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1/ Why is there no uprising in #Russia against #Putin? And what motivates the conscripts to join the brutal #WarinUkraine? A long thread on social divisions in #Russian society. There have been other periods in history, when commentators have asked:
2/ “How does it chime, the barbarity of rapes, the shelling, pillage, devastation—and, indeed, the apathy of Russian society—with the magnificence of Russian Culture? Did not this nation give us Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Shostakovich, Sakharov, maestroslike Evgeny Kissin,Emil Gilels?”
3/ And then there’s Chekhov and Bulgakov, Pasternak, Tsvetaeva, and Mussorgsky and Bunin… Rudolf Nureyev. The list goes on. Behind these binaries defying comprehension lies a fundamental misconception about the Russian social fabric, which goes back to the communist period.
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70+ years old #Russian assessment of the 🇷🇺 Army
- low/no quality military training
- army as private pasture (looted by the top brass)
- a paper tiger
- no smart tactics, just fight to die
- only ceremonies & parades…
- 🇷🇺 listen & swallow the 3xS propaganda & subservience(Simonyan, Solovev, Skabeeva)
- miraculously to 🇷🇺 command, 🇺🇦 turned out not to be stupid chicken but smart & strong
- & 🇷🇺 rooster is loosing its down, plumage and claws
- no blitzkrieg whatsoever
- 🇷🇺 army fails and it is presumably the best what #Russia had
- but its best is in killing & raping children
- 🇷🇺 losses predominately among Tuva, Buryatya, Dagestan inhabitants, non-Russians
- if more 🇷🇺 killed, expect social unrest, even mutiny
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Eastern #Ukraine Update:

Ukrainian forces will likely capture or encircle #Lyman within the next 72 hours. /1… Image
Eastern #Ukraine Update:

Ukrainian forces likely continued to make incremental advances around #Kupyansk on the eastern bank of the #Oskil River on September 30. /2…
Eastern #Ukraine Update:

#Russian troops continued ground assaults in #Donetsk Oblast. /3… Image
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#Russian President Vladimir #Putin announced the illegal #Russian annexation of four #Ukrainian territories on September 30 without clearly defining the borders of those claimed territories. Read today’s update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar.… Image
#Ukrainian forces will likely capture or encircle #Lyman within the next 72 hours. Image
#Ukrainian military officials maintained operational silence regarding Ukrainian ground maneuvers in #Kherson Oblast but stated that Ukrainian forces continued to force #Russian troops into defending their positions. Image
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Putin announced the illegal #Russian annexation of four #Ukrainian territories without clearly defining the borders of those claimed territories or making even basic administrative decisions on boundaries and governance.… ImageImageImageImage
2/ Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov declined to specify the borders of the newly annexed territories in a September 30 conversation with reporters: "[the] Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics [DNR and LNR] were recognized by Russia within the borders of 2014...
...As for the territories of Kherson and Zaporizhia oblasts, I need to clarify this. We will clarify everything today," Peskov said.…
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I’ve gotten a lot of questions this week about #YevgenyPrigozhin’s public statement about his role as founder of the #WagnerGroup.The incoming is almost too much to handle so I thought I’d lay down a few thoughts here for journalists and other interested parties. 🧵 Image
1/#Prigozhin has had a kind of coming out party over the last few weeks with the buzz surrounding the release of a video showing him making a recruiting pitch to prisoners in a #Russian penal colony. The timing is, of course, curious. Image
2/We can get into the significance of the fact that the prison pictured is in the Mari El Republic in a separate thread--but suffice it to say there are a lot of stakeholders w/ overlapping interests co-located there. Image
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#Lyman this morning
Source: 🇷🇺
- 503 MR regt reinforcing the 🇷🇺 defense
- 🇷🇺 strength: 4-5k soldiers incl. reinforcements
- map: red dots named as the "road of life" Svatovo-Lyman

cc @JominiW @War_Mapper @DefenceHQ @STRATPOINTS_EU Image
Adam, zapomniałem dodać: unverified!
Source: #Pushilin: "Ямполь и Дробышево в полной мере не контролируются союзными силами".
Yampol & Drobyshevo are captured by 🇺🇦. See the map.
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#Russian invaders shelled a civilian humanitarian convoy at the exit from #Zaporizhzhya.

People were queuing to go to the temporarily occupied territory to pick up their relatives and deliver aid. ImageImageImageImage
At least 23 people were killed because of #Russia's rocket attack on a civilian humanitarian convoy on the outskirts of #Zaporizhzhia.

At least 28 people were wounded. All the victims are civilians.
A bird's-eye view of the #Zaporozhzhia tragedy.

As a result of the #Russian attack, 24 people have already been killed and 36 more have been wounded. Image
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One of the possible escalation scenarios in the next weeks or months is a repetition, on larger scale, of the 1999 apartment bombings that brought #Putin his first presidency in 2000-2004. /2
In September 1999, the #FSB blew up four residential buildings in #Moscow, #Volgodonsk and #Buinaksk thereby killing about 300 #Russian civilians. /3
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! #Russian President Vladimir #Putin is considering several options for further action after the recognition of "referendums" in the occupied territories of Donetsk, Luhansk, #Zaporizhia and Kherson regions of #Ukraine.
There is a “hard” option when the territories of the indicated regions of #Ukraine within their administrative boundaries are declared part of #Russia and then there will be a “counter-terrorist operation to liberate uncontrolled territories”.
There are also two “easy” options. The first is to recognize the results of the “referendums”, but consider the request to join #Russia after the "liberation" of all territories within the administrative boundaries.
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel!
Once again, our information has been confirmed. The #Taliban confirmed agreements on the supply of energy sources (gasoline, diesel fuel, liquefied gas) and food (grain) from #Russia for a total amount of about two billion dollars.
This is part of a five billion dollar deal between the #Russian leadership and the #Taliban leadership for the Taliban to refuse to seize the territories of #Tajikistan. #Putin is fulfilling the terms of the deal he assumed before the Taliban.
Although, with this approach to mobilization, he could change his mind and send a couple of million mobilized to fight the #Taliban in #Tajikistan. Recall that the Taliban in #Russia is considered a terrorist organization.
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How much is #Ukraine similar to #Syria?

Back in 2016. power of Bashar Al-#Assad was on his last legs. Insurgents took over the almost entire country, leaving him with roughly 15% of land under government control.

by Slavyangrad
All big cities were lost or heavily contested. The enemy was as close as two kilometers to the center of #Damascus.

#Syria #ukraine
Then #Russians came. Slowly but methodically, they started to bombard insurgents, which we can call a conglomerate of various ideological and interest groups, including designated terrorists such as Jabhat Al Nusra and #ISIS.

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September 27 Assessment Highlight:

#Russian forces are reportedly committing newly-mobilized Western Military District (WMD) men to the #Kherson and #Kharkiv Oblast frontlines without prior training.…
2/ A mobilized servicemember of the 1st Tank Regiment of an unspecified unit recorded a video plea stating that his unit will not receive training prior to deploying to Kherson Oblast on September 29.…
3/ @RFERL's @kromark geolocated the serviceman’s surroundings to the 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division’s base in Kalininets, Moscow Oblast:
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⚡️Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! Having initiated sabotage on conditionally "his" #Nordstream, #Russian President Vladimir #Putin entered the final stage of gas blackmail, using the penultimate trump card in this case.
The #EuropeanUnion, from the beginning of the military invasion of #Russian troops in #Ukraine, is ready for such antics by #Putin, and most likely there will be no special proceedings and consequences for the customer of the sabotage.
But further incidents may follow on gas pipelines "foreign" for #Putin and other critical infrastructure in #Europe. In this case, the fifth article of #NATO may work, and Putin may lose much more than his planned losses of 2% of the mobilization manpower reserve.
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1/ #RussiaIsATerroristState that can be divided in three. Firstly, #Moscow. A city of over 10 million residents that reap all the benefits of a typical 19th century empire. Moscow population is assured to live in comfort by squeezing wealth from the provinces as needed.
2/ Secondly, the cities that Moscow uses to siphon wealth from the regions. Case in point, #StPetersburg. The city has been spared from the worst of the #War_in_Ukraine so far. There are indications however, that it is expendable to Moscow.
3/ Thirdly, everyone else. The most visible city in this group is Nizhny Novgorod. A city of over 1.4M three decades ago, its population now hovers around 1.2M. That points towards (at least) 200k souls leaving the place in search for a better future.
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Dear subscribers & guests of the channel! The leadership of the military bloc reports to Russian President #Putin the results of the first six days of mobilization. Despite many problems, according to the Defense Ministry leadership, mobilization is proceeding successfully.
More than 30k of the newly recruited are immediately have been sent to the occupied territories, or are already arriving there. There is no question of any training for these people. In total, 500k are planned to be mobilized before the New Year.
Out of 500k, no more than 60k people, that is, a little more than 10%, will undergo training within three months. All information from the Defense Ministry of the #Russian Federation to a wide audience, which differs from the reports to the President, is clearly a FALSE.
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#Russian President Vladimir Putin will likely announce the Russian annexation of occupied #Ukrainian territory on September 30 after Russian officials completed their falsified “referenda” on September 27. Read today’s update from CTP and @TheStudyofWar:…
#Ukrainian forces are consolidating their positions on the eastern bank of the #Oskil river and made further gains on the outskirts of #Lyman.
#Russian forces continued unsuccessful offensive operations around #Bakhmut and west of #Donetsk City, increasingly leveraging penal units.
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Putin is a liar - it is an obvious fact. At first, he convinced the world and🇷🇺 that he respects the borders of🇺🇦, that he recognizes Crimea as🇺🇦, that Crimeans themselves hold referendums, that there are no🇷🇺 troops there, then mockingly boasted about the annexation of Crimea👇
👆and the instigation of war in the east of 🇺🇦.
putin lied to🇷🇺 about the impossibility of raising the retirement age, that changing the Constitution is a crime, and many other things. But the most brazen lie, imho, is that putin built his 2018 election campaign on the slogans👇
👆of peace, saying that if🇷🇺choose another candidate, they will inevitably end up at the front in the trenches, only he is capable of protecting🇺🇦 from war.
After the attack on🇺🇦 and the declaration of mobilization, all🇷🇺 finally understood the price of their president's lies.👇
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*** NORD STREAM 2 incident ***


I am getting a lot of questions re #Russian underwater sabotage capabilities due to the leak on the #NordStream2 pipeline off Denmark.

I do not have time to respond to media right now (sorry)

So just lay out some background reference. oil slick NordStream 2. Pho...
1. Circumstances
The leak is near the Danish island of Bornholm, at 54.8762°, 15.4099° in ~70 meters of water. This would be divable

2 things do make it suspicious:
a) It is just over 12 nautical miles from the Island in International waters
b) the EEZ here is disputed here (?) Image
2. History
In the past the USSR based spy submarines with special 'seabed engineering' capabilities in the Baltic. These are implicated in some of the famous 'Swedish incursions' of the late Cold War


This force is no longer based in the Baltic Image
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#Ukraine : At least 20 Russian soldiers surrender to #UkranianArmy near #Lyman, #DonetskOblast. ImageImageImage
#Ukraine #Lyman : The #UkrainianArmy has turned the battlefields into hell for the #Russian invaders, so the #Russians must choose one of these options
- Death ☠
_ Fleeing 🏃
_ Surrender 🏳

#UkraineWillWin 🇺🇦💪
#Ukraine #Lyman : As we mentioned today, a number of Russian soldiers surrendered to the #UkrainianArmy near the city of Lyman , as shown in this video
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Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! Yesterday, #Russian President Vladimir #Putin held the official part of persuading Lukashenka in Sochi, while the unofficial part took place a day earlier. The main topics of persuasion were the recognition of the "referendums"…
that are taking place these days in the occupied territories of #Donetsk, #Luhansk, #Zaporizhzhia and #Kherson regions of #Ukraine, and the recognition of "new territories", after all the formal procedures, as part of #Russia.
On this issue, after the discussion, Lukashenka promised to think everything over at home, but it was clear that the decision would be negative. Lukashenka's main argument sounded like: “Volodya, you see how many problems we have because of the sanctions.
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Eastern #Ukraine Update:

The Ukrainian counter-offensive in #Kharkiv and northern #Donetsk Oblasts continued to make gains near #Lyman on September 25 and September 26. /1…
Eastern #Ukraine Update:

Ukrainian forces likely captured #Maliivka, #Kharkiv Oblast, (25 km northwest of #Lyman) on September 25. /2…
Eastern #Ukraine Update:

Several #Russian milbloggers reported that #Ukrainian forces captured #Shandryholove (12 km northwest of #Lyman), #Karpivka (20 km northwest of Lyman), and #Nove (19 km north of Lyman), in #Donetsk Oblast on September 26. /3…
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#Ukrainian forces continued to make advances north of #Lyman and on the eastern bank of the #Oskil River. The latest update from @criticalthreats and @TheStudyofWar.… Image
The #Ukrainian counter-offensive in #Kharkiv and northern Donetsk Oblasts continued to make gains near #Lyman on September 25 and September 26. Image
#Russian forces continued conducting offensive operations around #Bakhmut and west of #Donetsk City. Image
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On the tactics of using #Iranian UAVs in #Ukraine

A couple of days ago, #Ukrainian publics began to disseminate information about the downed #Russian UAV "Mohajer-6" of Iranian production and which fell into the Black Sea.
by Rybar
1/ Image
Despite the loud cries of the #Ukrainian sources, the loss of the Mohajer is largely due to #Russian operator error due to a lack of combat experience in using them.
Why is that?

Judging by the fact that Mohajer-6 is practically untouched in the footage ...

2/ Image
... the air defense did not hit him. And he “sat down” either due to an operator error, or due to an approach to the EW activity zone. Why this happened is unclear.
In this case, #UAV should act as a gunner for the Gerani-2's due to the lack of guidance cameras in the latter.
3/ Image
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