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Independent Syrian #Journalist. I cover mainly #Syrian affairs and the ongoing humanitarian crisis across the Syrian-Turkish borders. #Idlib
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30 Jul
Preparing atmosphere for Eid Al-Adha in the city of #Salqin in western Idlib
#Syria #idlib #EidAlAdha #EidMubarak
(2) Pictures of sweets shop
(3)Pictures of the seller of fruits and vegetables
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14 Jul
Shelling with rocket launchers from the forces of the Assad regime forces targets the residential neighborhoods of #Ariha, south of Idlib, and reports of civilian Injuries
#Syria #idlib
A video showing the moment when the Assad regime's rocket launchers bombed the city of #Ariha, in the south of Idlib
#Syria #idlib
A child was killed and others wounded due to a missile attack on the city of #Ariha, in the southern countryside of Idlib.
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2 Jun
While we try to convey the truth to you about what is going on in Syria through our accounts on social media, Facebook closes these accounts on its platform, to silence us and bury the truth about the Syrian revolution. Image
(2) Assad is bombing and killing us on the ground, and Facebook is helping this dictator and war criminal, Assad, by closing accounts
#Syria Image
Assad is bombing and killing us on the ground, and @Facebook is helping this dictator and war criminal, Assad, by closing accounts
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18 Mar
Artillery shelling targets the residential neighborhoods in #Afrin, in the northern countryside of #Aleppo, resulting in civilian casualties
Shelling by PKK
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13 Mar
Throughout the week, @LEXPRESS publishes testimonies of residents trapped in this bomb-damaged Syrian province, the last rebel-held enclave. Here are their words. Today, Marwa, 7, a refugee with her family north of Idleb.
2\ Every day until March 15, the ninth anniversary of the start of the Syrian upheaval, L'Express wanted to give a voice to the inhabitants of the province of Idleb. Some live in makeshift camps. Others, whose house is still standing,
3\ come to the aid, with meager means, of their displaced compatriots. By caring for them, listening to them, or making them laugh. Exhausted, they remain determined to tell their daily suffering. So that we don't forget them. They are "Voices of Idleb".
Marwa, 7 years old
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6 Mar
Pictures from the demonstration of the city of #Kafr_Takhareem in northern Idlib
#Syria #idlib
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21 Feb
breaking news
Erdogan: I will contact the Russian President this evening to discuss developments in #Idlib
#Syria #idlip
Erdogan: My contact today with the Russian President will determine the future of the situation in #Idlib
Erdogan: About 150 Syrian regime elements were neutralized, 12 tanks, 3 armored vehicles, 14 cannons and two Dushka vehicles were destroyed
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31 Jan
Looting army
They are Assad's forces, Russia, and Iranian militias
#MaaratalNuman ImageImageImageImage
A new video broadcast by the army of thieves, Assad's soldiers, from the main street in my city #MaaratalNuman In the countryside of Idlib.They definitely steal everything
When they finished stealing all the houses and shops,
2\ now the video appears, and they dig the streets to extract the internal electrical wires
Is this an army that can protect its people ??
Is an army only to kill its people and destroy and steal cities
Today it is a ghost town because of these criminals Russia, Iran and Assad ImageImageImage
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29 Jan
Thread is very important, please read and retweet
When we fled #MaaratalNuman in the early months of the revolution, and when our first exodus was at the end of 2012, I never expected to ever return. Wadi Deif in Muuarah was a nightmare to all the residents there,
especially after the revolutionaries fought several times against the Syrian regime and were constantly defeated. In 2014, the impossible became true. Not only did the revolutionaries free Wadi Deif, they also freed Hamadiyah, Qarmid, Almastuma, Jisr, and Ariha. #
The entire region of Idlib was freed except Kafarya and Al Fu’ah.

We couldn’t believe it. Our happiness at the time filled every inch of our bones, and we had the hope that, soon, all of Syria will be free.
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25 Jan
A painful thread and very important
My city #MaaratalNuman In the Idlib countryside
For years now, it has been subjected to violent bombing by the Assad regime and Russia,
but from a week to now it has been exposed to the strongest and most violent campaign ever by criminals Assad and Putin . The hysterical bombing of my city is only being caused because its people want freedom and love freedom . The people and children of my city are awesome,
all from lovers to freedom
From the beginning of the revolution until today every Friday, people have gone to peaceful protests against Bashar al-Assad and Putin. People want freedom, but criminals do not want it.
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12 Jan
Putin and the Turkish Ministry of Defense said
There is an armistice in Idlib that begins on Saturday at 12 pm
But as usual, an hour after the time of the armistice entered
Assad's forces violated the armistice and bombed two cities, #Telmens and #Kafr_Abbas
In the morning, Assad's forces began bombing the city of #MaratalNuman, the village of #Talmans, the village of #Hantoutin, the village of #Maramsha, and the village of #Rakaya in the countryside of Idlib.
Here we do not trust the armistice
Because of the continued violations of the Assad and Russia militias
Now, the reconnaissance planes do not leave the sky of southern Idlib countryside
#Syria #idlib #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib #IdlibUnderFire
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28 Dec 19
A human mind can’t comprehend what is happening in Idlib. Truly, this world has lost its humanity, and it’s must not remain like this. Those who are free must not remain silent, disregarding the systematic killing of people by a bloody regime.
They must not watch in silent as humans are being stripped from their rights and dignity. Neither the Arab Spring nor the Latin Spring is enough, but there must be global calls for change at the global level.
Because the real crisis in the world was never a crisis of money, food
water or medicine. Rather, it was and still is a moral crisis, a decline and a profound moral fall.
#Syria #idlib #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib #IdlibUnderFire
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3 Dec 19
Life in Southern Idlib is coming to an end..

In a geographic spot in north-western Syria, in Southern Idlib specifically, where thousands of men, women, and children live, many families were forced to flee to areas by the Turkish border for protection.
Others remained in Southern Idlib because of poverty and lack of money that would allow them to flee.
They remained living under the impact of aerial and artillery bombardment conducted by a regime who is supported by nations that don’t know the difference between a child and a man, and between a stone and a human, amid the silence of the so-called “international community”
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25 Nov 19
Southern Idlib is witnessing a massive movement of civilians towards the northern countryside of the governorate, in a scenario that replaces what happened in northern Hama and southern Idlib last May.
The bridge correspondent said that dozens of families began to flee to an unknown fate from the villages and towns of the city of Maarat al-Numan, with the beginning of the escalation campaign launched by Assad's forces with Russian support,
and in the light of intensive strikes by Russian occupation aircraft on residential areas, and deliberately burning people and stone. On Monday morning, Assad's forces took control of Umm al-Khalakhil, Zarzour and al-Jadaan villages in the southeastern countryside of Idlib
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23 Nov 19
These photos are not from Hollywood
It is the bombing of Syrian helicopters and warplanes on the city of #Kafranbel in Idlib countryside with high-explosive rockets, explosive barrels and all kinds of internationally prohibited weapons
Is there anyone here?
Is there anyone watching it ?!
I'm sure no one watches it
The crimes of Assad and Russia continue against innocent civilians and children and against everything . The aim of the bombing is to kill everything and destroy everything
Health centers, hospitals, markets, neighborhoods, city centers and everything
#Syria #idlib #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib
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28 Oct 19
This puppy remains alone after his mother died during a nightly U.S-led raid to kill the leader of ISIS in #Barisha village in Idlib.
#Syria #idlib
This puppy remains alone after his mother died during a nightly U.S-led raid to kill the leader of ISIS in #Barisha village in Idlib.
#Syria #idlib
The mission is over after about 4 hours in the motorcycle. I went to the site and took the little dog to a safe place with young dogs and their mother.He is very happy with his new family
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30 Jul 19
To whom It may concern, southern Idlib is not okay!
Daily, and since more than three months the villages and cities in southern Idlib are living a bloody holocaust due to Assad and Russian aircrafts. Today in #MaratalNuman and #AREHA and #KhanSheikhan and #Sarakib
2 you can’t hear but the sound of the aircraft’s shelling and rocket launchers. In #KafrNabl and #Hass city skies are full of aircraft and their land’s full of barrels and shrapnels leaving the childthe woman and the elderly with phobia of the sound of the aircraft and the rocket
3/ The condition of the people who wanted to stay in their homes is devastating. Behind the walls of every house is a tale of broken hearts.
Have you tried sniffing the smell of gunpowder and the smell of cement dust before!??
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22 Jul 19
The martyrs of #MaaraalNuman, who have not been registered so far ...
1- Amir al-Bunni is a civilian defense element
Mahmoud Yousef Qataz
3 - Hayan Al Nokha / Hama
4- Alaa Al-Khalid
5. Yassin Mustafa Ramadan
6 - Hossam Al Nahtan
7- The daughter of Shaher Al-Khmoura
8- Firas Al-Obeid / Gergnaz
9 - slaves of slaves / Gergnaz
10. Lama Tanari
11. Shaher Khamoura
12 - Mowaffak Okasha / Ghouta
13. Ayman Al-Tajini
14- Farouk al-Harbi / Ghouta
Fawzi Jamal Gharib
16. Mustafa Abed Al-Ramdan
17. Ahmed Gharib
18. Wael Al-Adl
19. Assaf Sattam Khattab
20- Safia Ahmed El-Yateem
21. Hind al-Awad
22 - Marwan Abdelqader Shaarawi
23 - Abdul Hadi Adnan Alwan
24- Mohammed Mahmoud Al-Sadeer
25- Naeem Aboud Sourani
#Syria #idlib #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib
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16 Jul 19
When they kill and bomb civilians and no one says anything
And when humanity falls, it happens
When the nations fall and everything
When we die we are just numbers
When we burn as a result of the bombing of Syrian warplanes and no one says anything
Damn it all
Where are human rights?
Where are our rights to live in democracy and freedom?
Can not we live
Or we are animals worthless to us
Is it reasonable that no one can stop the regime of Assad and Russia
Is the Assad regime and Russia stronger than America and other countries?
Or everyone wants to kill and burn
Damn you all, you are the world
Thank you to all the friends who stand with us and join us in our cause
I swear to you I do not know what to write when I watched this video
#Syria #idlib #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib
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21 May 19
It is a Holocaust and a massacre of civilians!!
The Syrian warplanes bombed a popular public market in Maarat al-Numaan in #Idlib’s southern countryside killing more than 11 people and injuring a large number of civilians.
And just lost 4 of my friends because of the brutal barbaric shelling by the Assad regime.
I swear to you the scene will make your heart cry!!!!
The bodies and the smell of blood of civilians filled the place!!! Indescribable
What should we do
Damn everything!!!
Damn the world!!
We are being killed.
Where is humanity?
Where are the animal rights of that!
I do not know what to write.
#Syria #idlib #EyesOnIdlib #Rise4Idlib
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18 May 19
May 17, 2019
It’s was a very difficult day
The heavy bombing campaign by the Syrian warplanes began on my city when the planes began bombing the city downtown.
In the first air raid, the sound of the missile was very strong.
My sister Marwa was screaming and crying from the loud sound.
The sound and pressure indescribable!
I went to the bombing site in order to check if there were any injured people.
A series of air raids began on the city center.
We were bombed with more than 10 air strikes.
Each raid contains 2 highly explosive missiles which targeted residential neighborhoods.
A family’s house was targeted and the entire family was killed by the shelling.
The mother, father and their child.
Later, warplanes targeted my uncle’s house from my father side,
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