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Aug 8 • 6 tweets • 3 min read
Whale closed 300.000 Long positions on Bitfinex😱

Let's find out WHY this is important and WHAT it could mean for the market 👇

#Bitcoin #Ethereum #Crypto #Bitfinex #Futures ETHUSDLONGS, a chart on tradingview which displays the total amount of open Long positions on Ethereum at Bitfinex. This metric has a major change in the recent data which is very important to be aware off.
Feb 15 • 20 tweets • 8 min read
1 // #Bitcoin Top Signals 😬

It is weird to speak about top signals when price is trading at 40k. But I think it is important to be well prepared for the coming bullrun.

Let's summarize potential top signals. The more you'll see, the more top-ish. Let's go 👇 2 // Lets start with heavy positive netflow to exchanges. This means that Bitcoins getting deposit to Exchanges, likely to be sold 📉

Feb 13 • 13 tweets • 6 min read

A lot of bullish charts are out there. Here are the most important ones 👇 2 // BTC Price is in a multi year uptrend Image
Feb 13 • 14 tweets • 5 min read
1 // $BTC

Arguments can be made for both sides

In this thread all arguments which can be made for the BEARISH-case.

Read it down below 👇
and sure to follow to don't miss the BULLISH one Image 2 // Price is at weekly and monthly resistance (based on TA) ImageImage
Jan 11 • 9 tweets • 6 min read
1 // There are serveral data sources where you could base a trade on. The few I use are:

1️⃣ Price Action
2️⃣ Orderbook
3⃣ Futures market
4️⃣ On-Chain
5️⃣ Sentiment

The perfect long setup is when all this sources point to the same direction. 2 // Let's go back to July 2021 and see how this works: Price Action

A very strong technical setup is a close below/close above. In this example price closed below the weekly support level at $32k and the week after closed above. This is bullish and gives a clear invalidation.