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1 Dec 19
Alberta friends, I'd like to share some thoughts on why #ISupportBill207, and why #ConscienceRights is a litmus test issue that will show us where the UCP lines up in the context of Red Tory vs Blue Tory balance of power.

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As an Ontarian, I usually stay out of internal #abpoli issues, but in this case, due to the universality of the Red v Blue power struggle, as is demonstrated by the civil war within the CPC, and Ford's capitulation of #onpoli to #RedToryNation, I have to make an exception.

The Red Tories are determined to take every issue outside the purview of fiscal conservatism (ish) out of the Overton Window of any acceptable (to them) politicians. This battle will determine the future of Cdn conservatism and on whether there'll be much left to conserve.
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3 Nov 19

As the post-election dust settles, we find ourselves bombarded by post-mortem narratives, some of which are honest and reflective, many of which are subversive.

If we come out of this with the wrong takeaway, we might as well give up and embrace the leftist dystopia.

Almost immediately after the election, the opening gambit for the poison pill was played.

"We should have dragged Scheer to a Pride parade. That hurt us in the GTA. Abortion hurt us in Quebec; same-sex marriage hurt us in the GTA." - CPC anon…

And just like that, @StephenHarper's former Press Secretary, @MacIntyreSara, reinforces the 'no more socons' narrative, launching the overt phase of the assault on @AndrewScheer's leadership.

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18 Dec 18
Continuing the CPC v PPC civil war is counter-productive to the shared goals of the base from both sides of the schism.

I propose a ceasefire to reflect on our common ground, and consider a Win-Win #SchismDeal that I'm sure we'll all prefer to the status-quo stalemate.

The 2 predominant narratives that permeate throughout the schism debate, pull the base into 2 polarizing black & white, my way or the highway, perspectives.

Before we get to the #SchismDeal, let me offer you a 3rd narrative. Let's call it the CPC-PPC Duality.

The 1st step in the CPC-PPC Duality Narrative is to acknowledge that Max & his supporters have a legit grievance with the CPC. Scheer should have prioritized uniting the party. Instead he pushed Max away. A better leader would have found a working compromise.

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25 May 18
When presented with data that goes against what we believe to be true, we have to consider the possibility that we're wrong, and potentially adjust our views. Likewise, we have to consider the possibility that the data is a manipulated attempt to steer us away from truth.

Once upon a time, this process led us to conclude that the mainstream media is only pretending to seek for truth, but do everything in their power to sell an agenda. I'm afraid it's time to question the integrity of the majority of the pollsters. It's either that or...

... or we must conclude that 20-25% of Ontarians who intended to vote for PC for months & years, suddenly in the last 2 weeks abandoned all their principles and decided to vote for NDP b/c of some NothingBurger attacks.

You be the judge. I believe that's IMPOSSIBLE!

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6 May 18
Here's my take on Tanya Granic Allen's old comments, on @fordnation's decision to remove @TGranicAllen from #PCPO, and on where we go from here.

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About her "abortion holocaust" comment

I am pro-life & Jewish, and although I wouldn't personally phrase it this way, the fact that once upon a time she did, is a #NothingBurger.
I'm much more offended by the politically correct cowards who pushed Doug to remove her b/c of it
About Tanya's views on gay marriage:

I support gay marriage, yet I understand the position & the arguments of those who once opposed it when it was an issue, which is why I completely reject the notion that their position is based on intolerance or homophobia.
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27 Apr 18
Before I go ahead and introduce the #PhoneySabawy campaign, I'd like to comment on Doug's 11 appointments. I fully support Doug's decision to cleanse the party from key remnants of Patrick Brown's PCPO. The grassroots will now be much better represented by the new candidates.
To avoid a situation where fake conservatives gain leverage to pull Doug to the left & to sew division inside the party, it is important that the upcoming #PCPO majority gov is made up of MPP's who are ideologically aligned, at least for the most part.
I understand that there's only so much that Doug could do to ensure that Patrick Brown's remnants were fully gone. But the #PhoneySabawy campaign is meant to draw the attention of the grassroots, at the #PCPO that Doug inherited, and to start the discussion on what we can do.
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4 Feb 18
This thread is for anyone in #cdnpoli who thinks that it's an exaggeration to refer to Trudeau as #JihadiJustin. It is my great hope that once Cdns realize that Trudeau's & LPC's decisions are systemically made to appease radical lslam, that we could unite as Cdns to resist..
Even before Trudeau was elected, there were plenty of red flags that were mostly ignored or dismissed as harmless pandering or bad judgement. If only more Cdns watched this video before the 2015 election ...
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli #TrudeauMustGo
Since getting elected, Trudeau/LPC prioritized lslamists/Jihadis interests, while jeopardizing the interests of moderate MusIims & Cdns
- Refugees
- Welcome to Canada Tweet / Border Security
- BillC6
- M103
- Terrorist Payouts
- ISIS Reintegration
#JihadiJustin #cdnpoli
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25 Jan 18
So Patrick Brown gets accused of "graphic sexual misconduct", throws an emergency press conference where he denies allegations, barely able to hold back tears, then within hours resigns as PC leader. Here's what I think about all this... #onpoli #cdnpoli
With Wynne's approval rating barely able to scratch double digits, and with the Liberal party's record of crime & corruption, especially wrt winning at all costs, it wouldn't surprise me if the allegations were nothing more than political assassination, however... #onpoli
If this was orchestrated by the Liberals, I wonder why they wouldn't wait for 2-3 more months to ensure the PC party wouldn't be able to recover. Sure incompetence is a possibility, but when it comes to playing dirty politics the Liberals have plenty of experience. #onpoli
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20 Nov 17
Prerequisite Thread for Conspiracy Skeptical Conservatives
#FollowTheWhiteRabbit #QAnon #Breadcrumbs
Once upon a time I happened to #FollowTheWhiteRabbit to a conservative rabbit hole and I never looked back. I was empowered with facts & arguments that refuted the left's narrative on just about every issue. The left is a result of ignorance/stupidity, I thought. But then...
I saw smart people dismissing facts & logic
I saw an emotional attachment to refuted beliefs
I saw cognitive dissonance, inconsistency, & hypocrisy
I saw those who were pushing the narrative, and then...
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