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All the Pfizer MRNA data, science and information that state funded media (and the NZ Govt) forgot to tell you. True adverse event stories from Kiwis
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Have you noticed the endless range of truly bizarre DANGER warnings they are suddenly publishing?

Suddenly, all the things we have done forever and thought were GOOD for us....

are deemed life threatening!!

It's almost as though they are trying to convince us that the excess mortality; heart disease epidemic....and massive upturn in cancer in the young...

Is really


to do with


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New Zealand Parliament grounds...

March 2nd, 2022 - the violent end

Two years ago today

Men and women from around the land came together PEACEFULLY to protest the Covid vaccine MANDATES that destroyed their lives.

No, they were not "anti vaxers"

They were

teachers, doctors, nurses, midwives, surgeons, psychologists, home makers, shop assistants, hair dressers, road diggers....and teenagers who had been sacked from supermarket jobs.

Ordinary New Zealanders whose lives had been upended by a mandate to take a still experimental, novel Gene Therapy product.

Some read the clinical trial data and said NO

Others had pre existing medical conditions that made them high risk for harm from the injection.

Still more had taken a first dose through mandates, and nearly died....and were REFUSED MEDICAL EXEMPTIONS

Today I celebrate the


of ordinary New Zealanders who made a medical decision and lost everything Image
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The sudden and unexpected deaths of fit athletes or former athletes, appears to be escalating rapidly.

Why are they dying?

Have you ever in your lifetime seen this before...I certainly haven't.

These are a few of the deaths from the past few weeks Image Image
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Prof Grant Schofield, Public Health specialist #NZ

It's late in the day but he has just published a piece that will raise the ire of our woke socialist regime

"A Falling Out Of Love Letter To The University"...

#informedconsent #mandates #uncensored I think I lost my love because we no longer deliver on the most important part of what we promised to do. We are no longer the “critic and conscience of society”.

you might not be aware that we are no longer a place for debate.
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#nz pharmacovigilence #covidvaccines

What hope is there?

No updates to public data since NOV 2022 and when we ask the date of the next report they can't even tell us!

You think that's shocking, how about this - From Dr Guy Hatchard:

On December 17th, I received a letter from Astrid Koornneef, Director of the National Immunisation Programme, who was replying on Ashley Bloomfield’s behalf to my letter to him of 28 October 2021 raising concerns about vaccine safety.
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This is the #pfizer Post Marketing Surveillance for the 1st 90 days of use

#nz Medsafe had all this data when they authorised the #covidvaccine for use in #nz… Note page 16 Table 7:

In the first 90 days of use #pfizer received

1403 reports of CARDIAC INJURY

946 reports SERIOUS

Onset latency (time from injection to event) MEAN TIME WAS LESS THAN 24 HOURS
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In #nz pregnant and women and breast feeding mothers were MANDATED to take a #covidvaccine if they were in mandated professions

At this time the #nz #medsafe was already in possession of the #pfizer Post Marketing Surveillance of the first 90 days of product use All mothers were assured of the safety of the product by our MOH

The report covered a time frame when there was NO safety and efficacy data for pregnant women. They were not included in the #pfizer trials used to authorise the product for Emergency Use.
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Bloomfield denied injection exemptions to countless people who were at known risk from the jab. Now he’s heading up a global decision making body that is attempting to take control of national public health responses to future pandemics. What could go wrong? Turns out that Dr Ashley Bloomfield, New Zealand’s former director general of health is co-chair of the International Health Regulations Working Group.
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A new report has reviewed the media coverage of one of the most significant events in 2022 – the Parliament Protest which lasted almost four weeks - and finds that the media FAILED in its duty to present the Protest in a FAIR AND BALANCED MANNER The report reviewed 599 news and op-ed pieces over a 22-day period and concludes:

“The coverage was curated to focus on the fringes and avoid the key questions at the centre of the protest.
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On year ago today the peaceful, aroha filled freedom village camped in front of Parliament, ended in a violent, blazing mess.

MSM would have you believe that it was the "residents" who violently attacked police. I know a different story. yes there was violence from a small band of radicals who had not been seen at the village until that day. And YES there was police brutality galore that day

But who were the people who spent 3 weeks camping here through cyclones, psy-ops, merciless media misrepresentation?
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This is the post marketing report from #pfizer covering the first 90 DAYS of public use of the #covidvaccine

The last 9 pages contain a list of Adverse Events of Special Interest. These are conditions they knew were possible Serious Adverse Events to look for. I can guarantee most doctors would never have seen 90% of these conditions in their entire working life.

#nz #mrna #informedconsent…
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Have you noticed virtually all our tweets are tagged #informedconsent

It's what The Health Forum stands for, the absolute right of every #kiwi to make an INFORMED CONSENT voluntarily for taking a #CovidVaccine

We didn't get that choice with 40% of workers mandated Jab or Job We wanted to know what really happened in #nz when it came to making a voluntary medical choice, and receiving full and honest Informed Consent. A few months ago we ran a survey for a few weeks, and now we are making it live again
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Canadian Adverse Event Reporting System @CAERSinfo is an independent organisation collecting #covidvaccine adverse event data in Canada.

They have recently studied their data to understand more about #adverse_effects in Canada.

#nz #informedconsent #mrna Using a data pool of 1000 reports, in assessing the severity of #adverse_effects they found: more than 12% of reports were life threatening or fatal. 72.9% of reporters reported their initial injury became chronic and non resolved over time
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Dr Phillip Altman has more than 40 years experience as an Australian authority on clinical trials and drug regulation. He is a reverred authority on the subject

Here he expresses his deep concerns about the safety of #covidvaccines

#nz #informedconsent #mrna #adverseevents He cautions that "covid vaccines" are not ordinary vaccines and instead fall under the definition of "gene therapy". As such they come with unique and unimaginable genetic risk. That of PERMANENT intergenerational adverse effects
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Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Florida has been running hospital board meetings open to the public.

This is Dr John Littell a Board Certified Dr.

He stood up to speak about his experience treating multiple patients with #ivermectin successfully His presentation was abruptly terminated by the hospital, and he was escorted off the premises. In another video he describes receiving multiple secretive requests from covid infected Drs, to treat them with Ivermectin, which he did successfully
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#nz this is Dr @P_McCulloughMD one of the leading Cardiologists in USA

Here he talks about "hot lots" of #pfizer

These are batches of #covidvaccine that somehow appear to be many times more toxic than most other batches.

80% of deaths are coming from 30% of batches. When post vaccine deaths are reported to a pharmacovigilence database, advocates of the covid vaccines tell us that there is no causal link between the injection that was administered and the subsequent death. The two events are just "randomly associated in time"
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In #nz we are a population of 5 million and just under 12 million doses of #epfizer #mrna #covidvaccines have been administered

755,000 have received 4 doses

2.7 million have had 3 doses

But uptake has dwindled last week 486 took their first booster (dose 3), 1,258 took their second booster (dose 4). 50 children took a 1st dose and 75 took a 2nd dose.
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Dr Weinstein had just left a community board meeting at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in USA, considered one of the top 100 hospitals in America. She works in the hospital and these are her concerns Throughout Covid Drs have been forbidden to prescribe cheap and effective already registered drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine AND VITAMIN C
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#NZ our MOH has an April Fools Day surprise for you

The new bivalent #covidvaccine will be rolled out as a booster to everyone (who wants it) age 30 plus REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY PREVIOUS VACCINE DOSES YOU HAVE HAD That means the elderly who have just had dose 5 are encouraged into dose 6, as long as it's six months since their last dose. This time they get a special "two for one deal" - bivalent booster AND the flu jab at the same time
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John is a Queensland health worker. He was paralysed by a first dose of #covidvaccine. His employer said he MUST still get dose 2 to remain employed. John was going to do it (!!) but his doc and specialist said NO

John lost his job

In NZ when we had the huge 60,000 person FB group The Health Forum we were privy to literally thousands of stories of mandates, injuries and declined exemptions
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A new JAMA study "definitively proving" that #ivermectin does to reduce severity of covid, has my head tied in a knot!

Here are the issues

#nz #informedconsent… first of all let's scan to the declarations of any possible conflicts of interest to know that we can trust the study based on authors and funding