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Join me for my final session of the conference on Coaching with
@nickbaker100 @emmaweber @KingaPetrovai
#T4S6 #LT23UK Image
Coaching is about holding somebody accountable for their own actions which can have a transformational effect on someone for the rest of their life @nickbaker100 @emmaweber @KingaPetrovai
#T4S6 #LT23UK
How do you scale coaching? Think landscape not linear when it comes to learning. What are the shortest coaching conversations you can have, and the shortest amount of conversations you can have? Efficiency is key!
@nickbaker100 @emmaweber @KingaPetrovai
#T4S6 #LT23UK The panel
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Last session at #LT23UK on Immersive Technology! #T1S6

Question on the slides as we enter the room… Image
First speaker #LT23UK on Immersive Technology #T1S6 is @AndyFidel_ Image
‘Tech is transforming how we work and how we communicate’ #T1S6 #LT23UK Image
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Next up is 'Diversity and inclusion: Impactful interventions' chaired by @niallgavinuk with lead speaker @msabella and her awesome panel #T5S5 #LT23UK Title presentation slide &q...Let's ask our panel slide: ...
Talking about the popularity of unconscious bias training, @msabella shares that unfortunately the evidence shows it doesn't reduce bias but in some cases actually increases bias. Why is that?
#T5S5 #LT23UK
Answer: it normalises bias
#T5S5 #LT23UK Bias=natural = I can't do a...
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The next session I’m covering @LearnTechUK was made for me. Not only is it about #learning but it’s about #Agile as well. Whoop whoop! We’ve got Jodie Pritchard from @CitizensAdvice and Richard Kerridge from @HPE. I can’t wait!!!! #LT23UK #T3S5
Jodie’s up first and she starts with a reminder of what the #AgileValues & #AgilePrinciples are (pictured) with a reminder that we can replace “software” with whatever we’re making, that simplicity is a focus on what people want and co-location with working closely #LT23UK #T3S5 ImageImage
By the way, in case you were wondering, here’s what Jodie looks like up on screen and here’s how you can find her on LinkedIn where she’s more active:… #LT23UK #T3S5 ImageImage
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Next session on Integrated Learning #T4S5 starting now. @kevinavis is about to take the stage and in the meantime the audience is met with funky music ‘Super Freak’ 🎶

Up for this energy for the next hour! #LT23UK
@kevinavis opens the session offering us some of his background and how he fell in love with people. 3rd sector, private sector, often highly regulated sectors. Huge focus on change and transformation. ‘Fun and dirty work’ #T4S5 #LT23UK Image
What questions would you like answered by the end of this session? The audience are asked to respond on Menti whilst Love Shack plays in the background #T4S5 #LT23UK
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In his encore to his very well attended session yesterday (standing room only) @DonaldClark now takes us through his latest book, 'Learning Technology' #LT23UK ImageImage
Starts off by sharing how writing books is just a small part of how he shares his knowledge and learning #LT23UK Image
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It’s Day 2 of @LearnTechUK & my first session is about Learning Personalisation. Personalising #learning can improve retention & performance. But how do we get there? Nicola McNeillie from @AstraZeneca & David Kelly @LnDDave from @LearningGuild will tell us. #LT23UK #T4S4
Both David and Nicola are more active on LinkedIn than Twitter so I’m going to share their details. David is at and Nicola is at…. I know, I know - I’m so helpful. #LT23UK #T4S4
David is up first! And he starts with a hilarious story. He spoke at @LearnTechUK yesterday on #EmergingTechnologies & when he was looking at his social media mentions yesterday he saw one that said “Personalised learning doesn’t exist” attributed to him. Whoops! #LT23UK #T4S4
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Second session of day 2 at #LT23UK focuses on The Learning Profession #T3S4

Thinking of @DonaldClark slides from yesterday, curious if we’ll see overlap today Image
@lavimariam and @karolinaroz take the stage to lead the discussion on The Learning Profession #T3S4

@lavimariam asks us instantly to reflect on why we’re here and what we want to get from the session.

#LT23UK Image
A personal story from @lavimariam about getting feedback that she’d never be the successor bc she lacked people skills. Then she got a new manager, who wanted to play to Lavinia’s strengths. And she was promoted.

She asked her direct report how she’s doing as a manager… Image
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#LT23UK Opening address - The neuroscience of perception, creativity, bias and learning from @BeauLotto
Straight into inspiring content from @BeauLotto you have no idea how to make decisions if you don’t know what’s coming #LT23UK Image
It’s less about the decision being good or bad and more about how you respond @BeauLotto #LT23UK Image
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Day 1 wrap up #LT23UK

Today felt like a call to action. We heard ‘act now’, leverage our networks, practical tips for change and the possibilities we can’t ignore with AI

Todays speakers sure did wake up the crowd!

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Day 1 wrap up #LT23UK

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Day 1 wrap up #LT23UK

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Final session of the day on Artificial Intelligence with @DonaldClark #T1S3 #LT23UK @LearnTechUK Image
AI is here to stay and will radically alter the way we work and therefore learn - it's ok to be concerned but we should also see it as an opportunity
@DonaldClark #T1S3 #LT23UK @LearnTechUK
Some powerful messages here - those with the skills we need the most (as demonstrated through COVID-19) are often paid less but are less likely to have their jobs affected by AI @DonaldClark #T1S3 #LT23UK @LearnTechUK A new report from OpenAI fi...Photo of book "Head, H...
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The session the crowd have been waiting for! Packed room for Artificial Intelligence #T1S3 #LT23UK Image
@DonaldClark opens this session focused on The Future of Work and Learning. ‘And it has nothing to do with L&D’ #T1S3 #LT23UK Image
In Feb, 1 billion people using ChatGPT, mainly for learning. This thing is here to stay! @DonaldClark
#T1S3 #LT23UK Image
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In the final session I’m covering today at @LearnTechUK, Michael Edwards & Maya Harris from @McKinsey share their internal process to help informal #learning happen more often & more systematically. I look forward to telling you all their secrets in this thread #LT23UK #T2S3
Neither Michael nor Maya are active on Twitter (sad times) but if you wanted to know what they look like and what they do - here you go! At McKinsey Michael is Global Leader, Way We Work Director of People & Ops. Maya is a Senior Learning Manager. #LT23UK #T2S3 Introducing Michael and Maya
In this session we’ll be talking a lot about #apprenticeship but not in the the traditional sense. At @McKinsey they use the word “apprenticeship” to mean #OnTheJob #Learning on the job. This is really important for the context of the session (& this thread). #LT23UK #T2S3
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Change Management #T252 up next. Curious how we think about change in a world that’s constantly evolving. On my bingo card for words used to describe the current environment in this session I have ‘BANI’. B:rittle, A:nxious, N:on-linear and I:incomprehensible. #LT23UK
Florence Dambricourt @talking4good steps up first and dives straight into the illusion of managing change.

‘It’s about enabling change’
#T252 #LT23UK Image
Florence speaks of creating space through meaningful conversations. By opening the space you can collect data that informs you on how to make your change a success. This is not about reaching consensus, but you still have created space for others to make changes. #T2S2 #LT23UK Image
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Does the focus on building skills mean we might be missing a trick when it comes to improving wider org performance? No clue - but I bet Charles Jennings @charlesjennings has some insight & answers! I’ll listen in here at @LearnTechUK and keep you posted, shall I? #LT23UK #T3S2
Covering the session with me is the one and only Ben Waldman @LandD_Ben - so you KNOW I’m already having ALL THE FUN. Let the tweeting begin #LT23UK #T3S2 Image
And guess who the chair is?!?! It’s a friendly face. The one and only @ZahraCJ! Hey Zarah!!! 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽 #LT23UK #T3S2 Image
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Next up is the 'Women in Learning' lunchtime session #L1S1 #LT23UK opening with the No Man's Land scene from Wonder Woman
Candice Gardner talks about how @dermalogica are trying to change the narrative around preconceived ideas of women in the skincare education industry #L1S1 #LT23UK
We are at the pivotal point of the needle moving in the right direction says @SharonKaliouby #L1S1 #LT23UK Image
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Session on Emerging technologies kicks off with @LnDDave #T1S1 #LTUK23 Image
Discussing 'buzzwords' in L&D which @LnDDave defines as words whereby their use has spread faster than their understanding #T1S1 #LT23UK Image
It's not even lunchtime and, talking of buzzwords, AI has been the biggest so far #T1S1 #LT23UK Image
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About to join the Leaning & Sustainability session #T5S1. This is less about the waste within L&D (let’s face it there’s a lot), and more focused on how learning can help businesses become more sustainable. @Brittany_Sage_B of Kraft Heinz Company & @tessrobinsonLAS. #LT23UK
@tessrobinsonLAS opens the session with the first photo showing climate refugee region from North America. Really demonstrating the seriousness of this topic. #LTUK23 Image
‘Your learners are concerned about climate’ @tessrobinsonLAS #LTUK23 Image
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Here at @LearnTechUK about to discover how L&D can actively contribute to #sustainability and the green agenda. I know nothing about it - so I can’t wait for speakers Brittany Sage Brown @Brittany_Sage_B & Tess Robinson @tessrobinsonLAS to blow my mind. Bring it! #LT23UK #T5S1
Did you know that Louisiana in the US is the first place in the world to have climate refugees due to flooding. They may be the first but @tessrobinsonLAS tells us they won’t be the last. #LT23UK #T5S1 Image
We just got asked how people in the room feel about #climatechange. Here are some of the answers from Menti. #LT23UK #T5S1 Image
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@RobinTeigland takes the stage now to build on the trends we just heard with a focus on a green future #LTUK23 Image
‘Raise a shared collective discussion about what’s likely to happen in the future’ @RobinTeigland like @NjeriMwagiru encourages us to leverage networks to find different vantage points #LT23UK
‘To them, face to face means avatar to avatar’ @RobinTeigland

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