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If you were at Lekki on 201020 whether you are PDP,YDP,APC, LGBTQ,Cultist,Digital Hoodlum or a Useful Idiot and you know someone that was ‘masakad’by soldiers ,pls come forward with evidence to help the Judicial Panel to reach the family. A Committee of Patriots have also raised
N1m to reward you with N50,000 for every evidence that is proven to be correct. Don’t listen to @ObyEzeks @akinalabi they all have bottled up anger, don’t mind @UtomiPat it is politics.Fake tears and bloodied flag is not massacre,they lied to you about UN taking over Nigeria abi?
they promised you a revolution that will remove Buhari,they also told you about a Youth Party,they are all PDP operatives they DISGUISED☹️and scammed you. Majority of Nigerians support #endpolicebrutality and #endbadgovernance but you can’t burn Nigeria to get it. Ko le Werk.
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Its time to stop making it look like #EndSARS is primarily responsible for the current spate of robbery all around us. The protest is well intentioned, but robbers now gun down bullion van in daylight. This turn of events may consume us all. Image
Its unlikely there's any living Nigerian who havent received a dose of @PoliceNG madness. But now that we are becoming estranged with many people we share banter with, over a cause that's meant to end police high-handedness; this should make us take a step back in introspection.
That somebody added Rev. Sam Adeyemi's name to a criminal complaint filed in Abuja is like an acute madness to me. The complainant also told the court, rightly so, his investments were burnt. At this point, the people we should dread most are the conspiracy theorists amongst us.
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@FemAdesina @AmnestyNigeria @hrw @NhrcNigeria @Mochievous

Members of the @EndSARSLegalAid were at the Magistrate court today to represent 90 defendants from the #EndSARS protests.
Court commenced sitting at 2:17pm
Defendants said they were arrested b/w 20-24th Oct by the @HQNigerianArmy and detained at Bonny camp for 4 days without food, water or medical care or access to family and lawyers. Many were arrested outside their homes or after curfew.
They were transferred to the police and many said family members are not even aware of their whereabouts. Below are Hyginus Overo and Jude John. They have no family members in Lagos.Please retweet so their family members will know.
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1. The Government of Kenya "gave" my parents some money to "replace" my brother (pictured with my nephews). A THREAD, continued from the other thread, whose link I will attach at the bottom of this. Image
2. 13th June 2009, the Kenya police killed my brother. It was a violation of my brother's right to life, protected under the former constitution.
3. Today's his birthday. On this day in 2018, after about 9 years of back and forth in court processes, they delivered judgement. Yes, judgement was delivered on his birthday. Wait for it.
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Dear #EndSARS Protesting Youth,

You may not like my face and sense of reasoning but kindly understand President Buhari's Speech beyond the spoken. Many unspoken words must be clearly understood from his speech.

👉 He has cautioned protesters against the continuation
2. of protests.

👉 Cautioned international community against hasty sanctions and judgement

Consequently, I won't be surprised if Military brutally engage protesters or hoodlums from tomorrow onwards. His were short words with pregnant tactics.
3. Believe me or not, International community will exercise caution owing to the widespread fake videos, photos,
claims and news being unravelled about the Lekki Tollgate Shootings. The government already has evidences to push forward in exonerating itself from international
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Brig. Gen. FRANCIS OMATA, Lagos Garrison, was at home when people started calling him that soldiers were at the Toll gate shooting.
He rushed to the scene and arrived about 39 mins after.
Shouting loudly, identifying himself to avoid “friendly fire”, he immediately moved to pull back the soldiers, who were from 65 Battalion Bonny camp, led by their commanding officer, one Lt Col S. O. Bello.
Lt Col Bello & his men are still writing reports as authorities
want to know who authorised this military action.
Pls IMMEDIATELY spread this. GEN. OMATA IS A HERO, NOT A KILLER! He deserves a medal, not condemnation! Don’t let an innocent man suffer for doing good! Already, even photos of his family are in circulation!
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On 8th of October 2020, Nigerian youths started a peaceful protest without any leader asking the government to end Police Brutality, Extortion, Killings & Bad Governance;

- The police responded with more bratality, killings and Framed some protesters for murder


- The police denied arresting anyone & refused access to lawyers till video evidence surfaced on twitter and they were put under pressure
- The Government sent armed thugs to hurt peaceful protesters while the police stood & watched


- CBN blocked accounts of people crowdfunding to support the peaceful protest, calling the protest terrorism
- The Government released prisoners in Benin and blamed it on peaceful protesters
- The hired thugs brutalised and killed more people so as to incite...

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The unfortunate hijack by hoodlums who escalated ordinarily peaceful protests organised by law-abiding Ogun State youths led to tragic loss of lives and damage of public property today. Image
Some of these include the razing of Atan-Ota Police Station, death of the Divisional Crime Officer and one other victim; serious injuries to the Division Police Officer; and supremacy battles between miscreant loyalties in other locations.
My heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of every soul lost in this fracas.
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Remarks by Speaker @femigbaja on the Nationwide #EndSars protest and the response of the House to the calls for wholesale reforms of the @PoliceNG

“Good morning Honourable colleagues, thank you for being here this morning.
About two weeks ago, I spoke to this honourable House about the need for urgent, substantive, and wholesale reforms of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and an overhaul of our nation’s internal security and policing framework.
This honourable House debated the failures of policing that have caused our nation’s youth to take to the streets in their numbers, demanding that Government live up to our primary obligation to ensure the security and welfare of our people.
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So many tales of woe from those who have suffered terrible experiences from the hands of SARS and rather than the government to act, they have chosen to suppress what has been due for years.

People are being paid to scatter protests, “supposed” prisoners escaping...
Accounts of Nigerian citizens being blocked by the FG and many are still making excuses for the President’s silence.

Certain individuals with ideologies are sprouting and trying to smuggle another agenda to the #EndSARS.

It is well.
The other thing of note is that churches have chosen to engage in spiritual protests via prayer walks and great things are happening.

Spiritual fathers have stood up to address things in the place of prayer and though the enemy has raised its head, it shall be crushed!
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Part 2 -A 5-part serial on 30 Jun, 2 Jul, 17 & 29 Sept and 3 Oct, 2014 by Ibanga Isine @Ibykul @PremiumTimesng -‘The extra-judicial killings of seven members of Gboko’, the host community of Dangote Cement factory, by soldiers manning the company was a finalist in 2014. #EndSARS
Juliana Ebere’s @julianafrancis story, ‘Extrajudicial killings: story of SARS and robbery suspects’, published February 24, March 3, and March 10, 2014 in The New Telegraph Newspaper which was partly narrated earlier, also won an award that year.
In the 2015 edition, @WSoyinkaCentre rewarded Ikechukwu Ibe of @daily_trust for his unnerving photo; ‘Soldiers punish a civilian at Mararaba, Nasarawa State’. The image published on 10 Aug 2015 went viral and attracted lots of criticism from local and international audiences.
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In line with my earlier announcement, we have today inaugurated the State Judicial Panel of Investigation led by Hon. Justice Solomon Olugbemi (rtd), according to the resolutions of the the National Economic Council, NEC meeting of 15th October. ImageImageImageImage
The setting up of this Panel, as well as a support fund, committee, office, forensic lab, and online complaints portal, is a demonstration of our Administration's commitment to true democracy and fundamental human rights. ImageImageImageImage
The terms of reference of the Panel, which will conclude its assignment within six (6) months, are: ImageImageImageImage
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I have received with serious concern, news of the developments in the protests in the Sango axis of Ogun State over the poor condition of the Federal Roads in the vital area: Lagos-Sango-Abeokuta Expressway, Ota-Idiroko, and Sango-Oju Ore roads. ImageImageImageImage
This is understandable, and no security agency will intimidate or stop any protester from making their needs known. ImageImageImageImage
However, while we have already initiated palliative works on Ota-Idiroko Road; the same thing will commence on the Ota area of Lagos-Sango-Abeokuta Expressway where more, needed materials and equipment will soon be delivered; and full reconstruction of the Sango-Joju Road is...
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Dear Lagosians,

For the clarification of the general public and in view of the inauguration of The Judicial Panel of Inquiry and Restitution into SARS Abuses happening tomorrow, I want to put out the terms of reference of the panel.

The ToR are essentially the following...
To listen to & take evidence from all victims or the families of victims of SARS abuse within Lagos State (somewhat akin to what the Truth and Reconciliation Committee did in some countries). This would enable all victims & their families air and vent their grievances in public.
The Judicial Panel after listening to victims or their families would then determine whether any victim or the dependents of such victims are entitled to compensation and the amount of compensation payable.
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The GATES of Hell

People are talking of Akwuzu SARS and forgot about SARS Borokiri. I'm not downplaying the horrors of Akwuzu SARS, but I believe that it has a twin in Borokiri. Going down a nightmarish memory lane, I torturously remember the two weeks I spent there.
Even with medical evidence that I was SS, I was tortured beyond redemption. They wanted me to sign a prewritten statement, but I was able to convince them that it was better written in my handwriting.

#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera
The winning argument was that I agreed to confess to whatever they wanted, but I had a plan. My IPO (Investigating Police Officer) that himself intelligent, but to me he was an illiterate.

#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera
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“God punish that your papa wey you wan talk to” was the response of a Police Officer to a young man who had been shot by men of the Nigerian Police, lying in a pool of blood. His last request/wish was simple, yet heartbreaking, “let me talk to my father before I die”. #EndSARS
The more videos I watch, the more stories I hear, the more I say to myself, we left a few people in this fight, for far too long; we all should have been screaming #EndPoliceBrutality on rooftops, church pulpits, mosque platforms, events and just about anywhere. #EndSARS
They say the best time to plant a tree was 100 years ago, the next best time is today. This is why I am deeply thankful that finally, we are all planting #EndSARS trees across the nation. It is Honourable for us to appreciate men & women who have been in the trenches for years.
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"Time is necessary because of process" - @sam_adeyemi @DaystarNG
"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." - Albert Einstein. @sam_adeyemi @DaystarNG
"The person that is thinking 4 years is likely to be better prepared and successfully that those thing 4 days" - @sam_adeyemi @DaystarNG
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The world we live in
A world where you fight numerous battles,a world full of concealed battles,a world of hatred and opprobrium ,a world of political and social manipulations,a world of atrocities,a world full of sins ,a world that inspires people,gives ideas and kill them.
A world that depicts you in such a way that once you cross over some limits,there are things in the darkness that can keep your heart from ever feeling the light again.
A world of greatness and impurity.
A world full of self resilience and indictment.
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Was just thinking about the #EndsSARS #EndSWAT #EndPoliceBrutality #EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA and a question seem to be coming up in my mind.

If the #SARSMustGo guys are now retrenched, what would be their lot in relation to living...In the bid of
In the bid of solving a problem we create another. Come to think of it most of the officers in #SARS have being living large on stolen my vicinity they go about with their own PoS to extort their victims no need to follow you reach ATM
They have upgraded heavily...Now a lot of them live on over #500k a month...and we all know with this kind of lifestyle and affluence cum their qualification and all, there is virtually no job they can do to keep up with this level of lifestyle (income).
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A few days ago, I promised to put down my Personal experience with CSP James Nwafor, the man under whose command SARS Awkwuzu became an abattoir.

A #Thread
On 27th Feb, 2015, men from Awkwuzu SARS crossed the boundary from Anambra State into Enugu State and arrived at Agbalaneyi farm land of Nachi Community, close to Oji River junction, by the Expressway.

The men of SARS saw a group of young men working for their community (installing a worker’s bay canopy). They picked up two young men, Anthony and Godwin. Godwin has a Motorcycle, and it was loaded up and off they went to SARS Awkwuzu.
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1.Dear young citizen, it is understandable that you are hearing many voices, like the biblical David, but you’ve been called to be unconventional. Be comfortable with that. #ENDSARS
2.Your movement did not start on the streets, it started on your phones. Your ability to move from being an invisible force to being a visible one is a miracle. “The word became flesh”. #ENDSWAT
3.The greater miracle will be for you to be able to move back and forth between being visible and being invisible. Don’t be afraid. You won’t fizzle out so long you have your phones. #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY
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Twitter do your thing🙏🙏🙏

A thread👇👇👇
Please while still on this #EndSARS protest we also need to look into the fact that we are been treated like slaves in our own country by foreigners (especially by the Chinese), I work in a Chinese company and my monthly salary is
not up to the National minimum wage,i work everyday Sunday-Sunday and if you talk about going to church or mosque and not working for that day your card for that day won't be marked... If given the chance some of them would want to hit you over little things, call you names
Even threatening to sack you, some of them always want to be addressed as "Master"....from their cooks to the cleaners to the site workers are not treated well.... While at work you can't sit down to rest even for a second and this is all happening right under the nose of our
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Osogbo is on fire, According to reports, The Governor came to the protests along with the "Asiri" thugs he had allegedly been using to disrupt previous protests to address the protesters. The crowd echoed "Soro soke weray", Annoyed by this he (1/3, RT aggressively) #EndSARS
Retreated to his vehicle in silence, this angered the protesters who threw stones at the vehicles that convened him. The security personnel/Police shot into the crowd and hit one or two protesters killing them immediately. The Governor then sped off in his (2/3) #EndSARS
Vehicle along with his entourage knocking down protesters. (3/3) #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #ENDBADGOVERNANCE @SavvyRinu @UnclePamilerin @DrOlufunmilayo @fkabudu @mrmacaronii Pls tag others
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My Junior brother graduated from COOU Igbariam. We got talking about his ordeal with Awkuzu SARS and I am beyond shocked at what my brother went through.
SARS officials stopped him on his way to Lagos by public bus. Asked him to come down and took him into the bush.

A thread
My brother said when he entered the bush, he could hear distant voices both male and female screaming for help.
The SARS official then told him to identify his cult simply because he was wearing designer clothes and shoes. He told them he wasn’t a cult member. Then they
asked to see his phone, he handed it to them. He said they gave it to their tech guy who went through the phone and saw nothing. Then they asked him to take off his clothes to see if he had any tattoos. He didn’t. Now disturbed my brother asked that he be left alone as he could
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