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🔥Jesse Benton charged for ILLEGALLY funneling #Russian🇷🇺cash to Trump & the @GOP.

Benton—pardoned by Trump for his felony of BRIBING an Iowa lawmaker for Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential primary—is an in-law/fmr adviser to Rand Paul & was Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager.
Not only is Benton a pardoned felon now charged for funneling #Russian🇷🇺cash to Trump and the @GOP.

Benton—Ron Paul’s bagman & McConnell’s fmr campaign manager—was caught ON VIDEO scheming to launder $2 million of ILLEGAL Chinese🇨🇳money into Trump’s SuperPAC

The #indictment alleges that Benton—Ron Paul’s bagman/McConnell’s fmr campaign manager—was perpetrating the #Russian🇷🇺donation scheme to Trump/@GOP *just before & after he was sentenced* for his Iowa-related campaign BRIBERY #felony on behalf of Ron Paul.…
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Even Maidan victims lawyer confirms two major findings of my #Maidan massacre studies. He admits that snipers in Music Conservatory started massacre by shooting unarmed Berkut & Internal Troops & that there were snipers on Horodetskoho Street building who massacred protesters.
Maidan victims lawyer states on basis of government investigation that member of Internal Troops was killed on Maidan by Music Conservatory sniper in the back when he was sitting & smoking (26m) This Maidan sniper admitted killing police in Ukrainian media
Maidan victims lawyer states that testimonies & videos show that snipers in Horodetskoho Street building attic massacred Maidan protesters sideways (8m) Government investigation denies that there were snipers in this & other Maidan-controlled buildings.
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-#IndianAirForce & teams developing Tejas Mk2 hv to put in lot of effort to beat #Chinese J-10C
-Thanks to stolen #tech fm #Israeli Lavi program J-10 accelerated much faster with 468 in service
-Homegrown LCA faced severe #technology denials except small help fm Dassaultin in 80s
-#IndianAirForce in Jan ordered 83 Tejas Mk 1A
-1st ac will reach by 2023
-J-10B is thrust vectoring variant
-Tejas with low wing loading hs edge in high altitude, sustained turn rate, climb rate & cruising speed need lesser thrust
-Smaller airframe has smaller radar sign too
-Tejas Mk2 likely to reduce drag by 8% & improve transonic acceleration by 20%
-Likely to have Uttam Mk2 radar,>150km range BVR Astra Mk2 missile
-J-10B already has 300 km range BVR PL-15
-J-10C has dumped #Russian AL-31 engine for indigenous WS-10 Taihang, not proven though
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-Sordid saga of Aircraft Carrier INS Vikramaditya #India & #Russia
-India been buying #Russian weapons for 50 yrs, some good, some bad
-But story of Vikramaditya takes the cake
-Interestingly Russia’s latest offer of 3 K class subs at Rs1 could be another nightmare
-Soviet Union commissioned aircraft carrier Baku in 1988
-It was interesting mix of heavy cruiser & aircraft carrier
-It had an angled flight deck & a hangar
-1991 Soviet Union disintegrated, Baku came to Russia as Admiral Gorshkov and soon started rotting due to lack of funds
-On the other hand #IndianNavy was struggling with INS Viraat
-The only carrier #India had was to retire in 2007
-India had limited options
-#USA #France #Italy were costly options
-2004 Russia appeared as Guardian Angel & offered Admiral Gorshkov just for $974 million
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NEW POD DROP! Narativ Season 2 Premiere: 'A Bear in Our House' EXCLUSIVE! How a suspected Russian spy and the #Moonies supported the #Jan6 coup attempt. with @CultExpert and ex-Moonie Dr. Steven Hassan and the @SPLCenter's @MichaelEHayden. Part 1 is here…
And Part 2 of 'A Bear in Our House'. Our EXCLUSIVE about Sean #Moon and suspected #Russian spy Charles Bausman with @CultExpert and ex-Moonie Dr. Steven Hassan and the @SPLCenter's @MichaelEHayden.…
Read more about the story here. with @Heidi_Cuda…
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🚨Far-right propagandist/#Russia🇷🇺Insider founder Charles Bausman took part in the #January6thInsurrection, then *fled the country to Moscow* leaving his 2020 Christmas lights and an American flag dangling from his porch.

@MichaelEHayden #TrumpRussia…
Shortly after moving from #Russia, Bausman & his Russian wife moved to Lancaster, PA in 2018. He pushed hard-right causes, including anti-lockdown protests during the #COVID19 pandemic & #StoptheSteal lies & hyped the #January6thInsurrection on social media. Then he disappeared🧐
Since then, Bausman made 3 TV appearances in #Russia talking about the #insurrection *in fluent Russian*. He pushed the lie that the election was stolen & asked a host to avoid saying he actively participated in the insurrection b/c he didn’t want someone to “show up at his door”
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Sources tell say a large explosion has occurred at Abbey gate at Kabul Airport in Afghanistan. Details to follow.

Multiple casualties are being reported. Now gunfire is being Heard outside #Kabulairport.

#Pentagon press secretary confirms explosion outside Kabul airport.

#afghanistan #ISIS
First visuals coming from #Kabulairport. A heavily injured person outside Kabul airport.

The explosion appears to have happened near #BaronHotel across from Kabul airport. Baron was used largely by #BritishForces. Many injured.
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The #Taliban have ordered women to stay in their homes. A Taliban the spokesman claimed this is just a "temporary" measure until the jihadists have been trained not to harm women.…
The #Taliban have freed a significant number of #TTP ("Pakistani Taliban") operatives during their prison breaks as they took over the cities.
Pentagon refusing to say how many Americans have been evacuated and admits it does not know the true number of Americans in Afghanistan, but in such a way that it seems they're preparing a message that says Americans left behind didn't want to leave
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1. Just my perception formed when I managed a huge restaurant at the #Hilton in #NYC in late 1970s. The employees included post-Refusnik #RussianJews who I used to let hang out in my office when it was slow so they could smoke & teach me about the lives of #Soviet #Russian #Jews
2. including the brutal life in Soviet #gulags, rampant #corruption and constant #fear. Survival in a repressive society. At this same time I had been directed by the great Chekhovian director Nikos Psacharopoulos who directed me in scene study performing Kostia in the Seagull.
3. The method had supercharged my psyche at this time to freely accept Russian ions. IMO the popularity of being photographed in front of this hideous sculpture is Russian resistance humor. An inside joke.
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#BREAKING: A Be-200ChS Amphibious aircraft of the #Russia Navy with 20 YELLOW bort number (RF-88450) crashed during a fire-fighting mission in #Turkey. This is the moment when the airplane hit the mountain. Five Russians & three Turkish nationals who were on-board are dead.
#BREAKING: This is the place of impact of the airplane with the mountain. This Be-200ChS Amphibious aircraft (20 YELLOW) was 1 year old as it was first flown on 14 February 2020. It was one of the three in service of #Russia Navy's 859 TsBP i PLS at Yeysk.
The crashed B-200ChS of #Russian Navy with 20 YELLOW b/n & RF-88450 register had been delivered the 859 TsBPiPLS at Yeysk on 14 July 2020. It was named "Aleksandr Mamkin" after a distinguished Soviet WWII transport pilot. ImageImageImage
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Exclusive: Leaked Putin papers appear to show #Russia’s plot to put a “mentally unstable” Donald Trump into the White House – my story with @julianborger in Washington and @dansabbagh in London…
The papers from inside the #Russian presidential administration suggest Vladimir #Putin ordered a wide-ranging spy agency operation after a closed meeting of his national security council on January 22, 2016
At the time Donald #Trump was the frontrunner in the Republication Party's nomination race. A classified report by Putin’s expert department – No 32-04\ vd – recommended #Moscow use “all possible force” to support Trump's bid to become US president
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#Russia Denounces Long-Time #US Blockade Against #Cuba As Violation Of Human Rights

In a statement posted on its website on Saturday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the restrictive measures that the White House has maintained against Cuba for more than 60 years have
a hostile character and constitute a human rights violation, according to a report by Prensa Latina.

The economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States against #Cuba has been described by experts as an act of economic warfare.
In its release, the #Russian Foreign Ministry also pointed to an increase in human rights violations inside the #US, citing racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia and other forms of discrimination. It said these violations were systematically being overlooked by the authorities.
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🕵️Numerous countries have detected intelligence officers under the disguise of #Russian diplomatic staff in 2020-2021, look at our infographic to find out which and read below to learn more about the most recent cases:
🇨🇿 In April 2021, The #Czech Republic expelled 18 Russian diplomats, which it deemed were intelligence agents, after it accused Russia of organizing the explosions at the ammunition depot in the #Vrbětice complex back in 2014.
🇮🇹 A #Russian diplomat involved in receiving classified documents from an #Italian naval captain in exchange for money and his superior were expelled by #Italy in March 2021. The files passed on by the naval officer allegedly included documents on #NATO.
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#BREAKING: This footage released by #Russia MOD shows Tu-22M3 heavy bombers, MiG-31K missile carriers, Su-34 striker bombers and Su-35S fighters as well as an A-50U participating in an exercise for simulation of airstrike at #RoyalNavy's HMS Queen Elizabeth in #MediterraneanSea!
The #Russia Air Force's MiG-31K missile carriers are 90 (RF-95215) & 96 RED from 929th V.P. Chkalova State Flight Test Centre (929 GLITs). Each one had a single Kh-47M2 Kinzhal anti-ship air-launched ballistic missile. Both were flown from #Hmeimim Air Base, #Latakia in #Syria. Image
An A-50U AEW&C aircraft of #Russia Air Force flew from #Hmeimim over #MediterraneanSea & provided situational awareness for the Tu-22M3, MiG-31K, Su-34 and Su-35S pilots against F-35Bs of Fleet Air Arms/ #RoyalAirForce flown from HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier of #RoyalNavy Image
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#BREAKING: Two Su-24M strike bombers of #Russian Navy from 43rd Independent Naval Assault Aviation Regiment & flown from #Saki in #Crimea dropped 4 OFAB-250 bombs near the #RoyalNavy's HMS Defender destroyer in #BlackSea! The warship quickly changed heading & went south after!
Only ten Su-24M strike bombers & five Su-24MR tactical reconnaissance aircraft are left in service of #Russia Navy's 43 OMShAP in #Saki, #Crimea. 1/3 of them are not operational. They are getting replaced by Su-30SM which already twelve are in service of its1st Aviation Squadron!
#BREAKING: It is happening now, a RC-135V Rivet Joint Signal Intelligence aircraft of #USAF's 38th RS with 63-9792 serial & SAIL21 call-sign is now monitoring the #Russian military activity in #Crimea. Su-27SMs of #Russia Air Force are expected to be scrambled from #Belbek!
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‼️William Braddock—a @GOP candidate running the seat being vacated by Rep. @CharlieCrist’s—was secretly recorded **threatening to send “a #Russian and Ukrainian hit squad”** to his Republican primary opponent, Anna Paulina Luna, to make her “disappear.”…
Braddock: “I really don't want to have to end anybody's life for the good of the people of the USA…But if it needs to be done, it needs to be done. Luna is a f---ing speed bump in the road. She's a dead squirrel you run over every day when you leave the neighborhood.”😳
Braddock: “I have access to a hit squad, too, Ukrainians and Russians…don't get caught out in public supporting Luna…Luna’s gonna go down and I hope it's by herself.”

He also made claims about getting $$ from fellow Freemasons or by importing millions from Malta & Gibraltar.🧐
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😠A drunk fighter of the #Russian hybrid forces killed 5 comrades and then committed suicide in the temporarily occupied territories. The Russian media have exploited the incident to blame #Ukraine. Read on to learn more about this information attack ⬇️
Since June 11, #Russian state-controlled media have been disseminating a fake that 5 soldiers were killed as a result of a #Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance group’s attack near the village of Holubivske.
To conceal the real cause of the militants’ deaths, #Russian propagandists have deliberately spread conflicting rumors about the circumstances and the exact location of the incident.
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💬The second in a series of discussions on ‘Russkiy Mir’ took place yesterday, “The Kremlin's Goals and Tools in Promoting ‘Russkiy Mir’ Abroad”, moderated by the Head of Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group at Ukraine Crisis Media Center, @OTsekhanovska.
Read this thread to learn some of the key messages communicated by the speakers ⤵️
💡‘Russkiy Mir’ depends not only on #disinformation but on a whole range of other tools, such as institutions, active measures, historical revisionism, and influence through religion. In particular, #Russian diaspora is actively weaponized to impose ‘Russkiy Mir’ abroad.
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#Russia: Today, the Basmanny District Court in #Moscow extended home detention for four editors of the independent student-run magazine #DOXA until September 14, @mediazzzona reports.

#DOXA’s editors Aramyan, Tyshkevich, Metelkin, and Gutnikova have been under home detention since mid-April; they are only allowed to leave house for 2 hours per day, and are banned from using the internet or other communication tools.

#Russian authorities should immediately drop all the charges against the #DOXA editors, return their equipment, and let them do their jobs covering important political events in the country without fear,” @gulnozas

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🤐Russia has taken things a step further in the whitewashing of the #Soviet Union by passing a new law at the instruction of Russian President Vladimir #Putin. Find out more in this thread ⬇️
The #Russian State Duma passed in second reading a bill prohibiting the equation of the purpose and actions of the USSR and Nazi Germany in #WWII, as well as denying the decisive role of the #Soviet people in the victory over fascism.
The number of cases related to “falsifying history” has been steadily growing in recent years in Russia, according to the human rights group Agora. The topics of #WWII and the role of the #USSR are traditionally the most “risky" among the cases of persecution.
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Ukraine Crisis Media Center is organizing a panel discussion “The #Kremlin's Goals and Tools in Promoting ‘Russkiy Mir’ Abroad”. The event is the second in a series of discussions of ‘Russkiy Mir’ as the Kremlin’s quasi-ideology and its threats to target societies. More info ⤵️
Tomorrow, June 9, 13.30–15.30 Kyiv time

The event will be broadcast live via UCMC’s Facebook and Youtube pages from the Press Center.
🔸Oleh Dunda, People's Deputy of Ukraine from the “Servant of the People” party
🔸Mykyta Poturaiev, People's Deputy of Ukraine from the “Servant of the People” party
🔸Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, People's Deputy of Ukraine from the “European Solidarity” party
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❗️The #Russian FSB recruited a citizen of #Ukraine to commit a terrorist attack and blow up the car of a military research specialist. The attack was prevented by the counterintelligence agents of the @ServiceSsu. For more details, read this thread:
The perpetrator, the former fighter of the terrorist groups of so-called "LNR", was caught while planting the explosive device in the car of the military specialist.
As the SBU specialists discovered, he had entered the controlled territory of #Ukraine from the #Russian Federation and planned to commit the terrorist attack on the instructions of the special services of the aggressor country.
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#Russia: Last week, independent news website VTimes announced that it would shut down on June 12, stating that its business model was being “destroyed” by its designation as foreign agent by the Russian Justice ministry, @MoscowTimes reports.

On May 14, #Russian Justice Ministry added Stichting 2 Oktober, a Dutch journalism nonprofit administering the independent news website VTimes, to its list of foreign agents.

"Russian authorities should cease fining and harassing news outlets for alleged violations of its foreign agents law… websites such as VTimes should not be forced to jump through hoops and risk large fines due to their ownership structures,” @gulnozas
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🤦#Russia exploits the new opportunity to promote false narratives about #Ukraine: this time, on the sidelines of #EURO2020. Read on to learn more ⤵️ Image
After the new uniform design for #Ukrainian football players was presented with the map of #Ukraine including #Crimea, the #Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its outrage and called the shirt design “a trompe-l'oeil” or a fake.
The shirts will also have slogans “Glory to #Ukraine!” and “Glory to the heroes!” on them, which are traditional patriotic greetings. The #Russian MFA seized this opportunity to portray Ukraine as a “Nazi” state claiming the slogans echoed a German Nazi rallying cry.
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