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Jun 13 42 tweets 20 min read
1/ Fascinating new🧠#COVID study published in @ScienceAdvances

Haven't done a 🧵 like this in a while, but let’s break down what it does and doesn’t say

#SARSCoV2 infection & viral fusogens cause neuronal & glial fusion that compromises neuronal activity… Abstract Numerous viruses u... 2/ The authors pose the question regarding potential neuropathological mechanisms other than neuronal cell death that help viruses spread infection within the host that then leads to brain dysfunction

⚠️Brain damage can be caused without infecting neurons…
Jan 19 12 tweets 8 min read
Put the label on some N95s and mail them to every American family. And start finally making kid size ones.

Issue public service announcements about cleaning the air. And how doing so improves health not just against #COVID, but allergens, pollution and other pathogens. 2/ Like someone with much better graphic design skills can make a mock up #American version USA99 (with 3M or something). Press an American Bald Eagle on the nose bridge (where the maple leaf is). Put the warning on the side. Give them to EVERYONE for FREE. Require in hospitals. Children’s CAN99 respirators from Canada made by vitacore Adult CAN99 respirators from Canada made by vitacore
Jan 19 19 tweets 14 min read
In 1961 the @ACSNews, @AHAScience, the National TB Association & @APHA sent a joint letter to @POTUS Kennedy asking to appoint a national commission to investigate the link between smoking and health, without wanting to threaten the freedom of the tobacco industry. 🧵 2/ He assigned this seemingly impossible task to his @SurgeonGeneral, Luther Terry. Terry appointed an expert advisory committee to summarize the links between smoking and lung cancer. Over 13 months they met for 9 sessions.…
Nov 26, 2022 24 tweets 9 min read
Progesterone, contraception & chronic disease

Dovetailing off MMPs, for menstruating people, I am curious if the expected hormonal fluctuation and necessary cyclical tissue breakdown could be associated with a higher risk for barrier permeability and pathogen translocation? Graphic representation of the menstrual cycle showing ovaria 2/ Furthermore, if progesterone “PRO-Gestation” is a hormone that is able to trigger (red arrow) or prohibit the cyclical ischemia and breakdown of the endometrium to support a pregnancy, could it do that for other mucosal barriers as well?
cc: @DrJenGunter @doctorjenn @acweyand Graphic representation of the menstrual cycle showing ovaria
Nov 13, 2022 11 tweets 3 min read
As a former division 1 athlete and personal trainer this fatigue is strikingly similar to when people train to complete mechanical or metabolic failure, where the body starts to utilize anaerobic energy pathways & forms of energy conservation due to rapidly depleting resources. 2/ The problem being that the energy expended to tip you into failure and even to recover from expending any energy is DISPROPORTIONATE to what would normally be required.

The body then sacrifices other resources for necessary fuel to function.

Training like this can backfire
Oct 15, 2022 32 tweets 19 min read
A core mission of mine has become deconstructing the false binary fallacy of clinician vs patient that is perpetuated by both sides.

And instead making space for the many clinicians & trainees who are also patients & bring hard earned patient wisdom to their practice & science🧵 2/ Being able to translate patient experience into the language of science, medicine and healthcare, and connect worlds of expertise has tremendous value.

These often painful experiences can enrich the care and wisdom we offer to others.

When you know better, do better ♥️
Jun 3, 2022 27 tweets 13 min read
I have been *waiting* for this type of extensive autopsy study to be be performed since I first learned about #COVID19. 3/2020-3/2021
N=44 autopsies; Brains = 11
Great care taken to be performed within 24 hrs of death.
None vaccinated. Prior to variants.

cc: @drjudymelinek 🧠 Image Alt text: figure shows viral RNA was detected in every brain structure/region they tested in deceased patients with #COVID19 (n=11)

Link to presentation:…
Feb 26, 2022 8 tweets 10 min read
@ahandvanish 1/ Patients with Long Covid (also called "Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2" Infection or "PASC") can experience a variety of symptoms over multiple organ systems, varying in intensity and duration. #LongCovid can occur weeks to months after mild or asymptomatic acute infection, @ahandvanish 2/ as well as more severe COVID-19, sometimes overlapping with Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS). The most promising trials are being done in small groups. For clots/microclots @resiapretorius @dbkell in South Africa/UK and @doctorasadkhan with German/UK team.