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Experte für Südasien-Angelegenheiten. I believe in bold, factual, aggressive & adversarial journalism. Anti-war. RTs ≠ endorsement. https://t.co/wNGoKwKX57
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10 Feb
Anti-fascism is a mission call. Anti-authoritarianism is a mission call. Anti-supremacy is a mission call.

The call all the fascists, authoritarians, & supremacists ignore is the call to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick & imprisoned, & love others as themselves.
Be a missionary.
Simply ask, "Whom shall I fear?" And plunge ahead.
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9 Feb
Sri Preston Kulkarni ran two failed campaigns for US Congress w/sponsorship, originally, by VP of US wing of the RSS, the fascist paramilitary that currently rules India. He was challenged on this by constitutents. Now he has received an appointment to Biden administration.
"AmeriCorps, the federal agency for volunteering and service, announced the appointments of three leading experts to key positions.... Sri Preston Kulkarni, chief of external affairs."

Kulkarni called the VP of RSS's US wing "like father to me" during his campaign for Congress, his campaign was credited as launched by RSS-BJP affiliates in the US, he received hundreds of thousands in funding to get it off the ground, & he never disavowed RSS-BJP.
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8 Feb
My mother is my role model.
I was born on her birthday. She is forever the sweetest woman in my life.
Mother, may the words of my tongue be pleasant to the God of our worship.
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8 Feb
White nationalism and Hindu nationalism are kissing cousins. They mirror each other ideologically, they push identical narratives, and they also have extensive intersectionality.
I can't talk about the Charlottesville neo-Nazi rally without talking about how @ArktosMedia CEO, who founded his company in India & publishes pro-Hindutva materials, was present. I can't talk about white supremacist terrorists without talking about their manifestos praising RSS.
I can't talk about RSS without talking about how their founders met with Mussolini and compared RSS to Italian fascist groups; or how their earliest leaders praised Germanic and Italian expansionism and applauded Nazi racial policy.
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8 Feb
"For the past several years, India’s government has steadily chipped away at the edifice of its free press and, over the past week, once again gone too far. This was the week my government attacked my home." — @VidyaKrishnan

"Home for me is in a multistory building in the center of New Delhi, on the edge of a sprawling park, a short walk from the markets of Karol Bagh and the upscale shops of Connaught Place.... This is where you can find the offices of @thecaravanindia."
"The Caravan is a small magazine — it has a staff of just a few dozen people — and its readership pales in comparison with other members of India’s English-language printed press. Yet its diminutive size masks its power: The publication is...
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7 Feb
Never seen pain & poverty like I've seen in India. ImageImageImageImage
Yes, I personally took all these pictures.
The thing was, the only way to avoid seeing the poverty & pain was to literally walk around it.

First two pictures were taken inside Red Fort & Qutb Minar, respectively.

Second two pictures were taken on the sidewalk directly outside a massive Delhi mall complex. ImageImageImageImage
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26 Jan
On India's #RepublicDay2021, #FarmersProtest raised #NishanSahib — the flag of the #Khalsa — over #LalQila, the historic #RedFort that today symbolizes the Indian Republic.

What does it mean?
According to the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak: "The lowliest of the lowly, the lowest of the low born, Nanak seeks their company. The friendship of great is in vain. For, where the weak are cared for, there Thy Mercy rains."
With the advent of the tenth Guru, Gobind Singh, & his establishment of the Khalsa, the original intent of Guru Nanak was finally fulfilled. The downtrodden embraced a Panth — path — in which they will never be victims, always be victorious, & constantly fight for the oppressed.
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25 Jan
I just, today, received an invitation by a Pakistan High Commission in an English-speaking country to participate in a seminar. I was humbled & honored. I declined it.

@INCIndia & @AamAadmiParty have also reached out to me to collaborate. I refused.
I am independent. I am non-partisan — both in my home country of the USA and in terms of any international action. On principle, ideologically, I will never participate in any event hosted by or collaborate with any political party or government — whether in America or abroad.
I'm an American citizen. I will have nothing to do with the Republican Party or the Democratic Party — or any other party in my country. And I will certainly have nothing to do with any non-US political party. I view it as foreign interference.
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25 Jan
"As the years go by, those who champion the causes of others, particularly those of a demonised minority, will find themselves accused of being prejudiced, of having an agenda, of seeking to advance their careers, and of 'playing politics'."

"And if you insist on making something like an investigation into the 2002 Gujarat riots part of your life’s work, you will repeatedly, aggressively, be asked: 'Why won’t you let bygones be bygones? Why won’t you let people move on? Why do you have to be so negative?'"
"Every riot, every act of violence we have worked so hard to ignore, to 'get over' without a moment’s reflection or any attempt to seek understanding and reconciliation, has made us more debased as a society. The mob now believes it can act with impunity."
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24 Jan
"Let others praise you, and not your own lips."

I'm humbled & honored by the chance to share with you some of the affirmations of my journalism & analysis from various reputable sources. My gratitude. Image
Expressing my appreciation to @RameshNRao, @SuhagAShukla, @razibkhan, @Koenraad_Elst,
@Indsat54, and @SudeshBJP for your acknowledgements.
And yes, my eyes are closed in this picture. Just listening to the music.
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15 Jan
I was raised as a Christian fundamentalist and used to write - in full belief - in support of basing society on the laws of the Torah (first five books) of the Bible.
I was taught that the Confederacy (the pro-slavery rebels of the southern US) were the “right” side. I remember my paternal grandfather (who was later convicted as a child molester) praising me for articles arguing as much. I remember my family flying a Confederate flag.
I once wrote supremacist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and even anti-Semitic blogs, arguing a religious nationalist ideology that was patriarchal, discriminatory, and outright offensive.
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8 Jan
Dear all, I've taken cognizance of all the evidence surrounding alleged Hindutva participation in the Wednesday insurrection. My conclusion? There's not much and it's not worth getting distracted from the bigger picture.
1) An Indian Christian raised an Indian flag. Yes, I think it's safe to conclude that's a sign of Indian nationalists backing Trump. There's some circumstantial evidence suggesting he's associated with Sanghis. But it's not significant.
2) A man, apparently a "Hemant Bhatt" from New Jersey, joined the rally. But there's no obvious connection between him and Hindutva. And the presence of a single individual is not significant.
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6 Jan
I don’t like Biden. I didn’t vote for him. I have no faith he will end the American war machine.

Harris is a cop with a horrible history.

But Biden-Harris won.

Invading the Capitol, in insurrection, is not only despicable but gives more excuse for the Fed to gut our rights.
Trump was “not my president.”

But he did win, according to the rules of the system.

Biden is “not my president.”

But he also won.

Denying democratic results will only result in chaos in the country and the State ramping up domestic tyranny.
Democrat or Republican, the fundamental flaw of every President for decades has been advancing the agenda of the military-industrial complex. America’s constant wars of foreign aggression can be linked to virtually every major domestic problem in the country today.
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6 Jan
“The colour of Indian cow milk ‘is light yellow as it has traces of gold in it’.”

I think I finally understand laws against cow slaughter. You wouldn’t eat the goose that lays the golden eggs, would you?
In other good news, it’s not just milk but urine. Indian cows are just bursting with untapped wealth.

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31 Dec 20
Despite the good, some horrifying things have occurred in India in 2020. Here are just a few. Can you think of more?
- February Delhi Pogrom & charges filed against victims
- Foundation-stone laying of both Ram Mandir &New Parliament
- Arrests of Anand Teltumbde, Hany Babu, Stan Swamy
- Lockdown & migrant crisis
- Passage of "Love Jihad" laws
- Passage of farming laws
- RSS staffing police checkpoints & assuming other governmental duties during lockdown
- Australian ambassador meeting & praising RSS
- French ambassador meeting & praising Yogi Adityanath
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31 Dec 20
Amidst all the bad, what was the best thing that happened this year for human rights in India?

I'll start.

Two things come immediately to mind, and they both happened outside of India.
First, Sri Preston Kulkarni, whose campaign was floated by the RSS's #2 man in America, who out-raised his opponent by millions, who was predicted to win by five points, who was a darling of his party running for an open seat, lost because of his support from the RSS.
Second, Australian Senator @janet_rice made history when she became perhaps the first national-level politician to ever speak against the RSS on the floor of the legislature, calling it "a fascist organisation that openly admits admiration for Adolf Hitler."
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30 Dec 20
I am donor-supported. My goal is to raise $50,000 by 1 February. That will fund me for the entirety of 2021. It will allow me to continue my investigation into RSS influence in USA as well as expand it internationally.

Stay tuned for 1) my portfolio of work over the past 3 years as well as 2) my agenda for the next year.
Now striking $17,428 thanks to several generous donations over the past couple of days.
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30 Dec 20
I'm creating a recommended book list for students of South Asian history and politics.

What do you think should be on it?
- "Annihilation of Caste" by BR Ambedkar
- "Walking With the Comrades" by Arundhati Roy
- "Hindutva" by VD Savarkar
- "Slavery" by Jyotirao Phule
- "Mogul India" by Niccolao Manucci
- "Sketch of the Sikhs" by John Malcolm
- "Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi" by Mohandas Gandhi
- "The Mughal Throne" by Abraham Eraly
- "Aurangzeb" by Audrey Truschke
- "What Gandhi and Congress Have Done to Untouchables" by BR Ambedkar
- "A History of the Sikhs" by Joseph Davey Cunningham
- "Travels in the Mogul Empire" by François Bernier
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30 Dec 20
"Around 200 people chanted Hanuman Chalisa and ''Jai Shri Ram' slogans outside the mosque when prayers were being offered inside, officials said. This led to a heated exchange between Hindus and Muslims, and led to stone pelting, the police said."

"Some members from the rally hoisted saffron flags and climbed the mosque and tried to damage the minaret, witnesses said. Some videos also showed the Hindutva group members trying to damage nearby houses and vehicles."
"In the last four days, villages in Madhya Pradesh have been witness to incidents of communal violence, all of which broke out during fund collection rallies for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya."

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29 Dec 20
In full view of police, Hindu nationalist mob attacks a mosque in Madhya Pradesh.
One of the saddest parts of this is seeing so many young men, caught up in mass hysteria, think that they're doing something productive by screaming religious slogans while attacking another community's religious site.
Wouldn't they rather be working and making money? Going out to eat with their girlfriends? Watching Netflix at home? Anything other than mobbing around with a bunch of other guys who are all working themselves into a frenzy?
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28 Dec 20
"The Kulkarni controversy, which brought the 'Modi Democrat' phenomenon into the spotlight, was spurred by the contributions of one of the largest donors to his campaign: the Bhutada family."

"Still, Kulkarni was hardly the first Democratic politician with Hindu nationalist ties. Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, while not of Indian descent, is a practicing Hindu, and she leveraged that identity to make extraordinary inroads within the global network of Hindutva."
"With Gabbard’s decision to retire from Congress after this year, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi of Illinois will likely claim the mantle of the top Democratic ally to Hindu nationalists."
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