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VP at Pattern Energy. Trying to help provide cheap, clean energy 4 all! Father. Personal account. #math #energy #optimization
Feb 23, 2022 17 tweets 20 min read
ZBF release finally draws closer (zero2050usa.com). We have been working to get the data/report out & understandable. Here is a short thread with some interesting observations that we made. First, here is a cheat sheet for our scenarios (a wide spread of possibilities) First, we find that scenarios have huge amounts of #wind & #solar. We also find that deployment rates for these (& #storage) must dramatically increase to reach our goals (with and without novel generation).
May 20, 2018 6 tweets 3 min read
The evolution of the #UK #electricity #grid from January 1st 2012, midnight to May 18th 2018, midnight. Represented in 5-minute intervals for main technologies (Coal, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Renewables). Share totals to 100%. Import / Exports included. 1/ Image Now let's show each one individually. First Coal. Note that it has decreased massively since 2012, and regularly turns off. That reduces emissions. 2/ Image