can’t wait!!!! #LT23UK #T3S5 Jodie’s up first and she starts with a reminder of what the #AgileValues & #AgilePrinciples are (pictured) with a reminder that we can replace “software” with whatever we’re making, that simplicity is a focus on what people want and co-location with working closely #LT23UK #T3S5 ImageImage
May 4 17 tweets 18 min read
It’s Day 2 of @LearnTechUK & my first session is about Learning Personalisation. Personalising #learning can improve retention & performance. But how do we get there? Nicola McNeillie from @AstraZeneca & David Kelly @LnDDave from @LearningGuild will tell us. #LT23UK #T4S4 Both David and Nicola are more active on LinkedIn than Twitter so I’m going to share their details. David is at linkedin.com/in/lnddave and Nicola is at linkedin.com/in/nicola-mcne…. I know, I know - I’m so helpful. #LT23UK #T4S4
May 3 14 tweets 16 min read
In the final session I’m covering today at @LearnTechUK, Michael Edwards & Maya Harris from @McKinsey share their internal process to help informal #learning happen more often & more systematically. I look forward to telling you all their secrets in this thread #LT23UK #T2S3 Neither Michael nor Maya are active on Twitter (sad times) but if you wanted to know what they look like and what they do - here you go! At McKinsey Michael is Global Leader, Way We Work Director of People & Ops. Maya is a Senior Learning Manager. #LT23UK #T2S3 Introducing Michael and Maya
May 3 11 tweets 12 min read
Does the focus on building skills mean we might be missing a trick when it comes to improving wider org performance? No clue - but I bet Charles Jennings @charlesjennings has some insight & answers! I’ll listen in here at @LearnTechUK and keep you posted, shall I? #LT23UK #T3S2 Covering the session with me is the one and only Ben Waldman @LandD_Ben - so you KNOW I’m already having ALL THE FUN. Let the tweeting begin #LT23UK #T3S2 Image
May 3 14 tweets 15 min read
Here at @LearnTechUK about to discover how L&D can actively contribute to #sustainability and the green agenda. I know nothing about it - so I can’t wait for speakers Brittany Sage Brown @Brittany_Sage_B & Tess Robinson @tessrobinsonLAS to blow my mind. Bring it! #LT23UK #T5S1 Did you know that Louisiana in the US is the first place in the world to have climate refugees due to flooding. They may be the first but @tessrobinsonLAS tells us they won’t be the last. #LT23UK #T5S1 Image