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Tercera llamada, tercera. ¡Comenzamos! #AppleEvent
Apple Card permitirá unificar tus tarjetas de crédito. ¡Incluso tendrá un filtro familiar llamado Apple Card Family! ¿Qué tal? #AppleEvent Image
Un nuevo color de #iPhone llega a la familia #AppleEvent
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Si usted es usuario de #iPhone iOS 14.4 ahora le muestra información sobre qué tanto acceso tienen las apps a su privacidad. Aprendan cómo aprovecharlo en este hilo
Antes de descargar una aplicación en la App Store, naveguen hasta la pestaña "Privacidad de la App". Veamos el ejemplo con los datos a los que tiene acceso Facebook:
¿Creían que eso era todo? Pues no, mi ciela. Al ingresar a la pestaña, van a poder conocer a qué información acceden y con qué finalidad Para publicidad, a esta info; para funcionalidad de la app, a aquello). Llama la atención que, incluso, acceden a nuestros datos de salud
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1) #Apple, old faithful, crushed both the top and bottom line. The train rolls on.
2) They beat across all segments, except Mac which was in line with expectations. I was expecting measurable Mac outperformance. I suspect they were Mac supply constrained in the quarter.
3) Most impressive, #iPhone growth was 17%, versus the Street at ~7%.
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Viendo todo el revuelo que ha provocado la actualización de #iOS14 en #FacebookAds, hoy os traigo este hilo con el recopilatorio de qué consecuencias va a tener esta actualización para los anunciantes, y qué opciones tenemos.

Aquí va mi particular regalo de #ReyesMagos
👇👇 Image
Lo primero: ¿qué c**** ha pasado?

Para la versión #iOS14 de #iPhone,
@Apple ha introducido el protocolo de medición "App Tracking Transparency" con serias restricciones de privacidad.…

👇👇 Image
Lo que afecta a #FacebookAds es la clase #SKAdNetwork:

📲 Deberá mostrar un mensaje preguntando si aceptas el seguimiento. Se prevé que haya bastantes rechazos.

🧲Aunque acepte, hay varias restricciones (seguid leyendo)

⏱️Ventana de atribución propia… Image
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HOJE: Trabalhadores vandalizaram a fábrica de #iPhone da #WistronCorp por causa de 'dívidas salariais'. #Bengaluru: Trabalhadores de uma fábrica de iPhone administrada pela gigante de tecnologia taiwanesa Wistron Corporation..

#bengaluruviolence #bengalururiots #Kolar #Karnataka
Em #Narsapura perto de #Bengaluru fizeram um alvoroço na instalação no sábado por questões relacionadas a 'salários', disse a polícia. Citando informações preliminares da polícia, a agência de notícias PTI relatou que funcionários da instalação na Área Industrial de #Narasapura..
No distrito de Kolar, a cerca de 51 quilômetros de Bengaluru, invadiram as instalações da fábrica derrubando carros e danificando móveis, além de outras coisas. Um policial disse ao PTI que os trabalhadores atiraram pedras, quebraram janelas de vidro, danificaram veículos..
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आजच्या या थ्रेडमध्ये #Tata कंपनी व #Apple कंपनीबद्दल माहिती सांगितली आहे..tata ने ॲपल मोबाईलचे ठराविक पार्ट बनविण्यासाठी पुढाकार घेतला असुन टाटा तमिळनाडूमध्ये प्रकल्प चालु करणार आहे..खालील धाग्यात
1)डील बद्दल..
2)#Titan चा सहभाग
3) तमिळनाडूच का?

जाणुन घेऊ
#म #रिम #threadकर
टाटा कंपनीने ॲपल कंपनीच्या मोबाईलचे ठराविक भाग बनवण्याचा निर्णय घेतला असुन हा एक ऐतिहासिक निर्णय आहे.यासाठी टाटा ग्रुपने तमिळनाडू मधील चेन्नई जवळील 'होसुर' गाव ज्याला ब्रिटीश 'little England' म्हणायचे या गावात जवळपास ५००० करोड रुपयांचा प्रकल्प उभारण्याचा निर्णय घेतला आहे.
या प्रकल्पासाठी टाटा ने #TATA_electronics नावाने नवीन कंपनी चालु केली असुन #TIDCO(Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation) या तमिळनाडूच्या सरकारी कंपनीने टाटाला होसुरमध्ये जवळपास ५०० एकर जमीन उपलब्ध करून दिली आहे.या प्रकल्पाची किंमत ५००० करोड असली तरी भविष्यात ती ८००० करोड
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#SocialDistancing #playdoh dispenser for #Halloween2020!!! Using @blynk_app I am able to control my @ESP8266 from my @Apple #iphone. Very excited to have this project finished up!

@arduino #Halloween #diy #TrickorTreats #trickortreat #weha
If anyone is interested with the guys of this projection plan
Creating an Instructable on this build soon
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#GooglePay taken down from #AppleAppStore, some users might experience payment failures…

By @jainrounak Image
The #GooglePay app has been temporarily taken down from the #AppleAppStore. When users search for the Google Pay app on App Store, the search results show its competitors like #PhonePe and #Paytm.
According to #Google, the app has been taken down temporarily to fix an issue. An update will be issued soon with a fix.

#GooglePay #AppleAppStore
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Come abilitare il Picture in Picture in #iOS14 anche su #Youtube? 📺

Serve un comando rapido da installare nell’app Comandi Rapidi, un’app da installare per poi seguire la procedura. Qui di seguito un breve #thread con le istruzioni step by step.

Sia per #iPhone che #iPad.
Step 1

Controllare che sia permesso all’app Comandi Rapidi di installare shortcuts anche dall’esterno.

Impostazioni -> Comandi Rapidi -> Comandi non attendibili

#iOS14 #tips #tricks #youtube
Step 2

Scaricare l’app Scriptable.
Qui il link:…

#iOS14 #tips #tricks #youtube
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#AppleEvent | #Apple kicks off its Annual September event with CEO @tim_cook's keynote address

#AppleWatch #AppleEventAnnoucements Image
@tim_cook "Today's launch will focus on two products integral to people's daily lives": @tim_cook

#AppleEvent Image
@tim_cook #AppleEvent | "Researchers are using #AppleWatch to conduct #COVID19 research to detect symptoms before they appear": @tim_cook

#Coronavirus Image
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I wanted to share with you some details about the #TouchID security system, implemented across 2013 #iPhone 5S all the way up to 2020 iPhone SE 2nd Gen (and many #iPad and #MacBook models as well).

1/ TouchID is a security system handled by Secure Enclave Professor (SEP).
2/ it has seen improvements over the years.
Technically speaking, TouchID is nothing more than an under-glass Camera that captures pictures of the finger used to unlock the device. The metal ring around the button is capable of detecting the finger.
3/ Apple is probably working on a solution to move it under display.
Left: under display TouchID patent (Apple)
Right: Touch ID original patent
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2 Tage sprach ich mit @rki_de, @SAPdach, @deutschetelekom & @BMG_Bund über #Android-Fehler bei der #CoronaWarnApp.
Wie oft haben die Herrschaften wohl von sich aus Fehler beim #iPhone eingeräumt?
Exakt. 0x!
Glückwunsch @tagesschau zum Coup. Wir wären heute gekommen.
Unser Fehler war, den Herstellern der App überhaupt blind zu glauben, dass alles in Ordnung sei.
Dabei konnten (Millionen!) #iPhone Nutzer jeden Tag sehen, dass etwas nicht stimmt.
Uhrzeit des ersten Öffnens und Aktualisierungszeit der Risiko-Ermittlung waren täglich IDENTISCH.
Dass die App-Hersteller jetzt Apple & Android bzw. den Smartphone-Herstellern die Schuld geben, halte ich für scheinheilig.
Sie wussten seit der Einführung der App ganz genau um die Probleme mit der Aktualisierung im Hintergrund (siehe Mail von SAP).
Kommuniziert hat man es kaum.
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The #iPhone was released by @Apple in 2007. I was an early adopter but many of my colleagues weren’t so sure. I wrote this piece for @TheRACP news to explain to physicians what a smart phone can do. This was 2009, so much has changed since then! #MedTwitter Image
Nostalgia from my days as the chair of eHealth in @TheRACP trying to convince physicians about technology and internet. @DrJackiSmall
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Yesterday I wanted to buy a #OnePlus 8Pro but I stopped because it's made in #China. So I changed my opinion and searched for #iPhone, sadly 80% of iPhones are made in China☹️ Finally I decided to open #Flipkart to search for other mobiles but flipkart is funded by Chinese 🤘👇
I was extremely disappointed and thought of eating some delicious food 🍴🍕🍔 for that I opened #Zomato and #Swiggy irony is that both are funded by Chinese firms. Finally I decided to order some snacks from #Bigbasket, this is also funded by china. 😭🥵👇
I was vexed and wanted to go to restaurant and eat 🍝 . To go there, I tried booking #Ola and cancelled because China funded Ola too. I wanted to compromise for food but Ola driver was accepting ride only if I pay through #Paytm but again China has made investment in Paytm. 👇
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Un petit extrait d'une #vidéo absolument exceptionnelle de l’INA ! En 1947, dans une émission de René Barjavel, on imagine un appareil de TV portatif ressemblant étrangement à nos smartphones actuels...

#histoire #iphone #technologie
C'était en 1947, dans l’émission d'anticipation "La télévision, œil de demain", conçue par l'écrivain René Barjavel.

La vidéo complète est disponible ici :
Et n'oubliez pas de suivre le compte de l' @Inafr_officiel !
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For my fellow #iPhone users, say “Siri I’m being pulled over” and it pauses music, goes into ‘do not disturb’ mode, dims the phone’s brightness, and starts recording on the phone’s front-facing camera. Once you stop the recording it will send the video to a designated contact.
New Shortcuts App Allows Users To Quickly Record Police…
This is the first tweet I’ve had do any kind of numbers. I think this is where you share somethinnf to self-promote but the only thing I want to amplify is #BlackLivesMatter and we need serious changes that we all can bring if we work together.
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Penipuan Sewa Apartemen Jakarta dari dalam Penjara

-sebuah utas-

#penipuan #PenipuanApartemen #firmansyah #evimeilia #Sindikatpenipuanapartemen #DewiAndrianti #firmanraees #viral
Utas ini dibuat karena posisi sebagai korban penipuan sewa apartemen yang dilakukan oleh si pelaku berinisial F yang lebih gampangnya kita panggil aja dia firman. Kesel, sedih, marah jadi satu karena hampir satu tabungan kekuras buat tempat tinggal. Ini aja masih pinjem orang tua Image
Utas ini bakal berantakan banget karena pertama kali bikin. Semoga aja utas ini bisa menolong orang lain dan korban-korban lain yang belum melapor. Infonya dari media dan sumber lain bilang, korban diperkirakan berjumlah 15 orang namun baru ada 4 laporan
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Bon parlons peu, mais parlons bien, après d'apres negociations que meme le gign n'aurait pas renié, j'ai obtenu a ce que le portable pourri de mon épouse soit remplacé par le mien et donc que je puisse en avoir un neuf. Avant toute chose, sachez qu'elle s'en fout
De son portable, qu'elle ne l'utilise qu'en telephone et donc qu'il rame toute la journée ne la perturbait pas.
Neanmoins, il est hors de question d'y mettre une fortune, donc je recherche un bon portable pour pas trop cher.
Exit donc les #iphone et les derniers #Samsung
En regardant vite fait, j'ai vu que #Honor et #Xiaomi avaient des modeles pas mal pour un budget raisonnable.
Est que certains d'entre vous ont ces marques et qu'en pensez vous?
Avez vous d'autres marques ou modèle a me conseiller?
Avez vous des bons plans?
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Finally downloaded the internal build of iOS 14 on my Mac, I am currently analyzing it and I found references to iPhone 12 and the A14 chip #apple #appleinternal #ios #ios14 #iphone #iphone12 #a14 ImageImageImageImage
iPhone 12 references

‚ ‚
AirTag references Image
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You know what really sucks about the #coronavirus? How divided #America and #China will be when the dust settles...even before the virus happened, there was a huge anti-China sentiment rising in the West...why? Because Western government’s just can’t wrap their heads around what
China’s one party system has been able to accomplish in the last 30 years. Therefore every Western news station is trained to spread fear about China. We are told that Communism = Evil, and that the CCP is an evil empire. Have you ever been to #China before? Weren’t we taught as
children to never judge a book by its cover? Have you ever spoken to someone from China and asked them what they think about their country? What the government has been doing for their people?
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5 apps that’ll save you, #mojo #tv #journalist, during this #coronavirus #covid19 crisis
#1 You need to film yourself reporting from home or ask people to do themselves?
@FiLMiCPro allows filming with settings requiered for broadcasting & pro features. For #IOS & some #Android Image
You can edit your stories on the phone or the #ipad with @LumaTouch (IOS) or @KineMaster (Android & IOS). Both allows you to add titles, music, transitions and effects. With these pro apps I leave my stories ready for broadcasting #mojo ImageImage
Crowdsourcing contents from your audience? Emulsio can help you stabilizing shaky clips so the apperance will improve. It’s an emergency, easy to use app, available for IOS. It has a free version with watermark that can be removed paying 8,99 euros for the pro Image
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Thinking about a low cost easy to manufacture home test kit for #Coronavirus. Outline: #Nasal_swab (Q-tip) w/ freeze dried reagents for isothermal #DNA amplification with #COVID19 primers. Colorimetric readout by #iOS or #Android #App w/ #geolocation & #HIPPA compliant reporting. Image
Read-out would be in minutes - timer in App - read by camera in your smart phone. No other machines. Links to telemedicine groups for positive results. Built in positive control - e.g. no color = improper test, green NEGATIVE, red POSITIVE.
I’ve done my best creating when faced by a challenge. Next gen sequencing when my son went to new born intensive care - #454 @iontorrent. Ultrasound on a chip @ButterflyNetInc when wanted to monitor my daughter’s kidneys.
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#China struggled to reopen today- especially firms in the #globalsupplychain. Manufacturers dealing with a tangle of conflicting requirements that vary province to province, city to city. Most being asked to provide extensive prevention of #coronavirus before they can reopen.
#GuangdongProvince requires 4 steps:
1) set up prevention/control protocol 2) quarantine non-local/migrant workers
3) supply protective gear for all workers
4) conduct routine temperature checks/disinfection
Factories meeting demand can apply for approval from local authorities.
For those with factories in #Shenzhen, the city explains its application process here:… #coronavirus
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