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Insider Bullet Train: The News You Shouldn't Miss!


👉#WhatsApp To Talk Business Now!
👉Another Round of Valuation Tumble for Indian #unicorns

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(1/5) ➡️ WhatsApp To Talk Business Now!

WhatsApp is starting to monetise its Business platform with a new pricing policy. Based on the nature of communication, #WhatsAppBusiness will charge ₹0.3082 for utility messages and ₹0.7265 for marketing messages from June 1st.

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Insider Bullet Train: The News You Shouldn't Miss!


👉#Apple Will Need a Concrete Reason to Remove Betting Apps
👉#NDTV placed under surveillance amidst Adani Group Stock surge.

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(1/6) ➡️Apple: Will Need a Concrete Reason to Remove #Betting Apps

The government banned 232 betting apps in February 2023. To which #iPhone maker Apple responded by asking for a “concrete or legal reason” to take down the betting apps from its phones.

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9 things to know about Senior Citizen Saving Scheme:

• What SCSS offers?
• Eligibility
• Interest Rates
• Account opening procedure
• Taxation
• Maturity Period
• Minimum & Max Deposit
• Tenure
• Lapse of Scheme

– A Thread🧵⤵️ – • What SCSS offers?

This scheme comes in as a viable investment option for retired as well as Senior citizens. It is one such parkway which aims at delivering safe & viable investment options.

#Seniorcitizen #IndianEconomy
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Mahila Samman Savings Certificate - Everything about it 🧵

#NirmalaSitaraman #Budget2023 The Mahila Samman Savings Certificate is aimed at ensuring women’s safety and welfare.

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We're breaking #Budget2023 down for you.

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#AskKamra 1.

Infra gets boost:

- Highest ever capital outlay of Rs. 2.40 lakh crores for Railways

- 50-year interest-free loans to states one more year for infra spends
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Here are #5ReasonsWhy the budget matters.
The budget is a bit… slow (no offence @nsitharaman, but there are better ways to spend #1stFeb).
Slow delivery aside, understanding the budget is beneficial. If nothing, you could get something for your #budgetday griping! Taxation Changes:
Each budget decides the rates of both direct and indirect tax.
With the Union #Budget2023 , Income tax is expected to reduce, raising people’s income.
Indirect tax is expected to rise on fuel, luxury goods and tobacco, reducing demand.