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#EdTech | From #BYJU’S to #Unacademy – competition in India’s fast-rising online education sector - by @SanchDash

@unacademy @BYJUS @vedantu_learn #Eruditus… Image
The opportunity in Indian #EdTech is huge and the top edtech startups are all vying for the same pie. In 2020 alone, India’s edtech startups have raised over $1.5 billion which is just as much as the startups had raised in the past five years put together.

According to a Redseer report, India’s #EdTech startups had raised $1.6 billion between 2014-2019. Here's a look at the valuations of India's fast-rising #onlinelearning sector.

@BYJUS @unacademy @vedantu_learn #Eruditus Image
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I am sure others are having similar experiences - a little learning for me - happened to be in the room while my 6 year old was doing his weekly 1.1 with his manager, uh teacher.
After some catching up she wanted to make sure they were aligned on the WIG and asked him to put his WIG sheet in front of the camera. WIG is Wildly Important Goal.
The fact that they have goals and review them regularly is impressive but what really got me is the teacher asking his new AR (advanced reading) goal and him saying - I want to get as many AR points as possible by doing n tests per day.
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Just watched @SocialDilemma_ by @jefforlowski on #Netflix
It's a drama documentary, a rare genre movie

Highly recommended to everyone who is active on any form of social media. Read the thread to know what social media did to me & people around me!

My usage apx social media usage stats:

Till 2018 April, the time I completed my BBA from NMIMS, Mumbai
Under 2 hrs per day - Includes Facebook/FB, Instagram/FB, LinkedIn/LI, YouTube/YT & WhatsApp/WA

2018 April to 2020 March, the active I was actively working at 2 diff formal jobs in Bangalore
Btw 3-4 hrs per day - Includes IG, LI, WA, YT & FB

2020 Mar to present, the Corona Virus Pandemic days when I'm not working formally anywhere
Btw 5-6 hrs per day, breaking this down
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Why Options is riskier than Futures?

Let us take an eg of Nifty futures at 11000 and an equivalent OTM 11300 call with a delta of 0.33 and OTM put 10700 assuming a delta of -0.33.

It might appear that selling futures at 11000 (delta -1) technically equals....
selling 3 OTM 11300 calls (delta -0.33 X 3 = -0.99), at for eg 150.

Now let us assume futures moved up by 100. The percentage loss is 0.91%.
The price of the OTM calls is likely to go by 0.33 X 100, ie 33, meaning it will be at 188. The percentage loss is 25.3%.
2) When you are selling 1 lot fut (delta -1) you require approx Rs 1.4 lacs per lot margin. For selling one lot of OTM call (delta -0.33), approx you require Rs 1.2 lacs per lot. So for 3 OTM call sell (delta -1), u require Rs 3.6 lacs, way higher than a similar delta futures..
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How to arrive at the equity market exposure (equity trading / investments)?
1) Expected Return :
Exp return = Risk Free return + Beta (Equity risk Premium)
Risk free return = 6% (10 year GSec yield)
Beta = Measure of the risk of you exposure vis a vis the broader mkt
Since your exposure is in equity, beta can be kept as 1 if your strategy limits only to large caps; however if your strategy includes also mid / small caps / fno stocks, the actual beta will increase.....
Statistically, beta = covariance (broader index daily return, average of large/mid/smallcap/fno daily return) / Variance or broader market return. (Can be easily computed in excel if you have the underlying data).
I am assuming a beta of 2 on an average for this tweet....
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"Further validation of the affective bias test for predicting antidepressant and pro-depressant risk: effects of pharmacological and social manipulations in male and female rats" @Dr_Hinch @doctmcgee…
Summary: #pharmacology #affectivebias #depression #animalmodels #affectivestate #malesandfemales #ABT
The need for a reliable and #translational tool measuring emotional behaviours in animals that possessing robust validity is unquestionably important but 1/
but very challenging to achieve. Commonly used assays are generally lacking in at least one aspect of #validity and do not fully translate into #clinical work. In this paper, the affective bias test (ABT) has demonstrated to reliably detect both positive 2/
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Can one person please answer this simple question?

What has changed in the science since March when Prof Luke O’Neil (and Dr Anthony Fauci) both said face masks can help aid the spread of the virus #COVID?

“Science” being the key word @laoneill111

#DivideAndRule #FaceMasks
4 Mar Face masks do nothing. Don’t wear them

17 Apr Face masks do more harm than good

11 May Wearing face masks is an added precaution

4 July Face masks “do the right thing?”

10 Aug Face masks mandatory

NB The science on masks has NOT changed one iota
As we prepare to Muzzle 4 and 5 year olds before the start of their first day in “big school” please Stop, Think

Dr Tony Holohan @CMOIreland

Dr Colm Henry @CcoHse

Simon Harris @SimonHarrisTD

@ronan_glynn @WHO

What has changed in the science on #FaceMasks since
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🎖 Oracle Autonomous Database 2019 #Certified Specialist
🔗 Acclaim Badge: 1/2
🔖 Exam No: 1Z0-931-20
🔖 Duration: 85 mins
🔖 No of questions: 60
🔖 Passing score: 65%
🔖 Cert validity: 18 months
🔗 Exam details: 2/3
💡 Skills I learned & validated from this exam:
- Features & workflows
- Managing it using Rest APIs & CLI
- Monitoring & Migration in AD
- Data Pump & Golden Gate 3/4
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📢🎉The work of #Bat1K is featured on the cover in the latest issue of @nature: “Six reference-quality #genomes reveal evolution of #bat adaptations” 🦇🧬 #bats Our thread 👇 on the… 📸: Olivier Farcy(1/n) Image
📢Have you ever wondered how 🦇 manage to do what they do? #bats have extraordinary adaptations, including powered #flight, laryngeal #echolocation, #vocal #learning and an exceptional #longevity with unique #immunity and resistance to #cancer! 📸: @DanielWhitby5 (2/n) Image
A #Bat1K team led by @Sonja_Vernes @EmmaTeeling1 @hillermich @TheGeneMyers has just published the raw genetic material that codes for these unique 🦇 adaptations and #superpowers in @nature! #bats #genomics #cool! (3/n) Image
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1. Tiring day, in a good way
#Interim resting in lockdown = time 4 #learning
@robertsrobson & @WorldofGoodBook @hellobenefex explore how emotions are essential for #Wellbeing & #performance performance in their #webinar

Missed it?👇 Check it out...…
2. Wanted to come to this #webinar as I don't know much about Apter & @robertsrobson does

Rob shared a sneak peak on reversal theory & it made sense

I try to capture reflections that resonate for me when I go to these

Here goes @WorldofGoodBook & Rob talked about the why?
3. Gethin @hellobenefex knows his stats & studies &
@robertsrobson 'if we think of performance as potenial - interference then, not caring is interference we don't need in the workplace' sic

Felt practical, accessible - 'emotions are signals, info on what's going on' 😊🤔
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This arrived today. The book is an attempt to present a historically-embedded account of western childhood and how the co-constitutive logics of capital and motherhood have shaped its modern understanding. @VSLIIMA

#childhood #education #motherhood Image
"Situated at the confluence of children's nature and childhood's nurture, mothers are those who most often held personally responsible for navigating the dense undergrowth of competing and confusing narratives and expectations of childhood." #childhood
"Three elements- childhood's pliability, maternal accountability for children and children's subjecthood- entangle and tussle with one another in a variety of ways to produce a 'moral architecture' of childhood."

#childhood #motherhood #maternallife #education
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Long Thread - #Booksummary

My weekend learning from book 📗 You Can Still Make It In the Market written by Nicolas #Darvas

Trying to share my learning.. inspired by @MarketScientist @AmitabhJha3 @AnyBodyCanFly @RichifyMeClub @Wealth_Theory

Learn and become #AatmaNirbhar 🙏
👉 In this book Darvas documented his experiences from 1973-1975, he applied #Darvas box method when the stock market was recovering from its crash 📈of around 50% in 1973

👉#Darvas first developed and applied his methods very successfully in bull market where index tripled from 1950 to 1960.
👉Many doubted that his system works in a bull run only as he used to pick stocks at 52 week high.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/25/2020-2…

Tom Rosenstiel on Twitter: I’m not avid on Twitter, but at others’ urging I want to offer a thread in response to @wesleylowery’s powerful essay in the @nytimes…

#journalists #objectivity
Interview: A disease modeler talks COVID-19, contact tracing, and quarantine | NOVA | PBS…

#disease #contact #tracing #modelling
Researchers uncover brain mechanisms in fruit flies that may impact future learning…

#brain #learning #flies
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#LearningReimagined 🌍

“Do away with curriculum. Do away with segregation by age. And do away with the idea that there should be uniformity of all schools and of what people learn.” 👈🏼

The education conveyor belt of the last century that went school to university to work and a job for life just doesn’t work in an era of rapid transformation.

#highered #highereducation
Over the past few weeks, schools all over the world have abandoned exams and testing that used to be required — and with them, the pretense that they ever really meant anything in the first place.


#examscancelled #education
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/09/2020-2…

Thousands of tons of ocean pollution can be saved by changing washing habits…

#pollution #washing #ocean
From Scalable Efficiency to Scalable Learning (#22)…

#efficiency #learning #scale
COVID 19 - Understanding the Unknown in Acute Respiratory Infections - CEBM…

#acute #unknown #respiratory #infections
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Few books related to trading / investment & the reviews

~ Trading in the zone
~ Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
~ SWAY The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior
~ The Art of Thinking Clearly
~ Market Wizards
~ The Investor's Quotient

#book #learning #investing #trading
Trading in the Zone

~ For anyone who is struggling to attain consistency in the market.

~ For overcoming many trading issues.

~ For addressing personal inclinations to seek short-cuts
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

~ This book follows the trading career of a life-long trader, providing insight into struggles you may have faced already, or have yet to encounter.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/01/2020-2…

Daring Fireball: A Spectacularly Bad Washington Post Story on Apple and Google’s Exposure Notification Project…

#apple #notification #exposure #google #tracking
Girl, 12, survives heart failure tied to Kawasaki-like syndrome believed caused by coronavirus - The Washington Post…

#failure #coronavirus #syndrome #heart
Investigating neural mechanisms underlying individual differences in perception…

#neural #perception
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 5/30/2020-2…
How economists rode maths to become our era’s astrologers | Aeon Essays…
#models #mathematics #ideology #Economics
Coronavirus: Learning How to Dance…
#coronavirus #pandemic
Abstract representations of events arise from mental errors in learning and memory | Nature Communications…
#communications #memory #abstract #events #learning
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Notes on 'Career hacking for Product Leaders' by @gibsonbiddle at @productschool ProductCon

1. 'You' are the most important product you must care about. Pay attention to PMing urself.

2. Always, build hypotheses, experiment with them, and observe results. Then repeat!

Framework / Summary

1. Identify your positioning through 'Skill & Progression'

2.Experiment with it via 'Career Hacking'

3. Capture results & Feedback through 'Board of Directors'

What are your top 2-3 skills?

Product Skills: Technical, Management, Creative, Business, Marketing, Design, Consumer Science

Leadership Skills: Leadership, Management, Strategic Thinking, Result-oriented, Culture, Business Maturity, Domain Expertise

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So now this language is also being used at #LiaisonCommittee Thread: 1/6
During our #FLBLE online courses, @thinksitthrough and I developed the following definition of #blended #learning: 2/6
"An appropriate mix of F2F & #online #learning activities, using traditional instruction, guided support & independent learning, underpinned by use of #digital #technologies, designed using strong pedagogical principles, to support #learner engagement, flexibility & success." 3/6
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1/6 #BuildANewAnthropocene

Marine #citizenscience is a promising means of enhancing engagement in #marineconservation

We conducted a global survey of projects to
- Document the extent of #marinecitsci globally
- Outline its (potential) contribution to #marineconservation
2/6 #BuildANewAnthropocene

Figure = Global map of #marinecitsci projects

We identified 74 projects from around the world

These varied in size - small (5) to large (>7,000 active participants)

& scope - beach-cleans, invasive species tracking, marine mammal surveys, etc.
3/6 #BuildANewAnthropocene

Projects are mostly #contributorycitizenscience

> participants are primarily involved in data collection (i.e. less in data analysis)

> easier to conduct, engage large numbers at lower costs

> generate larger #datasets, inform science & #policy
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Episode 2 of #WhatIf (Podcast -…)

What If we needed to abandon Learning & Development as we know it today?

I am suggesting we rename Learning & Development as Try, Refine, Learn. But the forces are stacked against it.
Who will object?
The global corporate learning market is estimated to be $ 18.5 billion in a couple of years. How good is it? Well, given the size of the market it is pretty good for the product and service providers. But for the learner it is the exact opposite.
Whereas the objective of learning is to ‘create new knowledge’ almost all corporate learning providers are designed to package ‘existing or old knowledge’ and share it with learners. I would rather say ‘Forced Learners’. Content packaged as ‘knowledge’ and delivered to employees.
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