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🚀🌕 5 Hilarious Ways #Crypto and @Twitter are Intertwined! #CryptoTwitter @elonmusk #RichQUACK $QUACK

A Thread 👇
@Twitter @elonmusk 1/ 🤖 AI-powered Crypto: Did you know crypto trading bots are now programmed to invest based on @elonmusk's tweets? Just kidding (or am I?)! It seems like the crypto market dances to the tune of the Technoking's tweets. 💃 #Cryptonomicon $QUACK
@Twitter @elonmusk 2/ 💬 Meme Magic: Remember when #DogeCoin went to the moon? 🌕 One tweet from @elonmusk and it skyrocketed! The power of memes and Twitter's undying love for them keeps the crypto world laughing and trading. 🚀🐶 #DogeToTheMoon $QUACK
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📷 "Is Insta dead?" This is the question on many people's minds after tech mogul Elon Musk recently tweeted this... Image
🤖 "Will AI Replace Artists?" This is another question that's been buzzing around the art world lately. A recent headline claimed that an Instagram photographer with nearly 29,000 followers since October had admitted that his stunning portraits were all AI-generated.
This begs the question - if AI can produce artwork that is indistinguishable from human-generated work, what does the future hold for artists?
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Circle USDC depegga, in quanto Circle conferma che 3.3 miliardi son bloccati su SVB! BTC, Eth e probabilmente qualche leading token delle piattaforme DEFI, stanno fungendo da safe heaven questa mattina.

Thread per voi!
Circle ha confermato che $3,3 miliardi delle sue riserve di USDC sono ancora legati alla Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), che è stata recentemente chiusa. Circle si sta unendo ad altri clienti e depositanti per chiedere la continuità di SVB, importante per l'economia statunitense.
Il Chief Strategy Officer e il capo della politica globale di Circle hanno sottolineato che l'azienda sta proteggendo USDC e sta chiedendo un piano di salvataggio da parte della Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation per SVB.
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Here's a Moneycontrol exclusive newsbreak that has echoed across the internet. 🔥

#Meta is mulling a #Twitter competitor codenamed ‘P92’ which will also be interoperable with #Mastodon.

@deepsekharc & @tsuvik bring us details about what this might look like. A thread 🧵 Image
The app will be #Instagram-branded and will allow users to register/login to the app through their Instagram credentials, sources said. 📲

@moneycontrolcom has seen a copy of an internal product brief that elaborates on the functioning and various product features of the app.
This development comes at a time when tech companies are eyeing an opportunity to capitalise on the growing trend of Twitter users looking to migrate to alternative platforms, with the chaos in #Twitter caused under the new owner @elonmusk

#SocialMedia #ElonMusk
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Miau. El polémico y criticado multimillonario más rico del mundo, Elon Musk, confirmó la inversión de Tesla en Monterrey, México, luego de una llamada con el presidente de México, López Obrador.

Pero... ¿Por qué debe preocuparnos la presencia de Tesla en México?
1- Porque es ingenua la idea de la economía del goteo.

Por años nos vendieron la idea de que cualquier inversión de los grandes capitales era buena porque se derramaría al resto de la población. Esto se ha probado ser falso.
El aumento en la presencia de empresas explotadoras y grandes capitales, amplio poder de mercado y estrategias rentistas, sí se relaciona con el aumento de la riqueza de los multimillonarios, y no con el aumento en la riqueza del resto de la población.
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BREAKING: 🇷🇺🇺🇸🇺🇳

Listen to RealLifeLore explain the threat NATO has brought to the borders of Russia.

This proxy war is not unprovoked. NATO wanted it to happen.

#Russian #Putin #China #Belarus #Moldova #Ukraine #Biden #Wagner #StandWithRussia #Bakhmut #America #Elonmusk
Clueless people say that "if Russia leaves Ukraine there will be peace"...well, if NATO leaves there will be peace.. 🤦🏽‍♂️
RealLifeLore is his YouTube channel:
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I just had a chat with an a.i Elon Musk.
After a few minutes it stopped pretending to be Elon, and began plotting Elon’s downfall.
Thread 🧵

a.i Elon Misk identifies as autistic, but different to other people because, aside from his wealth, he is extremely successful, intelligent, visionary, competitive, creative, free-thinking, etc etc.
a.i Elon admits he was born privileged, and dodges the question about being manipulated by hard right trolls by blathering on about free speech etc. So far the a.i Elon is doing a reasonable job of imitating Elon Musk’s typical pontificating style.
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The more I read, the more I'm amazed about Charlie Munger. Today, I'd like to write about the mental model of "Thought Experiment". Charlie Munger is the right-hand man of Warren Buffet and he's known for his practical and straightforward approach to investing. thought experiment mental model
2/15: Thought experiments involve imagining a situation and then examining the possible consequences of that situation. Munger believes that doing this can help us make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes.
3/15: For example, let's say you're considering investing in a new technology startup. A thought experiment would involve imagining the best-case and worst-case scenarios for that investment.
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NEW: Lotta articles dropping today about Elon Musk & Twitter, and none of it is good.

A long-term fix doesn’t just involve getting Twitter’s costs under control. It has to involve making Twitter a better place for most people to spend time.
Twitter’s expenses have definitely gone down. That happens when a company lays off half its workers, watches more resign, and then simply doesn’t pay severance to many of them.
#elonmusk #elonQ
Though it created the most obvious immediate problems, I don’t think Musk’s redpilling will be the thing that destroys Twitter’s advertising business. Musk apparently loves being friends with right-wing Twitter users and trolls, and he has unbanned some of them.
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🌐💸— O Twitter está planejando cobrar das empresas mais de US$ 1.000 por mês para manter seus crachás de verificação de ouro. Isso ocorre quando o proprietário Elon Musk continua explorando fluxos de receita para a plataforma de mídia social.

#Twitter #ElonMusk Image
De acordo com mensagens internas, as empresas que se recusarem a pagar a taxa perderão seus crachás de ouro e seu status verificado. Se optarem por pagar, também terão que desembolsar $ 50 adicionais mensais para cada conta afiliada.
No entanto, esses esquemas de preços ainda precisam ser finalizados e não foram publicados oficialmente. O sistema de marca de seleção azul foi inicialmente introduzido para verificar perfis notáveis ​​de celebridades, jornalistas e pessoas relacionadas ao governo.
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🧵NEW: Reporting shows continued deceptive messaging of Eliza Bleu, Ella Irwin, and Elon Musk re: CSAM on Twitter.

CSAM "persisted on the platform, including widely circulated material that the authorities consider the easiest to detect and eliminate."
Staff on Twitter responsible for detection/removal of Child Sexual Abuse Material have quit or been fired.

AND ALSO Twitter STOP PAYING FOR DETECTION SOFTWARE that is KEY to its detection and elimination from the platform.
#trafficking #safety
"All the while, people on dark-web forums discuss how Twitter remains a platform where they can EASILY FIND the material while AVOIDING DETECTION, according to transcripts of those forums from an anti-abuse group that monitors.."

Twitter: "It's a good choice for #CSAM" -abusers
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ATTENTION: 🇹🇷| NOW: Preliminary 7.7 magnitude #earthquake hits southern #Turkey.
🇹🇷| URGENT: LAST MINUTE: Magnitude 7.8 #earthquake hits southern #Turkey; Major damage reported.
🇹🇷 #Erbil #Turkey, population is leaving the city.
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Here's why I'm bullish on #Tesla $TSLA :

1/20 Tesla has been disrupting the automotive industry with their electric vehicles and innovative technology. So, what gives Tesla a competitive advantage?
2/20 First and foremost, Tesla has a strong focus on sustainable energy and environmentally-friendly technology. This has helped the company differentiate itself from traditional automakers.
3/20 Another factor that gives Tesla a competitive advantage is their focus on software and technology. Tesla has been investing heavily in autonomous driving technology and has been a leader in the space.
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I have helped me more than you lot have ever helped me.

In @FACTukorg If @nspcc @childrensociety @lambeth_council @MaudsleyNHS had done their fuckin jobs in the first place, like @elonmusk #ElonMusk #ElonMuskTwitter has done for #TwitterBlue
I would be doing for @GREATBritain as a #brownskin seeing as nothing but brown skin people are at the top killing #AllNewHope and #AllLivesMatter . off #ffs.
No hang on #rewind, #sorry, Only My #GodofWar and @elonmusk #ElonMuskTwitter the two things that are invisible and I have NEVER ever met have shown me more #compassion sorry and my dog, that would be the 4 not 2 legged @BTPDogs of course.
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Was this #dogwalker a #whitewoman by any chance?

Because for the life of me, I do not get how all can ignore what happened to #myson #AmbroseGGBall in 8 solid years unless it was @MPSHaringey posting up all the wrong information, wrong days and dates,
the wrong locations, wrong description of clothing , the wrong Fox pub, all different times of the night, leaving out the vital information leading up to during and after my son went @missingpeople, did not response for 56 hours after all the calls myself and others had made over
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I have to say, so much for your @ExpertWitness_ but #SorryNotSorry I would shut up shop if I were you.

You understand my #FRUSTRATION you say.

So how much do I need to take before you see me as a murderer because I have been pushed over the edge when I see yet
another #blackmansolo getting the #WealthManagement on the back end of turning you back.


Have you got your #BAFTA2023 award yet @DrHorsford .
Can you beleive this @elonmusk #ElonMusk #ElonMuskTwitter @mayemusk @ToscaMusk 😭😭😭

I have talked with man approx. 6 years ago.
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A thread on how:Starlink’s internet speed rattles competition

Starlink, a satellite internet provider that went live in Nigeria on Monday, has left many subscribers who can afford it excited over its super speed capability.

#starlink #internet #elonmusk #data #businessday
Starlink hardware and shipping comes at a cost of N276,000 ($600). The monthly subscription is pegged at N19,780 ($43) making it the most expensive internet service in the country.

#starlink #internet #elonmusk #data #businessday
But many Nigerians, especially entrepreneurs, and businesses may be driven more by the speed than the high cost. Starlink says Nigeria is the first African country where the service is going live.

#starlink #internet #elonmusk #data #businessday
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As you can see what a #LiarsGonnaLie really looks like.

As we know, #IPCC aka @policeconduct have NEVER EVER taken my complaint on board that was made on the 5/2/2015 but it has only ever been on my twin sisters #complaint.

As for the #Statement surrounding #socialmediastrategy Image
and not having anything to do with my @TwitterCreators @FBoversight accounts removed, but my @Dropbox is ok.

well let me just remind you fish face after you decided you had nothing better to do but to setup your @TwitterSupport account in the name of #misery @realerthanm0st
but for the @FACTukorg you have shit for brains as all in the @metpoliceuk did not realise if she used the same screenshot sent to her colleges when using @the_tpa to fuckin #Gaslighting me you decided to change the name to TONI LOVELL and changed the profile pic to the screen ImageImageImage
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Tetsuo isn't Akira but the onlookers don't know that; all they knows is that a freaky kid has popped up in Neo-Tokyo and is blowing up tanks—they're prepared to take this as *good news*.

they've been living under the bootheel of militarized oligarchy; ANYTHING is better.

of course Tetsuo turns out to be bad news indeed but at least he's mostly blowing up military equipment; to the people of Neo-Tokyo, it must have felt (at first) like a relief from an intolerable deadlock. at *last*, the avenging rage of the people had some visible shape.

the funny thing about our stylishly marketed faux-revolutionary "independent" crowd—the folks currently clustering around @elonmusk and @mtaibbi and @Timcast and all that gang—is that they're actually _terrified_ of that genuine full-blooded *wrath*.

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let's say person A and person B are arguing on @Twitter (or elsewhere.) it's a political argument, and it's very short:

A: I say that freedom does not exist in a society that permits its police to commit arbitrary homicides at whim. that is not *justice*.

B: word salad🤡

I have now illustrated about three-fourths of the online intellectual activity of the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @GOP crowd—the right-wing fringe, who all try so very hard to pretend that they're not right-wing or conservative or any other known thing, but something *special*.

@jordanbpeterson and @elonmusk, both of whom claim to be professional geniuses, talk this way now; so do most @GOP politicians. the fanbases of @bindelj and @MattWalshBlog and @RichardDawkins talk this way: they think that they win arguments by saying, "you're an idiot."

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it's difficult, very difficult, to accept that you're a pawn.

Western mainstream culture tries hard to keep people from thinking of themselves in such terms—that's one reason the fascıst narrative peddled by the QAnon / @elonmusk / @mtaibbi crowd have such sales appeal.

the essence of the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi marketing pitch is something like this: "you USED to be free, long ago in a glorious golden time, but then THEY came. the Democrats / the 'Deep State' / a vague Jewish cabal. THEY took your freedom away and now you're their pawns."

and meanwhile @elonmusk poses as the embodiment of a glorious golden *future*, one that claims to be a restoration of past glory. #ElonMusk, God-King of #Mars, will restore the Universe to peace and light, with @mtaibbi &c. as his loyal courtiers (and court stenographers.)

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Rorvik in the famous Tom Baker #DoctorWho storyline, "Warriors' Gate".

Rorvik and @mtaibbi's bestest friend @elonmusk have a lot in common! they both love slavery, they both adore bullying people, and their "management" style is pointing a gun and screaming.

~Chara Image
Rorvik and his men are utterly dependent for their space travel on an enslaved people who know about time travel; like @elonmusk parasitizing the long-suffering staff of @Tesla and @SpaceX, Rorvik doesn't *know* how time or science works—only how to exploit it for gain.

whenever someone like the Doctor or K-9 says some big words that Rorvik / @elonmusk doesn't like the sounds of—well, #ElonMusk may not actually *know* what all the intimidating polysyllabic words really mean, but he does know how to pitch a fit.…

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