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Women empowerment in Sparta:
Sparta was a prominent city-state in Laconia, a region located in Ancient Greece.
However, one of the most important aspects of its success is that during a time when the world began to curtail women, Sparta held women in high positions and made sure that they held property, and contributed to the Spartan economy.
Because Spartan men were often absent from the city-state during wars, including the city's two kings. Women were required to hold higher positions to help govern the city.
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"I Was Circumcised Twice Before The Age Of 16!"
Teliwel Diallo Recalls Hers:
"When I was eight years old, my mother told me that it was time for me to become a woman. She took me somewhere. I met other #Girls, some friends and girls from the neighboring village.
It was a big #day. I didn’t know anything about excision. I was feeling happy inside. I did not know the consequences and pain of excision.
We were maybe one hundred girls. Everyone was waiting her turn. I could hear the cries of the #girl before me. I was frozen. I could not run
because it would be a dishonor for my #family. I was wondering whether I should run away or stay, but I didn’t have the choice.
I heard the #Girls crying. My turn came. It was atrocious. Four #women caught me, put me down, opened my sex and cut me. I cried out loudly. I feel that
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૧૯૭૦ નો દાયકો. ઓડીશાના મયુરભંજ જેવા પછાત વિસ્તારમાં લોકોની ભીડ જામી હતી. રાજ્યના મંત્રી, કલેકટર અને અન્ય મોટા અધિકારીઓ ગામની મુલાકાતે આવ્યા હતા. મિટિંગ ચાલુ હતી દરમિયાન એક નાનકડી દીકરી લોકોની ભીડ ચીરતી આગળ આવે છે અને કહે છે. સાહેબ મારે આપને એક વાત કરવી છે..!1/13
આશ્ચર્ય સાથે મંત્રીજીએ અનુમતિ આપી. દીકરી એ કહ્યું કે સાહેબ મારે ભણવાની ખૂબ ઈચ્છા છે પણ અહીં અમારા ગામમાં બાળકીઓ માટે કોઈ સ્કૂલ નથી. આપ ભુવનેશ્વરની કન્યા શાળામાં મારો દાખલો કરાવી આપશો..? મંત્રીજી એ કલેકટર સાહેબને આ બાળકીનો દાખલો કરાવી આપવાની જવાબદારી સોંપી. 2/13
લગભગ ૫૨ વર્ષ બાદ પ્રૌઢ અવસ્થાએ આ દીકરી પોતાના મયુરભંજના બે માળ અને છ કમરાના મકાનમાં જીવનના ઘણા ઉતાર ચડાવ જોઈ સંતોષકારક સામાજિક સન્માન મેળવી નિવૃત જીવન જીવી રહી હતી ત્યારે એક બપોરે ટીવી પર સમાચાર ચમકે છે કે 3/13
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Have you read about this brave woman Kalpana Dutta

The armoury raid in Chittagong was perhaps the most surprising & valiant revolutionary endeavours in the history of the Indian freedom struggle that was devised by the youths of the region. The attack was conducted on
18th April 1930 to raid the armoury of police and auxiliary forces from the Chittagong in Bengal province during the rule of the British Empire in India.The Indian Republican Army was led by Masterda Surya Sen & other prominent members included Kalpana Dutta, Pritilata Waddedar,
Anand Gupta, Jiban Ghoshal, Ananta Singh, Tarakeswar Dastidar,Harigopal Bal (Tegra), Ardhendu Dastidar,Sasanka Datta, Naresh Roy,Ambika Chakrobarty, Subodh Roy, Nirmal Sen,Lokenath Bal and Ganesh Ghosh.
Kalpana Datta became a member of the Indian Republican Army, Chittagong
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How Greek Hellenism caused women to be curtailed through history:
In 507 BC in Ancient Greece, a thinker named Cleisthenes started a political ideology known as Democracy.
Democracy, meaning the 'rule of the people' in Greek, stated that instead of having tyrants who inherit the title of ruler rule over the people, people who were mature enough to make a decision would vote for a ruler.
Though Democracy was supposed to treat everybody equally, women were not allowed to vote for a ruler, have jobs or hold big titles in society. Women were treated as second class
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1)You sir are a threat to girls and women’s sports! Biological males have NO place in girls or women’s sports! I will continue to fight and stand up for what is right! We women didn’t fight for our rights to be flushed down the toilet by the likes of YOU! 🧵#protectgirlssports
2) My grand daughter, who is part of the LGBTQ community, is going on 13 and I asked her “How would you feel after training so hard in your sport only to have to compete a boy who now says he’s a girl. That means sharing bathrooms & locker rooms!” #protectgirlssports
3) She said “Well Mimi, that wouldn’t be fair and no I would not want that. My thing is they should start a league of their own.” She’s 13 and sounds a hell of a lot smarter than you all pushing this crap on our girls!” Is she transphobic, a bigot because she feels that way?
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In around 800 BC, a conqueror named Piye led campaigns to conquer the southern border of the Egyptian empire. His successful campaigns would later lead to the establishment of a great empire known as the Kushite empire or the kingdom of Kush.
The Kushite Empire soon started to prosper. However, the Egyptian empire claimed that the Kushite empire was a part of Egypt since it was so close to Egypt’s southern border. This resulted in multiple battles between Kush and Egypt.
But though Egypt was a stronger force, the Kushite empire was able to dominate most of the later battles with Egypt in its history.
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@katystoll Here are recent studies focused on menstrual cycle changes after Covid vaccination....won't fit in one tweet so I'll make a thread...🧵

I haven't read all of these yet.

#menstruation #menstrualhealth #menstrual #women #health #womenshealth #WomenEmpowerment #periods #period
@katystoll "Do the COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Menstrual
@katystoll "Web and social media searches highlight menstrual irregularities as a global concern in COVID-19 vaccinations"…
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6 things I wish I knew when I was 15:

#WomensDay #WomensDay2022 #womenempowerment

A thread 🧵
1. The Power of being Independent:

Growing up we all have been subjected to first-hand discrimination in a patriarchal institution in some way or the other.

My mom always told me that being able to stand on your own feet is the greatest sense of empowerment.
2. Do not be an emotional fool:

My dad always used to tell me that I make decisions emotionally and it will have a grave impact in my life.

Always take your brain with you wherever you take your heart. Don't be emotionally invested with poor ROI.
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This #InternationalWomensDay2022 let’s revisit the progressive judgments of the Indian Courts reaffirming the rights of the women and providing them better protection of the law.

#ICLU celebrates 21 judgments of the #SupremeCourt on this #WomensDay
1. The Apex Court providing for detailed guidelines for safety of women at workplace in Vishakha & Ors. v. State of Rajasthan & Ors. (1997) directed employers to provide a mechanism for redressal of grievances of employees. (1/2)
These guidelines were eventually formalised as legislation with the passing of the Sexual Harrasment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. (2/2)

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Woman power in the investing World - A thread!! (1/5)

Rise of Female investors in India! (2/5)
Top Female Angel investors in India!! (3/5)
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Happy Women's day! Stories of women who changed the history of our world. @sarahjxckson @GirlUp
Hatshepsut was the fifth Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. She is the second-ever female ruler to rule Egypt and lived from 1507-1458 BC.
Agrippina the Younger was a Roman empress and is said to be the most prominent woman of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, which was the family of the first five emperors of the Roman empire. She lived from 15-59 AD.
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The top 10 notorious #CongressUTurns

1 #MaritalRape
In 2013, Manmohan Singh opposed Justice Verma's proposal of criminalizing marital rape. The UN also expressed dismay.

Today suddenly Congress MP RaGa wants marital rape criminalized. Says consent underrated in our society! ImageImageImage
The top 10 notorious #CongressUTurns

2 #WomenEmpowerment

Women will get 40% tickets in UP, Congress said in Oct'2021. Priyanka Vadra announced that 40% of Congress tickets would be reserved for women.

Jan'2022 Congress came out with 'Ladki hoon, lad sakti hoon' but no tickets! ImageImage
The top 10 notorious #CongressUTurns

3 #GSTOnFuel

In June'2021 top Congress leaders including Bhupesh Baghel were asking for petrol &diesel to be brought under GST, held nationwide protests.

In Sep'2021 Congress began opposing GST for petrol & diesel at the GST council meet. ImageImageImageImage
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Women are a force to be reckoned with, so why do the GOP treat us like decorations! Don't tell us what to do with our bodies when most of your are perverts.
#womenempowerment Image
YOU are deciding what happens to ME?! Image
Their 2024 candidate won't turn over his DNA that would exonerate him in a rape related case, if innocent. Image
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I used to dream of that fairy tale story, where I get to wear a princess dress n walk down the aisle.

I was sold by that “dream” as a little girl. The notion of as a woman, u need a man to fulfil these “fairy tale” dreams, IMO, is a way to take away a woman’s personal power.
But NOW, time’s changed.

I reclaimed n recreated my identity.

WE as a woman, we can do whatever we want without another person’s approval.
I can wear a wedding dress on just a regular day.
I can wear a princess dress whenever I want just bcos I want to look n feel beautiful
You don’t need anyone to say YES to you.

You don’t need anyone to approve of you.

Because YOU approve YOURSELF.

It is your thought of who YOU that matters.
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Do u about Muthulakshmi Reddy?
She should be the role model of #womenempowerment
The lady behind the existence of Adayar cancer hospital!
She was born in 1886 in the princely state of Pudukottai in Tamilnadu. Father-Narayanswami Iyer & Her mother was a Devadasi who,
were women who were
ostensibly“dedicated”to temple deities tasked with passing on the baton of the art of dance to the next generation.Reality was different.They were often subjected to exploitation & were considered prostitutes by the British govt.
It was actually worse than
prostitution- no one chose to be a devadasi.
The prepubescent girl was initiated into the system by a religious ceremony which ensured her permanent status as a concubine. She would have a male patron,but no rights to his surname or inheritance. Devadasis needn’t marry and were
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Women of many of us are OK with the 'new shuffle'?! There are a huge list of reasons I'm angry with the whole 'shuffle' but this? THIS?? Women are ALREADY disregarded and tossed aside by this UCP but this (AND our Nurses)?!
Not ONLY do we, AB WOMEN, NOT HAVE a FULL Minister (of the Status of Women) but the Assoc Min, is overseen by a white, religious fantic, and Kenney-worshipping MAN!

ARE we ok with this??


I know I am so NOT ok with this disgusting

DISGUSTING show of the misogyny live and well in our AB Province and UCP! We already know the MASSIVE impact financially (among others), this pandemic has had on AB Women. Are YOU sick and tired of this complete BS too?? I personally don't have the knowledge
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Historically #Kashmiri women have enjoyed freedom like none of their counterparts in the other regions of our country. The intrusion of regressive ideologies, targeted at women, in the 90’s, might have pushed them behind but they are rapidly changing the gender norms.

The spirit of women in #Kashmir, supported aptly by various #government initiatives, have grown wings that enable them to soar the skies and break the glass ceiling.
#WomenEmpowerment #Kashmir

@FatimaDar_jk @MirYanaSY @AsimKhanTweets @IAmErAijaz
With the #abrogation, women of #Kashmir now have a stake in their ancestral properties regardless of their choice is spouse. This have liberated women who are not bound, shackled with patriarchal laws.

@NamrataWakhloo @AartiTikoo @IAmErAijaz
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In this raging pandemic, there are faceless people who are working against time but not classified as #CoronaWarriors.

@GaonConnection launches a new series 'A Day in the Life of...' in which you can meet such people.

Here's Sushma Devi, a woman पंडा…
Sushma was only 11yo when she was married off to 15yo Santosh, whose traditional occupation was 'panda', a priest who performs the last rites prayers. By the age of 26, Sushma was widowed.

She became a पंडा, something restricted only to men

Read. Watch.
"Hopelessness, helplessness and poverty taught me to be strong."

Watch the story of Sushma Devi, who gathered up the courage to work in a traditionally male-dominated bastion and became a woman ‘पंडा‘. @UNFPAIndia @MinistryWCD @Laadli_PF @FeminismInIndia
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Empowerment and how LibFems get it wrong. 🧵
EmPOWERment literally means gaining power. But third wave feminism has shifted the meaning of this very simple word to something like “gives good feelings”. This is not only plain wrong, but actively undermines feminism and retards women’s liberation.
You know that meme “modesty empowers some women, nudity empowers some women”? It’s kinda wrong. Bearing or hiding flesh provides no power, and depending on the context they can be degrading. It should be “modesty makes some women comfortable, nudity makes some women comfortable”.
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1/17 Taking forward the theme of #WorldKidneyDay let’s discuss what it means for “#WOMEN to live well with #kidney disease” 💃
🧵ahead is for anyone who cares about 💃!
@womeninnephro #womenempowerment #WomensDay #WomensHistoryMonth
Q-Do kidney diseases affect women differently?
Women have
⬆️Autoimmune diseases (SLE, RA, Systemic Scleroderma)
In #Women of Color that's 2- 3X commoner, early-onset with⬆️ complications

⬆️UTI due to short urethra
In #Pregnancy ⬆️risk of pyelonephritis and sepsis…
3/17 Pregnancy poses a high risk of #kidney injury due to various etiologies (see pic) which can progress to CKD in the future.
#Preeclampsia is a definite risk factor for #CKD and #ESKD in mother and also for #cardiovascular disease
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She was married off as a minor, Abandoned by her husband before she turned 18 and never given a divorce till date.. That did not discourage her... She studied, got a job as a teacher, earned and supported herself.. Even though her husband never acknowledged their marriage (1/N)
acknowledged their marriage for nearly 50 years in public... And inspite of him being CM for 3 terms and PM for 2 terms., she has proved the power of being a stong independent woman.
A true inspiration for all independent woman in a male dominant Indian society.
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Hello, this is Sanna Ejaz, one of the founder of the Pashtun Taffuz Movement (Pakhtunkhwa) and on this women's day let me share my story.
#8March #internationalwomensday2021
#WomensDay # # #د_ښځو_نړېواله_ورځ
As young college student, I saw miseries of war in post 9 11 era.

Terrorist organizations were stationed in Pakhtunkhwa to bleed us for the vested interests.
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