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70-year-old American MARRIED 51 years, proud my family has fought for democracy since 1770; in every conflict. Gold Star Family
Jun 3, 2021 4 tweets 4 min read
Do not get me wrong I thing @harrisonjaime is a part of the future of our party, but I just saw him on @CNN and again like so many @HouseDemocrats and especially @SenateDems he was rich on platitudes and weak on substance regarding voting rights. I really don't believe that the people in the Senate like @JoeBiden @WhiteHouse @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @AmyKlobuchar @SenSanders @JoeManchinWV @SenatorSinema realize how PISSED OFF the Democrats that risked their lives to vote them in are! The drop dead date for passing HR1 & John Lewis Voting Rights
Oct 20, 2020 8 tweets 12 min read
America, if you re-elect any of the Republicans in the Senate or the House you will lock this country into gridlock once again. If you have any doubt of the character of @SenateMajLdr @JohnCornyn @TTuberville @LindseyGrahamSC @SenDavidPerdue @SenatorLoeffler @MarthaMcSally @CoryGardner @SteveDaines @CindyHydeSmith @DanSullivan @JoniErnst @SenSusanCollins @TomCottonAR @JimRisch @BillCassidy @JimInhofe @SenCapito all you have to do is listen, listen real hard it's crickets not a word their silence is complicity it is agreement with the most racist,
Sep 26, 2020 8 tweets 3 min read
For the 1st time in disgust I turned off @JoyAnnReid's old show #AMJoy as @DrJasonJohnson took a swing at the one chance we have to turn Kentucky blue Amy McGrath I for one had wished Mr. Booker had won but he did not, McGrath did and for the producers and @TiffanyCross NOT to even invite Candidate McGrath on this program is journalistic malpractice X12 it is disappointing because up till today I had hoped Tiffany would be the host to replace Joy my hope was apparently misplaced after the weak excuse of there was not enough room
Sep 26, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
@CesarConde_ @NBC @Comcast @NBCNews @ABCPolitics @CNNPolitics @CBSNews @Disney All of the networks are stating the fears of Americans that a dictator in the making is at the doorstep of democracy. Yet all are falling all over themselves to cover Trump's reality show tonight I for one will not be watching, and I suggest to all Americans to turn their TV's off watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu anything but cable or network coverage of this, the hypocrisy of the news media has contributed to the mess we are in; they have given Trump a safe haven to
Sep 11, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
We lost 2,977 people on 9/11 and now we have man that thinks our military are pussies, losers and suckers which I know many of the FDNY that died that day and since were veterans. I was not a fireman, 1st responder, police officer I was able to walk away so today I will do the same on social media, at this time I boarded a plane at Providence Green Airport at 6:00 AM on a warm clear as clear could be to attend a meeting at the Trades, 19 years later the sounds, smells, screams are still fresh. Today I mourn those who died that day and the 190k killed
Aug 19, 2020 5 tweets 4 min read
If you had an admin of a hospital losing 1 patient every 80 secs for 5 mo what would you do? Let me put it in real numbers that would be 1080 people dying a day in that hospital now who would you call? The @WhiteHouse or the @FBI? That's 162,000; that's my entire city Donald Trump is responsible for the death of over 174,000 Americans and the conservative estimates put the death tolls at 200,000 in just 12 days. That's 200k men, women, children, black, latino, white, asian, elders needlessly died and are still dying while Nero plays his fiddle
Aug 19, 2020 10 tweets 14 min read
@dallasnews @PressHerald @IdahoStatesman @JournalStarNews Here is an observation of the #SenateIntelReport this information was known by the intel committee & @RepAdamSchiff during the impeachment trial presented this yet
(1/10) who are up for re-election acquitted a person that was known to have lied to federal investigators which proves once again @GOP including @senatemajldr who is also up for re-election who has his own entanglements with Russian oligarchs (#OlegDeripaska) choose to have a rule of
Aug 15, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
@SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer U will lose messaging battle! John Lewis's spirit @WhipClyburn "Good Trouble" USPS & Unions even if it is a small group in DC! Rule 1 stay in public with the message; bring the fight to them! Letters don't do that @RepMaloney… @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @WhipClyburn @RepMaloney I spent the majority of my career in marketing 1 weeks 10 days out of the public eye in a crisis is a lifetime for those in trouble. THE NATION with USPS; 1st letters from Oversight play into the stereotype "Congress Doesn't ...
Aug 9, 2020 4 tweets 1 min read
@RepVernonJones I read your words about John Lewis you are not a product of John Lewis, and you can mischaracterize the Democratic Party if you need to knowing not just support a racist, but a narcissist a man responsible for the death of 160,000 Americans disproportionately black and brown Americans. People make mistakes and they atone for those mistakes and they apologize. This is NOT Donald Trump I am not going to point it out it's in the public ether, but you can continue to pretend Donald Trump is a viable option I do know the
Aug 7, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
While 161,000 Americans have died and more are dying @realDonaldTrump is advertising his @TrumpBedminster with his buffoons of members, I hope that any businesses that does business with these idiots will call them out for this Russian Propaganda attempt. Image Just to put the world in perspective ...…
Aug 7, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
@MSNBC @CNN @NicolleDWallace @KatyTurNBC @JoyAnnReid @jaketapper the Democrats passed a bill called the "Heroes Act" 70 days ago it has sat on Mitch McConnell's desk since then, 1 week ago the Republicans decided it would negotiate after they could not even bring a bill to the Senate floor because of their inability to govern. Have you heard one offer from the Republicans of any substance? NO not ONE and Mitch McConnell adjourned the Senate while @SpeakerPelosi & @SenSchumer remain to negotiate with the @WhiteHouse while the petulant child #BunkerBoy
Jul 30, 2020 5 tweets 7 min read
The news media @MSNBC @nytimes @washingtonpost @BostonGlobe with the exception of @AliVelshi @chrislhayes @maddow and a few reporters have not sounded the bell that @realDonaldTrump and his corrupt @USPS Postmaster are attempting to fraudulently & criminally tamper with the delivery of US Mail it is already started try mailing a letter or a package it took two weeks for a package to go from my home in New England to The Atlanta area that was priority mail. I just got a letter from the same area that was mailed 9 days ago. They are tampering with the
Jul 27, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
I was watching @craigmelvin and I was struck in his interview with @RepBuddyCarter how he chirped his admiration for the GREAT #JohnLewis and then he volunteered he DID NOT vote for the voting rights bill he did not support the bill that was #JohnLewis's life's work, he called #JohnLewis a friend yet he could not even say this bill should be named after him. A man with more courage and patriotism in his pinky finger than the entire @SenateGOP @HouseGOP combined. Voting rights for all is DEMOCRACY something the Republican Party has forgotten they have
Jul 8, 2020 4 tweets 5 min read
@slpng_giants @FOXSports @FOXSportsPR @NASCAR @MLB @NBA @NCAA @NFL when a commentator in the employee of Rupert & Lachlan Murdoch who is a fan favorite of the KKK and attacks a disabled American war hero. We have an issue with that @votevets @MilitaryTimes don't we? It is time for all patriotic Americans to put their money where their mouths are and not only boycott @FoxNews (if you are really watching this side show), @FOXSports and anything own by the Australian family that sows hate, divisive rhetoric that is tearing this country apart by it's
Jul 8, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
#IStandWithColVindman Today Col. Vindman resigned his commission because no one in the @USArmy or the @thejointstaff had the "balls" to stand up to a draft dodger installed by Vladimir Putin. As children we learned to tell the truth because it mattered especially if you came from a WWI, WWII and Korean War Family of Service if you didn't learn it then you damn well learned it in service. Lt Col Vindman was denied his rightful promotion because he did the right thing. There should be NO vet and I mean NO #Marines #Navy #Army #CoastGuard #AirForce that
Jul 1, 2020 5 tweets 6 min read
@JimInhofe had the absolute gall to go to the Senate floor and defended Trump for not being briefed when we know the White House was briefed over a year ago. 3 Marines are dead at the hands of Putin & his underling TRAITOR @realDonaldTrump and the @SenateGOP This is the biggest cluster f*ck I have seen by any administration in my long life. I am disgusted just to see Donald Trump or any of the Senate Republicans who are like toddlers blaming someone else for their f*ck ups. Every AMERICAN, every VET no matter when you served
Jun 24, 2020 5 tweets 4 min read
Today I can say without reservation I am ashamed of my country and I pray for the restoration of honesty, service, commitment and valor. From the disgrace of anti-American behavior from @realDonaldTrump @senatemajldr #MoscowMitch the entire @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @TheJusticeDept I watched college, high school & grammar school students cheer for racist troupes in a place professing to be a church in AZ @azcentral imagine if that was Barack Obama on that stage or JFK you cannot because those men were & are Patriots. But what made this so depressing today
Jun 24, 2020 4 tweets 6 min read
@realDonaldTrump has killed over 121k Americans how many will that number go up as Trump tours the country like Ted Bundy making sure he can see the faces that will either carry this virus to kill their family or to kill themselves we are seeing the most prolific killer in the US history. He has 9,200 guinea pigs to send them among us and then you have the morons in Texas @GovAbbott Alabama @GovernorKayIvey Arizona's @dougducey Arkansas @AsaHutchinson @GovParsonMO Missouri @RonDeSantisFL Florida
Jun 22, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
@NASCAR put out weak response to the incident in #BubbaWallace garage at #Talladega (a noose in his garage) the proper response would be to suspend ALL races in #Alabama until @kayiveyforgov puts an investigation into place immediately for a hate crime investigation. 10-1 this incident was a racist act that was done by a racist animal that supports @kayiveyforgov @realDonaldTrump @jeffsessions @TTuberville and the racist Alabama State Flag ... Yes Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Arkansas and Florida
Jun 18, 2020 5 tweets 4 min read
@morningmika @JoeNBC @KatyTurNBC @NicolleDWallace @AliVelshi @danielsgoldman Let's not forget not only was @AmbJohnBolton hanging real Patriots out to dry like Alexander Vindman & Fiona Hill but so did @simonschuster they knew what was in that book & had a vested interested in holding Bolton back from doing the right thing. This is also disgusting that a publisher was sitting on information that could have changed the direction of this country John Bolton, Simon & Schuster have to wrestle with this the rest of their lives 107,000
May 31, 2020 7 tweets 6 min read
@JoeNBC I just watched a documentary about Dr. Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine how it was introduced 3 years after I was born and I was able to grow up not worrying that I or my little brother would be in an iron lung or leg braces. Now we have an ass in the @WhiteHouse that is de-funding the World Health Organization @WHO the one organization that delivers these vaccines and others to children worldwide to eradicate these child killers, with the de-funding of WHO Donald Trump could be known as not only the killer of 150, 200, 300 thousand Americans,