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AI exec in SV; mega trend investor; former Global AI Leader of Fortune 300; Tesla/SpaceX/Great EV admirer; res M X in 2012, owner 2016; CyberTruck; former gamer
Jan 28, 2021 12 tweets 5 min read
My key thoughts for Tesla Q4 earnings:

1. Q4 Gross Margin (GM) is lower than expected, but:

. Auto GM is actually higher than Q3, after taking out noisy one time factors like investing in S/X refresh/single piece castings, big Y price cut in China (great for long term... 2/11

& fence off competitors), higher logistics & labor cost due to Covid.

. Energy GM lowered by solar roof ramp, now achieved best cost structure in industry, ready to roar back to #1.

. Big increase in R&D, rapid expansion in service centers, mobile fleet & Super Chargers
Dec 14, 2020 17 tweets 11 min read
Why #Tesla needs to double/quadruple down in #China now by increasing EV production, FSD dev; starting RoboTaxi & insurance!

#elonmusk, 4X in China will greatly accelerate transition to sustainable energy and cement Tesla’s leadership. 1/10 Quick thoughts & winner/loser prediction after watching #NIO day. Impressive event, nice sedan, wish NIO to be successful, but some concerns:
1. FSD HW from #Nvidia. HW spec does not equal good AI results. #Tesla chip is custom & optimized for Tesla only, super efficient...
Dec 7, 2020 25 tweets 11 min read
1/ Why #Tesla will be much more successful than #Apple, and much harder to compete against.

I am still admiring #SteveJobs and the great #Apple success, while I think #Telsa will have much greater success than Apple. This will have huge implications to $TSLA and competitors. 2/ It is easier to understand this from #Apple’s own loss of opportunities or strategic mistakes (Only IMO) over the last 10+ years:
. Chose to make iPhone exclusive only for ATT, leading Verizon and other caries no choice but to power the rise of #Android.