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"Justice is open to all; like the Ritz hotel" Matthew (Irish judge) French qualifications MD psych pharmaco but medical ethics of better quality, I hope.
Jul 7, 2021 20 tweets 91 min read
@NasseraMeziane @docdu16 @panarmorix @TwitterFrance You have no shame, @docdu16 !
I blocked @panarmorix after he implicitly encouraged #drMartinAmboiseGP 's racist stance vs Italians👇
-and so did he with #DrDamienBarraud 's libel pretending I were a day hosp. psy. patient suffering from LD, AD & schizophrenia.1🙄
@ars_bretagne @NasseraMeziane @docdu16 @panarmorix @TwitterFrance I don't hold my breath for either @arsBretagne @arsbfc or @ordre_medecins to act vs the criminal behaviour of #drMartinAmboiseGP whom @panarmorix supports implicitly.
1. racism.
2.Threats of letting pts die🤮
3.provoking ppl into threatening
#DrDamienBarraud to get them sued.2/
Jul 3, 2021 11 tweets 22 min read
@CapriFini @JPBertok @BioHospitalix Le vrai sujet est que @bioHospitalix est une quiche en psychiatrie et que son #epistemicTrespassing en matière de santé publique est contre-productif.
Le "psychologisme" est déjà en soi critiquable en matière de campagne de vaccination ou de port de masque.1/
@ars_grand_est @CapriFini @JPBertok @BioHospitalix @ars_grand_est (Par "psychologisme" j'entends l'obstacle épistémologique prenant la psychologie pour le seul outil de compréhension et d'action sur les comportements re: #SantéPublique.)
Au "psychologisme", #DrDamienBarraud @damienbarraud et al ajoutent insultes et menaces de refus de soins.2/
Dec 3, 2020 7 tweets 12 min read
@AdamWagner1 @OmarSalem Indeed one would have hoped a dramatic #medicalExperimentation basically castrating unhinged children using #OffLabel drugs

based on blatant lies about suicide risks& #detransitioners

would have been prohibited by medical ethics.1/ #PubertyBlockers

@AdamWagner1 @OmarSalem Not conducting proper scientific evaluation of powerful drugs used #offLabel on children is against HR .
Lying to politicians & parents by pretending an old, small, very poor scientifically study from the Netherland were definitive is an old crooky trick👇
Dec 1, 2020 15 tweets 14 min read
#LongCOVID19 thread.
Even only #chronicSmellingLoss #Anosmia can be devastating emotionally:
Affected people loose any enjoyment in domains like food, ignore bad smelling warnings of many hazards, can become anxieux about body odours or house odours they aren't aware of ect.1/ Besides, a #MaxPlanKInstitute team got data suggesting #chronicSmellingLoss means brain access: " #SARSCoV2 can enter the nervous system by crossing the neural–mucosal interface in olfactory mucosa..penetrating defined neuroanatomical areas.."2/ #LongCOVID