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Asst. Prof. College of Letters at Wesleyan University (CT) Teaches/Studies Ages Late Antique, Byzantine, & Middle
Sep 5, 2022 15 tweets 17 min read
#LaborDay thread on #academic labor.
Renewed @AAUP chapter at #Wesleyan @WesleyanAAUP has compelling hist of fac/admin relations & negotiations ca 1916-2000
--AAUP key but not strongest tool for labor
--instead Junior fac self-org & info sharing
1/… 2/
Acc. to this hist, key contexts for #Wesleyan’s AAUP:
-- a rich lib arts college into #highered “experimentation”
-- a “Little Uni” w/ PhD progs in sciences
-- square circle: low tenure density & high contingency
-- longstanding Junior Faculty Org (JFO) addressed contradiction
Jan 29, 2022 10 tweets 7 min read
What do we teach when we teach "Medieval Europe"?
Do we teach Europe to set up Historical #Comparison?
OR to teach a Global (or, Alex West @siwaratrikalpa's much more coherent Hemispheric) #MiddleAges?
Here's how I see the two options...
(obvs others, I'm a Byzantinist after all) My students discuss CWickham's intro in
Medieval Europe (2016; Review: I like the book)
CW argues for "Medieval Europe" as artificial category with value in setting up historical #comparison.
There's a cleverness to that.
But here's my problem, as explained to my students...
Jan 27, 2022 18 tweets 13 min read
#CancelStudentDebt town Hall starting now.
Join and see what @SenWarren, @SenSchumer, @AyannaPressley plan to do.

#CancelStudentLoans Arguing that 1) legal case is settled that #ExecutiveBranch has right to forgive student debt.
2) need is urgent: 89% of debtors will be in financial insecurity if required payments resume.
Jan 26, 2022 7 tweets 4 min read
A little #ByzantineHistory and #DH thread.
One project this semester is returning to data & visuals students & I pulled from chronicle of Theophanes.
Potentially can show a lot.
My interest: how ninth-century Constantinople saw the space of #Roman history. Image Images all Jesse Simmons (superstar Res Assistant!).
This shows all cities/settlements in Chronicle of Theophanes.
One obvious thing (expected): East/West discrepancy.
One obvious thing (p'haps NOT expected): interest in Syria/Palestine over Greece! Image