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@itvnews @StoatlyL @PaulBrandITV *Excellent news* if so.  Govt have to stand firm to the blah on twitter on this

Paul, pls be clear, gay people are already protected & gay conversion is already outlawed.

This is just about giving *good quality health care* to ppl who might or *might not* be trans.

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@itvnews @StoatlyL @PaulBrandITV What is being fwd here is an argument for a *non biased* therapist to assess children, teens & adults who think might be trans to talk thru why that is.  What their feelings are stemming from. As therapists have always done
Are they exp discomfort in their gender? Body?

@itvnews @PaulBrandITV Is this autism? Normal puberty anxieties?
Are they gay & concerned about homophobia? Are a lot of their friends trans? Are they struggling with their looks & feeling unattractive?
Have they watched sig online content about trans?
Have they accidentally accessed pornographic
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I am ready to talk about the #silencing of over 25,000 psychologists in Australia with regards to the safeguarding of children. We are threatened, harassed, coerced to provide only one #therapy to children or else! They tried to force me into this I said NO. Any journalists???
I am ready to talk to journalists, lawyers, bloggers and am now writing a book on this topic/issue. I am ashamed of my colleagues and the board who wilfully ignore the immature prefrontal cortex, the autistic brain, and their own ethics and guidelines #rogd #gender #transgender
I have not been able to speak openly about this until now as I have been continually #silenced, harassed, threatened, coerced by other #psychologists #therapists, my board, governing agencies and other professionals. It’s time to reveal what is happening to clinicians worldwide
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James Caspian @jamesfreespeech is applying to the European Court of Human Rights for a hearing of his case against Bath Spa University for preventing his research into #detransitioners.…
“Some of the people I spoke to said they were too traumatised to speak about their experiences, which proved it was even more important to research the issue, not less."
“I was astonished therefore that a university could censor a research project on the grounds that what people ‘might’ post on social media may be detrimental to the reputation of the university.”
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@AdamWagner1 @OmarSalem Indeed one would have hoped a dramatic #medicalExperimentation basically castrating unhinged children using #OffLabel drugs

based on blatant lies about suicide risks& #detransitioners

would have been prohibited by medical ethics.1/ #PubertyBlockers

@AdamWagner1 @OmarSalem Not conducting proper scientific evaluation of powerful drugs used #offLabel on children is against HR .
Lying to politicians & parents by pretending an old, small, very poor scientifically study from the Netherland were definitive is an old crooky trick👇
@AdamWagner1 @OmarSalem Of note, in Sweden politicians put a stop to the blind implementation in the Law of the #transExtremismPropaganda after investigative journalism exposed the lies in particular re : #suicideThreat

In UK @deb_cohen 's work exists but judges were needed...
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About #pledges, elected legislators and listening to diverse opinions: we are concerned that our representatives at #Westminster & in the #Senedd don’t adopt positions which eradicate the reality of same-sex attraction & the protected characteristic of #sexualorientation 1/14
Some MPs, for instance, have endorsed the Labour ‘LGBT+’ Pledge. We give the benefit of the doubt; maybe they haven’t thought it through. We hope the #Senedd, looking at a forthcoming Action Plan allegedly about us, makes sure it considers our views in putting it together. 2/14
We want training for #RSE teachers, including the importance of watchful waiting, rigorous #safeguarding & refusal of #transingawaythegay. NSPCC guidance is clear about #secrets 3/14
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Why these anti-first amendment hate speech policies are complete bullsh*t. When men are deciding what constitutes hate, it's women's voices. Nearly every major platform is banning women from speaking about the conflicts between women's rights & transgenderism. /1
It's no accident that 'misgendering' is considered 'hate speech' while 'revenge porn' and misogyny -- even violent hatred & threats -- are not. #RedditHatesWomen & so does Medium, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, CrowdJustice, Care2 & Change petitions, Wikipedia, Amazon & others. /2
Can we come together & build our own platforms? If you have skills or money, even if you can't put your name out there, we need you. This #censorship cannot stand. It's how fascism starts & democracy dies. We need #FreeSpeech & for-profit platforms have NO incentive to ensure. /3
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#transkidsitstimetotalk #Transgender people experience discrimination and violence and have a shockingly high suicide rate. To protect vulnerable people we must oppose discrimination and promote access to key medical services, as a human rights issue. #TransKidsItsTimeToTalk/2
People needing urgent medical assistance must receive help. The point is, how. Can transgender identity be a phase, #ROGD, a social contagion among teenagers? Some say no, the idea is “transphobic”. Yet many relate personal experience in which it was, in fact, a phase./3
I felt like a boy for many years but transition was impossible. Lucky escape! Now I am happily married to a woman, with two great children. There are also #detransitioners and people expressing #transregret. Do those stories deserve to be told, or must they be suppressed?/4
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