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1) Thread: Does this intriguing Roman epitaph reveal a succession conspiracy playing out during this week in 117 AD? Marcus Ulpius Phaedimus, 28 year-old freedman and main attendant of the Roman emperor Trajan, died on 12 August 117....
2) Phaedimus was clearly a trusted servant of the Emperor, acting as Trajan's butler of sorts “tricliniarcha”, responsible for his food table and wine-service, and as secretary managing his imperial grants and benefits. Phaedimus was his closest attendant “Lictor Proximus”...
3) Mysteriously, Phaedimus died at Selinus (Gazipaşa, Turkey) on 12 August 117 AD, just four days after his master, the Emperor Trajan died there on 8 August supposedly of a stroke. Oddly, his epitaph breaks with tradition...
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1) The remarkable remains of Piercebridge Roman Bridge, which once carried 'Dere Street', the main Roman road from York (Eboracum) to Hadrian's Wall and beyond. Here the road crossed the River Tees which has changed course over the centuries, now flowing 50 metres to the north..
2) The remains of the bridge, a rare survival from Roman Britain, were only discovered by accident in 1972. A strategic river-crossing was first built here around 90 AD; this was washed away sometime in the 2nd century and this more substantial bridge constructed in its place..
3) Like other Roman bridges of the time such as Trajan's famed bridge over the Danube, the crossing comprised stone abutments and sophisticated pointed cutwater piers that lowered water resistance, all supporting a large wooden roadway..
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Scout, our expert archaeologist, investigates the well of the Principia at Bar Hill #Roman fort on the Antonine Wall ( @AntonineWall), #Scotland. Bar Hill was built c142AD & from this 43 foot deep well many items have been recovered, including shoes from men, women & children.
Bar Hill is near #Cumbernauld in #Scotland and is one of several forts along the Antonine Wall. Built in c142AD this clip shows the Principia and well, from where many objects were recovered, including shoes, coins and pieces of altars.
Now in the Hunterian Museum Collection this 2nd century #Roman gravestone, originally from Bar Hill Fort, is for Salamanes, who died aged 15. It was dedicated for him by his father - the name of the boy suggests he may have travelled to #Scotland from the Middle East.
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We have over 60 participants, but there are still some spaces left on our @Classical_Assoc Teaching Board CPD for Ancient History next Thursday. Supported by @Manchester_CA & @mcys_mmu #GCSE #ALevel #Classics #History
Pre-recorded videos for the subject-specific sessions will become available over the weekend through @Manchester_CA:…
Some great sources and approaches from @Papyrus_Stories on #Cleopatra #Rome & #Egypt 60-31BCE - inscriptions, coins, statures and more:
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Fethiye Mosque in #Athens #Greece now an expo hall

Tzisdaraki Mosque in Athens now ceramics museum

Hamza Bey #Mosque in Thessaloniki now a Movie theater

Alaca Imaret Mosque in #Thessaloniki now a museum

Yeni Mosque in Thessaloniki minarets destroyed & now expo hall Greece etc
No rights for Muslim's in #Greece
Muslim's aren't recognised, nor are allowed to pray in their #Masjid Mosques, which were built for centuries in #Greece #Yunanistan

Dear 1.9 Billion Muslim's & 50 Muslim countries. Boycott Greece Greeks

#BoycottGreece #Greek #Athens #BDSGreece #MuslimLivesMatter #Islamophobia
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#LeeWarren #PLIM #REPORT #Volume 11#1
When have the most inhumane acts occurred in time?
Was Nazism born of secret societies and the occult?
Was Hitler under demonic influence?
Was Stalin controlled by demons?…
#World #Leaders & the #Occult #EVIL #Satanic #System

World leaders gathered around a moving luminescent #pyramid in a circle with symbols. They wear a lapel pin of an unholy triangle, the #illuminati pyramid

World Leaders #Wearing Illuminati Pyramid Pin
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The Empirization of China

The #Chinese want to be an #Empire and that too in a hurry. But many perished in this quest. #GreatBritain is no more a empire. #USA is also facing heat in #multipolar world in #PostColdWar era.
@narendramodi @MEAIndia
1. With cunning and ruthlessness #China was well on track. It might have become a #GlobalEmpire within another 20 to 30 years. But its own shrowdy , anti democratic and #AntiHuman policies leading to its own #disaster.
2.However in their desperation and over eagerness, China it seems has overplayed its hand on many fronts. Now, by triggering, concealing and manipulating a #CoronaPandemic, China has not only made its dream of empire untenable, it will probably destroy China.
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For #GoodFriday, the Pilate stone, a damaged limestone block and which mentions Pontus Pilate, the #Roman Prefect of Judea from AD26-36. This stone, found at the archaeological site of Caesarea Maritima in 1961 is the earliest surviving, and only contemporary record of Pilate.
The partial inscription on the Pilate Stone reads
The translation is :
To the Divine Augusti [this] Tiberieum
...Pontius Pilate
...prefect of Judea
...has dedicated [this]
Pontius Pilate is mentioned in several sources near the time in which he lived, such as the Embassy to Gaius (c41 CE) by Philo of Alexandria, the Jewish Wars (c.74 CE) & Antiquities of the Jews (c.94 CE) by Josephus, & the four Gospels by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (AD66-110).
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The Q Team

Our Brave Soldiers during the 10 Days of Darkness

And most importantly pray for those poor little kids because they have been to HELL AND BACK

They've been through shit we can't even begin to imagine. Image

Fuck I'm crying right now.

I want to thank you all for reading my crazy ass thread.

I don't ask anything of you except when the time comes, do your part and give anything you can give to help these kids transition from



Please do some research on


This is the kind of stuff that's happening to the kids in the DUMBs.

Along with other sick, grotesque shit that most of us know about.

The TV show Stranger Things is REAL Image
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1/6) The massive Trier Gold Hoard: 2,650 Roman aurei coins weighing 18.5 kg. Unearthed in 1993 in the cellar of a Roman administrative building of ancient Augusta Treverorum. The hoard was deposited during the Antonine Plague or 'Plague of Galen' in the late 2nd century AD.
2/6) The gold hoard was discovered by chance during the excavation of an underground parking garage in the city. It is the largest preserved Roman Imperial gold hoard.
3/6) Study has shown the Trier hoard was first deposited in 167 AD at the height of the Antonine Plague: a catastrophic pandemic that killed an estimated 5 million people around the Roman Empire including, in all likelihood, the Roman Emperor Lucius Verus.
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Portait of a woman with a jewelry case from the Trier palace ceiling, c. 320. Possibly depicting one of the members of the Constantinian dynasty this painting is one of the most stunning Roman pieces of art #Roman #Archaeology #LateAntiquity
Look at this subtle face expression and the careful color palette. For me this painting marks the symbolic beginning of Late Antiquity. It‘s self-conscious in its connection to tradition but it also signals the beginning of something different.
The details of those paintings are stunning. They are such an awesome example of what Peter Brown, @19Averil or @WritingHelena wrote about. The fact that they probably existed in their intended context for less than 30 years only adds to their character.
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Thread: Let's watch night turn into day with some dawn views of the Peristyle; the monumental heart of Diocletian's retirement palace at Split, Croatia - completed in 305 AD. The Peristyle is undoubtedly one of the world's finest surviving examples of Roman palatial architecture.
The Peristyle was the central monumental court of Diocletian's palace-fortress, constructed for the Emperor's retirement to his Dalmatian homeland and where he lived out his final years; the only emperor to peacefully and permanently abdicate the position.
A grand tetrastyle facade and porch (prothyron) dominates the courtyard, acting as a gateway between the public and private sectors of the palace, leading to the southern residential wing and the Emperor's private apartments.
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1/ Fun fact from today’s Islamic History lecture @UniofOxford: the Khazars, a nomadic people from the S. Russian steppe, converted to #Judaism in ca. 9th. Here, a Khazar coin based on an Islamic model swaps “#Muhammad is the Messenger of God” for “#Moses is the Messenger of God”!
2/ Specifically, the Khazar king and his court are said to have converted. This model of top-down religious change happened all over the late antique and medieval worlds, but is most commonly associated with #Christianity and #Islam (not #Judaism!)
3/ The other great example of state conversion to #Judaism is the kingdom of Himyar in S. Arabia. The conversion was so thorough that after 380, pagan inscriptions disappear, replaced by inscriptions with Hebrew/Aramaic words (shalom, amen, kanisat) & names (Isaac, Judah, Joseph)
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Thread: The Temple of Jupiter inside Diocletian's Palace, Split. Constructed around 300 AD and dedicated to Emperor Diocletian's "divine father", the supreme Roman god Jupiter. The temple was converted into a baptistery in the 7th century. #roman #architecture #croatia
The temple entrance retains its intricately carved marble cornice. Amongst the decorative motifs of leaves, tendrils and flowers are carved images of Roman gods such as Sol, Victoria, Apollo, Triton and Hercules.
Details of the elaborately carved marble doorway with images of the Roman pantheon. #roman #sculpture #religion
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Thread: The Mausoleum of Diocletian, constructed during the Emperor’s lifetime to house his remains after death; strategically placed at the heart of his palace-fortress in Split, Croatia, c.305 AD. #Roman #archaeology #architecture #Croatia
The first emperor to voluntarily abdicate the throne, Diocletian enjoyed a short but peaceful retirement at his purpose-built palace where he famously tended to his vegetable gardens. He died in 311 and was laid to rest in an elaborate porphyry sarcophagus in his great mausoleum.
The Emperor's remains were desecrated during invasions of the 7th century and his sarcophagus destroyed. Ironically, considering Diocletian's Christian persecutions, his mausoleum was consecrated as a Cathedral in 653; with an exquisite Romanesque style bell tower added in 1100.
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THREAD. Here’s a fun game for a rainy day based on the proposition: where 1 line in the landscape is crossed by another, then the one being crossed is the older of the 2. Eg the M11 in Cambs. built 1975-80 cuts rectangular fields of Parliamentary enclosure c1803 into triangles+
2. Train journeys are always interesting - so many fields cut into triangles can be seen along the way, like these on either side of the R Ouse near Huntingdon transected by the main line from London to York which opened in 1840+
3. Oops, domestic interruption - back in a while. Excited about it, though
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Was the #Roman #God #Mars born of a virgin?

#No, and here is why:
You see, In Roman myth, Juno/Hera was ticked off that Jupiter/Zeus, on his own, gave birth to Athena (he swallowed Metis, a titan which he was married to (and was pregnant with his child), and then suffered the mother of all headaches (no pun intended), and when his forehead was
cut open, Athena came out, fully in armor). So Juno/Her went to the goddess Flora, telling about what her husband (repeat: Husband) Jupiter/Zeus did, and asked for her help in conceiving a child without his aid. Flora gave her a magic flower, and boom! She was pregnant. However
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#Poonjeri - A Pallava Sea-port near Mamallapuram!

#Mamallapuram, the famous centre of #Pallava art, is also said to have been a sea-port right from the beginning of the Common Era!
#Perumpanarruppadai, one of the #Sangam classics written by the poet 'Katiyalur Uruthiran Kannanar' refers to a place called #Nirpeyar, the city which abounds in sea-borne goods as an active sea-port of 'Tondaiman llanthiraiyan' of #Kanchi!

The place called #Malange mentioned by #Ptolemy, a Greek Geographer of the 2nd Century CE may be #Mamallapuram!

On the basis of the find of #Roman coins of #Theodosius (4th Century CE) at #Mamallapuram had contact with countries beyond the sea, particularly with #Roman Empire!
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This is how much it costs to open a fast food franchise in South Africa

A Thread:
#Wimpy The estimated set-up costs for a @wimpy_sa franchise is R2.2 million and an initial franchise fee of R114,300 (excluding VAT). Franchisees are also expected to pay 7% of their turnover in management fees and 5% of their turnover in royalties.
#Steers states that you can expect to pay approx between R1.7 million – R2.5 million in set up costs when first starting up a franchise. They currently offer 3 different models with kiosk (R1.59 million), standard (R1.65 million) and drive-thru (R2.35 million) options available.
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“My name is here presented more to be understood than to be read” said once a #Roman senator.
For my #EarlyMedievalPills, let’s explore what monograms can tell us about changes in political culture & social communication between late antiquity & #Carolingian times.
Monogrammatic culture has its roots in the #classical world. Producers used monograms to mark mass-produced objects such as pottery. We also see them on Hellenistic coins. However, they didn’t encode the name of the issuing authority, but functioned as control marks.
Influenced by Hellenistic models, #Roman emperors adopted monograms on their coins. They were used to encode the emperor’s name thus becoming personal graphic devices that could also mark certain objects the trade of which was an imperial monopoly.
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Gather round, kids, for an ancient #Roman #zombie story. It's legit good - from the 1st century AD and involves eyeballs, hag-hair, and Julius Caesar in addition to a reanimated corpse. 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🏛️💀…

Remember the soothsayer in Shakespeare? You know you do -- think back to high school and the "beware the Ides of March" warning. Well, she was hella tame compared to Erichtho the apparently world-famous Thessalian witch.

But first things first...

The night before the Battle of Pharsalus (9 Aug 48 BC), Pompey the Great was freaking out. Julius Caesar, once his BFF (brother in the first triumvirate - wait, that doesn't have an F), was mounting a Civil War against Rome. Trying to become dictator for life.

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When visiting #Rome, tourists usually (and comprehensibly) focus on its #ancient remains. Today for the series #EarlyMedievalPills I'll take you through the #Carolingian city of Pope Paschal I (817-24) who, in only 7 years, left a permanent mark on #Roma's sacred topography 1/11
First I need to tell you about his family: he was the son of Bonosus and Theodora and he was very attached to his mother whom he wanted to be immortalised in the stunning #mosaics decorating that little jewel that is the Chapel of St Zeno in Santa Prassede #Roma 2/11
"Theodora Episcopa": lots of speculation about the reasons why she was called bishop-ess. Two possibilities: either Paschal I's father was a bishop and the honorific title extended to his wife, or Paschal paid homage to his mother by granting her a title of distinction 3/11
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