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20 May 20
⁉️Did you know⁉️ Most every Animal, with the exception of insects, has an Endocannabinoid System [ECS]? Even in 2020, Medical students are just NOW learning about this amazing system that was discovered in the late 1980’s

Cont… 👇
*quick note* I would love to hear from current professionals and students. Did you learn about the ECS / if so when? In school? Recent research?*

Now! Lets Get on with some fun facts and history
The [ECS] was discovered in the late 1980s, researchers were studying how [THC] interacted with the body.

In the early 90s, researchers found [2] endogenous compounds that bind just like [THC] with our bodies ECS
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14 May 20
Good Day 🌎! Are you ready for one of Gods🌿to be Federally Legalized? I have stood strong on this since #DJT announced he would run in 2015. Follow along for my thoughts and leave a comment below. Please retweet and lets help those who need it most. #WWG1WGA
2) Starting off we know the issues with his brother and #Alcohol which for most would lead them to believe he was completely against any and all substances. However I am lead to believe the exact opposite.
3) #Drugs and #Alcohol both are known to have horrible side effects that contribute to many of the horrible #sickness and #disease we know today. We have all long known the power of this 🌿. This leads me to a Poll, Lets keep you engaged!
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