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#BudgetInsider | ‘If I had #Apple and #Tencent, I would have sold them by now,’ says #JimRogers…

By @jainrounak
@jainrounak In case you missed this conversation, here's @iyer_Sriram chatting with commodities guru, author and international investor Jim Rogers on @BiIndia.


In a freewheeling chat with Business Insider India, commodities guru #JimRogers explained how stocks, bonds and properties across the world are in a ‘bubble’.

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To everyone in #India and around the world:

If tech giants we rely on can purge the sitting President of the USA over arbitrary rules to alter public narratives (and this is only "one" of their many issues), they can do the same to other countries and their people. (1/7)
We must not allow our own communications to depend on them, and must seek measures to defend ourselves from their vested interests and political subversions, starting by being self-reliant. (2/7)
By allowing these multinational corporations to dictate who gets to say what in our own countries, we risk foreign powers controlling our narratives for us and influencing our own democracies without our consent. (3/7)
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🇺🇸📱#Twitter suspende permanentemente la cuenta de #Trump ante el riesgo de “incitación a la violencia”.

Eso abre dos dudas que van mas allá de #EEUU: ¿Cómo afecta eso a la libertad de expresión? Y, ¿hacia dónde está migrando la extrema derecha digital? Abro hilo👇🏽
2/ #Twitter explica aquí los motivos de la suspensión.

#Trump hace meses que viola las normas de uso de la plataforma. Sus mensajes se mantenían al entender que es una figura de relevancia pública. La insurrección ha sido la gota que ha colmado el vaso.
3/ Según la sección 230 (ley fundacional de Internet), las plataformas no son responsables del contenido que albergan ni del que eliminan. Eso permitió su crecimiento. Aquí se explica al detalle su importancia.
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Ok, da ist aktuell einiges im Gange. Nachdem Twitter Donald #Trump dauerhaft gesperrt hat, ist dieser wohl auf den bei Rechten beliebten Twitter-Abklatsch #Parler ausgewichen. Daraufhin hat #Google die Parler-App aus dem Playstore gelöscht.

#TrumpBanned Image
#Apple droht #Parler nun genau dasselbe an, sollten sie nicht innerhalb von 24 Stunden eine Moderation der Inhalte einführen. Unter rechtsextremen Hetzern wie Martin #Sellner greift langsam Panik um sich. Sollte auch #Telegram aus den Stores gecancelt...

...werden, wäre das der endgültige Untergang dieser Leute in die völlige digitale Bedeutungslosigkeit.

Richtig gute Nachrichten! 🤗
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[Thread] the new WHATSAPP Update is Scary.
it all started when @Apple focused on more user privacy’s. Apple is going to introduce App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14 which allow users not to share their any kind of data with any app. When it comes to Facebook, ad behaviour is very common example.
there’s a WAR going on between two big tech giants. #Apple and #Facebook company. On 4th January 2021 #WhatsApp got a new privacy update which may force you to quit this application.
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A long time ago I worked in #Apple HQ’s retail org, which oversees everything about the stores. From my 6 years at Apple, this unexpected lesson on branding has stuck with me the most.

A peek under the mothership hood 👇
Every single Apple store in the world (now 500+) has identical stone floors and wood tables on which the hardware is displayed. The stone comes from a quarry in Italy. When Apple needs more, they pull massive stone slabs from the quarry and with a crane...
and compare them to a master slab they know perfectly matches the existing store floors. Apple rejects all the slabs from the quarry that aren’t identical to the master.

The wood for the tables is winter-harvested at the same time each year from...
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Personally, I think that most #tech companies, espechally those that try to bend themselves as pro-#envoirmental like @Apple, are not even close in offsetting the footprint of their products when they purposefully design products to be unserviceable.
Espechally since @Apple/#Apple goes out of their way to purposefully design their products to be #unserviceable and monopolize #replacement #parts down to single #chips like the #ISL9240.

@_SecondThought check out #LouisRossmann's channel on #Right2Repair for that whose feckup.
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"It’s not the millions of dollars that #Fortune500 companies are funneling into new diversity & inclusion efforts..."

"The millennials & the [Generation] Zers are one of the primary reasons that this moment is different..."

#NewPower #BLM #Purpose…
"Race & The Corporate Power" w/ #Comcast #Apple #Walmart #NBA #Nike #BLM

#Purchasing acquiescence. Branding & marketing strategy for illusory #StakeholderCapitalism.

#GreatReset requires #SocialLicense

#WEF: "Focus on #Racism & Racial Injustice" platform

2017: 1
2018: 0
2019: 1
2020: 50+

Under capitalism everything can be commodified - including human bodies, culture itself - & racial injustice. #GreatReset…
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#Apple’s longtime supplier accused of using forced labor in #China

New documents show Lens Technology, which makes iPhone glass and is owned by China’s richest woman, received #Uighur Muslim laborers transferred from #Xinjiang…
2) One of the oldest and most well-known iPhone suppliers has been accused of using forced Muslim labor in its factories, according to documents uncovered by a human rights group, adding new scrutiny to Apple’s human rights record in China.
3) The documents, discovered by the Tech Transparency Project detail how thousands of Uighur workers from the predominantly Muslim region of Xinjiang were sent to work for Lens Technology. Lens also supplies Amazon and Tesla, according to its annual report.
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Encouraging! #AppleM1 Silicon (MBA) smokes my 2017 MBP15" i7 on #rstats #tidverse tidymodels hotel example, random forests (last fit 100 trees). Experimental arm-R build = extra speedup. Thanks @fxcoudert for gfortran build & @juliasilge @topepos + team for the nice API + DOC.
And it’s wonderful to see that essential R packages are working on the M1 platform.
Another implication might be that 4 cores are a good default for parallel processing with this configuration. The original tidymodels example would select 8 cores here.…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/25/2020…
The New Business of AI (and How It’s Different From Traditional Software)…

#ArtificialIntelligence #BusinessModels #OrganizationStructures
Google tightens grip on research reports with 'sensitive topics' review system: Report…

#PeerReview #ResearchReports #google #truth #transparency #trust
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Happily for $TSLA investors, @tim_cook missed the reincarnation of $AAPL when @elonmusk approached him while experiencing “production hell” with the Model3. An #EV is the ultimate mobile device.
#Tesla took a leaf from #Apple’s business plan when it designed its own #AI chip. Apple designed its own smartphone chip when #QCOM was catering to Motorola, Nokia, and Ericsson, none of which understood that phones could and would become smart.
#Tesla dropped $NVDA, not because its GPUs missed the move toward #autonomous, but because the design cycle of $GM, $BMW, & #TM was 4-5 years longer than that for Tesla. Catering to large auto manufacturers, Nvidia was not moving fast enough for Tesla.
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Volvemos con un nuevo '¿QUÉ MIERDA QUIERE DECIR ESO?'

Un hilo semanal para explicar de manera sencilla una noticia complicada.

Esta semana tenemos "Los monopolios de Silicon Valley: Pulso entre EEUU y los GAFAM."
Empecemos por el principio: ¿Qué mierda son los #GAFAM? 👇
Ahora vamos a hacer un repasito rápido por cada uno de estos gigantes tecnológicos.

Empezamos por #Google 👇
Read 13 tweets…("Computer supply chain #attacks are a growing concern and approaches that can detect and defend against them are required.
In October last year, #Bloomberg Businessweek reported that #Chinese spies had implanted #microchips into specialized servers used
> by around 30 #US companies including #Apple and Amazon. The servers were made by the San Jose-based company #Supermicro, who employed sub-contractors in China to build their motherboards. The report, which was based on interviews with unnamed #US government and corporate
> sources, alleged that the #chips could provide #backdoor access to..servers and were inserted during the manufacturing[!] of the motherboards by operatives from the [#PLA].
..#new approach can..provide #images of an entire chip and then zoom into specific sub-regions.

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If investigators find #Wistron management guilty, here's what is at stake for the company


By- @pabsgill… Image
#Apple puts iPhone partner #Wistron on probation after rioting workers caused $7 million worth of damage at Indian plant

#Wistron, one of #Apple’s manufacturers for the iPhone in #India, is facing trouble with the Indian government over the non-payment and delay in payment of wages.

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#Apple issues statement regarding violence at @WistronITS #iPhonePlantViolence in #Narasapura. The tech behemoth places #Wistron on probation. @Apple @tim_cook Image
Apple further adds that its Taiwanese contract manufacturer @WistronITS will not receive any new business from @Apple before they complete corrective actions #Wistron #WistronPlantViolence #Narasapura Image
Apple places #Wistron on probation, halts further business till corrective actions are completed
@Apple @tim_cook @WistronITS Image
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Seitdem ich weiß, dass nach einem irischen Gerichtsurteil Subway-Brote wegen ihres hohen Zuckergehalts steuerrechtlich nicht mehr als "Brot" bezeichnet werden dürfen & damit kein Grundnahrungsmittel, sondern strenggenommen Backwaren, sind, geh ich nicht mehr hin. #eatfresh
Man muss dem irischen Rechtssystem zugutehalten, dass es keine Zuckerbrote mag, dafür aber angebissene Äpfel umso mehr. #Apple
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Bei #Wistron, einem #Apple-Auftragsfertiger in #Bangaluru (#Indien), gab es am Samstag Großrandale und einen wilden Streik - fast 60 Mio. US$ Schaden.
Der Hintergrund? Vorwürfe über "monatelang" nicht gezahlte Löhne von Subunternehmen. /MS…
Außerdem gabs in #Indien die letzten Wochen 1 Massenstreik von landwirtschaftlichen Betrieben - hier geht es um eine Landreform, die Kritiker:innen zufolge vornehmlich Großunternehmen hilft, aber die Kleinen vernichtet. Hmm... woher kennt man das nur? /MS…
Der Vorläufer dieser Farmer-Proteste in #Indien war ein Generalstreik - mit 250 Millionen (!) Teilnehmenden dürfte der ein Kandidat für den größten Streik der Geschichte sein. /MS…
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Why #Tesla needs to double/quadruple down in #China now by increasing EV production, FSD dev; starting RoboTaxi & insurance!

#elonmusk, 4X in China will greatly accelerate transition to sustainable energy and cement Tesla’s leadership.
1/10 Quick thoughts & winner/loser prediction after watching #NIO day. Impressive event, nice sedan, wish NIO to be successful, but some concerns:
1. FSD HW from #Nvidia. HW spec does not equal good AI results. #Tesla chip is custom & optimized for Tesla only, super efficient...
Additional thoughts/info on #NIO after #NIODay, & which #EV#Battery companies I think are best bets 2021.

Again I am rooting for NIO's long term success, while I try my best to focus analysis 100% on facts & share my rationale for your own consideration & benefits.
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The London Economic
Home Politics
How the Tories normalised corruption – report

In the past, corruption brought down politicians. But today, it’s a business model.
T.J. Coles by T.J. Coles

Corruption used to be scandalous. Then it became par for the course:
the #Expenses Scandal (2009), LIBOR (2012), the #Panama Papers (2016), FinCEN (2020) etcetera.

But this time, it’s different. We’re in a #pandemic and lives are at stake. Instead of awarding contracts to experienced and reliable public companies,
the #Tory #government is looting the #Treasury and awarding its donors. It is doing so with almost no accountability or oversight. Tory-linked corporations

In 2009, #Labour established a #PPE stockpiling system, but the #Tories left it to rot.
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1/ Why #Tesla will be much more successful than #Apple, and much harder to compete against.

I am still admiring #SteveJobs and the great #Apple success, while I think #Telsa will have much greater success than Apple. This will have huge implications to $TSLA and competitors.
2/ It is easier to understand this from #Apple’s own loss of opportunities or strategic mistakes (Only IMO) over the last 10+ years:
. Chose to make iPhone exclusive only for ATT, leading Verizon and other caries no choice but to power the rise of #Android.
3/ Delayed the large screen phone for years, leading to the rise of Samsung/competitors.
. Chose to keep iPhone at high price (& profit), leading to the rise of Chinese phone makers like Huawei, Xiao Mi etc. They are really good now, many of my friends in China switched to Huawei
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#BlackWeek der politischen Sprache. Und des Entwendens. Hier historisch und doch aktuell und frisch verhashtagged aus der trend onlinezeitung zum ä Green New Deal Green:

Konflikt bei #SMA
Kein #NewDeal für #ZeitarbeiterInnen

von Peter Lenz
Im September 2011 feierte die Firma „SMA Solar Technology“ 30jähriges Firmenjubiläum. Fast wie bei #Apple ranken sich Legenden um ihre Entstehung. Elektrotechnik-Studenten gründeten eine Firma, die sich auf die Herstellung von Wechselrichtern für Solaranlagen
spezialisiert, die - vereinfacht gesagt - Solar-Gleichstrom für Wechselstromnetze verfügbar machen. SMA hat in den letzten Jahren bemerkenswerte Umsatz- und Profitsprünge gemacht. Ein Vorsteuergewinn von über 27% liegt noch über Ackermanns 25%-Träume hinaus.
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Nov 20 2020, Fortune: "a year of lockdowns, isolation, & uncertainty have widened the wealth gap between America’s work-from-home managerial classes & its paycheck-to-paycheck frontline workers—w/ the two groups' well-being moving in opposite directions like the arms of a "K"."
"#Facebook, #Apple, #Amazon, #Microsoft, & #Google—have returned 52.5% year to date, compared with just 6.3% for the other 495 members of the S&P 500. Together, they now have a market cap of $7.2 trillion."

Oct 26 2020, Fortune: "Hunger & starvation have doubled during the COVID19 [] the pandemic could fuel a hunger pandemic as food insecurity worsens..."

Nov 14 2020: "...we are going to have famines of biblical proportions in 2021"

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The @Apple elves just dropped off an M1 powered Macbook Air. Let's see hoe good this thing really is!!

#Apple #AppleSilicon #AppleM1
Confirmed. Apples new processor destroys my macbook pro 16" with an 8 core I9 with geekbench. Impressive considering this laptop is apples new entry level machine. Let's see if it does standard things like running the software I use daily.
#AppleM1 #AppleSilicon
Considering this is day 1 of these machines being in the wild, I am expecting some software not to work great until developers get their universal binary versions out. This isn't my main work machine, but a test machine for the moment.
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