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Professor of Law 🎓@OxfordLawFac @magdalenoxford ⌨️PI #ERCStG & #Leverhulme, exploring #AI #gigeconomy & #futureofwork 👫@abicadams 📚Latest book
Dec 9, 2021 31 tweets 23 min read
🚨📢 Major #gigeconomy news: new #EU rules for platform work published today, incl employment status presumption and rules for algorithmic management – innovative & welcome measures. Let’s take a closer look 🧵👇 Given the explosive growth of platform work across Europe, improving the conditions of PF workers was a key commitment in @EU_Commission Pres @vonderleyen ‘s political guidelines @NicolasSchmitEU @EU_Social
Feb 19, 2021 47 tweets 18 min read
🚖 #Uber drivers are workers, the UK #SupremeCourt confirms. Major legal & labour market implications - let's take a detailed look at this landmark judgment (long-ish 🧵, the short take is here 👉 ) #Uber drivers are workers – entitled to the minimum wage (& other key employment rights) whenever they’re logged on. Lord Leggatt gives the powerful unanimous judgment of the court
Feb 19, 2021 10 tweets 4 min read
💥BREAKING: #Uber drivers *ARE* workers, rules UK #SupremeCourt, rejecting @Uber 's final appeal. Potentially huge implications for #ukemplaw, and the #gigeconomy business model - full thread with first analysis coming up. Lord Leggat sets out unanimous judgment of the Court, upholding the ET's findings, emphasising 5 elements: 1/ @Uber sets fare. 2/ contract terms imposed by Uber.
Feb 19, 2021 9 tweets 6 min read
Big day ahead for #ukemplaw & the gigeconomy: the UK Supreme Court is about to rule on whether @Uber drivers are workers. 🧵with some history and background while we wait 👇 It all started as long ago as 2015/16 - when @Uber first lost its case in the Employment Tribunal. The Tribunal was highly critical of the practices of 'armies of lawyers' resorting to ‘fictions, twisted language and even brand new terminology’
Mar 4, 2020 16 tweets 9 min read
Breaking #gigeconomy news: French @Courdecassation rules that @Uber drivers are employees. Full English translation of the decision available here -… . (h/t @GrafvLuxemburg _ The Court starts with a strong assertion of the primacy of facts: compliance with regulatory regimes / contractual documentation / &c can be rebutted if there is a relationship of permanent legal subordination (this has been a key debate in the UK litigation, too)
Mar 20, 2019 8 tweets 7 min read
Breaking: Employment Tribunal decision in @PimlicoPlumbers: unlawful deduction of wages admitted, holiday pay claim rejected. Written reasons to be sent to parties, first update here courtesy @jacquimcguigan. Crucial #ukemplaw testcase for #gigeconomy and #precariouswork. 1/7 The key dispute relates to paid annual leave due to workers under the Working Time Regs. @PimlicoPlumbers ‘admitted that the leave [taken by Mr Smith] was unpaid’ 2/7
Nov 21, 2017 11 tweets 8 min read
On my way home from @ilo and @BelgiumUNGeneva high-level forum on the #sharing economy and its social challenges: a few highlights from a great discussion, moderated by @ilo senior economist Janine Berg. Short thread. 1/10 @ILO_live Josephine Teo, Singapore Minister of Manpower followed w/ fascinating overview of tripartite working group–from offering standard contracts & payment dispute resolution to challenges of #freelancers for social sec. V interested to learn more about their work! 3/10 @SPMGMissionGva
Nov 10, 2017 37 tweets 20 min read
London @Uber drivers are workers: summary & analysis of today’s Employment Appeal Tribunal decision #ukemplaw #gigwork Thread. 1/n Image @Uber Headline story: EAT fully upholds Employment Tribunal’s findings from last November. @Uber drivers are workers, entitled to basic rights incl min wage… 2/n Image