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(1/22) Our new paper @NatureEnergyJnl ( proposes a solution to break the deadlock in negotiations between #Ethiopia 🇪🇹, #Sudan 🇸🇩 & #Egypt 🇪🇬 on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (#GERD) on the #BlueNile – with help of #solar and #wind power. Thread👇 Image
(2/22) The #BlueNile (Abay) is highly seasonal, with extreme differences in flow between dry and wet months. #GERD’s reservoir is so large it can store the full annual flow & deliver #hydropower at a stable rate throughout the year - suppressing the river flow #seasonality. Image
(3/22) Delivering hydropower w/o seasonality makes loads of sense from Ethiopian perspective, but overhauls natural timing of water reaching #Sudan & #Egypt. Behind many disagreements on #GERD lies downstream countries’ fear of s/o upstream having control over #BlueNile flow… Image
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#Solar Energy Theme :

There were very lesser investors who were aware or interested in this theme few years back.

Reason - Wealth destruction in Moser baer & Indosolar.

These companies expanded their capacity with the help of huge borrowings.

Later on, they couldn't compete with Chinese imports and were unable to service their debt.

Lesson learnt - Never over-expand without knowing the risks.

Now, India has set some ambitious targets for #Renewable Energy which makes it more interesting.

Now, let's understand cost percentage break-down of a solar power project :

- Solar Panels : 50-60% of the total cost.

- Solar Inverter : 10-15% of the total cost.

- Mounting Structure : 5-10% of the total cost.

- Balance of System : 5-10% of the total cost.

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⚡️ 10 Tweet Thread - Global Power Sector in 2020

What happened in 2020?
⏸️Pandemic paused electricity demand growth
⏩Wind and solar grew +315 TWh (+15%)
⏪Replacing coal generation -346 TWh (-4%)

[1/10] Ember's #GER21 Report…
Growth in #wind and #solar helped drive global #coal power to a record fall of 4%.

Except in China. Despite impressive wind & solar growth, this didn’t keep up with electricity demand, so coal rose to fill the gap.

[2/10] #GER21…
Almost a TENTH of global electricity in 2020 was supplied by wind turbines and solar panels.

Impressively, it has doubled since 2015, from 4.6% to 9.4%.

Most G20 countries are on the same journey, around the global average 🇮🇳🇨🇳🇯🇵🇧🇷🇺🇸🇹🇷

[3/10] #GER21…
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Did you see yesterday's announcement about the EasyBat app, built by @bebat_BE and running on the #EnergyWeb tech stack?

Learn more about EasyBat and how it works here:…

Also, check out this brief thread. 👇 Image
EasyBat is a #blockchain-based solution for identifying and tracking batteries throughout their lifecycle, from production, to ownership and operation, to second-life uses, recycling, and/or end-of-life disposal.
#Electrification & #energystorage are key components of the global #EnergyTransition, so this is a pretty big deal... not just for consumer batteries, but also for stationary batteries that are part of residential & commercial #solar PV systems, not to mention #ElectricVehicles.
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11 March 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the #Fukushima nuclear accident. Due to Fukushima, Germany reinstated in 2011 the nuclear phase-out decided in 2000, after a short 10-month-period of abandoning it - and the #Energiewende became political consensus. A thread on FAQs: /1
To start: Where do we currently stand in the #nuclear phase-out in DE? Since 2000, 13 nuclear power plants have been shut down, 11 of which since 2011. Six more will follow by the end of 2022. So far, we have achieved a good half of the nuclear phase-out. /2
Now to the FAQs:
(1) How has the share of nuclear power changed since 2011? The share of #nuclear power in the #electricity mix in DE has halved from 22% (2010) to 11% (2020), while the share of #renewables has more than doubled from 17% (2010) to a full 45% (2020). /3
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Am 11. März 2021 jährt sich der GAU von #Fukushima zum 10. Mal. Wenig später kam das Atom-Moratorium, anschließend der Ausstieg aus dem Ausstieg aus dem #Atomausstieg und die #Energiewende wurde politischer Konsens. Damals gab es viele Fragen - ein kleiner Rückblick im Thread: /1 Image
Zunächst: Wo stehen wir aktuell beim #Atomausstieg in DE? Seit 2011 wurden 11 AKWs abgeschaltet, 6 weitere werden bis Ende 2022 folgen. Bisher haben wir also gut die Hälfte des Atomausstiegs geschafft. /2 Image
(1) Wie hat sich der Anteil von Atomstrom seit 2011 geändert? Seit 2010 hat sich der Anteil der #Atomkraft am #Strommix in DE von 22% auf 11 % (2020) halbiert, der Anteil der #Erneuerbaren stieg von 17% (2010) auf ganze 45% (2020) um mehr als das Doppelte an. /3 ImageImage
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There's a saying that there are two types of problems - good and the bad ones. Let me give you an example on both. Larry Fink, CEO of @blackrock, the largest asset manager globally, recently told that (1/20)
in order to reach global #sustainability goals, all companies will have to change their business models and adapt to the #climate-compatible operations. This is a good problem to have because by the time we reach this point, (2/20)
the progress towards full #sustainability will already be significant, and momentum will be strong.
However, we can't create this good problem without a concrete plan (3/20)
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Solar system calculation (engineers dan bijak pandai sila tolong dan betulkan saya ya)

Aim off-grid solar system is to power my 2 water-pump for my NFT Hydroponic system.

Both pumps are 230VAC with combined 100W rating running 24/7

Here a thread & calculation
1) Electrical Load per day

100W x 24H = 2,400W/day

2) Battery capacity

If a batt discharged after 100% charge, we require at most 50% or even less if using lead-acid batt

VAC to VDC conversion : 2,400W divide by 12V system = 200Ah (24V system = 100Ah)
Taking into account to cover nighttime use & daytime charging while using, we need at least battery double the size of electrical load

Electric load 200Ah (double load = 400Ah battery)

3) Solar panel

Solar panel need to be able to charge 50% of the batt capacity in daytime
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"For the EU hydro is projected to increase with global warming and nuclear to decrease...increased #hydro in northern Europe and a decline in hydropower and #nuclear power in southern Europe due to lower water availability for direct production and cooling of river-based plants..
"In northern Europe substitution effects, i.e. increasing availability of cheaper #hydropower, could result in lower production costs, while they would increase in southern Europe."
"#Wind and #solar production are not affected significantly by global warming. Improved cooling technologies have the potential to strongly reduce the negative effects of water scarcity, particularly for nuclear plants in southern Europe."
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Hey #energytwitter, if you want to tune in to the Senate and House hearings on the #TexasBlackout, links are in next tweet. I'll tweet on it throughout the day on this thread.

Please tweet using #txlege and #txenergy, esp. if you have relevent info that could help going forward
Joint hearing House Energy Resources and State Affairs

Senate Business & Commerce
First witness in Senate is Bob Rose, meteorologist with @LCRA #txlege #txenergy
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Here is a look at the #Texas Wind (avg over all state) for each month for last 175 years. It's the average capacity factor for each month. Our climate data suggests events like that of the last few weeks will occur ~4 more times before 2050.
Here is the same analysis for #solar across #Texas. Please note that these plots assume uniform installations across all of the state.
Here are the same plots, but weekly rather than monthly. More noisy, but we think useful!
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@JesseJenkins @ERCOT_ISO spokesman says 34 GW went offline. "Majority" were thermal—#gas, #coal, #nuclear. "We don't know exactly why, but ... we'll figure out why that happened."
@JesseJenkins @ERCOT_ISO I'm awaiting @ERCOT_ISO clarification on precisely which generators/capacity went out or are still out, and how #wind and #solar capacity is factored into or compared as basis of total outage. 34 GW is a lot—ERCOT total installed capacity at 2020-end was ~77.2 GW.
@ERCOT_ISO @ERCOT_ISO: "Most of those generators that went offline ... last night, were either—there a few additional wind generators that went offline during the night—but the majority of them were thermal generators, like generation fueled by gas, coal, or nuclear"
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The most terrifying fact about trustless decentralized computing is the emergence of rogue AIs that you can't switch off. (/thread)
#Blockchains are a financial rail for autonomous agents. Rogue agents can self-fund, evolve, and slowly amass unbounded amounts of power.
Viruses and #malware have for decades been evolving sophisticated techniques to hide, spread, mutate, and evade.
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#2NE1 Image
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🇪🇺 10 Tweet Thread of the EU Power Sector in 2020

Key findings of our fifth annual report with @AgoraEW

1. Renewables overtook fossil fuels as the EU’s main source of electricity in 2020.…
2. Renewables generated 38% of Europe’s electricity in 2020, overtaking fossil fuels (37%). Nuclear power generated 25% of EU-27 electricity.

This green milestone was also reached in Spain and Germany in 2020.

EU Power Sector in 2020:…
3. This transformation has been driven by rapid growth in #wind and #solar power generation, which have almost doubled since 2015 to deliver 1/5 of EU electricity in 2020.

EU Power Sector in 2020:…
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Something went down in the Midwest yesterday that you need to know about! The @MN_PUC fined Xcel Energy $1 million for failing to provide customers seeking to interconnect #solar with adequate service. This is unprecedented, but I want to share why this is so valuable.🧵
First, what is unprecedented? I know of no other time that a utility has been subject to a financial penalty for an overall failure to adequately manage their interconnection obligations. $1 million is not terribly substantial when it comes to a large utility, but it is notable.
But there are 3 particularly important aspects of the PUC's decision here beyond the fine itself. #1: the Commissioners emphatically affirmed that solar customers are owed the same level of service as any of the utility's customers. Sound obvious? Well Xcel didn't think so.
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I can smell bold, aspirational thinking wafting through the DC air.

Truth is, govt has always been a visionary trailblazer, market shaper, and innovation catalyst. It’s time to channel that to solve climate change, pandemic prevention, curing all known diseases + more. Brief 🧵
1. @NSF, through the vision set by @CIA and others, funded a project that created Google…
2. @DARPA provided the leadership and early funding & coordination for ARPAnet that set the foundation for the internet
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[PRESS] 210109 35th Golden Disk Music Awards -MAMAMOO (Performance Stage)

#Mamamoo #마마무
#Solar #Moonbyul #Wheein #Hwasa
#솔라 #문별 #휘인 #화사

[PRESS] 210109 35th Golden Disk Music Awards -MAMAMOO (Performance Stage) - 2

#Mamamoo #마마무
#Solar #Moonbyul #Wheein #Hwasa
#솔라 #문별 #휘인 #화사

[PRESS] 210109 35th Golden Disk Music Awards -MAMAMOO (Performance Stage) - 3

#Mamamoo #마마무
#Solar #Moonbyul #Wheein #Hwasa
#솔라 #문별 #휘인 #화사

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El apagón que se vivió esta tarde en gran parte del país puso sobre la mesa la viabilidad de la política de administración centralizada de la @CFEmx. Una ruta en donde la falta de mantenimiento y las inversiones detenidas son la realidad de la Comisión a cargo de Bartlett. 1/8
México desperdicia el potencial de las energías #renovables por las políticas del actual gobierno. Y no solo eso, también ponen en riesgo atractivas inversiones en el mediano y largo plazo. 2/8
El aumento en las tarifas de transmisión y el decreto que limita las alternativas #eólicas y #solares en territorio nacional impactan de manera negativa en más de 250 proyectos renovables. 3/8
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#Energy return on investment. I think it's logistically impossible for #renewables to meet global energy needs.

I think #nuclear and #hydro will be the most important forms of future energy.

Solar costs dropped like crazy for a decade, but those gains seem to have leveled out.
I see two enormous challenges to a non-hydro #renewable future:

- Embodied hydrocarbons
- Asset longevity

The first point is in regard to the huge amount of raw materials required to produce the energy source. The second point in in how quickly the energy source is obsoleted.
Take wind. 20-30 year lifespan on the asset. Materials sourced from all over the world. Inconsistent generation (wind doesn't blow all the time). Great in some places. Not a universal solution.The entire blade goes to the landfill. We have to do it all again in 25 years.
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It's (nearly) five years since the Paris Agreement was gaveled through… but was it any good? Tricky question. Based on emissions, temperature data and impacts, no. *But...* (thread)
The team at @SystemIQ_LTD have crunched the numbers & reviewed how far + fast sectors have shifted since 2015. Their take is the global economy could be a decade away from seismic tipping points that see the world move fast towards low carbon.
In 2015, zero-carbon technologies and business models could rarely compete with incumbent carbon-solutions. In 2020, zero-carbon solutions are competitive in sectors representing around 25% of emissions. In 2030 the figure’s looking like 70%.
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En unos momentos más dará inicio el #webinar: “Tendencias y Oportunidades para el Sector Gasolinero en México y en el Mundo”, organizado por @Total_Mex, donde participará el Dr. Luis Serra, director Ejecutivo de la Iniciativa de Energía del @TecdeMonterrey.
Te invitamos a seguir la cobertura que daremos al evento a partir de las 10 am en @GlobalEnergyMEX

#webinar #TotalMéxico #ITESM #gasolina #gasolinas #sectorgasolinero #energía
Hoy en día @Total tiene más de 100 mil colaboradores a nivel global y en @Total_Mex somos más de 8,000 empleados, siendo el 2o grupo más grande de la compañía en el mundo, sólo por detrás del francés.

Cuahutemoc Iñiguez Dir. Adjunto de Red de Estaciones de Servicio @Total_Mex
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Judges Farm Tesla Semi Roadmap:

Fall 2020: Install 100kw grid-connected solar on 1/3 acre of marginal land. System cost including install: $200,000.

1) 26% Federal tax credit, so $52,000 off our 2020 tax bill.
2) Federal Dept. of Agriculture REAP grant: 25% of cost of system, so a check for $50,000 once system is up and running.
3) Eversource ZREC (Renewable Energy Credit) program. Eversource (our CT power company) to pay us $100 per 1000 kWh (1 REC) generated per yr *for 15 yrs*
System will generate 134,000 kWh per year, so a total benefit of $201,000 over the course of 15 years.
Total Incentives: $303,000. We’ll actually be *making* 2.8% annual ‘return’ on the system over the 15 years. AND, we’ll also eliminate our $700/mo. current electric bill.
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Novo recorde da energia #solar no Brasil: 4GW de capacidade instalada! São mais de 330 mil sistemas fotovoltaicos conectados à rede em mais de 5 mil municípios. Energia suficiente p/abastecer 600 mil residências.Desde 2012 foram investidos R$ 19,4 bilhões gerando 120 mil empregos
Consumidores residenciais lideram as conexões solares c/ 72,7% do total, seguidos de comércio e serviços (17,4%), consumidores rurais (6,9%), indústrias (2,5%) e poder público (0,4%). A energia #solar é mais usada em Minas Gerais, seguida por SP, RS, MT e PR.
Segundo a @ABSOLAR_Brasil a geração de energia solar nos telhados e pequenos terrenos viabilizou uma economia de mais de R$ 4,7 bilhões no bolso dos consumidores, recursos que foram reinjetados na economia local. Dinheiro economizado nas contas de luz.
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