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Reasons NOT to use #MobProgramming as a software development strategy:

1. Mob programming may only be suitable for some types of projects, teams, or initiatives. It may be more effective for certain tasks or projects but less effective for others.
2. Mob programming may not be suitable in a distributed work world because it requires a high level of collaboration and communication. To communicate effectively, geographically dispersed teams may need a significant investment in tools and infrastructure.
3. The infrastructure required for #mobprogramming may be more complex or costly than traditional software development methods.
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Listening to podcasts can transform your PM career.

Problem: There are more than 850,000 of them.

Solution: Top 11 PM podcasts you'd be crazy to miss: 🧵

#productmanagement #prodmgmt
1. Lenny's Podcast @lennysan

Probably the best product podcast on this planet.
The true king of podcasts.


You can't miss an episode with @cagan:…
2. This Is Product Management by @feedbackloopcom

This is a must-listen for anyone involved in creating, designing, selling, and managing products or services.


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Satu hal yang membuat story points sulit diterapkan di pemerintahan adalah kebiasaan estimasi menggunakan waktu. Sebuah tim yang menerapkan Agile bisa saja menggunakan story points, tapi tim itu akan kesulitan menjelaskan hasil estimasi itu ke atasan mereka. Atasan mereka ... Image
... terbiasa melakukan estimasi berdasarkan waktu, bukan besarnya upaya atau metrik lainnya.
Kalau begitu, kenapa tidak dijelaskan saja maksud story points itu kepada atasan mereka? Bisa saja, tapi atasan mereka akan mengalami kesulitan yang sama dengan atasannya sendiri. Masalah itu akan terus terjadi ...
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You hear about #Agile all the time but did you already dive deep into the subject of how to truly utilize it? If not, here’s your chance. We’ve hand selected the top six meetup videos that are revolving around this topic. Enjoy!…

40 Agile Methods in 40 Minutes via @smithcdau…
Improving Performance of Agile Teams Using Statistical Analysis via @nashjain @sriramnarayan @agileindia…
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Are you using Lean Startup, Agile, or Product Discovery?

Be careful. If you cherry-pick, you can spectacularly fail.

Why is this the case? And how to avoid it?🧵

#productmanagement #prodmgmt #agile #scrum
1. Lean Startup

Take the MVP test results as proof and execute your plan in a waterfall style. Without regular inspection and adaptation, your plan will fall apart like a house of cards.

Shot to the moon.
2. Agile

Pick an Agile framework like Scrum. Start without validating your business model. Came up with ideas and deliver them in iterations.

Most ideas are not going to work. And your product probably never had a chance to achieve the Product-Market fit.

Gambling and waste.
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Continuing #LeBronWatch. The @Lakers have now played 7 games. How has #LeBronJames' performance changed our initial forecasts -…
Answers in thread
The possibility of LeBron getting to Kareem's mark by game 49 has gone up. Currently, the most likely range is game 48 to 52, with 80% of the results falling in that range. We are 94% sure that LeBron gets there by game 52.
There are very small chances that LeBron's quest extends into games 55, 56, or 57. Similarly, a small set of simulations (<2 percent) point to games 44 and 45.
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1/n In-match, win probabilities for the #IndVsPak world cup game yesterday. This was a nail-biter of a game with a huge swing in fortunes towards the end. The win probability forecaster (by @ESPNcricinfo) has some lessons in #ContinuousForecasting
#metrics #agile
2/n The forecast is probabilistic, not deterministic. It always (except at the end..more on that in a bit) talks about the probability of an outcome, not "This shall happen". It is not a single - "Ind will win" or "Pak will win".
3/n How about your forecasts? Are they of the type - "I will get this done in 5 days" or "I have an 80% chance of getting this done in 5 days"
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The biggest collection of PM learning resources: books, podcasts, videos, internships, free courses, conferences, frameworks, and much more (October 2022): 🧵

1. Lock yourself in a room and read those 12 books on PM (updated)…
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Menjadi #Agile itu tidak penting. Yang penting adalah menemukan cara kerja yang lebih baik, yaitu cara kerja yang lebih efisien dan efektik menghasilkan produk yang layak pakai. Cara kerja itu juga perlu selaras dengan karakteristik kita dan kondisi lingkungan kerja kita. #Rinkas
Kita harus fokus pada produk yang berguna dan bernilai. Tidak ada gunanya fokus pada dokumentasi yang lebih sering dijadikan formalitas. Buat dokumentasi secukupnya. Jangan jadikan dokumen sebagai tolok ukur hasil kerja karena tolok ukur yang riil adalah produk yang layak pakai.
Kita perlu menyadari bahwa produk yang layak pakai adalah produk yang memenuhi kebutuhan riil. Kebutuhan riil itu bisa dikenali secara optimal lewat kolaborasi yang rutin dan terbuka dengan pengguna produk. Kalau pengguna produk kita ada di bumi, jangan hanya kerja di kahyangan.
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@verodigiorgio at #CodemotionMilan22 answering the question on how to grow professionally (as software architect for her, but it’s the same for all paths in #softaredevelopment). Let’s discuss about it in this thread 🧵 👇🏻
Let me introduce the thread saying that the talk by @verodigiorgio at #CodemotionMilan22 about #gitops was very helpful and rich of content and points of inspiration. Surely something to try in every day company business to improve our products, developer and customer experience.
Next, going straight to the point what @verodigiorgio says here is that #curiosity and the ability to face our ideas with other #developers (or more generally other colleagues in the business having another point of view) are fundamentals point for growth and success.
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There are things you don’t talk about with your colleagues - even less so with your boss. Mental health issues are certainly a big no-no. Are taboos compatible with an #agile #culture?

In this talk, @MlleSophiePofie shares what she’s learned from breaking taboos. #flowcon
“When I first started working as an agile tester, I kept my history with mental illness secret. As a result, I couldn’t speak openly about topics that are close to my heart: mental health and self-care. I didn’t want to seem weak and vulnerable.”
“In the Agile World however, we value respect, courage, and openness. How do you reconcile this with these taboos?
Can you really be courageous and open if you deny a part of yourself?”
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Know, How do tech businesses create successful data science products?

Step by Step 🧵

#DataScience #DataAnalytics #Data #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #deeplearning #Python #R #SQL #Julia #Agile
👇🏻 Image
💡Business Types

There are two types of businesses:
1. service-based (TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, Cognizant, and Capgemini)
2. product-based (TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, Cognizant, and Capgemini) (Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Tesla).
Product-based companies grant data science projects to service-based companies.

While product-based businesses, receive data science projects from the various departments that make up their organization
- such as sales, logistics, manufacturing, and so on.

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Kenapa perlu #Agile?

Jawaban untuk pertanyaan itu sangat krusial dalam menentukan masa depan Agile di setiap organisasi. Arah penerapan Agile sangat dipengaruhi alasan memilih dan menerapkan Agile. Salah motivasi, salah arah, hasilnya berantakan.

Sebuah utas.🧵
Apakah Agile bisa mempercepat pekerjaan? Tidak langsung. Menjadi cepat dengan Agile itu hanya efek samping. Agile mendorong pembagian pekerjaan menjadi bagian-bagian kecil, pengaturan prioritas berdasarkan nilai tambah, dan fokus bekerja. Itu yang membuat pekerjaan menjadi cepat.
Apakah Agile bisa memangkas biaya? Tidak langsung. Memangkas biaya dengan Agile juga hanya efek samping. Pengaturan prioritas dilakukan berdasarkan nilai tambah. Pekerjaan dilakukan dengan mengutamakan hal-hal yang bernilai besar. Cara kerja itu yang berpotensi memangkas biaya.
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#GitHub is a code hosting platform (like GitLab or Bitbucket) that allows you to share your code with others and as a version control. But it becomes more and more social — you can for instance generate a personalized README where you have a mini website 👩🏼‍💻 Screenshot showing an examp...
The README is a great landing page to collect information about yourself and your work 👩‍💻 And it's extremely easy to set it up: Create a new public (!) repository with your GitHub handle and a README file. Now you can start editing it and making it beautiful 💅 Screenshot showing an examp...
📑 Here’s a short tutorial on how to change (and also set-up) your README:…
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Am I getting too radical?

The 5 non-negotiable truths about product management: 🧵

#productmanagement #agile #scrum
1. Creating products is complex. It can't be planned in detail.

When working on products, you must run small experiments, inspect, and adapt as you go.

"In complex environments, what will happen is unknown." - Scrum Guide 2020
2. Most of your ideas are just not going to work.

- The customers do not desire it
- Users won't know how to use it
- Ideas are not viable for your business
- Technology doesn't allow it

"The first truth is that at least half of your ideas are just not going to work" - @cagan
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Waktunya bahas #Agile! 😁

Saya menemukan komik di bawah ini di sebuah grup WA. Komik itu menunjukkan bahwa seorang PM (project manager?) yang mengubah warna (antarmuka aplikasi?) tanpa tiket Jira itu lebih parah dari membunuh orang. 😱 Kenapa bisa seperti itu? 🤔

Yuk! 👇🧵
Jira adalah sebuah perangkat lunak pengelolaan tiket (isu/masalah). Bayangkan kita punya masalah dengan sebuah produk, lalu untuk melaporkan masalah, kita harus mengajukan keluhan secara tertulis. Keluhan tertulis itu bisa disebut tiket. Jira berfungsi mengelola tiket-tiket itu.
Dari pengelolaan tiket itu, Jira berubah menjadi pengelolaan task (tugas). Pekerjaan besar bisa dibagi menjadi beberapa pekerjaan kecil sampai ke tugas-tugas individu, bukan? Jira masuk di situ. Dengan skala cukup yang besar, Jira berubah menjadi perangkat pengelolaan proyek.
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Focusing on the outcomes may seem impossible to some PMs.

But it's actually trivial.

Here are two strategies you can use: 🧵

#productmanagement #agile
1. Sometimes, you get specific requirements (outputs) from powerful stakeholders or the company's founders. Reverse-engineer them by asking: "how do you measure the success"? And then, "If I do it differently, would that be ok?"

After a few questions, you have your outcomes.
2. If strategy 1 doesn't work, wait one day and say: "We'd like to use OKRs as Google does." Then reverse-engineer the requirements and start the discussion about OKRs.

Define objectives as outcomes. You have your outcomes.
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As some inspiration for today, I collected a loose list of recommendations (data/tech communities, blogs, and podcasts) for anyone interested in the #data field 👩🏼‍💻
💜 R-Ladies, PyLadies, and CorrelAid — these are fantastic communities! Before founding @rladies_cologne last year, I had only positive experiences with the community - they have interesting talks and the Slack community is extremely helpful when you have a question 😊
@rladies_cologne (so, if you’re new and just stumbled upon the account - welcome to @RLadiesGlobal! 🥰)
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Tiga tahun yang lalu, #Rinkas lahir. Saya dan Mas @napisoflife sedang mempersiapkan workshop penerapan Agile di pemerintah yang akan diselenggarakan di DJP. Berhubung workshop itu adalah workshop ketiga dan masih mungkin ada lanjutannya, kami memutuskan sebuah nama, Rinkas.
Rinkas, singkatan dari Pemerintah Tangkas, diharapkan menjadi bagian dari gerakan transformasi birokrasi ke arah #Agile. Workshop adalah wujud dasar gerakan itu, yaitu untuk menyebarluaskan nilai-nilai Agile. Komunitas Rinkas otomatis menjadi komunitas yang mendukung gerakan itu.
Sayangnya workshop ketiga itu adalah workshop terakhir. Perhatian DJP ke Agile mulai menurun. Dukungan untuk workshop otomatis hilang. Sempat ada seminar hasil kolaborasi antara DJP dengan Google yang mengangkat Scrum sebagai salah satu topiknya, tapi tidak ada kelanjutannya.
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We can't say goodbye to #AfricanPenguins forever. We just can't. #NotOnOurWatch

Will you add your voice to help?

My friend Dean wrote, "We'd love to help, but how?"

Follow this thread. I'll tell you how. But don't wait. We have less than 8 hours left to send 1 email. 🧵🐧🧵
The South African government has proposed a plan aimed at protecting the African Penguins found only in South Africa and Namibia. They are good protections. And we need more.

1st. this thread is for EVERYONE. Anyone can email comments about protecting the #AfricanPenguins.
You do NOT have to be South African to express your gratitude for the proposed plan, and you do NOT have to be in South Africa to ask the government local to the situation for more action to protect #AfricanPenguins. You just have to be good people. Or even bad people.
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Apa pun cara kerjanya, kompetensi tetap penting dan akan selalu penting. #Agile tidak terkecuali. Kolaborasi saja tidak cukup untuk membuat produk yang berkualitas. Respons juga tidak mulus tanpa adanya kompetensi yang memadai saat merespons. Itulah pentingnya "individuals".
Percaya atau tidak, masih ada yang luput melihat bahwa #Agile mengutamakan kompetensi. Padahal kompetensi adalah pernyataan pertama di dalam Manifesto Agile: "individuals and interactions". Maksud "individuals" di situ adalah kompetensi setiap orang yang terlibat.
Pengguna (atau perwakilannya) harus kompeten menyampaikan kebutuhannya. Mereka harus bisa menuangkan kebutuhannya dalam bentuk yang mudah dipahami oleh pembuat produk. Apa pun bentuknya, misalnya dokumen, video, coretan, kuncinya adalah mudah dipahami, bukan lengkap.
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Ini mengulang, tapi rasanya memang layak diulang: "Cepat adalah efek samping. Agile bukan soal cepat."

Salah satu sumber kekacauan dalam #Agile adalah HANYA memandang Agile sebagai lincah, gerak cepat, atau sejenisnya demi merespons perubahan dunia yang tidak kalah cepatnya. ...
... Fokusnya hanya pada kecepatan. Akibatnya Agile identik dengan ngebut. Dari situ muncul kekacauan.
Padahal Agile itu bukan soal cepat. Bahkan dalam urusan merespons, Agile juga bukan soal respons yang secepat kilat sampai The Flash juga bengong. Menjadi Agile itu berarti selalu merespons dengan baik setiap perubahan yang relevan dan bernilai sesuai kapasitas. Mulai dari situ.
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The essence of Systems Theory by Dr. Russell Ackoff:

A problem never exists in isolation; it is surrounded by other problems in space & time. The more context of a problem that a scientist can comprehend, the greater are his chances of finding a... solution.
#agile #lean
“Every problem interacts with other problems and is therefore part of a set of interrelated problems, a system of problems... a mess.

Managers do not solve problems, they manage messes."
“The more efficient you are at doing the wrong thing, the wronger you become.

It is much better to do the right thing wronger than the wrong thing righter. If you do the right thing wrong and correct it, you get better.”

#lean #management
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The Real Meaning of Agile (Read Thread)

Doing something in an agile way means making a small change quickly, learning from it, making adjustments to our understanding of the problem and repeating this many times.
The 4 values the agile manifesto states are these:

- Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
- Working software over comprehensive documentation
- Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
- Responding to change over following a plan
Agile is not a methodology with rules and processes to follow. At its roots agile is a simple and fast way of learning and improving by taking small steps, one after the other.

#pestotech #technology #Developers #Agile2022 #Agile
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