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16 Nov
1/Let’s think for a minute about what’s going to happen between #yyccc & #AbLeg in the coming days. The province - responsible for health policy & related decisions - is wavering on how to deal with the steady increase in pandemic numbers.
2/They’re not keen on making mandatory restriction decisions & they haven’t allowed the fed contact tracing app to be deployed in AB. The number of cases continues to rise everywhere, most evident in places with larger populations like #yyc.
3/While the province treats @CMOH_Alberta like another bit player in the drama they have created around the pandemic, #yyccc treats @iceTyyc with respect for his expertise & evidence based recommendations.
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7 Aug
1/This week, our provincial government managed to dismantle a globally recognized emergency dispatch service, destroy parents' confidence in the public education system & obtain their #yyccc fiscal policy updates from a faithful scribe at the Sun. Can't accuse them of being lazy.
2/Terminating the contract for EMS 911 dispatch with the City of Calgary is a headscratcher. The existing service provides call response in 6 seconds, less than half of the 15 second standard. Dispatch time is 45 seconds, also well below standards. Why "fix" something not broken?
3/On the education front, I agree that the old curriculum needed some work - getting back to basics with times tables & phonics for example. But by focusing on literacy & numeracy with no critical thinking or exploration, what's the end game? And that press conference... oof.
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26 Jul
1/Buckle up, kids. This is gonna take some words.

“And nothing focuses the mind like a hanging.”

WTF is that supposed to mean, you lunatics @SaveCalgary? Are you seriously that into gaslighting?

I took a screen shot in case this tweet magically gets deleted for its idiocy.
2/I’ll start with some facts, then get to opinion. Fact: the supposed “tax freeze” and even the proposal to cut taxes 7.5% are not actually freezes or cuts. Why? Because the system is set up to start with an operating budget, which then guides distribution of taxes.
3/To clarify, it means that Council is not advised of the actual revenue we stand to make off property taxes if you calculate mill rate multiplied by assessed values. Instead, we use the term “revenue neutral” to say we will collect only enough tax to cover operating budget.
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21 May
1/Fear & Loathing, Hope & Belonging - Why is it important to support a ban on the practise of conversion therapy? Because it is a recognized harmful practice that serves to make a segment of our citizens feel like they are not “right”, like their identity is not “right”.
2/Conversion therapy practices are designed to make individuals feel that society & God do not love them for who they are. We must be better than that. On Monday, Council will debate the proposed bylaw banning conversion therapy in Calgary (reviewed by committee May 13 & 14).
3/At that committee meeting, we heard from 121 members of the public over about an 18 hour period. We also received over 1,800 written submissions. Some were in favour and some were opposed. Many had clearly not read the proposed bylaw, particularly Schedule A.
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19 Feb
1/IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON GREEN LINE FOR RESIDENTS IN NORTH CENTRAL CALGARY! This information will be of interest to residents in Wards 2, 3 & 4 and northern Ward 7 where we have no rapid transit options in existence or in any immediate plans. #greenlineyyc
2/There are Green Line pop up sessions and some open houses taking place over the next few weeks. Presently, north central Calgary has been provided a glimmer of hope through an investment in “BRT enhancements” as part of Stage 1 in the Green Line plan.
3/These "enhancements" materialized because I have been fighting for the north for my first two years on Council. But this is not enough - you can’t “enhance” something that doesn't exist. We have express bus service through the 301, but it is not a proper BRT route.
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