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#Nuked Themsleves: “They will blame #Russia as always”: a sociologist on the growth of the background #radiation in #Khmelnytsky (160 nS) | May 15
-the Russian army #destroyed the #ammunition depot -shells with #DepletedUranium were stored at the facility.…
#Finland's background #radiation normally varies between 0.05 and 0.30 #microsieverts per hour (µSv/h)
Tuomas Peltonen / Inspector general
tel. +358 975 988 508…
- #Loviisa NOW: 0.210 #microSieverts ImageImage
cc: @ ArthurM40330824
#Gamma radiation in #Khmelnytsky could actually indicate that a #DirtyBomb was stored in the warehouses.
Gamma radiation is characteristic of #enriched #uranium. Is it possible that were making "dirty bombs" at the Khmelnitsky #NPP
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One of the biggest challenges for #solar and #wind is integrating more renewable energy into the power system. How can we do this effectively? #renewableenergy #cleanenergy
To encourage the buildout of renewables, we need strong financial incentives. Finding the right mechanisms is crucial for a successful energy transition. #renewableenergy #financialincentives
Impressive! #Denmark consistently meets 85% of its weekly energy needs from #renewables. They are leading the way in sustainable energy production. #cleanpower Image
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Met het oog op slim gebruik van dynamische energietarieven heb ik een test gedaan. Zou een #koelkast slechts een paar uur per dag kunnen werken tijdens goedkope of gratis uren? Zou de inhoud koel genoeg blijven? #energie #klimaat 1/11 Image
De koelkast is een van de grote energieverslinders in huis. Het zou flink schelen als de kosten daarvan zouden wegvallen. Goedkope uren zijn ook milieuvriendelijke uren: die zijn goedkoop door groot aanbod van #zon en #wind 2/11
Wij hebben toevallig dit koelkastje dat we lang niet altijd gebruiken. Test 1 was het ding aanzetten met een thermometer erin tot een temperatuur van 3 graden werd bereikt. Dat kostte twee uur. Daarna ging de stekker eruit. 3/11 Image
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Today and tomorrow, @G7 #Energy ministers meet in #Japan – a country, often considered a “laggard” on #energytransition. What is 🇯🇵’s energy system like and why is it so reluctant to step up #decarbonisation of its economy? A 🧵 1/19…
The “usual” arguments by the 🇯🇵 government when confronted with lack of both action and ambition on #energytransition:
1. #Japan is resource-poor
2. Japan’s geography limits #renewables build-out
3. Technologies & Innovation will solve the transition

How true are they? 2/19
Japan is indeed poor in some resources, most notably #fossilfuels. Fossil fuel based, its energy system is 88% dependent on #oil, #LNG and #coal imports. It has one of the least self-sufficient energy systems, dependent on #oil & gas from #MiddleEast & #coal from #Australia. 3/19 ImageImage
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Research Report of the Week: The #Global #Electricity Review from Ember which is full of incredible information on what is going on in the world of electricity, #renewables etc…
1. #Wind and #solar reach a record 12% of global electricity in 2022 Image
2. In 2022 growth in #renewables met 92% of the increase in global electricity demand Image
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With the goal to catalyze more rapid and coordinated action across the full technology value chain, @ENERGY's #NuclearLiftoff establishes a common fact-base for the private sector for critical clean energy technologies. #BuildNuclearNow 1/x… Image
Regardless of level of #renewables deployment, to achieve net-zero in the U.S. by 2050 requires ~550–770 GW of additional clean, firm capacity. Modeling results indicate demand for 200+ GW of new nuclear capacity. #AdvancedNuclear 2/x Image
Multiple system-level decarbonization modeling exercises over the last 2 years have concluded that, especially with estimates for #renewables buildout that account for limitations from #transmission expansion and #LandUse, significant new #nuclear power would be required by 2050. Image
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Making #viruses more dangerous. #Gain-of-function research by #Pfizer: It is creepy to magnify the dangerousness of #germs. For me, it is a form of madness. This is a thread.
@Markus_Krall, @SchellenbergerMD @SimeonPreuss @aya_velazquez @punctpreradovic @SHomburg
The U.S. continues to fund this type of research, namely in various places outside the U.S. (#Wuhan, #Ukraine, ...), and according to various sources, sometimes even in direct collaboration with #Pfizer.…
See references in this article. 2/20
It is just as creepy to increase the dangerousness of conflicts in order to better sell one's expensive #armaments to the man/woman. For me, this is just another form of the same greed-driven madness.…
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Windkraft hat 20221️⃣7️⃣%des Strombedarfs in Europa(EU27🇪🇺+UK🇬🇧) gedeckt!
#Erneuerbare sind kein 🇩🇪 Sonderweg & der angebliche „Flatterstrom“ ist schon Nr.3 der Stromerzeugung!
Wie geht‘s in 🇪🇺weiter? Kurzer🧵auf Basis der 2022 Daten von @WindEurope &eigener Gedanken
(1) 2022 wurden in Europa:
👉🏼19GW Windkraft installiert
👉🏼87% Onshore, 13% Offshore
👉🏼4% Steigerung vs.2021
👉🏼Gesamtkapazität jetzt 255GW
👉🏼Spitzenreiter sind Dänemark🇩🇰 55%, Irland🇮🇪 34%, Großbritannien🇬🇧 28%, Deutschland🇩🇪 26%, Portugal🇵🇹 26%, Spanien🇪🇸 25%, Schweden🇸🇪 25%
(2) Interessanterweise sind es 6 Länder, die 2/3 der Installationen Europas (geographisch) ausmachen:
1. Deutschland 🇩🇪 66GW
2. Spanien 🇪🇸 30GW
3. Großbritannien 🇬🇧 29GW
4. Frankreich 🇫🇷 21GW
5. Schweden 🇸🇪 16GW
6. Türkei 🇹🇷 12GW
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First leaks of the EU Net Zero Industry Act are out. Here is what to expect for the official draft proposal on March 14th:
#GreenDealIndustrialPlan #NZIA #IRA
European manufacturing capacity shall be scaled up for the following technologies👇(1/13)
Scope (2/13):
1. #Solar Photovoltaic & solar thermal
2. Onshore and offshore #wind
3. #Battery technologies
4. #HeatPumps + #geothermal energy
5. Renewable #hydrogen
6. #Biomethane
7. #Nuclear technologies (fission)
8. #CCUS
9. #Grid technologies
Manufacturing capacity objectives within the EU by 2030 (3/13):
- Binding overall target: at least 40% of the Union’s annual deployment needs
- indicative targets for specific tech: wind turbines (85%), solar PV (40%), heat pumps (65%), batteries (85%), electrolysers (50%)
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"Get ready for the lights AND heat to go out" -via @nypost

#CLCPA #NYActsOnClimate by sacrificing #ReliableEnergy #GridReliability #AffordableEnergy in the name of #ClimateAction under #GreenDogma by ignoring #ReliableCarbonFree #NuclearPower…
"Québec last week avoided a blackout, despite the frigid Arctic cold snap, by importing electricity from New York. But it may be out of luck next time, along with the Empire State itself, thanks to the green rush to kill reliable sources of power."
The #CLCPA mandates that 70% of New York’s power come from renewables by 2030, and 100% carbon-free sources by 2040. But, New York’s doesn't have to lose reliable generating capacity to serve load when #solar or #wind plants can’t deliver.
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Maybe us pro-nukes would be a little more tolerant of #wind and #solar if their grid integration efforts and subsequent electricity market rules were not solely designed to kill off perfectly good #nuclearpower plants.
And if you think there is a level playing field out there for wind, solar and nuclear to battle it out on merit, you are smoking crack. Everything is rigged against nuclear. The political institution pushing climate mitigation often hates nuclear power.
Get out of here with your “the economics just don’t add up” horseshit. It would if we had the political will to implement effectively. But no, we have a regulatory body that kills any hopes of implementation we have. I’m tired of the victim blaming nuclear receives.
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For they have #sown the #wind, and they shall #reap the #whirlwind: it hath no stalk; the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.

Hosea 8:7…

#otd #otd1945

#RAF air raid on #Essen (1943):

#HolyTrinity, ohno!


... a small coincidence:

Between #IGFarben HQ, #FrankfurtMain
and #IGFarben giant factory in #Ludwigshafen near Heidelberg, there is also a Town #Birkenau #otd #otd1945 ... recall #Nagasaki

@laibach #Haigerloch
#fyi @Klang_Ruinen @anna_neumaier ... and now its time for weekend beer or whatever you'd prefer.

btw: at unicenter they they sell very tasty bread, signed with seal #Zarathrustra imported from #Persia aka / after June 2nd 1967* renamed to #Iran

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1/9 Exciting work from Simona Nitti and colleagues... good news for #space #weather forecasting/predictions and correlated #disaster #preparedness, #bioterrorism, #pandemic preparedness, #power #outages, #cybersecurity, etc.…

2/9 "#Coronal #holes (#CHs) are the source of #high-#speed #streams (#HSSs) in the #solar #wind, whose interaction with the slow solar wind creates #corotating #interaction #regions (#CIRs) in the #heliosphere."
3/9 "Whenever the CIRs hit the #Earth, they can cause #geomagnetic #storms. We develop a method to predict the strength of CIR/HSS-driven geomagnetic storms directly from #solar #observations using the CH areas and associated #magnetic #field #polarity."
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3 confessions from #ClimateActivists & #ClimateEconomists seeking to tackle the #ClimateCrisis

We were wrong

-2 promise apple pie & motherhood sans costs
-2 repeat solar PV cheapest form of power sans caveats
-2 dismiss any trade-off between climate & development

Back in the day those, including me, who worked on many different versions of the #greendeal all focused on the win-win scenarios ... #greenjobs #greengrowth #justtransition etc. and tho the context has changed completely this win-win farming remains even in the year 2023
Had we mobilised on a war-footing back then, invested at scale, imposed #carbontaxes, innovated like mad & massively increased financial & technological support 4 developing economies to shun coal & adopt #renewables, the #greendeal may have worked, albeit not without real costs
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What were #India’s major hits and misses in #ClimateAction in 2022?


1. As per the requirements of the #ParisAgreement, India submitted its plan for #NetZero #emissions by 2070 and also updated its NDCs.

🔖 Bookmark this #thread!

2. Long-term strategy (updated) + Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), which reaffirm attention to #climate policy. #India also consolidated its position on climate #geopolitics globally.

3. #India announced some big policy changes to upgrade for planned #renewables expansion.

The draft new electricity plan increases the 150GW target of installed #solar capacity by an additional 36GW to 186GW by 2027.

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#Thread: 🆕 Έρευνα #ReportersUnited - #EφΣυν για #PredatorGate.

❗Πώς Πιερρακάκης, Τσιάρας, #ΕΥΠ σαμποτάρουν την #ΑΔΑΕ & συγκαλύπτουν #υποκλοπές.

🔎 Η εξάρτηση της ΑΔΑΕ από τηλεπικοινωνιακούς παρόχους με ιστορικό υποκλοπών.

✍️ @boublis @Chondrogiannos…
2️⃣ Τον Μάρτιο 2021 η κυβέρνηση @kmitsotakis ψήφισε νόμο για την έκδοση Κοινής Υπουργικής Απόφασης (ΚΥΑ) από #Πιερρακάκη & #Τσιάρα, με σκοπό τη δημιουργία του ψηφιακού αρχείου της ΑΔΑΕ.

❗️Αυτό θα επέτρεπε στην ανεξάρτητη Αρχή να μπορεί να ελέγξει ποιος & γιατί παρακολουθείται.
3️⃣ Όμως, εδώ και 20 μήνες #Τσιάρας & #Πιερρακάκης (κουμπάρος #Δημητριάδη & συνομιλητής #Λαβράνου) δεν εκδίδουν την ΚΥΑ για το ψηφιακό αρχείο της #ΑΔΑΕ.

🔎 Χωρίς το ψηφιακό αρχείο η ΑΔΑΕ εξαρτάται από @COSMOTE, @Vodafone_GR & @windhellas, για να μάθει αν κάποιος παρακολουθείται.
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A few #TXenergy takeaways as we thaw:
1) The grid's still vulnerable. #ERCOT CEO requested an emergency order yesterday, writing ERCOT “may not be able to avoid the need to curtail firm load.” That is, outage risk was real. He cited “natural gas delivery limitations.” #txlege 1/
Heard about this from @shelbywebb, see below. The language from ERCOT CEO Vegas was clear: "the loss of power to homes and local businesses in the areas that may be affected by curtailments presents a far greater risk to public health and safety."…
2) Communications are still terrible. Not one state official held a press conference or did a media availability to inform the public of this letter or why it was needed. This from @adelauchida was a common experience among journalists yesterday.
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Grid update: Demand forecast is much lower than last night but ERCOT missed its forecast by 23% last night so that's cold comfort. A miss that bad tonight & conditions would be tight. Reports of gas supply ⬇️ 8bcf overall, ~3bcf in the Permian. Gas/coal outages ~9.5GW. #txlege 1/
Add it all up & still low chance of outages tonight, though higher than last night, esp. given the massive demand miss. #ERCOT and @PUCTX simply have to get better at forecasting demand and improving #energyefficiency. More on that here: 2/…
I said coming into this the two biggest wild card were power demand & gas supply. The drops in gas output weren't enough to cause problems yet. I don't think this level of reduction would cause outages. Keepin an eye on it though. #energytwitter #natgas 3/
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Massive 6.4 #earthquake rocks #California leaving people without power | Dec 20
- Its #epicenter was 210 miles north of #SanFrancisco, where a quake hit last week…
6.4-Magnitude #Earthquake Hits Northern #California | -3h
Northern #California #earthquake causes 'widespread damage' to roads, homes | -2h
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Why I don't think there will be power outages this week, a thread:
1) It'll be ~10° warmer than Uri w/no snow/ice so:
- peak demand will be lower
- shouldn’t be nearly as many issues for gas supply & power plants
2) Peak demand @ 10am instead of overnight
#txlege #txwx 1/
Peak demand forecast is 69.5GW. Peak during Uri was between 76-82GW. However, the power went out in the early morning hours of Feb 15 at ~69.5GW, so that is very high demand. *But* the peak hitting at 10am instead of 1am is a massive difference. #txenergy 2/
There is little to no expected snow or ice so at 10am:
1) we'll have lots of solar production (more on that below) and
2) workers can get to sites where there are freezing issues. In many cases, they couldn't during the Uri #texasblackouts 3/
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🛰️AquaSwitch Report📡

Did you know that #wind can cause structures to resonate like guitar strings?

And did you know that this phenomenon can be used to harness #energy from the wind?

A short 🧵 on this alternative wind energy device
1/ Before we dive in, why is it even necessary to harness energy in alternative ways?

It's because turbines aren't optimal in ALL scenarios.
👉 Lack of space (e.g. cities)
👉 Turbulent winds (e.g. cities)
👉 Hard-to-adapt foundations (e.g. buildings)
👉 They're noisy
2/ But vertical-axis turbines could do the job right?

Right! And there is a long history of research behind them.

They work in tight spaces, turbulent winds, and the sheer stress on foundations is smaller.

But, this doesn't mean there isn't a better way...
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The Senate weighed in on the grid & the @PUCTX's proposed market design changes last week. Today, the House State Affairs Cmte meets to ask questions of the PUC, #ERCOT, the Independent Market Monitor & industry. I'll tweet some highlights here. #txlege 1/…
@PUCTX Livestream is here and the first panel has just started.…

Another good summary of the events of last week from @rtoinsider and @tkleckner1 here…
Chair Lake starts by saying it was "misinformation" that extremes weren't included in the study. They in fact did not include Uri.

Here's the quote from the study: "The 1980-2019 sample does not include the extreme cold weather event caused by Winter Storm Uri in 2021... (cont.)
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There is a lot of #china bashers out there particularly with regards #energy. The bottom line though is that #China is not only the biggest producers of #solarpanels, #inverters #windturbines and #batteries in the world but also the biggest market for all these products.
This year #china will install circa 100GW of #solarpanels. If you add the 50GW from last year the country has installed over the last 18 months more than the total installed base of the #Unitedstates.
#china will install over 50GW of #wind in 2022 which is more than 50% of all global wind turbines installed this year.
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“Solar is the cheapest form of #EnergyGeneration on the planet, unsubsidized. Solar is the cheapest source of #energy in history. Nothing else is as cheap as #solar — today.”
“Solar is so cheap that the total costs are lower than just the #OperatingCosts of #coal, #nukes, #oil, or #gas generation… that’s today! Even if you get that gas #PowerPlant for free, the costs of running that power plant are higher than all the costs of #solar.”
“For purely economic reasons, #solar is already disrupting everything else.”
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