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Tesla's FSD Beta continues to evolve, with the latest update showcasing smoother lane changes and traffic signal recognition. It's like our cars are learning to read! 🚦🧠 #Tesla #FSD #WholeMarsBlog
Rumor has it, Tesla's next-gen Roadster will boast a 0-60 mph time of 1.8 seconds. This rocket on wheels is about to redefine "fast and furious"! 🚀🏎️ #TeslaRoadster #AccelerationKing
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🚨NEW WORK: In October 2022, the Indian govt declared Gujarat's Modhera as India's first 24x7 #solar village. A few days later, UN chief @antonioguterres also visited Modhera and praised the project. Then why do Modhera's neighbours feel driven to migration or in 1 case, suicide?
The solar power plant that makes Modhera’s #solar power ‘round-the-clock’ is constructed on part of neighboring Sujanpura’s grazing land. In return, Sujanpura got 7 smaller parcels of land, 5 of which are too far, 1 small and 1 disputed #NetZero @IndiaSpend
After the loss of this grazing land to a #solar plant, people of Sujanpura say they spend at least Rs 200-Rs 300/day to buy hay, a cost that makes milk prodn untenable. Many sold livestock to cope with the cash crunch #solarvillageofindia #netzero
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First leaks of the EU Net Zero Industry Act are out. Here is what to expect for the official draft proposal on March 14th:
#GreenDealIndustrialPlan #NZIA #IRA
European manufacturing capacity shall be scaled up for the following technologies👇(1/13)
Scope (2/13):
1. #Solar Photovoltaic & solar thermal
2. Onshore and offshore #wind
3. #Battery technologies
4. #HeatPumps + #geothermal energy
5. Renewable #hydrogen
6. #Biomethane
7. #Nuclear technologies (fission)
8. #CCUS
9. #Grid technologies
Manufacturing capacity objectives within the EU by 2030 (3/13):
- Binding overall target: at least 40% of the Union’s annual deployment needs
- indicative targets for specific tech: wind turbines (85%), solar PV (40%), heat pumps (65%), batteries (85%), electrolysers (50%)
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A great podcast 🎧 The intersection of #Bitcoin and distributed energy resources is a worthwhile conversation.

A few thoughts on the topic in 🧵

Big shouts to @thetrocro and @DER_Task_Force
A conversation about #bitcoin draws critics in to imagine how bitcoin “should” be vs. focusing on how we it can be utilized.

Example brought up was should supply be fixed and not diminishing? There is a two part response for addressing any question/criticism of bitcoin.
1 - There are no mysteries in #Bitcoin . It is a transparent network. Bitcoin is valued by the users of the bitcoin network as-is, comprised of all the features it has whether or not those features can be altered/improved.
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What they should have highlighted is that “In 2020, CAISO curtailed 1.5 million MWhs of utility-scale solar, or 5% of its utility-scale solar production.”…
To put that in perspective, an average home in Sacramento uses about 8 MWhs of electricity per year. The wasted solar energy in California is enough to power all of the 200,000 homes in the city of Sacramento for a year.…
The news here is that we should neither be scared of #solar curtailments or the energy use of #Bitcoin

The pairing/co-location of them is symbiotic in that revenues from #Bitcoin mining of stranded energy will reduce payback for #solar projects.
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"Get ready for the lights AND heat to go out" -via @nypost

#CLCPA #NYActsOnClimate by sacrificing #ReliableEnergy #GridReliability #AffordableEnergy in the name of #ClimateAction under #GreenDogma by ignoring #ReliableCarbonFree #NuclearPower…
"Québec last week avoided a blackout, despite the frigid Arctic cold snap, by importing electricity from New York. But it may be out of luck next time, along with the Empire State itself, thanks to the green rush to kill reliable sources of power."
The #CLCPA mandates that 70% of New York’s power come from renewables by 2030, and 100% carbon-free sources by 2040. But, New York’s doesn't have to lose reliable generating capacity to serve load when #solar or #wind plants can’t deliver.
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This is an interesting perspective on the #AdaniSyndrome Don't miss.

#cocacola entered India, taking over 11 other Indian soft drink brands, the rest being taken over by Pepsi!

No objection! No shouting

#AMAZON hasn't left out any city!

No resistance! No shouting!

Courier services like #BlueDart #DHL & #FEDEX came & brought their planes too. Now the whole business is occupied!

No resistance.. No shouting..

#Chinese & #Korean mobiles dominate India.

No resistance, no noise! No shouting..
#Nestlé #Maggi #ITC #HUL #PEPSI etc entered the farm sector!

No resistance, no noise

In the 4-wheeler industry, #SUZUKI #MG #Hyundai etc.
#Honda dominates the two-wheeler industry,

No resistance, no noise, no shouting..
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Maybe us pro-nukes would be a little more tolerant of #wind and #solar if their grid integration efforts and subsequent electricity market rules were not solely designed to kill off perfectly good #nuclearpower plants.
And if you think there is a level playing field out there for wind, solar and nuclear to battle it out on merit, you are smoking crack. Everything is rigged against nuclear. The political institution pushing climate mitigation often hates nuclear power.
Get out of here with your “the economics just don’t add up” horseshit. It would if we had the political will to implement effectively. But no, we have a regulatory body that kills any hopes of implementation we have. I’m tired of the victim blaming nuclear receives.
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1/9 Exciting work from Simona Nitti and colleagues... good news for #space #weather forecasting/predictions and correlated #disaster #preparedness, #bioterrorism, #pandemic preparedness, #power #outages, #cybersecurity, etc.…

2/9 "#Coronal #holes (#CHs) are the source of #high-#speed #streams (#HSSs) in the #solar #wind, whose interaction with the slow solar wind creates #corotating #interaction #regions (#CIRs) in the #heliosphere."
3/9 "Whenever the CIRs hit the #Earth, they can cause #geomagnetic #storms. We develop a method to predict the strength of CIR/HSS-driven geomagnetic storms directly from #solar #observations using the CH areas and associated #magnetic #field #polarity."
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Eggflation is just more price-gouging; and more!

Archived at:…

#Pluralistic 1/
Eggflation is just more price-gouging: Cal-Maine Foods owns every egg brand you've ever heard of and its profits are up 65%.

Hey look at this

* @EFF is hiring a security and privacy activist…

*'s 25th anniversary…

* Three Autumn Revolts: Breaking the Ice on China’s “Anti-Lockdown Movement”… 3/
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What were #India’s major hits and misses in #ClimateAction in 2022?


1. As per the requirements of the #ParisAgreement, India submitted its plan for #NetZero #emissions by 2070 and also updated its NDCs.

🔖 Bookmark this #thread!

2. Long-term strategy (updated) + Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), which reaffirm attention to #climate policy. #India also consolidated its position on climate #geopolitics globally.

3. #India announced some big policy changes to upgrade for planned #renewables expansion.

The draft new electricity plan increases the 150GW target of installed #solar capacity by an additional 36GW to 186GW by 2027.

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1/5 "The 2022 WMO/#UNEP #Ozone Assessment contains the most up-to-date understanding of ozone #depletion, reflecting the thinking of hundreds of international scientific experts who contribute to its preparation and review."

2/5 Does anyone with expertise in this area know why charged particles in plasma from #solar #flares, #coronal #mass ejections (#CMEs) and even #localized #thermonuclear #bursts, i.e. #micronovae, were not considered in this report?
3/5 The recommended terms of reference of the 2022 Assessment for the Scientific Assessment Panel (SAP) was supposed to include assessment of information and research related to
solar radiation management and its potential effect on
the stratospheric ozone layer.
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[THREAD] 221229 Solarsido year end live with Moonbyul

#마마무 #솔라 #문별
🐰 Hello~ It has been a long time since I've done a live broadcast! And I'm here with Byulie today!
🐰 We will be talking about yongkongbyulkong and we will be talking about plans for 2023 too
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[Solarsido Community]

#마마무 #솔라 #문별

Hello Yongwangnims :)
You're spending your year ends well right?
This weeks content will be LIVE!
It's tomorrow!!!😍
It's been a long time since I've met Yongwangnims through live broadcast! ImageImage
It's the year end and we are only left with a few days to the end of 2022 so I'm planning to have a chat with all of you and share about my daily life!
Ah! Also, this time round, eventhough you've already knowㅋㅋ
I'm not doing this live broadcast alone but together with Moonbyul :)
Eventhough there are lots of video contents together with Byulie on Solarsido but it has been a long time since our last live broadcast
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My #christmas Picture! #solar estimates from Wood Mackenzie from this time last year. I can only laugh at how wrong they are!
Their estimate for global #solarenergy installs was 181GW for 2022. The reality is that this year there could be as much as 300GW of solar installed which is more than they assume for 2030!
My point is that even the so called experts don’t even understand the #renewables revolution that is led by #solar. Let me make a prediction and that is by 2030 the #solar global market will reach 1TW or 1,000GW per year. Now that will change our world.
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A few #TXenergy takeaways as we thaw:
1) The grid's still vulnerable. #ERCOT CEO requested an emergency order yesterday, writing ERCOT “may not be able to avoid the need to curtail firm load.” That is, outage risk was real. He cited “natural gas delivery limitations.” #txlege 1/
Heard about this from @shelbywebb, see below. The language from ERCOT CEO Vegas was clear: "the loss of power to homes and local businesses in the areas that may be affected by curtailments presents a far greater risk to public health and safety."…
2) Communications are still terrible. Not one state official held a press conference or did a media availability to inform the public of this letter or why it was needed. This from @adelauchida was a common experience among journalists yesterday.
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Grid update: Demand forecast is much lower than last night but ERCOT missed its forecast by 23% last night so that's cold comfort. A miss that bad tonight & conditions would be tight. Reports of gas supply ⬇️ 8bcf overall, ~3bcf in the Permian. Gas/coal outages ~9.5GW. #txlege 1/
Add it all up & still low chance of outages tonight, though higher than last night, esp. given the massive demand miss. #ERCOT and @PUCTX simply have to get better at forecasting demand and improving #energyefficiency. More on that here: 2/…
I said coming into this the two biggest wild card were power demand & gas supply. The drops in gas output weren't enough to cause problems yet. I don't think this level of reduction would cause outages. Keepin an eye on it though. #energytwitter #natgas 3/
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[1/🧵] @Ripple's Green ♻️ Agenda 2030 — Part 1/2

@Ripple as a significant actor in the achievement of the most critical goal of:
🌱 „Goal 13 Climate Action“

In part 1 of this series, I will break it ALL down for you in regards to #Ripple 🧵👇 Source:

This is typically a heated topic. That is why I will do my best to be neutral, clear, and factual. Expect no guesstimates or personal opinions on this subject.

Everything is stated exactly as it is! Source:
[3/33] Before I get any farther into the intricacies of #Ripple, we must first build the groundwork:

❓ What is the primary goal ❓
The purpose is to combat #climate change by enacting the "Paris Agreement" and meeting the "#UN Sustainable Development Goals [13]." Source:
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Why I don't think there will be power outages this week, a thread:
1) It'll be ~10° warmer than Uri w/no snow/ice so:
- peak demand will be lower
- shouldn’t be nearly as many issues for gas supply & power plants
2) Peak demand @ 10am instead of overnight
#txlege #txwx 1/
Peak demand forecast is 69.5GW. Peak during Uri was between 76-82GW. However, the power went out in the early morning hours of Feb 15 at ~69.5GW, so that is very high demand. *But* the peak hitting at 10am instead of 1am is a massive difference. #txenergy 2/
There is little to no expected snow or ice so at 10am:
1) we'll have lots of solar production (more on that below) and
2) workers can get to sites where there are freezing issues. In many cases, they couldn't during the Uri #texasblackouts 3/
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John Piotti: It’s essential that we increase our #solar energy production. The DOE estimates up to 90% of the 10M acres of new solar development that is likely by 2030 could be sited on farmland adding to the loss of #farmland that is already too great.
For #solar energy to succeed, it needs to co-exist with #agriculture. When combined with threats from sprawl and low-density development—which are highlighted in AFT’s #FarmsUnderThreat report—the conversion of ag land for non-agricultural uses is a real concern.
We have to be careful here, and not replace one form of solar energy production for another, namely, photosynthesis. Simply put, we need to BOTH increase #solar production and retain our farmland, especially our most productive, versatile, and resilient #farmland.
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Picture of the Week: Speed of change around #energytransition is accelerating. Last year the @IEA projected that #renewableenergy installations would be 1800GW over the next five years. Now they are saying that it will be 2,400GW which is the installed capacity of #China.
Why is the #energytransition accelerating:
1. Geopolitics - #Ukrainian crisis has forced #Europe to accelerate #decarbonization. It has also been a wake up call for #China who is a huge #energy importer.
Why is the #energytransition accelerating:
2. Opportunity - #EVs, #batteries, #heatpumps and #Solar are multi-billion dollar markets growing at circa 40% per annum and are attracting the best entrepreneurs and businesses across the world
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"A shooting that damaged two power substations in a North Carolina county, leaving thousands of homes without power, has been deemed a "targeted" attack, as officials warn of threats to the nationwide infrastructure." @GavinNewsom we must #SaveSolar 1/4 🧵…
If @californiapuc adopts proposal to cut rooftop #SOLAR incentives by 75% local energy solutions become unaffordable. CA residents could have long power loses bcuz #utility grid is vulnerable to extreme weather from #climatechange, targeted or cyber attacks. #SaveSolar 2/4
#utility infrastructure is vulnerable to events that could take down large portions of grid. Local solutions like rooftop #SOLAR/microgrids/community solar w/batteries provide #resilience by supplying power to residents and grid when grid goes down. @GavinNewsom #SaveSolar 3/4
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Corporate purchases of #solar power are playing an increasingly significant role in the growth of the industry in the US. About 18% of utility-scale solar in operation today was driven by corporate procurement, @WoodMackenzie data show... Image
...while for capacity contracted for 2022-25, that proportion rises to 27%. Tech companies and retailers have been in the lead, but they are clearing a path that many other companies are now following. For more, check out the latest Energy Pulse:…
There is a lot of great detail on corporate procurement of solar power in the 2022 'Solar Means Business' survey from the @SEIA:
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The Senate weighed in on the grid & the @PUCTX's proposed market design changes last week. Today, the House State Affairs Cmte meets to ask questions of the PUC, #ERCOT, the Independent Market Monitor & industry. I'll tweet some highlights here. #txlege 1/…
@PUCTX Livestream is here and the first panel has just started.…

Another good summary of the events of last week from @rtoinsider and @tkleckner1 here…
Chair Lake starts by saying it was "misinformation" that extremes weren't included in the study. They in fact did not include Uri.

Here's the quote from the study: "The 1980-2019 sample does not include the extreme cold weather event caused by Winter Storm Uri in 2021... (cont.)
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