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With threats of #homelessness and #bankruptcy in the air as the #eviction moratoriums subside, both renters & small #landlords are getting pinched by predatory #tech #capitalism as the #gigeconomy hits the #RealEstate market.
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo…
A “tsunami” of #evictions is about to sweep across the US when the 120-day #moratorium ends today, threatening millions of Americans with #homelessness or worse – a new set of #landlords called #Facebook, #Google and #Apple.
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo…
Powerful #tech players like #IBM, #Microsoft and #Facebook are teaming up with hospital networks with links to the #Vatican and tech lobbying groups to shape the conversation about the future role of tech in the public sphere.
by Raul Diego @hijodelcuervo…
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Congressman Patrick McHenry introduced bill HR 8280 to amend Rule 701 to allow businesses to issue company stock to their gig workers.

This bill would also pre-empt California’s #AB5.

#gigeconomy #GigWorkers
Statement from the Internet Association:
Brief statement about the Gig Worker Equity Compensation Act from McHenry:
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Gig economy (#AnalysisThread) favors hard work and offers little to no protections to those who want free gibs.

The state of California deems that very racist & sexist (see what they did there?) and wants to eradicate the #GigEconomy;wants to give everybody exact same conditions Image
Gig economy is weighted more by merit than by social capital. This makes it very un-controllable by the media, who rely on control via the #SocialCapital

The media, the progressive groups attack everything they can't control. Image
Large organizations (inc. labor unions) rely more on social capital than on merit. Hard to measure individual contributions; activism gives warm feels.

Anybody with social capital is given job, promotion, titles, budget - even if delivering no value; even if *negative* value. Image
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Neues über die Arbeitsbedingungen bei #Mjam: sie sind noch schlechter geworden. Der @msulzbacher hat mit mir darüber gesprochen warum: FahrerInnen werden jetzt Leistungsklassen eingeteilt, mit lukrativen Routen belohnt + mit schlechten bestraft. #gigeconomy #prekäreArbeit
Wer für #mjam nicht jeden Sonntag radelt, sondern nur 1x frei nimmt/ krank ist rutscht im Ranking ab. Auch wer 1x zu spät kommt, hat für 4 Wochen einen Strafpunkt. Wer nicht absolut jede Schicht annimmt auch. Übrig bleiben dann aber nur noch Dienste für die es kaum Geld gibt.
Bezahlt werden fast alle FahrerInnen bei #Mjam nämlich nicht nach ihrer Arbeitszeit, sondern nach den Zustellungen - da macht es einen riesigen Unterschied, ob in einer Stunden 1,2 /3 Zustellungen gemacht werden können! Außerdem sind die meisten Schichten nur 1h+45Minuten lang.
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/// THREAD on Chancellor @RishiSunak's announcement tonight on the future of the income support schemes. 1/
After considerable media speculation, the Chancellor has finally pronounced on the economic future of millions, by detailing the changes to be made to the #JobRetentionScheme (JRS) and the #SelfEmployedIncomeSupportScheme (SEISS).… 2/
These have been the two most important income support measures in what is likely to be the biggest economic recession in modern history. Both had serious shortcomings from the get-go. 3/
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THREAD on @BorisJohnson's #returntowork announcements & the implications for worker health and safety. /1
To much anticipated fanfare, on Sunday night @10DowningStreet announced the begginning of the easing of the lockdown, including the new policy of encouraging some people to go back to work. The shift is in emphasis; the law hasn't changed. But the shift is not insignificant. /2
In his speech the PM acknowledged it was not safe to take public transport & go into work, but nevertheless encouraged those who had no alternative to do so. /3
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The Trump-Scalia Dept of Labor released new regulatory guidance for the new pandemic #unemployment assistance (PUA) program passed by Congress in the #CARESAct, and it’s criminally narrow.…
While the program will cover #gigeconomy workers, it only extends to those who are “forced to suspend operations” because of #COVID19, leaving those who could still turn their apps on—even if they can’t find work—in a grey area.
While PUA will cover those who are caring for a child while school is closed due to #COVID19, that coverage could end when the regular school year is over.
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Breaking #gigeconomy news: French @Courdecassation rules that @Uber drivers are employees. Full English translation of the decision available here -… . (h/t @GrafvLuxemburg _
The Court starts with a strong assertion of the primacy of facts: compliance with regulatory regimes / contractual documentation / &c can be rebutted if there is a relationship of permanent legal subordination (this has been a key debate in the UK litigation, too)
The case law on point is well-established: "rel'p of legal subordination is characterised by the performance of a job under the authority of an ER who has the power to give orders and instructions, to oversee performance thereof, and to sanction the subordinate for any breaches."
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The entire gig economy is built on oppression. Urban clap, Uber, swiggy- same story everywhere. Migrant workers living in shanties in unknown cities, doing odd jobs to sustain themselves, working around the clock, no benefits, no security. We need to stop glorifying #gigeconomy
No one talks about the lack of emotional support. With the formal economy comes the ability to afford therapy, soul food, friends and family- it is not designed to support any ancillary support system. We pluck the already oppressed and convince ourselves that they are better off
I booked an Urban clap cleaning task. Feel like the worst human being after hearing that the guys doing the cleaning got off their last job at 3:30 am last night.
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(01/42) Glad to be a part of #HCTwitterConf19 today! Hi, I'm Sherri Helwig - @CanadianAAAE President, faculty at the University of Toronto Scarborough @UTSC @UofT and Queen's University @queensu - here to expound a bit about better connecting academia and practice in my field.
(02/42) My field is arts management (aka arts admin, cultural mgt, etc.), a relatively young area of study about work that was "professionalized" only in the last 3/4 century or so - though I suspect and hope the ideas here are relevant and applicable in many areas of #HigherEd.
(03/42) In other professional disciplines (#law, #medicine) there is a rich tradition of sharing innovations across the divide. In #business there are academic journals, practice-based materials, & important resources that span them like The Harvard Business Review @HarvardBiz.
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Here is a thread to help people understand the growth of the #gigeconomy in #highereducation in the U.S., or what Kim Moody calls the “proletarianization” of college teachers.
1) Many people think tenure— a seniority system for hiring and retaining faculty that is run by faculty themselves— is normal for college instructors. It's not. The majority of college teachers in the U.S. are ineligible for tenure. This has been the case for almost 50 years.
2) Federal student loans & grants spurred the “massification” of higher education in the 1960s-70s, which dramatically increased access to college for ordinary Americans. Recessions and tax revolts in the 1970s-80s made maintaining access more difficult.…
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Breaking: Employment Tribunal decision in @PimlicoPlumbers: unlawful deduction of wages admitted, holiday pay claim rejected. Written reasons to be sent to parties, first update here courtesy @jacquimcguigan. Crucial #ukemplaw testcase for #gigeconomy and #precariouswork. 1/7
The key dispute relates to paid annual leave due to workers under the Working Time Regs. @PimlicoPlumbers ‘admitted that the leave [taken by Mr Smith] was unpaid’ 2/7
The problem, however, lies in recent statutory amendments to limitation periods, which drastically limit claimants’ ability to recover – claims need to be brought within three months of the last deduction *and* it’s difficult to establish a series of deduction. 3/7
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Un nuevo libro sobre la mesa "La economía WTF, el futuro que nos espera y por qué depende de nosotros" de @timoreilly Inicio nuevo hilo 👇…
Hay factores que empiezan a ser una constante en textos de innovación y futuro. La llegada de la IA, un nuevo mercado laboral y un sinfín de cambios que de una u otra manera ya están aquí. La clave es como los utilizemos para generar un futuro mejor 😉
El mapa no es el territorio.- Alfred Korzybski
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'It is peak season. That is why they are hiring you. After Diwali no job.' - a temporary worker to another, while third leaves after reading the fine print. #templife
'Do you know how many people come to Yeswanthpur Railway station everyday, looking for jobs?


How many get jobs?


900 go back.

Today you are among 100 who got a job.

Work properly, otherwise you will join the 900.'

3.5 hours clocked on shift. More to go. City's traffic thickens. More to deliver. To collect. To exchange. #templife
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The #SupremeCourt has rejected Pimlico Plumbers' appeal. Significant #gigeconomy case on whether person is a 'worker' (entitled to holiday, discrim protection, etc) or a mere contractor (entitled only to the terms of their contract).… #ukemplaw (1/10)
Having said it’s significant, there’s not an awful lot of new law in there. It’s largely significant because this is (I think?) the first time in the recent spate of gig economy cases that the Supreme Court has got involved. (2/10)
There is, however, one nugget of note. There seems to now be a ‘dominant feature’ test when considering whether someone is a ‘worker’. (3/10)
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New ebook available to download!
Supporting Migrant Workers: rights-based approaches.
An accessible guide to the law of workers' rights, the gig economy, hostile environment and modern slavery.…
1/ The backstory:

It all started with a phone call with @MirandaGrell on a busy train packed with kids (incl. mine) who were determined to sabotage any meaningful conversation...
@MirandaGrell 2/ Between that and phone reception cutting out, I just about understood that the @LawCentres were interested in some training on 'human rights...discrimination against migrant law...'
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On my way home from @ilo and @BelgiumUNGeneva high-level forum on the #sharing economy and its social challenges: a few highlights from a great discussion, moderated by @ilo senior economist Janine Berg. Short thread. 1/10 @ILO_live
Josephine Teo, Singapore Minister of Manpower followed w/ fascinating overview of tripartite working group–from offering standard contracts & payment dispute resolution to challenges of #freelancers for social sec. V interested to learn more about their work! 3/10 @SPMGMissionGva
.@Uber's @asingh_au emphasised the challenges of operating in 79 countries, with vastly different laws – and social contracts; the many dimensions of flexibility (scheduling / variations); and the need for policy innovation. 4/10
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