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🤨"No one ever told me"—Insane @RudyGiuliani tells @CapehartJ he didn't know Derkach was a Russian agent. Then claims he already had "evidence" of "Biden bribery of Ukraine" & "Democrat collusion" in 2016. Of course Soros was involved, and Mueller obstructed justice, Rudy says🙄 Image
@RudyGiuliani @CapehartJ @amjoyshow 😜GIULIANI: I wasn't working w/ a Russian agent. Your words are very deceptive. I was interviewing him. He had info on missing foreign aid & well-known crook Pororshenko. I already knew Biden—a common criminal—took money from Ukraine, Iraq & China. Your station is covering it up. Image
@RudyGiuliani @CapehartJ @amjoyshow lol #Giuliani regrets his #AMJoy interview already, and is now attacking the journalist. Poor Rudy got caught being part of a known Russian disinformation campaign against Biden. Trump needed Putin's help to demonize the Democrat in 2016, and it's clearly his only hope in 2020.
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NEW: Trump admin admits it has expelled 8,800 migrant kids from U.S. with little legal oversight or due process, skirting anti-human trafficking law.

Using COVID as excuse, he’s accomplishing what he hoped family separations would force Congress to do.
That figure is for unaccompanied kids. They’ve also expelled 7,600 who came as part of a family group. And 159,000 people total since March.
Undermining their own public health justification of the practice, last month @lomikriel and @DLind reported the Trump administration is “only expelling kids who’ve tested negative.”…
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As you just heard on #amjoy, the Republican National Convention begins on the one-year anniversary or the Aurora, Colorado police killing of Elijah McClain. It’s not hard to imagine what the convention and Trump’s message will be about American policing.…
And apparently, part of the way the @GOPconvention will address Black Lives Matter will be to hand the mic to the couple who pointed an AR-15 and a handgun at them, and Trump going to Minneapolis to use the George Floyd memorial as a prop.…
... over pretty much everyone’s objections.…
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Is there ONE FUCKING PERSON in this administration who isn't corrupt?

Hey, remember when, in previous administrations, we didn't know the name of the head of the USPS?

DeJoy reportedly owns millions of stock in mail processor.


This is going on now outside USPS Postmaster General DeJoy's house.

via @Meg4Congress
#saturdaymorning #AMJoy #SaturdayMotivation

If you can't protest in person, please consider emailing the USPS Board of Governors. Tell them to stop DeJoy.… ImageImage
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1/Hillary Cinton was magnificent on #AMJoy today. Here’s a thread of great things she said: “Basically, he (trump) signaled he’s going after Social Security&Medicare. I don’t know if he understood that. You never know what he knows&doesn’t know about how government operates.”
2/Hillary on trump trying2eliminate payroll tax by Exec Order: “It was a stunt. Most likely unconstitutional...but he sent a signal2voters that if you’re unfortunately unlucky enough2have him be President* again you’ve seen what he’s going2do to Social Security&Medicare.” #AMJoy
3/Hillary: “Any of us in the press or who have any kind of platform should be ready to speak out and defend the woman who Vice President Biden picks. They’re going to go after whoever he puts on the ticket, whichever matter how accomplished.” #AMJoy
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Interesting strategy in a state whose population is barely over 50 percent white and nearly one-third black (and 6% Latinx) and that contains Atlanta and Columbus. Also, if Kelly Loeffler (@KLoeffler) is so hostile to the idea that Black Lives Matter, why invest in the @WNBA?
These southern politicians; the Loefflers, Brian Kemps, DeSantis, Abbots, Tom Cottons & Cyndi Hyde-Smiths seem to have decided that digging in on trying to incite a yearning among white voters for an antebellum or at least pre-civil rights order is the way to retain power.
It's definitely weird that New Yorker Donald Trump seems to be the most enthusiastic; playing Bull Connor mixed with George Wallace daily, but he's hardly the only "return to the pre-1964 society" politician operating at high levels in the GOP. Add Lindsey Graham & McConnell too.
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Thank you #AMJoy family for the last four AMAZING years! I hope you’ll all join me Monday for the launch of #TheReidOut. We’re going big on night one w/ former U.S. Senator, Secretary of State and the winner of the popular vote for president — by 3 million votes: @HillaryClinton Image
But we won’t stop there! We’ll have not one but two of the country’s most important and vocal mayors: @KeishaBottoms of Atlanta and @chicagosmayor Lori Lightfoot, to discuss the battle against coronavirus and against political Tom Foolery. But wait that’s not all...! Image
The great @Lawrence will take a break from his @TheLastWord prep to join us! Image
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I'm happy for #AMJoy and her move to prime time. I am also happy to hear that the new MSNBC boss is all about diversity but I also feel some kind of way because that very same network did another black woman who once held the a.m. joy spot, Melissa Harris-Perry, so dirty.
I feel sad that the majority of #AMJoy doesn't know or don't care that if it wasn't for #Nerdland paving the way, none of what has come to pass would be possible.
#Nerdland was innovative, informative, educational while being entertaining. Not a easy combo to juggle but MHP did it and did it amazingly well. She drew up the blueprint and she is still missed #AMJOY
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There ain’t no doubt i love this land 🇺🇸
In the face of vicious attacks against our country, this year more than ever we need to celebrate harder than we have in years past. Happy 4th of July! #FourthofJuly2020 #independenceday #AllCountriesMatter #AMJoy Image
Americans have no idea how good they have it.

For some of us who have lived in other countries we understand that there is no place like America. This is truly the greatest nation on the planet. #ProudToBeAnAmerican #FourthofJuly2020 Image
Freedom is not the default state of being on this planet, it is something we have to constantly protect, defend & fight for against the forces of totalitarianism, Marxism, communism.

Please spend the forth telling your children how blessed they are to live in this country.
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“It needs to be reaffirmed today that [West Point Grads] are the line that defends the constitution. Problem is the person giving that speech is a walking paragon of violations of the basic honor code of West Point...”
@MalcolmNance #AMJoy
“When the President issues an order, it comes in 2 flavors: lawful or unlawful...

It may be a lawful order [to assemble the cadets at West Point] but there are 2 types of lawful orders: stupid & dangerous. In this case they are both stupid & dangerous.”
@MalcolmNance #AMJoy
“That speech was dull as dishwater. It was like a 5th graders Memorial Day speech in front of the parents...

There was nothing to remember from this speech. There was very little for the service members to take away from it...

I’m just glad it’s over.”
@MalcolmNance #AMJoy
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TW: Another black man was shot and killed by Atlanta PD last night.

Cops say he grabbed their taser so they had no choice but to shoot him.

Here he is, running away from the cops right before they kill him.

Someone is lying, and it ain't this video.
I'm not sharing this as entertainment.

I'm sharing this because the cops are already lying about what happened when there is VIDEO of this man being shot while running away.

You can see them picking up their own shell-casings.

GBI is investigating.

Details are scarce, but here's an article about the video above: Man dead after being shot by Atlanta police, GBI investigating #saturdaymorning #saturdaythoughts #AMJoy via @ABC
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.@FrankFigliuzzi1 saying now that the "global anarchy" movement may be moving into American cities to wreak havoc in these protests, along with the "boogaloo boys" -- white nationalists who are hoping to spark a race war, and domestic anarchists.
Frank repeated that the antifacists are "loosely organized groups" and not an "organization." Same info he has helpfully been giving on @msnbc for days, including on #amjoy.
More on the "boogaloo boys"…
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So now, the attorney general, Bill Barr, is attempting to pin the anarchy and infiltration, which is already documented as coming from white nationalist groups, on "left leaning" ANTIFA groups. The goal is to force the media to repeat that. What is his proof?
Bill Barr is not exactly the most trustworthy voice, to put it mildly. He is Trump's "Hand of the King," and has already made it clear he will do anything -- ANYTHING -- to serve Trump's interests. Journalists need to focus on what the state governments are saying.
What I heard from Minnesota officials -- all of them -- was that white nationalist groups are planning online, to blend into the protests and stir chaos, "using the legitimate protesters as a human shield." What logical reason would LEFTwing groups have to burn black communities?
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1/?Biden won the Democratic Primary without money and almost no campaigning. His strength is people underestimate him or dismiss him entirely because he’s not a great public performer.

The difference that matters between Biden and Trump? #AMJoy @TheView
2/ Narcissistic Trump doesn’t realize his own severe mental and emotional limitations but nonetheless surrounds himself with lesser people who don’t threaten him. Biden surrounds himself with experts who augment and supplement his weaknesses like any real leader knows to do.
3/ Put in simpler terms: Trump is all hat and no cattle. Biden is all cattle and no hat.
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The slander of @GenFlynn & @realDonaldTrump & family
#AMJoy March 22, 2017
Fake news in on the scam slandering @GenFlynn & his son. #AmJoy leading the charge. November 6, 2017
🇺🇸#FreeFlynn ⭐⭐⭐
Max Boot joins in on the slander of @GenFlynn
Deep State bad actors playing their role #AMJoy November 6, 2017
🇺🇸#FreeFlynn ⭐⭐⭐
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1/ Reza Aslan accurately described white Evangelical trumpers as a racist “doomsday cult” on #AMJoy today. Thread of quotes: “Some 81% of white Evangelicals voted for donald trump. That’s more white Evangelicals than voted for George W. Bush,who was actually a white Evangelical.”
2/ Reza Aslan: “67% of Evangelicals of color voted for Hillary Clinton. These are ppl who more or less believe the same things&hold the same theology, but just have a different skin tone. I don’t think we should pretend that the white part of the sentence doesn’t matter.” #AMJoy
3/ Reza Aslan: “There was this wonderful article in Christianity Today not long after the (2016) election that said, ‘White Evangelicals acted more white than Evangelical.’” #AMJoy
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The daily briefings are his new TV show: a version of The Apprentice where he can go off on reporters and receive praise from the other administration "characters." He's back in his comfort zone as a performer, untroubled by the fear among the HUT (Households Using TV / Nielsen).
The legendary @CaroleSimpson7 said something on #amjoy today that blew my mind: Trump could actually block people's ability to get information on what coronavirus is doing to their communities by pre-empting local evening news with what amount to daily campaign briefings.
And if you click on Trump's tweet note that it is not just a one-off comment--it's an entire thread. He is fixated on the ratings. That's what he cares about. Not one word about those who are sick or who have died. @marcorubio claimed the media is "gleeful"? Dude-note your POTUS.
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A one-off $1,200 will not help most Americans who are about to get mowed down economically in the coronavirus recession. @SenSchumer told me on #AMJoy Saturday that Democrats are fighting for a MONTHLY cash benefit for average Americans and no no-look bailouts. Let's do that
Tell your reps and Senators what YOU think is fair. What about:
- Federally funded paid leave
- Extended unemployment benefits
- Cash grants -not loans- to small business hit by the pandemic
- No bailouts for big corps without strings: no stock buybacks, layoffs or CEO bonuses.
- Grants to states to build hospital capacity & buy the WHO test, contingent on expanding medicaid and testing the incarcerated
- Halting deportations and extending DACA to prevent moving the virus south
And if they're worried re cost-where'd they get $1.5 trillion for the banks?
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BUT OF COURSE someone in Trump's orbit is profiting off the #coronavirus.

Exhibit A: Joshua Kushner (Jared's brother) & CEO of OSCAR Health. 1/

#AMJoy @JoyAnnReid #SundayMorning #COVIDー19 #CoronaVirusUpdates #StayHome
Trump rejected the test kits already developed by the #WHO (made in Germany) instead insisting they be made domestically -- which delayed availability.

These kits have serious sensitivity flaws and a 10% margin of error -- quite large given the population at risk. #COVIDー19
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The exit poll numbers out of SC are fascinating and explain what looks like a commanding Biden win. Black voters were a slightly smaller share of the electorate (55% vs 60% in 2016) and as @harrisonjaime said, Biden should ring @WhipClyburn and thank him. #SCprimary2020
Interesting data: Bernie split you g voters with Biden. Tracks what we heard from our #amjoy focus group of young black voters.
And black voters (slightly closer to the 60 percent vote share mark with more interviews, broke hard for Joe:
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1/ Every billionaire represents a failure of public policy. Billionaires aren’t part of the solution. They are part of the problem.
2/ Let me make my position clear. Economic structures and laws that allow a single unelected, unaccountable individual (or family) sole control over significant national wealth is as foolish and ultimately unproductive as the old hereditary monarchy system of governance.
3/ No one needs a billion dollars to meet their personal needs or to pass on to their heirs. Further, vast inherited wealth corrupts the inheritor by setting them apart from the mass of humanity.
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Tracey Winbush, president of the Ohio Black Republican Association, joined Reid on Sunday for a panel conversation about how Trump’s presidency reflects the qualities of authoritarian regimes....
The conversation eventually reached a near-meltdown when Reid said Winbush was speaking in “talking points,” and “you’re not educating anybody by giving talking points. I’ve been hearing these same talking points since Reagan.”

Jennifer Rubin's panties in a bunch 🤮

Rubin called Republicans an “authoritarian party” full of “cultists” who “invest all hope, all faith, all protection in Donald Trump.” This led to Reid asking Winbush “is Donald Trump sent by God?”
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2019 was a weird year: 2 of our kids graduated from college (yay!) and I fulfilled my dream of getting on the NYT Bestseller's list (4 weeks with no help from a political committee!) and my #amjoy fam kept winning. But the things that happened in this country were so disturbing.
It's hard to whoop it up too much, thinking about the migrant kids (even babies) who might never see their parents again; the refugees turned away to face God knows what; the mass shooting victims, the farmers (though they voted for it) going under from trade wars... it's a LOT.
Neo-Nazism is surging. Corruption too. And the American president is having phone têtes-à-tête with Russia that we only find out about FROM Russia while strong-arming foreign nations for dirt to help him stay in power. America is isolated. POTUS? Notorious & laughed at. The AG?
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NEW: Court ordered documents just released from State uncover “a clear paper trail from Giuliani to the Oval Office to Pompeo to facilitate Giuliani’s smear campaign against a US ambassador,” further implicating Pompeo in the Ukraine affair.
by @mawilner
@mawilner Emails show that the White House helped arranged a call between Giuliani and Pompeo in March, the day after Giuliani gave the White House a packet of propaganda on the Bidens and Yovanovitch, and two days later, Pompeo then spoke to Nunes.
#Maddow #AMJoy
@mawilner “Regular channels” weren’t working so Trump’s then-Oval Office personal assistant connected Giuliani with Pompeo, who then called Nunes.

A Mar 28, 2019, email lists Pompeo's scheduled calls, including a Mar 29 call to Giuliani and an Apr 1 call to Nunes.
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