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Mein erstes #Flipchart seit Februar 🤩

Morgen findet mein erstes Präsenztraining zum Thema „#Agile #Mindset“ seit Beginn der Coronazeit statt und ich freue mich riesig darauf!

Im Thread: 7 Tipps für eure nächsten Flipchart-Kompositionen 👇
🖌 Verwendet kariertes Papier und dreht es auf die Blanko Seite. So seht ihr beim Zeichnen die Linien zur Orientierung durchscheinen, während sie von Weitem nicht zu erkennen sind.
🖌 Für große Kreise befestige ich einen Bleistift an ein Stück Schnur und verwenden diesen als Zirkel.
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Es un orgullo para la Comunidad de Desarrolladores de Argentina poder acompãnar iniciativas como el #ConnectDay junto a estas empresas @plataforma5la, @distillerylatam, @revistasg y @clarikagroup 💪
¡Hoy es el #ConnectDay! Desde CoDeAr estamos felices de poder acompañar a @wtmriodelaplata, @GDGCordobaARG, @gdgriodelaplata en este día de charlas y de compartir conocimiento en comunidad. Podés sumarte a la transmisión en vivo desde acá:
Comienza la primer charla sobre #DataScience y #Economía, en el contexto de las #transdisciplinas.
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1/n I try to keep twitter for professional interest. Now, I need to help my country. Data has been showing Doubling Day factor of 3-4 from the beginning. Infections double every 4 days. 20% need respiratory help and half of those need ICU. Please #FlattenTheCurve #COVID19ireland
2/n Most of my professional network here in the #Agile #Kanban community understand data. Model the number of ICU facilities in Ireland against the infection rate of #COVID19 and look at the data. The worldwide Doubling Day factor is currently 5. We all have a part to play in it
3/n This is exponential growth, not linear growth we are dealing with. Death rate increases when you run out of ventilators and respiratory care. Please take this seriously and help our health service. Take social distance and hand hygiene seriously.…
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In a workshop I’ve been doing recently, we talk about “thinking big AND working small”. Why is this important?

Some companies are reasonably good at strategy and figuring out where the opportunities are...but they’re not great at working small. Result? ... (1/n)
..they learn slowly, respond slowly, and lack “cadence” around the sense/respond loop.

Other companies are reasonably good at working small, but can’t think beyond two week increments (or quarters even). Result? ... (2/n)
..To quote someone from a famous XP “shop” ... “we’re often chasing local optimums, and I’m worried about our strategy. We’ve relied on one muscle and need to build the other.”

People often equate “thinking big” to grandiose, “innovative”, moonshots. That’s not it... (3/n)
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So excited for How to Become an Automation Engineer with @techgirl1908 at @testingatl #automation #testing
Nice gathering this evening with @techgirl1908 at @testingatl #automation #testing
Thanks for the grub @saucelabs at @testingatl #automation #testing
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Tu seras #Agile mon kid
Je ne veux voir aucune larme glisser sur cette gueule héroïque
Et ce #Scrum tout sculpté pour atteindre des sommets fantastiques
Que seul une rêverie pourrait surpasser
... 😇
Tu seras #Agile mon kid
Je ne veux voir aucune once #prédictive
Ni des airs, ni des gestes qui veulent dire
Et dieu sait, si ce sont tout de même les pires à venir
Te castrer pour quelques #analyses
... (ça passe 😋)
Tu seras #Agile mon kid
Loin de toi ces finesses tactiques
Tous ces plans d'origine qui rigidifient vos guises
Sous prétexte d'être le messie fidèle de ce cher modèle anarchique
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Today I maybe noticed a major distinction in how people "do groups":

🌙 start with land + people + practices (behaviour, experiments, verbs)


☀️ start with ideas + vision + principles (values, mission, nouns)

Having migrated from the Pacific to Europe I reckon:

🌙 is common in the South
☀ is common in the North
🌙 is oral culture
☀ is literate culture

(📖 read Orality & Literacy by W J Ong to understand how this changes how we think and what social structures we invent)
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تابعت النقاش حول منهجية ال #Agile اللي بدأها الدكتور مازن @mznmel وخلوني ألخص وجهة نظري.
١- الضعف التقني (الشديد أحيانًا) لدى الكثير من فرق البرمجة في السعودية والقفز السريع للادارة هربًا من البرمجة مشكلة كبيرة. شخصيا غير مقتنع بمدير منتج برمجي ما اشتغل برمجة ٥-١٠ سنوات.
ما أعرف صراحة كيف شخص يبي يصير مدير منتج برمجي او يصير scrum master وهو لم يعمل قبل كمبرمج. أحد متطلبات التوظيف ك product manager في قوقل مثلا هي ان تكون software engineer بخبرة طويلة.
٢- هذا الضعف يؤدي الى عدم فهم عمل المبرمجين وسوء (او المبالغة ب) استخدام منهجية ال #Agile (كيف ومتى تستخدم🤔). ما يهمني لو تقرا الف كتاب عن الموضوع. اذا ما اشتغلت بيدك برمجة ضمن فريق لسنوات وحسيت بمشاكل ال delivery وعشتها راح اعتبرك غير فاهم لل #agile بغض النظر عن شهاداتك.
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I really respect the openness in this question. A couple thoughts...

1. Design is routinely short-staffed. So they are left scrambling to “feed the factory” and/or play catch-up with teams just marching forward because they are not instantly available / can work 20hr days (1/6)
2. Some large % of design has nothing to do with “Screens” or “Flows”. There’s a research component. PdM and dev routinely forget that in many cases the most skilled researcher / problem-unraveler / simplifier is the designer on their team. Oh.. do that AND MAKE SCREENS. (2/6)
3. For various reasons (most non-personal, systemic) there are some developers who view anything not involving code as non-essential. Some designers see developers as “code typers” executing their brilliant designers. Stereotypes SUCK. Combined, these views hobble teams (3/6)
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I’ve been getting asked recently what I think of @rjs/@basecamp’s Shape Up. A quick thread:

1. Absolutely read the book. It is good.

2. Detailed information about how a company works is always helpful, and this is no exception. It gets specific!
3. Whenever a company goes deep (which I love), it is also good to ask “What are the first principles here?“

SU does a *reasonable* job in this respect. If you’re a prod dev nerd you can pick them out easily. If not it might be tougher.
4. This happened with the “Spotify Method” if you remember. There were lots of first principles mentioned — or implied — by @henrikkniberg (e.g. aligned autonomy or the purpose of chapters/squads, etc.), but it become very easy to Copy-Paste without understanding them.
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Someone asked me today:

"Why are you so intent on defending #Agile. It has been corrupted. Just let it go!" I wanted to dig into that for a sec.

1/n-Some of the most talented, helpful, effective & inspiring ppl I know professionally have *some sort of* connection to Agile
2/n-I say *some sort of*, because the spectrum is vast.

Ppl imagine a cult. Tattoos. You believe EVERYTHING.

But the journeys ppl take are extremely varied. Maybe they worked at company X with Y. Maybe they wrote a book. Read a book. Invented a pattern. Gave a great talk.
3/n-I have a keen interest in not diminishing the work of people I have a great deal of respect for. I don't want those voices silenced/ridiculed.

I don't want their work repackaged as new without credit. That would be very sad, and a loss.

There's so much value there.
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👉What I Learned From Jason Blacks Smear Strategy

1. Jason Black uses classism to invalidate working class blacks using education gateway to opportunity when money and social capital aren't available. #ados

@TheBlackChannel 👉What I Learned From Jason Black's Smear Strategy

2. Jason Black hammers in on propagandist, ableist, taglines on "reading."

He's one word away from using the R-word slur, and offending those with disabilities.

@TheBlackChannel 👉What I Learned From Jason Blacks Smear Strategy

3. Jason Black's strategy of taking down an #agile movement, which course corrects, by pointing out cracks or flaws, just incentivizes #ADOS to tighten up & improve.
He's motivating excellence through slander. 🤣 #agileActivists
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for my #agile community friends...

I've noticed something, and I think it is important.

There's a big difference between saying "#agile is compatible with that, how interesting, where can I learn more?" and... "oh THAT'S AGILE SILLY" (paraphrasing).

Now I know ... (1/3)
...that there is shitty stuff being done under the #agile umbrella, and there's a lot of need to clarify intent and clarify principles...and frankly defend your work against blanket statements like AGILE SUCKS, but...

THAT'S NOT AGILE or THAT'S AGILE doesn't help (2/3) one likes to be told that whatever they are doing is old hat, is "accepted" (or rejected) by your religion, and that the Forbes / HBR hype-machine around "agile" is the mandate for everyone. You wouldn't if roles were reversed.

So empathy and curiosity maybe? (3/3)
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The 4 biggest discoveries about high performing teams (thread) #productmanagement #agile #management #teams #coachingsystems
1: Team performance has almost nothing to do with its leader. 60% of team success can be attributed to the design and constraints, none of which the team typically has access to. Based on Richard Hackman's work.
2: Behaviors are a function of the personality and the environment b=f(p+e). How much the personality actually matters differs who you talk to ranging from 5% to about 30%. Based on Kurt Lewin's work. And still, companies try to maximize the value they get from that 5-30 %.
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Well I’m stuck on the runway and you know what that means!


Time for a #prodmgmt twitter rant.

Today’s rant is about enterprise companies and how they value digital product management. /1
I’ve spent the last 5 years helping very very large organizations go through “product transformations”. You know, that thing after the “agile” transformation.

When they realize “oh crap we have 450 people who don’t know what they’re doing.” /2
And I’m glad that these #agile transformations happened because it helped to show these companies they need real #prodmgmt, not just backlog groomers.

But there’s a problem... /3
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visualizing "the work" at the program/portfolio level is one the single most powerful things a team can do to collectively improve how they work

the fascinating thing is the resistance (1/9)
#kanban #agile #programmanagement #visualization

Board Credit: @keithadam @Optimizely
2/9 Power and ambiguity. For some...power is maintained through opacity and ambiguity. Making work visible and/or making ambiguity visible is a direct threat to that way of trying to control a situation.
3/9 With visibility, there is the constant threat of micro-management. Flying under the radar is sometimes the only way to "get stuff done without people meddling. If everyone saw our roadmap, they'd keep poking holes in it!"
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here is a thread with some exploratory thoughts about #patternlanguage...

I believe the best org structure is a local bespoke design

global abstractions are intoxicating and sense-killing

e.g. see how badly people implement #agile princples and miss the point by miles
I can say "I visited 1000 groups and the best ones all did X"

that might help a few groups. also it will give a lotta groups the wrong idea, send them on a goosechase while thinking they've found a great solution
I wanna offer people lessons, shared language, grow collective memory, accelerate learning...

.. but I know how quickly people take a guide and turn it into a rule to hit each other with. you learn the abstraction, but miss the essence

e.g. weaponised #NVC
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In 5 tweets, The gist of Right to Left: The digital leader’s guide to Lean and Agile
@Right2LeftGuide #agendashift #lean #agile #digital #leadership
@Right2LeftGuide 1/5. Success in digital means integrating delivery, development, and strategy – continuously identifying and addressing impediments to flow, alignment, and anticipation. This is clearly a learning process; a successful digital organisation is a learning organisation
@Right2LeftGuide 2/5. In Lean-Agile we celebrate #Lean & #Agile both separately and together. To Lean's "strategic pursuit of flow" (after Modig & Åhlström), we bring from Agile a safe default assumption, that in knowledge work, most failures of flow are rooted in failures of collaboration
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I was speaking with an executive with 20+ years of experience recently. And I asked them if they had ever seen a feature/effort “flop”. And they said No. And I found this very curious. So I dug... (1/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops many cases, they claimed “poor execution” had left the “on their back foot”. Meanwhile, new silver bullets had emerged. So they didn’t really know — or weren’t focused on — whether the original idea worked or not (2/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops other cases, they described competitive pressures or “market shifts” that again left them “late to the party”. Notice the trend: it is all about speed and time in their mind. Perfect ideas that couldn’t be executed on quickly enough. (3/6) #design #prodmgmt #agile #devops
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8 yrs ago today, 4 of my friends built a software product in a department store. A video of it is still today's quintessential example of #LeanStartup, #LeanUX, #DesignThinking, and #Agile in action. @lightsmith @kimhamlet @tzeiler @garybernhardt (1/2)
@lightsmith @kimhamlet @tzeiler @garybernhardt Universities, thought leaders, consultants, and other change makers continue to use that story around the world to improve teams, their products and business results by including customers and reducing decision waste. (2/2)
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@bonniea @goldsmithaaron @AllDayDevOps @nnja @oscon @MaggieFero I'd love for you to hear @appsecjosh 's experiences working with dev teams reviewing, merging, and deploying code...
@bonniea @goldsmithaaron @AllDayDevOps @nnja @oscon @MaggieFero @appsecjosh If you're interested in #automation around pull requests, I know some devs like @github 's #security vulnerability remediation #opensource…
@bonniea @goldsmithaaron @AllDayDevOps @nnja @oscon @MaggieFero @appsecjosh @github For a non-dev-centric perspective, you might try
@mheusser 's How a tester can contribute to the code review process… #testing #whitebox
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I'm still can't believe how much @joshuajames and I covered in this interview.
This is a treasure-trove of wisdom for folks involved in #proddev, #prodmgmt, #orgdesign, #agile etc. We covered so much, here's a summary:

0:00 Access to data. Features factories. Executing “to plan”
1:55 Different types of silos: run vs. change, opex vs. capex, service vs. sales. Optimizing the top of the funnel. Juicing TOFU. Quarter to quarter thinking vs. LTV. @joshuajames
4:54 Conway’s Law, portfolios, and placing bets. Increasing revenue vs. protecting revenue (until there's a financial crisis, which turns your focus to reducing costs). @joshuajames
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Some lists and tables from over the last couple years. Yes, there’s a level of obsession (or something) here. But I enjoy it. #prodmgmt #ux #design #agile #orgdesign #lean @Amplitude_HQ

1/13 Our intuition says...instead try
2/13 Evolving product manager role...
3/13 From .... Towards
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The @School_GC Building Resiliency in the Modern World webcast with Jennifer Gervès-Keen was one of the most engaging and applicable sessions I have seen. Looking forward to full day Power to Bounce Back: Being Resilient course. These are my key takeaways: #BCFedLeaders 1/7
Multitasking actually shrinks our brain over time, even though many workplace cultures continue to reward the behavior. The more we multitask, the more we lose our ability to focus, be creative, innovate, and actually do things that matter.#BCFedLeaders #monotasking (2/7)
Be conscious of the language you use to describe yourself: every time you say "I am [adjective]", that is the story you are telling, and the energy you are inviting into your life. Do you really always want to say you're busy? What is the value? #BCFedLeaders @School_GC 3/7
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