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They call me beautiful mind. Brand strategy consultant at @alderconsulting. Public speaker. talk2me@lekealder.com
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2 Aug
1. These are very interesting times and we live in Bible days. There’s a lot happening and I’d like to offer some perspective on unfolding events. #Illuminare
2. Let’s consider three questions: a). Where exactly are we in the calendar of events? b). Is there any historical reference material or case study in the Bible similar to what we’re experiencing? c). What posture of faith are we expected to take at this time? #Illuminare
3. If we can answer those questions we will have an understanding of our present reality. Understanding makes symptoms less alarming. #Illuminare
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29 Jun
The Garinja Files. A dystopian novella by Leke Alder

Chapter 13 - Atmospheric pressure Image
1. The atmospheric pressure in Garinja is high. Everything is power-based. At any moment in time, someone somewhere is trying to exert power over someone somewhere. And that includes gatemen. The country is an interconnected weave of tyrannical tendencies. #GarinjaFiles
2. It’s how the society functions. Bosses are Oga. That terminology is hierarchical and deterministic. Because everything is power-based there is no service culture. There’s no civility in the language of service. Even advisory notices at the airport require compliance by order!
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17 Jun
The Garinja Files. A dystopian novella by Leke Alder

Chapter 1 - The Senator

#GarinjaFiles Image
1. Senator Olowookere descended from the belly of the aircraft. He was the first off the plane – a Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330-200 from London. As befits his newly acquired status he travelled first class. #GarinjaFiles
2. The senator is a new “political elite,” a first-term senator. His carriage changed. Behind his back he’s uncharitably referred to as arriviste - omo oju orolari. #GarinjaFiles
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14 Jun
1. Life insists on self-examination. Every now and again life forces us to ask questions of ourselves. #Illuminare
2. Sooner or later everyone arrives at those moments of cogitation – What am I doing with my life? Where exactly is my life going? Am I fulfilled? Am I satisfied with my progress in life? Do I have true friends? Is this relationship going anywhere? #Illuminare
3. There are a thousand and four of these questions life forces us to attend to depending on our circumstances. They will be asked over the course of a lifetime, especially as we approach certain milestones in age. #Illuminare
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7 Jun
1. We don’t know exactly when he made the resolutions but at some point, David made some resolutions. They might have been new year resolutions. #Illuminare
2. Please don’t think that’s January 1. The ancients used a lunar calendar not the solar one we use. It’s why the months in the Bible don’t correlate with ours. #Illuminare
3. Tishri, the civil new year fell September/October in our modern calendar. Nissan (not the car) was the religious new year. It fell in March/April. Shebat is actually the equivalence of our January/February but it was the eleventh month. #Illuminare
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31 May
1. There are four women highlighted in the life of David. He married eight wives, had many concubines but only four of the women chapterised his life. #Illuminare
2. The first was Princess Michal, King Saul’s younger daughter. This was teen love. She fell in love with him right after he killed Uncle Goliath. He was a national hero. She had a crush on him. #Illuminare
3. But the idea of dating her was preposterous. He was a poor guy. How’s a poor guy going to marry a princess? Only in the movies. #Illuminare
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24 May
1. David was a rap artiste. Check out the lyrics in 2 Samuel 22. The rap is about a guy familiar with death. Tupac also had a haunting familiarity with death. #Illuminare
2. In Open Fire Tupac rapped: “Word to God, I’ve been ready to die since I was born.” And in If I Die Tonight Tupac sang, “I hope they bury me and send me to my rest/Headlines readin’ ‘Murdered to death’/My last breath.” #Illuminare
3. Now, check out Unnamed by David: “The waves of death crashed over me. Hell’s ropes clinched me tight; death traps barred my exit...” 2 Samuel 22:5-6. You can almost hear the grooves…the trap and heavy percussions. #Illuminare
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17 May
1. David somehow remains the architype of the 21st century saint. In the Bible a saint is not a dead guy. Every Christian is a saint, including those who are in heaven. To use an evocative phraseology, they’re the saints triumphant. They’ve overcome death. #Illuminare
2. The word is derived from the Greek verb, “hagiazo.” It basically means “to set apart.” Can also mean “sanctify” or “make holy.” It’s why Paul constantly referred to Christians as saints in his letters. Ephesians 1:1. #Illuminare
3. And you don’t need to be canonized to be a saint. There’s no committee on sainthood. You’re automatically a saint if you’re a Christian. You’re set apart unto God, made holy. To sound very spiritual, you’re sanctified. #Illuminare
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12 May
Seven years ago, I began writing #Letr2Jack & #Letr2Jil because I knew the devastating consequences of bad relationship and marriage choices. I've about covered every topic, from sex to inlaws, to divorce and everything in between. Over 600 letters in all.
I'm drawing the curtain on @JacknJilLive but the past issues will remain available at jacknjillive.com. I'll also compile key topics as e-books. However, I believe what is needed now is a strategic focus on business development, because of the times.
Having built @AlderConsulting from the ground up and consulted for high profile corporations, I believe I'm in a unique position to offer critical advice to SMEs.
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10 May
1. If there’s nothing we learn from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s the fact of fragility of life. Death stalks us. We’re walking through the valley of the shadow of death. #Illuminare
2. It doesn’t help that this invisible killer has a maximum lifespan of just 7 days. Humans on the other hand have an averaged-out span of 25,000 days. In coronavirus terms that’s everlasting life. How does a short life creature end eternal life? #Illuminare
3. Coronavirus is an equal opportunity infector. It has no regard for wealth, power or station. The prime minister of UK got infected, Prince Albert of Monaco got infected, Prince Charles of England got infected, the wife of the Canadian prime minister got infected. #Illuminare
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9 May
1. My dear Jil, the reason you keep having arguments and unending quarrels in this relationship is because of your disposition. #Letr2Jil
2. You’re not balancing your needs with his needs. And you want to dictate the terms of the relationship, control what happens, every sequence. You won’t have a relationship if you continue. It will be too much. #Letr2Jil
3. There’s all that selfishness as well. You take what you want emotionally but give back the barest minimum. You imagine that will keep him wanting you, tether him to you. #Letr2Jil
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3 May
1. Saul had died in battle. He died a gruesome death. As the Philistine army closed in on him, he committed seppuku – suicide by disembowelment. #Illuminare
2. His three sons also died. David lost his best friend, Jonathan. The Israeli army was butchered. It was an inglorious end to Saul’s dynasty. #Illuminare
3. After Saul’s death Israel turned to David for leadership. It had been a long journey. That God makes a promise to you doesn’t mean it will be easy. Where humans are involved it can be particularly hard. #Illuminare
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2 May
1. My dear Jack, here’s the first question: #Letr2Jack
2. Did your relationship improve or deteriorate during the lockdown? #Letr2Jack
3. If your relationship improved it means you need to spend more time together. The time together did you good, made you appreciate each other more. You probably saw her in a new light, saw the effort she puts into your home. #Letr2Jack
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26 Apr
1. David wasn’t writing in vacuo, as lawyers will say. He didn’t write in a vacuum or isolation. Much like we blog today he was writing about real circumstances, stuff going on in his life and around him. #Illuminare
2. If we study those blogs - what we call Psalms, we can discern what was going on in the world at that time. If we can combine the information with official history of the kings of Israel we get a vivid picture of the challenges the world faced at that time. #Illuminare
3. Through those materials for example we come to realize plagues have always been a part of human history. Pandemics are not proprietary to the 19th, 20th or 21st centuries. #Illuminare
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25 Apr
1. My dear Jil, it’s coronavirus lockdown blues. He’s feeling horny. His proposal is only valid for the coronavirus lockdown period. #Letr2Jil
2. He’s just looking for someone to shack up with during the lockdown. He’s looking for corona sex. #Letr2Jil
3. Which explains why he wants you to come to his house in the night. And there's no plan to get you back home. You can liken it to buying a one-way ticket. #Letr2Jil
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19 Apr
1. Let’s take on another chapter in the life of David. There was that census controversy. It was recorded by both the church historian and the royal historian. #Illuminare
2. Understandably they had different perspectives, especially over who incited the census. The church historian says it was God, the royal historian says it was Satan. I suspect the two historians are Nigerian Pentecostals. #Illuminare
3. One thing they both agreed on however is that there was a census. #Illuminare
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18 Apr
1. My dear Jack, she can’t eat her cake and have it. How does she expect it to work? #Letr2Jack
2. She’s already told you you’re not the one. How she arrived at the conclusion is irrelevant. The conclusion is the conclusion. Whether God spoke to her or she heard a voice, or a prophet proclaimed is beside the point. #Letr2Jack
3. The only reality you’re facing is that the girl you’ve dated for close to a year and had hoped to marry says she can’t marry you. She says you’re not the one. #Letr2Jack
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13 Apr

1. Discipline, logical reasoning and market insight are three success factors for entrepreneurs. #Entrepreneurship
2. To develop an idea, you can employ Synthetic Creativity or Intuitive Creativity. #Entrepreneurship
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12 Apr
1. Difficulties are very interesting, especially extreme difficulties. Difficulties empower our enemies, known and unknown. They strengthen those who hate us, provide a platform for gleeful renunciation. #Illuminare
2. When people think you’re finished they say horrible stuff about you, behind your back of course. But sometimes they say it to your face. This happened to David. #Illuminare
3. When Absalom planned the coup against David not a few believed David was finished. Absalom had control of the army. What David had in the main was the brigade of guards – the Cherethites and Pelethites. Everything looked so hopeless. #Illuminare
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11 Apr
1. I assume you’re taking all necessary precautions to protect your family from Coronavirus. #Letr2Jil
2. You should reach out to your parents by phone since you can't visit them on account of the lockdown. #Letr2Jil
3. As for the question you asked, everyone has a philosophy of marriage, even if not articulated. It may be religious, it may be cultural, it may be liberal. Everyone’s approach to marriage is based on the philosophy he or she subscribes to. #Letr2Jil
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5 Apr
1. The name Zeruiah may not be very familiar but it’s mentioned several times in the Bible. It’s actually the name of David’s sister. David had two sisters – Zeruiah and Abigail. #Illuminare
2. Profiling Zeruiah I’d say she’s a strong woman - very assertive, insistent and controlling. That becomes apparent as you study her children. #Illuminare
3. Being the first girl in the family she probably asserted dominance. Eliab the first born doesn’t come across as assertive. He couldn’t even control David the last born.1 Samuel 17:28-29. #Illuminare
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