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#Anssarallah Accused @unsc of Prolonging War on #Yemen.
Mohammed Abdulsalam, Spokesman of Yemen’s Anssarallah Movement and senior negotiator of the Sana’a National Salvation Government, accused the Security Council of prolonging the war on Yemen.

@abdusalamsalah affirmed
that any new decisions by the Security Council will not be applicable unless for what meets the interest of #Yemen first, considering that talking about part of the battle with the Saudi-led coalition is not helpful in achieving peace.

He considered that talking about a one
battle -referring to #Marib- does not help in achieving peace, but rather prolongs the war, stressing that any new moves by the Security Council will not mean anything if doesn’t help the #Yemeni People in these tough times.

The head of the national delegation stressed,
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No one came to the aid of #Serbs, #Jews, and
#Roma who suffered so mightily under #AntePavelic´’s reign in the alleged Independent
State of #Croatia. By the end of the
#WWII, Pavelic´ and the #Ustaše had murdered
between 330,000 and 390,000 Serbs...…
Policy toward the atrocities was dictated by the need to limit ethnic tension
between #SerbianAmericans and #CroatianAmericans.
The #American government was
concerned that the crisis in #Croatia had the potential to foster violence in the #UnitedStates that would weaken the domestic war effort, especially in heavy industry, where
#Yugoslav immigrants tended to work.
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#Yemen’s Expatriate Ministry condemns killing of Yemeni expatriate in #USA.

Ministry of Expatriate Affairs in Sanaa condemned on Tuesday the killing of a Yemeni expatriate in California region, USA.

The ministry explained in a statement an #American gang set fire to the
house and killed Issam Al-Khadher, with and his daughter, Soraya Issam Al-Khader, 2 years, while the rest of the family was transferred to the hospital.

The statement considered this crime is a flagrant violation of humanitarian law in a country that claims freedom and
protection of human rights.

Al-Khadher is a #Yemeni citizen from Ibb province, and working as an expatriate in California.

Separately, the ministry also denounced the #Saudi regime’s continued detention of thousands of #Yemeni expatriates with
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#Houthis’ New Missile System Raises #Saudi Confusion

The Saudi coalition admitted its failure to intercept the recent air attack that targeted vital military and economic facilities in Jizan region, south of #Saudi Arabia. This indicates that the new missile system for
#Sana’a has the capabilities of resistance to the world-famous defense systems known as “Patriot”, the pride of the #American industry.

#Saudi media quoted the coalition spokesperson, Turki Al-Maliki, as saying that the air defenses intercepted drones that were targeting
Jizan, a tale that the coalition tells every time Saudi Arabia is exposed to an air attack to justify the failure of its forces and reduce the reactions of #Saudi citizens in light of explosions and fires.

The coalition did not comment on the causes of fires and
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Is there anything in this video that's not 100% #American?
They said that he did in fact shoot the bobcat, which turned out to have rabies, and that he and his wife have since had their rabies shots. The video has been linked by social media users to an incident in Pender County, NC
"On April 9, 2021, a bobcat was killed in the area around Creekside Subdivision in Burgaw. It was submitted for testing at the NC State Laboratory and our department has been notified this bobcat was positive for rabies." -PCSO
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#YEMEN:Coalition Establishes Secret Underground Prisons at Ghaydah Airport:
The Saudi-led coalition forces have established several secret underground prisons at Ghaydah Airport in #Mahra province, east of Yemen, local Sheikh Ali Salem Al-Huraizy said .
Al-Huraizy, one of sheikhs of the #alMahra province said in a press statement that the coalition forces have worked during the past few days to build underground buildings that contain 100 solitary cells for prisoners, at #AlGhaydah Airport, which is being controlled by
the #Saudi forces for years.
He pointed out that these forces want, through building prisons, to be #alMahra as the headquarters in torturing, imprisoning and bringing people from everywhere to their peaceful province.

Al-Huraizi called on all #American, #British, #Saudi
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#YEMEN:#Sana'a:The Shura Council, in its Tuesday meeting chaired by the Council’s Speaker Mohammed Al-Aidarous, discussed and approved the Defense and Security Committee’s report on the participation of #AlQaeda and #ISIS organizations in the fight alongside #Saudi-led
1/2 Image
coalition in #Yemen.
The #report included a number of axes that provided a brief explanation of the participation of these #terrorist organizations, with their various names, in the war on #Yemen under the leadership of the aggression countries as a main partner and with
direct #American cover.
The #report touched on the #Saudi-#Emirati warplanes’ backing for terrorist organizations in ‘Qifah’ area in Bayda province through dozens of raids on the army and popular committees’ sites,which gives irrefutable evidence that #terrorist organizations
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#AlAtifi stated that #Yemen’s defense capabilities were subjected to conspiracy and destruction at various stages by the #US and #Saudi, starting with the destruction of the air defense systems during the era of the former regime.
He added, “In the year 2013, we were
called to a session with the #American-Jordanian military institution restructuring committee. They insistented discussing the group of missile brigades that I was in command,” noting that the committee discussed with the commander of the former Republican Guard Brigades,
Major General Ali Al-Jaifi all details of the capabilities and stores of the brigades.

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USA's supported coalition is using terrorists elements in its war in #Yemen such as #AlQaeda and #ISIS.. These terrorists groups contain foreign fighters from other countries also .. The same coalition has brought these foreign into Yemen to fight its war of controlling
/ invading #Yemen oil rich areas .. They are being armed / financed and controlled by #USA's supported coalition .
In Yemen. Some of these have been captured by Sana'a forces in the #Mareb battles ..

In the UN's brokered deal for prisoners of war exchange deal with the
coalition forces , Sana'a government was shocked to see that some of these nutritious terrorists were included in the lists of POW submitted by the coalition. The UN's special envoy to #Yemen did not object to this neither did the #USA? Even though of the names are in the
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The mysteries of the relationship between #AlQaeda and #ISIS networks and the #US-#Saudi-led countries of war coalition against #Yemen are still unfolding day by day. Documented reports recorded #AlQaeda leaders participating in the battlefronts alongside the
coalition countries against what they called the #Houthis.
This has already been presented in media reports broadcast by the (BBC) channel, which demonstrated images of #AlQaeda militants in camps affiliated to the so-called legitimacy and backed by the coalition countries,
while they were flying #AlQaeda flags on #American military vehicles, bought by #Saudi Arabia and the #UAE, on the battlefronts.

An extensive field report was also broadcast by the #American news agency, Associated Press, which concluded that #AlQaeda in #Yemen is a key ally
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Executive summary
for the first report of the National Team assigned to deal with the group
of eminent international and regional experts on #Yemen on the most
prominent crimes and violations of international humanitarian law and
international human rights law committed 1/2
by the aggression of the
#American- #Saudi, and #Emirati coalition during the period from 26 March
2015 to 30 June 2020.
This is the first report of the national team that includes monitoring and documentation
of the most prominent crimes and grave violations
committed by the countries of the
aggression coalition in Yemen .
 The report shows that what is happening in #Yemen is an international aggression
carried out by the aggression coalition, in which a number of countries participate,
either directly or through providing
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"The Saudi-led coalition of Arab states has dropped more than 22,000 bombs in #Yemen since its intervention in 2015 and has contributed to the death of nearly a quarter of a million people since the conflict began. #American weapons systems have played a key role in the
1/2 Image
genocidal war that has produced millions of war refugees in what can only be characterized as the greatest human tragedy of the 21st century.

The high stakes of defeat
"Major advances by #Houthi forces on the strategically vital oil and gas hub of #Marib last week have
forced Saudi Arabia to offer a ceasefire agreement to the rebels. The offer came on Monday, after the rebel army seized Mount Hilan, threatening the #Yemeni military’s first line of defense and causing a disruption in global energy prices.
"The ceasefire proposal includes
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#Russian President Vladimir #Putin has wished good health to #American president @POTUS #Biden and noted that evaluating other countries and leaders “is like looking in a mirror.”
#Putin says:The #US was founded first in an experience of direct genocide on Indian tribes and then they continued with a cruel period of slavery. He says that to this day these early formative experiences accompany the zeitgeist, both internal and external, of the #US.
Mr.#Putin goes further to say that the #US is the only country that ever attacked another with nuclear weapons, citing Japan being a non-nuclear state. He calls it clearly an extermination of a local population that had no military sense. Mr Putin ends with saying
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#Yemen Deals Heavy Blow to the Forces of Aggression in #Marib

In comments on the developments, Dean of the Diplomatic Institution at the #Yemeni Foreign Ministry, and Head of the National Team for Foreign Communication Ahmad Ali al-Imad told al-Ahed News in an exclusive
interview that the successive announcements made by the new #US administration regarding ending the war in #Yemen are insufficient: “We need tangible and serious actions on the ground.”

In response to a question regarding US Secretary of State Antony @ABlinken calls on the
#Ansarullah revolutionary movement to stop its operations in #Marib, al-Imad told al-Ahed News that “this #American concern about the Army and Popular Committees’ advance in liberating Marib proves the losses inflicted upon the #US scheme in the region.”
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🇱🇧Aoun calls on🇸🇦Saudi Arabia for a president other than #Hariri...& Washington for a comprehensive change. The official #Lebanese position, President Michel Aoun in particular has shifted towards trying to satisfy the Kingdom in search of a horizon for forming a government 1/16
In addition to trying to obtain Saudi satisfaction, Aouni's interest in the US position highlights, & knowing the truth about @POTUS approach to Lebanon. The Trump administration set clear conditions for forming the government & it refused to represent #Hezbollah in it. 2/16
The 🇱🇧Lebanese President moved in the direction of the Kingdom of 🇸🇦Saudi Arabia, & he sent an envoy to meet the Saudi ambassador in #Beirut. According to the information, #Aoun gave a presentation aimed at getting closer to the Kingdom, starting with an apology for... 3/16
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Oppressed people around the world , freedom fighters around the world please take notice and learn the lessons being taught by the people of #Yemen.
Yemen; few barefeet men with nothing but machine guns have withstood against a coalition of more than ten countries being
supported openly and secretly by the #USA, #UK , #France , #Germany, #Spain , #Canada , #Australia ..etc. These barefeet fighters have withstood a six years blockade. They have stood and fought armies of hundreds of thousands of mercenaries brought from different countries
around the world , supplied with the most advanced western military heardware , being lead by the highest military commanders from #USA , #UK , #israhell ...etc.
These #Yemeni barefeet fighters have withstood the 24 hours bombardment of the most advanced #American , #British
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The #American Proposal Only Expresses #American Interests In The First Place: #Yemeni Official

Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security Affairs, Jalal Al-Ruwaishan, affirmed that #Yemen welcomes any clear calls for peace based on ending the war and lifting the
siege imposed on #Yemeni people, according to YPA.

Al-Ruwaishan told Almasirah TV on Sunday::
-The international noise around #Marib is a reflection of the desire of the Saudi-led coalition countries or a particular party not to reach a decisive point that leads the
#Yemenisto a political solution.
-#Marib is part of the great battle of #Yemen, not a specific part, and confrontations in Marib have been continuing in various areas of #Serwah and Hailan since the start of the aggression on #Yemen.
-The #American proposal for a nationwide
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#American peace plan in #Yemen:
By Shihab Anam

#USA, today gave its peace plan for Yemen. This so called peace plan could have been drafted in the capitals of the countries who have been bombing Yemen for close to seven years ... This "American Peace Plan " tries to give
the "Arab coalition " what they have failed to achieve in their 7 years of war and blockade of #Yemen... Naturally this ",peace plan " has been rejected by #Sana'a government saying " we are not going to surrender to the same coalition / #American conditions which we have
rejected 7 years ago and suffered this illegal war and blockade on us " It seems that #USA does not realize that the Arab coalition is loosing the war in #Yemen. Sana'a forces have withstood the war and are winning the war .. They have liberated Al-Gaof province and in the
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#Chabahar port in #Iran, with #India's investment, is a strange story. President #Trump reluctantly excluded it from #US sanctions, and it is the only #Indian-run port #Pakistan signed a sister-city agreement with. Some interesting updates. /1
#Trump was not sympathetic to #India's case on sanctions waivers for #Chabahar & the crude oil imports from #Iran, but he relented on the port only after pressure from #US diplomats, who said even #Pakistan did not object to the #Indian-#Iranian port. /2…
Iran spent years convincing #China & #Pakistan not to develop #Gwadar, instead reroute the economic corridor #CPEC to #Chabahar citing better security in #Iran compared to #Pakistan & its #Balochistan province. A top Iranian diplomat explains this: /3

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NEW | A National Emergency: How #COVID19 Is Fueling Unrest in the #US

Analyzing the past year of @ACLEDINFO data, our latest report reveals the full scope of the pandemic’s impact on #American protest patterns for the first time.

Key findings ▶️ ImageImageImage
Trends in pandemic-related demonstrations are closely correlated with trends in #COVID19 cases, with spikes in unrest matching infection waves reported throughout 2020. Image
ACLED data show that the majority of these demonstrations have been organized around five main drivers: the risks faced by health workers, the safety of prisoners and ICE detainees, anti-restriction mobilization, the eviction crisis, and school closures. Image
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Aims of the #GreatReset #American #Bankers #Oligarchy ... "We will promote social justice policies to reduce inequalities including through support to tax redistributive & domestic resource optimization approaches social safety nets & or insurance schemes"
Newly Unsealed Docs in 2018 showed top #FDIC Officials Running Operation #ChokePoint* under 2013 #ObamaAdministration to form public/private oligarchy

* to freeze politically disfavored #businesses deemed not PC / high risk out of the financial system…
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Military expert says #US statements about peace in #Yemen is propaganda

A #Yemeni researcher and military expert, Brigadier General Abed Al-Thawr confirmed that the United States ’claims and its statements about peace in Yemen are propaganda.

Brigadier General Al-Thawr said that the #US left everything in #Yemen to talk about Marib, mocking the #American request to stop the progress of the #Yemeni armed forces and appeal to peace,” according to Al-Alam TV.

“If the US administration is sincere in its claims about
peace, it should start carrying out what Stockholm Agreement, and then talk about Marib,” he added.

Al-Thawr asked why #America did not speak when Sanaa was bombed and the detention facilities were bombed.

He indicated that the war on #Yemen is the result of the
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“What benefit would the #American people get from adding to the #union a #bankrupt state with a tanking #economy?”
Even Trumpers are anti-#Statehood! #MAGA #Trump #PRStatehood #DecolonizePR #VivaPuertoRicoLibre #PRIndependence #IndigenousRights…
“Second, there is a real question about whether #PuertoRico even wants to become the 51st state… Three times, the people of Puerto Rico said ‘no.’ […]”
“… the anti-#statehood party refused to participate because of the way the referendum was worded, and the vote was therefore practically meaningless.” #EndColonialism #DecolonizePR #PRIndependence #UnaSolaEstrella #Independence #IndigenousRights #LibreYIndependente
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@DapprichPuck @AsherWhites As with most people today you have no clue what Fascism Nazism Communism or Socialism means

Never mind their history

Try and expand your mind

For those that don't know "#TheIndependent" isn't

It's a lefty "liberal" paper

And #GeorgeWatson a "liberal"…
@DapprichPuck @AsherWhites From #TheGuardian" another "liberal paper"

'No room for the alien, no use for the wastrel'

This edited interview of #AdolfHitler by #GeorgeSylvesterViereck took place in 1923. It was republished in #Liberty magazine in July 1932…
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